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(Naruto x Sasuke x Sakura threesome universe)

In a diverging timeline where Naruto brought Sasuke back from the Valley of the End, Sasuke is eighteen, Sakura and Naruto seventeen. They're still teammates and a strange kind of friends, though nothing more -- Naruto still in love with Sakura, Sakura still in love with Sasuke, Sasuke still trying not to feel too much for either of them; and then due to Kyuubi's influence, here they are, the three of them in bed.
It would be problematic enough on its own -- three-ways relationships are weird as it is; who should shack up with who?; who likes who best?; what is it going to do to their carefully balanced team dynamics? -- but that's only until they realize that they have bigger problems. Namely Sakura's not-quite-normal pregnancy, and all it brings with it -- the boys torn between "I'm not ready to be a father" and "what if I'm not the father?", her parents' disapproval, Konoha's council freaking out, Sakura's failing health and their powerlessness to fix it, Kyuubi's intentions. And then there's the Akatsuki's reemergence. More council plotting.
And always the questions -- who is the father of the child? Does it matter? Can they make it not matter? Can they really learn to balance their team and their relationship?

These stories are listed, more or less, in chronological order, not in writing order -- except for the "drabbles" which either don't really count as canon, and/or might be reabsorbed into the main fic eventually. The sidefics are not necessary to the understanding of the main fics.

(For a story based on the results of a three-way one-night-stand, there's surprisingly little in the way of actual sexual content in those stories -- if you're hoping for hot lemon scenes you won't find a lot of it. But when it happens I don't believe in censoring myself either.)

Teamwork: Original Character Sheets



Story: Naruto, from just after the Valley of the End to just before "The Night." Deals with his uncomfortably growing closeness with Kyuubi and his growing awareness of his sexuality, amongst other things.
Genre: Naruto POV, no pairings (some canon Hinata-likes-Naruto, Naruto-likes-Sakura and Sakura-likes-Sasuke stuff).
Status: series of ficlets, finished. (not necessary to Teamwork's timeline but still helpful to know how they got there)

Story: Another ficlet, that might fit into Progression; alas, I wrote it too late to slip it in the middle. Naruto is 15.
Naruto, Jiraiya, and prostitutes

The Night

Story: Did you ever wonder what happened that night just before Teamwork proper starts?
Genre: Sasuke POV. Humor, bisexual lemon. (NaruSasuSaku) Pervy. Very pervy.
Status: One-shot, finished (can be read independantly)
The Night
Kyuubi-POV Drabble prequel to The Night, very short


Story: Why the hell is Sakura waking up naked between her two teammates anyway? And why are all those important people the ones freaking out about it?
Genre: romance, yaoi and het. (NaruSasuSaku) No lemon. Humor, language (Inner Sakura has a potty mouth. :p), angst and action in later parts.
Status: Finished.
The Shit Hits the Fan
The Talk
The Day that Never Ends

Teamwork 2

Story: Sequel to Teamwork. Training, house, baby, Kyuubi, oh my. What, you thought life would be easy?
Genre: romance, yaoi and het. (NaruSasuSaku) Humor, language, angst and action in later parts.
Status: Complete.
Hug Her Damn It
Sparring and Flirting
Long Day
Up to Snuff
The Plan (a)
Interlude (Kakashi)
The Plan (b)
----> The Plan (c) - That Goddamn Lemon
Epilogue (Kakashi)

Fallout from the end of Teamwork 2.

Interlude : Rise
Sakura POV, Tsunade interaction. Sakura grows. Gen.

Interlude : House of Dogs
Naruto POV, Inuzuka Tsume is a pitiless teacher. Humor.
----> Gloves
------ Short SasuSaku moment during Naruto's "House of Dogs" interlude.

Interlude : Ghosts
Sasuke POV, Sasuke remembers. Angst.


Story: Sakura POV. Sakura drags the boys grocery-shopping.
Genre: Relationship fluff, short.
Status: Finished. Unnecessary to the chronology.

First Time: NaruSaku

Story: Naruto POV. The first time Naruto and Sakura have a sexual encounter that doesn't include Sasuke.
Genre: Humor, lemon (oral sex, some very mild exhibitionist kink.)
Status: Finished. Unnecessary to the chronology.
First time: NaruSaku

Teamwork 2.5: Suna
Planned but unwritten yet.
Story: Team Seven makes a detour through Suna before the Chuunin exam.

Teamwork 3 : The Chuunin Exam

Story: Team Seven goes through the Chuunin Exam. Or tries to. Their biggest obstacles might not actually be the other candidates.
Genre: action, violence, some Team Seven romance, lime. A handful of OC teams. Did I mention the violence? Let me mention it again. It gets a bit graphic here people.
Status: in progress.
Water Country
The Island
Interlude: Beach Party
Absolution NEW
(untitled) NEW


Story: Sasuke and Sakura get hitched. Woohoo. Everything goes well ! (not really.)
Genre: sap, angst of the relationship kind, some more sap, fun with crazy ninja traditions, and some sap.
Status: In progress.
----> 0.5: Invitation Delivery: Grandmother Cat NEW
Chapter 1: Invitations NEW
----> 1.5: Invitation Delivery: Neji & Hinata NEW

----> 5.5: Thrice NEW


Story: The Rookies Nine gang meets Kyuubi. Kyuubi is bored. Thank god Sasuke is here to distract him.
Genre: KyuuSasu graphic, rather violent lemon, some humor, action.
Status: One-shot, Finished. (subject to rewriting at later date to fit in the chronology; was written early during TW1 and right now is tentatively situated at about Sakura's eightth month of pregnancy.)
----> Foxplay prequel and sequel ficlets
----> Morning After For Naruto


Story: Two years after TW3, in Earth Country. Sasuke is such a hidden romantic. Uh huh.
Genre: Cuteness.
Status: Short oneshot, complete.

The Story Of How Sakura And Naruto Finally Got Hitched (sortof.)

Story: Every time she came back Tsunade was waiting with tea heating up and a chuckle already building in her throat.
Genre: Humor.
Status: Short oneshot, complete.
The Story...

Teamwork drabbles

Random little bits of fic that belong in the Teamwork universe. Some of them might get reabsorbed into Teamwork proper if the scene fits with the main plot. All genres -- expect yaoi and het, humor, angst and whatnot, pre-Teamwork and post-baby and everywhere in-between.

¤ Pre-Teamwork:

Haruno Yukihiro, Sucky Ninja
Story: short introspection piece about Sakura's father and his career as a ninja.

Story: A few years before Teamwork, Naruto is around 14. "One day he will have to tell them, but not today." Naruto POV, Gen (some canon Naruto-likes-Sakura stuff), introspection.

Two Roads Diverged
Story: just after the Valley of the End, where Teamwork universe went different from the canon universe, bad guys POV.


¤ Teamwork 1

Teamwork 1, Kiba POV
Story: "When Sasuke ran into Hinata and Kiba on his way to figure out where they took Sakura the morning after, why did Sasuke get the impression that Kiba was scared when he smelled Naruto and Sakura on him?" (short, a little random)

Best Wishes
Story: For Miko no Da -- sometime between Teamwork 1 and 2 probably. Kakashi, Asuma.


¤ Teamwork 2

Story: For Bookpeople -- "How about something to do with Sakura and her cravings? In the middle of the night, preferably, just because I'm feeling evil."

Cooking Arrangements
Story: So who cooks what when? For Haliea, short.


¤ Teamwork 3

Story: ridiculous and very short. .____.; Naruto and Sakura during the Water Country Chuunin exam.

Stab NEW
Story: Itachi VS Sasuke in TW3 from Sakura's POV.

¤ Baby stories

Baby Drabble 1
Story: For purple_angel01 -- Sasuke isn't sleeping. After the birth of the baby.

Baby Drabble 2
Story: For Rianax -- spring cleaning and Naruto/baby cuteness.

Baby Drabble 3
Story: For Sailor Seraphim -- Iruka and the baby.

Story: Sasuke and his place in the child's life. Sasuke POV, introspection, angstysap. Saaaap.


¤ Ino/Shika/Tema triangle stories

Garden Party
Story: For Res judicata -- Post-baby, discussion between Temari and Naruto about non-village-approved relationships. (ShikaTema?)
-------------------> Sexy no Jutsu
Story: For Scorpion05 and kunoichi008 -- Garden Party prequel-ish. (NaruSaku interaction, general perviness)

Line in the Sand
Story: Temari/Ino interaction, shortly after Garden Party. Yuri.

Story: For TephraLynn. Gaara Finds Out about his sister's relationship(s). Ficlet, silliness.


¤ in the future

Yamagi Men'you
Story: Yakitaro is eighteen when his little sister Men'you is born. Short, angstyfluff, OC-centric.

Who's Your BabyDaddy?
Story: 10 to 14 years in the future, Kakashi and Uchiha Aoru, third child of the Team Seven trio.

Story: For Ravelqueen. Tsunade, Naruto and Sakura versus Some Dude Who Is Not Convinced Naruto Would Be A Good Hokage. Might get rewritten later. Eh.

The Speech
Story: Some twenty years later, Naruto is made Hokage. Yay. But he has to write an opening speech. Not yay. Naruto and Tsunade gen, shortish, silly dialogue piece.

House Rule n°5 NEW
Story: "There is to be No Brooding outside of the Brooding Room." Drabble, angst.


¤ No real place in the timeline and/or crack that doesn't actually happen :

Story: Kyuubi and Naruto think about names. Introspection.

Day in the Life of
Story: Naruto doesn't know what he did to provoke Sasuke this time, but whatever it is, he kind of likes the results. Cuteness, humor, pretty pointless. XD

Story: A drabble from the kissing meme, where I asked people to give me a pairing and mood and I wrote them a kiss. Blackheisei asked for "KyuubiSakura, Possessive." This has no real place in the Teamwork continuity.

The Bet
Story: Kissing meme; for the theme "playful"; Naruto and Team Kunoichi silliness, no real place in the Teamwork continuity, vaguely porny. (Naru/OCs het/yaoi making out)

Story: Kissing meme; Sasuke/Jin for coffeecrisis. Not part of the Teamwork canon chronology, borderline OOC, yay for yaoi fanservice! (SasuOC yaoi)

¤ Alternate Universes

(The One Where Naruto Was Born A Girl And Sakura A Boy)

-People's reactions (Naruto & Tsunade)
-Proposals (Team Seven interaction -- Naruto POV, Haru, Sasuke)
-Haru introspection
-Porny Fallout (Team Seven sex, Haru POV -- dubious consent, BDSMy themes)
-Baby's first ultrasound (Haru POV)

(The One Where Sasuke Was Born A Girl)
-Knocked up (Satsuki POV)
-Sexy no Jutsu (team seven + kakashi silliness)

Wedding Divergence
(The One Where Naruto Breaks Up With Sasuke&Sakura And Neji&Hinata Catch Him On The Rebound)
Divergence (not actually written yet but i'm putting it here to remind myself that I really want to.)


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