TWT: you can read it whenever you want, no real spoilers
Genre: pointless fluff
Warnings: teh sweetness! Ouch, my teeth. Very random. Pretty much useless.

Day in the Life of

Naruto doesn't even remember what he did to provoke Sasuke this time. The result - being tackled down on the grass, having the breath kissed/bitten/sucked out of him - holds his interest much better than silly ponderings over the trigger to that. A lot of things trigger Sasuke into proving his manliness to him these days, since he started letting Naruto do him.

Naruto doesn't mind. That hard body rubbing aggressively against his own, these devouring kisses that leave him breathless and dazed - he'd be a fool to mind.

There's a gasp behind them and Naruto looks up to see Sakura. A hand on her mouth, she gapes at them. They're putting on quite the show, he knows that; Sasuke straddling his hips and rubbing against him as he kisses his neck hungrily, Naruto sprawled under him as he ineffectually tries to struggle his way out of his clutches. It's a good thing the walls around their garden are high.

She doesn't gape for long. A few words, a quick hand movement, and - "Suiton!" Sasuke freezes, hissing in shock and outrage, his bangs dripping water on Naruto's cheek. Naruto's a little wet, but not half as much as Sasuke, who drips merrily on the grass and Naruto's legs. Slowly, he turns, black eyes narrowed, and gives Sakura a predatory glare. She doesn't falter, or apologize, like she would have only a few months ago. She lifts her chin proudly, and starts shaping more seals. It's a challenge. Sasuke, just like Naruto, can't resist a good challenge.

A second later, Naruto is abandoned on the wet grass, and Sakura shrieks as she's thrown across Sasuke's shoulders. Naruto watches them; Sasuke stomps so sexily, and Sakura, when flushed, always reminds him of all the good times he's had ravishing her.

Leisurely, Naruto gets up and follows, and watches with amusement as Sasuke throws her in the pond, and as her water clone shoves him in over her head. Naruto laughs as they surface, at Sasuke's head, covered with a water lily, at Sakura's squeal when a fish wriggles free of her top. He laughs even more when Sakura splashes water at Sasuke's face to cover her escape, when Sasuke jumps out of the pond, half the water sloshing out after him, and tackles her, pinning her down. They're both so wet Sasuke can't get a good grip, but in the end he manages to immobilize her, her legs around his waist, her wrists caught in one of his hands, pressed in the ground over her head - and then he starts tickling her, a sadistic smirk on his lips.

Sakura's skirt is riding up her thighs as she kicks desperately, breathless from laughing so hard. Sasuke's shirt and pants stick to his skin, only allowing tantalizing glimpses of wet flesh here and there. Naruto watches. Because they're so hot, because they both belong to him.

And then he goes and winds his arms around Sasuke's waist, because Sakura begs for help so nicely, and he lifts him off their girl. She squirms free, manages to pull one of her arms out of Sasuke's grasp - and immediately counterattacks.

Sasuke is not ticklish - or if he is, he's smart enough not to show it. Naruto knows what makes him twist and jump on his lap, what makes him gasp and bite his lip, what makes him growl, "Sakura, stop!!" in an exasperated voice that's the Uchiha version of pleading.

She doesn't. She pushes him back against Naruto's chest, and continues her assault on his ribs and sides and stomach, green eyes shining in grim triumph.

"That will teach you," she says, flushed but determined not to give, "to start molesting without me."

Sasuke doesn't reply. Naruto assumes he is sufficiently cowed - that, or trying not to moan.

"And here I thought," he answers, because he's the only one of the two men who can still talk, "that you stopped us because you didn't want the neighbors to see us."

Sakura flushes guiltily and glances at the wall. Her mouth is half-open, her wet hair sticks to her skin, her top is molded to her cleavage; she's utterly delicious. Naruto lets Sasuke go, and they both pounce. She shouldn't get distracted in the middle of a battle anyway.

Soon enough, no one cares about the neighbors anymore.

Later, they watch the sun set, lying in a pile on the grass. Naruto is on his back, Sasuke's head on his chest, Sakura cradled between them. The grass is muddy under them and they're streaked with dirt, even despite the three other dunks they've taken in the pond. No one really gives it a thought. They cuddle closer when the temperature drops with the light, Sasuke's hands rubbing Sakura's chilled skin, Naruto absently teasing Sasuke's neck with a blade of grass. He gets a punch in his thigh for his trouble, and chuckles. Sakura's wet hair tickles his stomach.

So maybe a lot of things trigger Sasuke's attacks these days. So maybe Naruto baits them a bit much. So maybe Sakura knows their sensitive points too well. So what? If it means that Sasuke will want to prove he's a man, and Sakura will jump in, pretending that she wants to stop them, he doesn't see why he ever should stop baiting.

But first, he'll give them a few minutes' rest. Grinning, he crosses his arms behind his head, and thinks up another all-but-innocent comment on Sasuke's virility.