1 100 words. Warning for Naruto thinking about sex and topping and bottoming and sado-masochism. Not really worksafe, but no explicit sex in here either.

Foxplay: Morning After

Naruto only wakes up when he shifts in his sleep and the pillow falls off his face. Sunlight is filling the bedroom, bright all over, and from the wrong angle.

Oh. It's two in the afternoon. No wonder he's alone in bed.

He's kinda hungry and he really needs to piss, so he rolls off the mattress and pads to the door. Bathroom's next door -- that's his first stop.

He's standing there with his penis in hand thinking about nothing in particular except a relieved kind of "aaaah", and then next thing he knows he's having purry thoughts at the memory of being inside Sasuke.

Which is always great, but was especially great yesterday, when he was letting Kyuubi drive. Sasuke sure seemed to think so, at any rate, and the memory of his unfocused eyes and the way his back arched like he couldn't control himself anymore is even hotter to him than the pleasure he/Kyuubi felt.

(It's something they still don't agree on, he and Kyuubi, no matter how close they grow. Naruto likes to top because blowing his partner's mind blows his own mind, because being able to give that to someone, knowing he's the one taking care of them, making them feel so good, is sheer awesome. He can't help but feel incredibly grateful for getting a chance at it. Kyuubi likes to dominate because it's his rightful place.)

But Sasuke likes to take it a bit rougher than Naruto likes to give it, so in a way Naruto giving him Kyuubi was still meeting Sasuke's needs. Which is why Naruto is still lazily satisfied with how things went, until he looks down at his dick and remembers it streaked with blood.

Suddenly he's a little more awake. He tucks himself back in and to the stairs he goes, badum-badum-thump. A little blood can spread a lot and skin splitting a bit during vigorous sex -- well, that happens sometimes, but Kyuubi is a sadist and would Sasuke even tell him no? Would Kyuubi listen, or just think 'nah, he still likes it, just playing hard to get'? Would he believe it so much that Naruto -- inside him, wrapped in his mind, watching and hearing it all colored through with the way he sees the world -- would believe it as well?

Sometimes Sasuke says no, and means 'I want you to make me.' (it pisses Sakura off, but he still says it, and Naruto still ignores it.) Sometimes he does mean no. Naruto's got a feel for it by now (also when he gets it wrong, well, the way Sasuke decks him when he really means it is unmistakable), but... But. There's a sour taste in the back of his mouth as he scans the living room and finds no one.

"Guys?" he calls. With her huge belly it's become rarer for Sakura to leave the house. He was expecting to find her at the kotatsu, writing a letter or poking at some kind of paperwork. She could tell him where Sasuke went... but she's not there. She was, recently enough, there's an ink well and loose sheets on the table.

"Sakura-chan? ... Sasuke?" He steps toward the kitchen, just in case, though he can see most of it over the counter that separates it from the living room. Maybe they're in the garden. He'd sniff the air but it's a lost cause, their scents are everywhere and --

-- oh. Okay, he recognizes that scent. Yeah. No way in hell can he misunderstand it. So when he turns back to the living room, and finally notices two pairs of bare legs emerging from the end of the couch...


They're curled together, Sasuke on his back and Sakura tucked against his side, loose limbs and heavy eyelids as they gaze up at him. Funny how colors and shapes are so different -- green and pink versus black, flat planes and tight muscles contrasted with the swells and curves of impending motherhood -- but their faces express the same thing, all lazy-mysterious and satisfied, and maybe a little smug. Ooh, we so did get it on, and it's your own damn fault you weren't there and didn't.

He's getting hard before he even realizes it's half from the relief of not finding Sasuke hateful and traumatized. Or Sakura resentful from being abandoned.

"Uh. Good morning?"

"Good afternoon," Sakura corrects, but lazily, and she doesn't even pretend to attempt to hide her breasts even though it's full daylight and they're on the ground floor where anyone could walk by and see. Sasuke's eyes are almost closed; he watches Naruto through his eyelashes and it's unfair how long and dark they are, how smug he looks.

Naruto leans over the back of the couch and steals kisses. Sakura giggles against his mouth; Sasuke merely accepts his, lips parting and tongue flicking out like a come-on. He tastes like he went down on Sakura and Naruto whimpers because that's like his number one fantasy.

... Along with Sakura riding him in that short tight skirt with her hands in his hair and forgetting to be embarrassed, and Sasuke going down on him and throwing him those looks, like he's vaguely toying with the idea of biting down, and soapy shower sex with either/both of them... okay so pretty much anything he could do with them is number one in his books, but this one is still a little specialer than a lot of the rest.

"I hate you both." His eyes scan Sasuke's body again, less for the sexy and more checking for bleeding this time around. Weird that Sakura hasn't healed any of them. Makes his cock twinge again. He doesn't like hurting Sasuke, not just for the sake of pain, but Sasuke doesn't seem to mind -- he kind of seems to love the hell out of it, and oh, seeing him so marked.

Sometimes Naruto almost wishes there had been a reason -- an excuse -- to hook him up in the seal pipeline system. He doesn't know how much he'd give to see the seal stretched out over Sakura's round baby bulge on Sasuke's flat belly, radiating tongues of black fire from hipbone to hipbone and navel almost to the root of his cock.

"... um, Kyuubi wants me to ask how the hell you managed to even get it up again this morning," he mumbles, and reddens at Sakura's quirked eyebrow. "He insisted!"

/Obviously I didn't ride him hard enough, if he's already running around begging for more,/ Kyuubi grumbles, though he snatches at the images Naruto shares of the bruises and scratches marking pale skin with greedy mind-claws.

"He'll just have to do better next time," Sasuke replies, and then he stretches his arms overhead like a cat.

Naruto is so not responsible for the way the couch tips and crashes to the floor when he jumps over the back to tackle him.