For TephraLynn, who asked for "Gaara's view on Temari's thing with Shika/Ino. At any stage of "the thing"." I might write more about it later, because it's funny.

Gaara Finds Out

"I'm going to kill that Konoha bastard."

Kankuro slammed the door of Gaara's office closed behind him and immediately kicked it. He then started pacing around the office.

A pen in hand, Gaara watched him stomp around, waiting patiently for when his brother decided to come off his fit of irrational rage and make sense once again. It only took him two minutes of semi-incoherent bitching to determine that Kankuro wasn't about to provide a background, not left to his own device.


Interesting how a mere word could bring him to a stop, body and inner turmoil both. Gaara hadn't even bothered adding emotional content to it.

"Konoha bastard?"

"That fucker Shikamaru!"

Huh. Last Gaara had heard, Kankuro cautiously approved of him. He did call him a cagey bastard, but in a tone that Gaara had interpreted as mostly admiring. "... Why?"

"He's cheating on Temari, is why!"

Kankuro devolved into incoherent imprecations and somber threats once again. Gaara's brow furrowed.

"Cheating. ... Not money, you mean. Sexually?"

"That goatfucker and his bimbo teamma -- uh. Er. ... Yeah."

Gaara's brow furrowed some more, in between quizzical and annoyed. Perhaps it was another of those self evident things that all normal human beings just instinctively got. Perhaps it was Kankuro being irrational again. Gaara accepted that he was significantly off from the average, but he wasn't the only one in the family who was weird.

"Let me get this straight." A pause, weighing his words. "That man wronged Temari."

"He gets it! YES."

Gaara stared back stonily. "That man wronged Temari. And you'd go and steal her kill."

Kankuro stopped mid-rant. Stared at him. Closed his mouth.

"... Oh. Huh. Okay. Yes. Seen like that."