... I don't know. I really don't.

Sidefic: Marking

Sakura hid the trigger spring of her trap under a couple of leaves and crept a little farther through the bushes. The place was lousy with rabbits; hopefully they would have something to eat tonight. On her right, Sasuke kept watch against the predators who no doubt knew about all that delicious bouncing meat. On her left...

"Sakura-chan! Look, look, I made a spiral on that tree!"

Sakura knew better. She really did.

She looked anyway.

On the bark, there was a wet spiral, a little wobbly but otherwise very... spirally. Naruto was still standing there, his penis in hand.

She gaped.

He grinned.


Of all the instincts Naruto had started to exhibit, she dearly wished marking his territory hadn't been one of them.