Teamwork : drabbles

This is for sera (windandwater) because i love her, and yet, like to annoy her. She requested Iruka in the teamwork universe, being cute with the baby and Naruto, but being who I am, i twisted her request around. Muahahahaha.
Disclaimer: I don't dislike Iruka. Sasuke does, though, for some reason - but i can't tell if he'll still dislike him in Teamwork when I reach the baby-popping stage. I don't know how it will evolve yet.


"That poor child will grow up colorblind."

Iruka chuckles and attempts to smile. Sasuke stares back, not commenting, still holding close the orange-clad baby. There's a little white and red fan on the back of the jumper. Sasuke does not appreciate the attempted joke on the fact that Naruto's favorite color clashes with his clan's emblem. He remembers what he felt when he found that idiot stitching it on.

Though it's a good thing Sakura sews better than Naruto, because the poor child would have been quite uncomfortable in the mess of threads and knots Naruto made. But anyway, the jumper isn't something Sasuke wants to ever joke about.

Iruka smiles again and rubs his head, avoiding his eyes. It reminds Sasuke uncomfortably of the way Naruto himself gestures when he's embarrassed - except when he's acting like a prick, Naruto blows up in his face. He's giving their ex-teacher a hard time because the man's too polite to punch him. He's not even that sensitive in the first place.

"So... can I?"

Iruka reaches out, arms open expectantly. Sasuke refrains from crushing his heel into his throat, and clutches the child tighter - only to feel guilty when he hears a whimper of protest. Frowning, he sits back, and attempts to relax his posture. One of these days he'll manage not to hold his child as if he was going to drop it or break bones if he breathes too deeply; for now he hasn't mastered the trick. It's especially hard when Sakura and Naruto are away, and a man he doesn't know that well wants to steal his child.

It's the baby's discomfort, rather than the mildly pathetic eager and expectant expression on Iruka's face, that prompts him to grudgingly let go.

He watches as the scarred man handles his baby with ease, smiling, playing, holding close-but-not-too-close as if that was the most natural thing in the world, and he tries not to feel jealous.

Naruto's hand lands on the back of his chair, and he tries very hard not to turn and glare resentfully. Moron's late.

The hand slips to his shoulder, and squeezes before letting go. Naruto steals the baby from Iruka, laughing, and whirls around, dropping kisses onto round cheeks. He grins down at his teacher, showing him the little fan in the middle of all that glaring orange.

"Isn't that jumper the coolest thing ever?"

Sasuke leaves the room, because it doesn't matter if he stays anymore; Naruto will defend the honor of their child and their household, and play nice with Iruka, and hold the baby close, gently. All these things he can't do. All these things that don't matter because Naruto is here to do them for him.

Except when he's late, of course. Idiot.