tephralynn : Teamwork 1: When Sasuke ran into Hinata and Kiba on his way to figure out where they took Sakura the morning after, why did Sasuke get the impression that Kiba was scared when he smelled Naruto and Sakura on him?
So here's a random slice of Kiba POV.


Kiba would have gone on dates with Hinata every day of the week, if he could. But they both agreed that there were more pressing things in their lives than their relationship; for example, their missions, their friendship with Shino, and the need not to aggravate the Hyuuga clan too much by shoving Hinata's extracurricular activities under their noses. So the whole dating thing was kept pretty low-key.

There was, also, the fact that Hinata was still, even now, getting over her guilt issues at still being kind of a little in love with Naruto. Kiba had told her he didn't mind -- and he didn't -- she was with him now; but it meant that in almost a year they still weren't all that far past casual. He could be patient. But he was still glad whenever he got some quality time, worry-free.

So when people interrupted their dates, Kiba tended to get kind of annoyed.

When they interrupted them by ramming into his girlfriend, not even bothering to apologize, and then grabbing her by the arm and looming, he got a little more than just annoyed.

When they happened to be guys he didn't especially like all that much in the best of cases, who added to the lack by calling him "dog-boy"... well.

But it wasn't every day that Uchiha Sasuke roamed the streets stinking like the morning after a particularly fun party. Complete with drunken gang-bangs in the bathroom. What the hell. Since when did the Great Uchiha Iceberg have sex?

Kiba took a deeper breath.

... With a girl?

... With -- holy fuck. What the hell was that. It reminded him of something, but he dismissed it. He only thought it smelled a little like Naruto because to his knowledge, Sasuke didn't give the time of the day to any other guy -- and even then, not often.

It just couldn't be Naruto. It was too... Too...

Huge, whined Akamaru. Huge and hungry.

Huge and hungry and there was a strong possibility it had sexed up Sasuke. Before, after, or during the time Sasuke had sexed up, uh, was it Sakura -- a girl, well damn, now that was a surprise -- and Kiba really wanted to stop thinking of the logistics. Really, he did.

A few seconds later, he got his wish. By getting roped into a hurried hunt for said Sakura. What the hell was going on there?

It was hard to keep a grudge for his interrupted date, when for once Sasuke seemed actually concerned for someone who wasn't his own little self. And now the happy dating mood was kind of broken, what with Hinata and him both wondering what was going on with Sakura. Hinata was worried; Kiba agreed, there was something going on. Maybe they'd hang around the administrative buildings, just in case they were needed.

But hey! He'd gotten a "please" and even a "thank you" out of the asshole, and he was going to relish the memory for a little while.