Teamwork 2

And that friggin' lemon, only two years late. I lose. x_x
Obviously, underage people should not read this.

Chapter 6c: The Lemon After The Seal (Naruto)

When Sasuke sank to his knees on the edge of the blankets, Naruto paused, eyes taking in the tableau -- Sakura sitting there, back straight, chin high, wearing not a thing and the seal nestled between her hips -- but Naruto knew if he allowed Sasuke to start thinking again they'd never get to have all that sex they hadn't gotten in the last weeks. He was sick and tired of being in a threesome and yet technically celibate.

Naruto was -- still a little jealous, just a little pinch of envy. The challenging tilt of Sakura's jaw, the way she leaned back on her arms to display that trim, slender body -- it wasn't for him. But he understood. Because Sasuke never used to look at her like that... Intense, surprised. Noticing.

It occurred to him at the last second that it would be a bad time to make a 'whoa, so you're not gay after all' joke. He closed his jaw with a little snap and grinned guilelessly when Sakura arched an eyebrow at him.

Then her eyes slid down Naruto's bare chest, over the seal and to the tent in his boxers, and in her face he could see the same kind of slightly startled, mostly interested noticing as Sasuke's. Naruto's dick instantly went from 'hard' to 'oh please fuck me now'.

Sasuke's eyes had followed Sakura's, and were now taking Naruto's body in; it was more narrow-eyed, more measuring, hiding his reaction because if he showed too much he would lose face in the permanent competition they were always playing.

At the moment Naruto was tired of that competition. And of talking, and waiting, and pretending he was fine with doing the 'teammates who sometimes make out' thing. So he kicked off his underwear, fell into a crouch against Sasuke's side -- slightly chilled skin, needed warming up -- and he kissed him with his mouth open, his hand resting on Sakura's bare knee. He rubbed his thumb against her soft inner thigh, hand kneading its way up to the flash of pink pubic hair.

Sasuke groaned in his mouth, and pushed them both down on the bed under him. Naruto groped blindly, breaking their kiss only to start nibbling on Sakura's shoulder. Her hand slid in Sasuke's hair, a tight-fisted grip that Sasuke didn't protest. Nestled against Sakura's side, Naruto watched them kiss over the curve of her breast, a hand running down Sasuke's back to grope at his ass. His hands fit so neatly there it was a wonder he hadn't taken to groping him years ago.

Sakura laughed breathlessly in Sasuke's mouth. Sasuke growled, gave a brief, pointed shake of his head; she laughed again, eyes bright, because it was intended as a reminder that her hold wouldn't stop him if he really wanted to go, even if he had to leave half his hair behind -- but what it really meant was that he was allowing it, that he maybe even wanted it, this hand tangled in his hair to tug his face this way and that. Naruto groaned again as he watched, a hand sneaking down to his cock to give himself a little bit of relief.

"Stop laughing," Sasuke said again, nipping at her lip, sending Naruto a quick sidelong glare. Naruto realized he was grinning just as toothily as Sakura herself. "Stop laughing, it's not funny."

"Shh, shh," she said, cupping his cheek with her free hand, expression gentling away from that exhilarated, possessive pleasure. "It's over now. It's done. We won. We're here."

"You stopped breathing," he rasped out. "You stopped breathing."

Something in Naruto's chest clenched. His arm went around Sasuke's back, squeezed, but Sasuke wasn't in a mood to be comforted, he was angry again.

"Hey, it's alright--"

"You stopped breathing, this is not alright, this is never going to be alright and I'll fucking kill you two myself if you ever do that again--"

Naruto closed his eyes and pressed himself against Sasuke's side, trying his best to envelop him in the tightest hug he'd ever given. He wanted to cover him whole, to surround all of him, but Sasuke was the same size he was and that wasn't going to be possible -- but with Sakura there to wrap herself around the rest it almost worked.

"Never," Sakura said, choked up, and Naruto mourned the small flame of feral madness a little and tried to tell his aching cock that he was perfectly fine postponing the wild sex antics for two more months. Sasuke should never sound like that, ever, and if he needed hugs all night then he'd get hugs all night and that was it.

"... Stop smothering me and let's get to fucking already," Sasuke said, breathless and grumpy from being squeezed too tight.

Naruto cracked up, mostly from relief.

They spent some time kissing each other blindly, hands traveling and groping and sometimes getting in each other's way, and when he met Sakura's hand on the back of Sasuke's thigh he followed it up to her shoulder, almost, and then went back down his spine. Leaning over his elbow, he could only use one hand, but he felt both of their bodies squirming and pushing against his. Sasuke's fingers dug into his waist and he yanked Naruto even closer, half on top of Sakura who wheezed out a purring laugh. Their legs were so tangled he wasn't even sure whose touched which and where.

They probably couldn't have untangled in time if a whole platoon had burst in right this instant. He only wanted to tangle even more.

"We need a better mattress," Sakura said, with one arm around each of their necks to reel them in. She kissed Sasuke and then Naruto, a quick press of open mouth, and then nudged them back.

"--Are we squashing you?" Sasuke asked, trying to push himself up on one arm, but she didn't let his neck go.

She slipped her fingers in inky hair again and tugged so he would turn his head toward Naruto; Naruto stared back at him, fascinated, so close their breaths mingled and noses almost touched.

The small hand on his side gave the back of his neck a quick squeeze before curling along his jaw. He stopped breathing when a slender finger brushed against his mouth, the curved point of her claw pressing gently against the full curve of his bottom lip.

"Show me," she whispered. Sasuke's eyes were black but burning anyway.

Naruto parted his lips and took that fingertip in. The angle made taking it all awkward, her arm curled behind and around him as it was, finger curled as well. He craned his neck to take more in, to catch a second one. He had to be careful not to catch himself on the tips when he swirled his tongue around.

Sasuke's breath hitched. From the corner of his eye Naruto saw Sakura's green eyes go veiled, darkened with desire.

When she pulled her fingers free all wet and brushed them against Sasuke's lips again, there was barely a second of hesitation before he took them -- with his teeth. Sakura laughed low and purry again, gave his hair a tug. "Bad boy."

Eyes fluttering closed for a brief second, Sasuke groaned then, a small sound that he hadn't intended to make, and Naruto bit his lip when he wrapped his lips around her index and middle finger and swallowed them almost to the base.

He bobbed his head -- once, twice, and then his eyes slitted open again and he paused, calculation and pride waking again.

Sakura tssked. "Now how about you show me on the real thing."

"Oh fuck, Sakura-chan," Naruto groaned, half-laughing. "My blood just drained south."

"How about the rest of you follows it there?" she suggested sweetly, her claws tracing little designs on the back of his neck. He could still see her knuckles in Sasuke's hair, leading him to roll off her and on his side, holding him as if he might run even now. Sasuke wasn't even struggling against it, just periodically giving little twitches that seemed to Naruto more like he was making sure she still held on properly.

If he insisted that Sasuke go first, he'd come in his mouth in about three seconds and never live it down. He gave his aching cock another quick, pacifying rub and crawled his way down.

Sakura pushed herself up, piled pillows behind her upper body one-handed as she held Sasuke's cheek pressed to her chest. They were both staring at Naruto, though, identical expressions on their faces -- skin flushed, lips parted, intense and expectant.

"God, you're fucking gorgeous," he told them both, warmth gathering in his belly and a desire to possess, to mark them both curling his claws in the bedsheets.

He moved smoothly on hands and knees and growled, kind of like a purr, head hanging toward Sasuke's cock as he stared up right into Sakura's eyes.

"Instructions, mistress?" he said, voice a little mocking, purring almost like a threat.

She was only his mistress for now, for the way it made Sasuke shudder and because the game was delightful so far and well worth biding his time. Sakura's eyes narrowed, almost as predatorily as his.

"I think Sasuke should be on his back," she said after careful deliberation, not really like a suggestion at all. Sasuke wasn't done twitching in startled offense that Naruto's hands were already on his hips and rolling him over. "Tut tut, Sasuke-kun. It's good like that -- isn't it?"

There was a frown on Sasuke's face that said 'unconvinced', but his cock could have drilled through as many mountain ranges as Naruto's at this point, so he didn't take it seriously.

He waited for a second, two. Sakura seemed to waver, nervousness flickering across her face briefly, but when he let a teasing smirk stretch his lips she narrowed her eyes again.

"Just your lips for now," she ordered, and because it made him laugh like an evil bastard to make Sasuke groan in frustration, he went with it.

The skin of his cock was soft as silk. Warm. He smelled warm too, and male, and interesting. Naruto kissed the shaft, his eyes finding Sasuke's now. The second he saw him watching, his bastard slammed an indifferent expression on his face. Naruto laughed rough and amused against his cock, because he'd just felt it twitch.

"... Tongue," Sakura said, a little breathlessly.

Naruto licked a long, winding path from the root to the crown of his head. And a second. The third swirled the tip of his tongue all the way around the head.

He kissed it, mouth almost closed, because Sakura hadn't told him to take it in and Sasuke's toes were curled with anticipation, even though his face was still impassible.

"You're a real tease," Sakura laughed.

Naruto grinned, shrugged -- 'heh, what can you do' -- and swallowed.

He was aware of their breathing as he sucked, fast and hitching, almost in synch; you'd have believed he was going down on Sakura as well but he didn't think either of them was even touching her, or that she was touching herself. For a minute he concentrated on Sasuke, on the cock in his mouth and the rhythm and the way he should press his tongue, but when he thought he had it down, at least enough for a holding pattern, he sneaked a hand up Sakura's thigh. She slapped it away.

"Hey, no distracting me."

He laughed around Sasuke's rock hard cock, managing to choke himself a little. Sasuke shuddered, whether at the laughter or the gagging he didn't know.

"Voyeur," he said as he pulled his head up, fingers wrapped around the base of Sasuke's wet cock to keep him interested.

Sakura blushed, not that it was all that obvious with the flush of arousal already on her face -- his telltale was mostly her embarrassed scowl. "Shut up and blow him already."

"Ooh, I love it when you talk all vulgar, Sakura-chan--"

"Shut up and blow me already," Sasuke retorted, and pushed his head back down.

Naruto laughed around his cock again and sucked twice as hard as he'd been. Bastard.

He'd never really gone down on anyone -- not counting that first crazy, feverish night two months ago -- and he wasn't even going to attempt a deepthroat -- choking and throwing up were risks he wasn't going to take right now, thanks -- but he'd had a lot of fantasies, and he knew what he liked. He went about trying some of that out, thinking how strange it was that having a cock in his mouth didn't make him feel unmanly at all. Rather the other way around, really, because the first time Sasuke's iron control broke and he tried to thrust up, Naruto felt tempted to strut and brag his way across the whole village for that feat of overwhelming manliness.

It was, he reflected, pretty awesome, but sadly in a way he could probably never get Kiba or Shikamaru to understand.

"Naruto -- Naruto, stop."

For a moment he didn't even really hear her. He blinked up in confusion as Sasuke growled.


Her eyes were cat-narrow and cat-evil. She twirled a lock of black hair around her finger, playful. "He's not going to do very well on his turn if you give him his reward first."

"Oh hell no, Sakura--"

"Shh." She petted his hair, rested her cheek against his temple. Her fingers were trembling, but from the light burning in her eyes excitement seemed to dominate nervousness. "You're not coming right now," she said softly, encouraging. "Do a good job first. Show me."

"You are a bitch," Sasuke muttered slowly, like he'd only had that revelation just now. Naruto could have told him years ago. "You are an evil bitch."

Sakura smirked, eyes heavy-lidded. Naruto surreptitiously sneaked a hand to his own cock to give himself another quick squeeze.

"I love you too. Naruto, a last kiss for the road?"

Eyes laughing, delighted, Naruto obliged her, his lips parting wetly against the head of Sasuke's cock.

She patted her free side, and he went, crawling up her body and flopping against her side like a lazy predator. He lifted up a bended knee, spreading his thighs to show off his aching cock. Just Sasuke's eyes on it made his heart beat faster. Sakura leaned into him for a kiss, and he growled, tongue pushing between her lips to fuck her mouth. She kissed back hungrily, chasing the taste of Sasuke on him.

He saw Sasuke move from the corner of his eye, but that gave him little warning before wet warmth swallowed him down.

"Oh, shit--" Naruto gasped, throwing his head back. He rolled his hips, though being on his side wasn't making things easy.

He and Sakura looked down in tandem. Sasuke was curled over her hip to reach his cock, and he glared up at them both with angry eyes even as his cheeks curved in and little stars exploded under Naruto's eyelids. Sakura's hand slid in Sasuke's hair again. Naruto's eyes fixated on that, pale fingers in dark locks, even as they started unfocusing. He could still see that pale hand bobbing, up and down, in time with the feelings, the wet suction.

"--Heh. A bit -- a bit boring, huh? Just up and down like this--" Ohgod. Yeah okay up and down was the basics of cocksucking for a reason apparently and ohh yes. Yes. But it was like a rule that he had to give Sasuke shit about it-- "Hey!"

Sasuke crawled over Sakura's legs and pushed his ass flat on the bed, hands clenched on Naruto's hips. "I'll give you boring," he threatened under his breath. Sakura made a happy, high-pitched little squeak.

Naruto gave her a mildly betrayed look. She was supposed to be his co-molestator there, not an accomplice in Naruto's own molestation. "Sakura-chan!"

"No, no, he's doing very well on his own, aren't you, Sasuke-kun." She was already breathless, thighs squeezed together as she watched Sasuke glare over Naruto's angry-red erection.
Sasuke didn't tease. He didn't smirk and press soft, affectionate little kisses, or lick little patterns, or anything of the sort. He just attacked. One second Naruto was glaring back at him and the next his eyes were crossing and the head of his cock was hitting the back of Sasuke's throat.

Sasuke gagged a little, but then he just did it again, fast and hard and demanding. His lips would be puffy afterwards. The thought was almost enough for Naruto to come undone, but that was just what the bastard wanted, for Naruto to come early and while part of him yelled 'yes, please' the rest was determined to hold on.

There must have been something magnetic to Sasuke's hair, because both his hands were in there now. He wasn't too sure when and how, but there Naruto was, bucking under him as he tried to push Sasuke's mouth farther down on his cock. The bastard would look so smug at the loss of control and it only made Naruto growl and try to buck harder, but Sasuke put the weight of his whole upper body on his hips to keep him as pinned down as he could.

He came. Couldn't stop it. Back arched off the bed entirely, head thrown back, unable to stop moving and thrusting, gagging him on accident but it felt so good and he was still in Sasuke's mouth, he was coming there, and Sasuke was his his his --

Sakura was making little pleased noises in his ear as she cuddled his biceps in her cleavage. Naruto melted in the blankets, smiling blissfully at the ceiling.

"... Oh yeah. That was nice."

"I thought it was boring," Sasuke said, giving him the evil eye, and rubbed a trail of Naruto's semen off his reddened lips with the back of his hand.

Naruto's post-coital haze disappeared and he sat up in a leap, catching Sasuke's upper arm.


"Did you swallow?"

Sitting at his side, Sakura gave a little gasp. Sasuke glared harder.

Stifling a groan, his still-way-too-sensitive cock twitching weakly, Naruto reeled him in for a kiss.

Naruto didn't want to think how disgusting come tasted fresh, when the aftertaste was like that, but that didn't stop him from mapping every square inch of Sasuke's mouth. He'd come in there. He'd had his cock in there and his come splattered there and fuck but he wanted to be hard again and do it all night long. He ran his hand down Sasuke's chest, wanting to jerk him off, feel it twitch in his hand.

Sakura molded herself to his back and bit his shoulder, claws against his belly. Naruto jerked, his attention reeled back. Teeth almost at his neck, claws on such a vulnerable area... he stilled.

"What are you planning to do with that?" Sakura growled in his ear, nibbling sharply.

"... Handjob?"


"Blowjob?" Naruto tilted his head. Sasuke looked more interested in that one.


"Hey," Sasuke protested. Sakura narrowed her eyes at him.

"So... What am I doing with his cock?" Naruto asked dutifully, trying not to laugh. He supposed it was her turn now, no matter how much she'd enjoyed watching. Voyeurism was a preliminary as best.

Sakura's lips closed around his earlobe and sucked. "You take it in your hands..."

Oh, he was down with that. He tugged on Sasuke's arm a little, to get him to come closer, and leaned into her again. "Yeah?"

"And you put it in me."

Naruto's spent cock made a valiant effort to rise back to duty.

"--Okay yes I can do that."

She looked at Sasuke. "Unless you object?"

Sasuke wet his lips absently. "...No, not especially."

Sakura poured her body around Naruto's, cupped Sasuke's face with both hands, and pulled him in for a kiss. His arms rose to catch her wrists, but he didn't pull her off. Naruto watched them for a few seconds, both lithe and graceful and way too pretty. His lovers. His boyfriend and girlfriend.

He let them continue kissing as he guided them into a better sitting position, a nudge here, a tug here, until Sakura straddled Sasuke's thighs, Sasuke's head tilted back to keep their lips sealed together. Her claws left fine reddened lines on his pale skin.

Naruto slipped a hand between her thighs, felt her wet pubic hair against his wrist. He cupped her pussy, rubbed a little, laughing in her ear as she mewled. "Naughty, naughty Sakura-chan," he purred even as he found Sasuke's cock and held it steady for her to sink down on it.

He watched again with a sort of satiated pleasure as they rocked together, finding their rhythm. Just gorgeous. Sakura still seemed to feel the effects of the seal, or simply the confidence boost of finding her men willing and responsive to her orders, rolling her hips with a sharp twist that spoke of assertive, unashamed determination.

"You were so beautiful", she whispered against Sasuke's lips, voice pitched low, and she licked his lower lip right where he'd had come smeared on. Surprise flickered in Sasuke's eyes, a sort of flustered kind whose precise shade Naruto didn't remember ever seeing before.

Naruto was against his back in a second, pressing his mouth to his bare shoulder, arms wound around them both and joining behind Sakura's shoulder blades. She laughed breathlessly and kissed Sasuke where Naruto just had. They stared at each other over Sasuke's shoulder for a second and then meshed their mouths together, her claws prickling Naruto's back just as his own prickled hers, with Sasuke caught between them.

"Fuck -- don't do that," Sasuke panted, pushed into Naruto's chest by Sakura's weight.

"Fuck yes we'll do that," Naruto retorted, and his fangs found the dead Curse Seal on his neck and bit down.

He wanted to mark them, he wanted to mark them both but he didn't want to hurt them but there was that loathsome, beautiful, terrible thing that was not his own mark on his bastard and there wasn't anything like that on his babe, except for the pipeline seal over her belly right where she cradled their child.

He tasted blood.

Sakura snarled at him, and when he pulled back she sealed her lips over Sasuke's wound and she bit him too. Sasuke was stiff between them, not even breathing, and then he let out a hoarse cry that sounded like it had been torn out through all his defenses, and he came caught between the two of them.

On their sides afterwards, still sandwiching him tight, Naruto and Sakura caressed whatever they could reach of each other while Sasuke panted in their arms, eyes closed, messy black hair stuck to his skin with sweat. He could still taste the blood. Naruto felt so possessive, so alive -- he knew she did too, they would fight side by side until the ends of the Earth to keep that bastard where he belonged.

He thought, 'she would make such a wonderful vixen', and wasn't even bothered.

For a second it was like a faint echo between them, like feeling each other's pulse through more than just skin. He disengaged from Sasuke, left him curled on his side so he could stares down at Sakura but she didn't want to be stared down at and pushed herself up on one arm as well.

The seal was so black against her skin. Beautiful on her, not monster and death like his own but protection and life. There were curls in there his own didn't have, elegant. Stylized as they were, the patterns held a trace of Sasuke's handwriting. He pounced first, but not by much. They rolled on the blankets, nipping and kissing, Sakura squirming like an eel to make sure Naruto couldn't pin her, refusing to give up.

"You two are crazy," Sasuke commented as he pushed himself up on shaky arms, legs stretched out.

Naruto glanced at him, and then at Sakura, and laughed and he rolled them back over Sasuke's leg, right in the vee of his spread thighs.

Both on their sides now, their heads pillowed on Sasuke's thighs, looking up, smiling at their third. He watched them with his mouth slightly open, his eyes unguarded -- startled. Naruto pulled Sakura's knee over his hip, pushed his hard-again cock inside her, and she let out a throaty moan and clawed up his back.

Sasuke's limp cock was rolling there under Naruto's eyes as Naruto's thrusts rocked all of their bodies, so he took it in his mouth, because it was there. Sakura whimpered and clenched her inner walls around him like a vice, and then her mouth was there too, sometimes kissing Sasuke's cock and sometimes kissing him, and they kept rocking together until they were sated.

Afterwards Naruto and Sakura stayed right where they were, wrapped around each other, his softening cock slowly slipping out of her, feeling the wetness from both his and Sasuke's orgasm. Sasuke hadn't come a second time, but he had never told them to stop either.

"I can't feel my toes anymore," Sasuke said, slumping on his back like a felled tree. "Just so you know."

Naruto and Sakura started laughing together and slowly, tiredly crawled their way up his body.

"S'okay," Naruto consoled him. "For my third round you can just lay face down and go right to sleep."

"Oh, you're a pig," Sakura said, and shoved him, but after that she pulled him close again for a kiss.

[The Seal (b)] [Epilogue]