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Teamwork: Original Characters

Teamwork is a Naruto/Sasuke/Sakura threesome universe with a crapload of OCs in supporting roles. They mostly start to pop up in Teamwork 2. I have a tendency to develop them a lot more than will ever be shown in he actual story. XD;


Haruno Yukihiro
Haruno Hana
Kagami Enjin (Team Kunoichi)
Kanayama Kigane (Team Kunoichi)
Hoko Beni (Team Kunoichi)
Yamanaka Inoru (Team Hanabi)
Hyuuga Hanabi (Team Hanabi)
Fusoroi Tebanashi (spying Chuunin)
Ikko Chihei (spying Chuunin)
Kagami Hakyou (spying Chuunin)
Haimisu Ikusa (spying Chuunin)
Kagami Akindo
Kagami Mimei
Kagami Kaihaku
Kagami Shinjuiro
Yamanaka Idoshi

The Kagami Clan
The Kotaka Clan
The Shourisha Clan

Team 7 future children: Uchiha Aoru

Grass Country

Kon (Team Summons)
Maneki (Team Summons)
Zenko (Team Summons)

Earth Country

Yamagi Yakitaro (Team Fodder -- I mean, Team I-O.)
Mikuri Ichiko (Team I-O.)
Akagi Takeo (Team I-O.)


Yumeko (Fire Country civilian)

Original Characters


Name: Haruno Yukihiro (Haruno : of spring; Yuki: snow; Hiro: common male name ending.)
Gender, orientation: Male, straight.
Age: in his fifties.
First appears in: Teamwork 2, chapter 4.
Body type, appearance: Medium height, thin in a slightly unhealthy way, gray-blue eyes, naturally white hair combed back, pale gold skin, starting to wrinkle.
Physical abilities: Severely crippled knee, chakra damage; has lost a lot of muscle mass.
Jutsu: The basics, hasn't practiced in a while.
Status: Civilian, ex-Genin. Accountant.
Personality: Patient, contemplative, doesn't get depressed, quiet strength of character. Good listener.
Family: Married to Haruno Hana; father of Haruno Sakura. No other living relatives.
Team: Has had a couple, who all graduated without him. He stopped socializing when he got crippled, but kept tabs on them. Most of them are now dead, though.
Background: First generation ninja; parents were working folks immigrated to Konoha. Was never a great ninja, only getting to the chuunin exam once, only to get beaten in the tournament stage by the future Fourth Hokage in under a minute; he got crippled in a war at seventeen before he could take the exam again. Supports his daughter's desire to become a ninja because she is better than he was at her age.
Longterm Goals: Nothing much. He has a stable job that pays him well and he isn't ambitious, and he certainly doesn't wish for grandchildren just yet. (too bad about that. :p)
Others: ?


Name: Haruno Hana (Haruno : of spring, Hana: flower)
Gender, orientation: Female, straight
Age: In her fifties.
First appears in: Teamwork 2, chapter 1.
Body type, appearance: Medium height, slightly overweight, green eyes, red but graying hair, pink skin.
Physical abilities: Average for a civilian. Used to lugging around buckets and helping people walk.
Jutsu: N/A
Status: Civilian (Nurse at a rehabilitation center.)
Personality: Determined, strong-willed, bossy, opiniationed, caring, mostly down to earth but when she's angry she gets pretty dramatic.
Family: Married to Haruno Yukihiro; mother of Haruno Sakura; sister of Ichimu; aunt of Yumeko and two young boys. Her daughter is the only ninja in her extended family.
Team: N/A
Background: Her family owns a thermal cure center where injured ninjas go.
Longterm Goals: ?
Others: ?


Name: Kagami Enjin (kagami : mirror; enjin :dust/smoke/battle scene ... or misanthropy. Or eunuch.) (Nicknamed Jin.)
Gender, orientation: Male, straight.
Age: 16
First appears in: Teamwork 3, chapter 2
Body type, appearance: A little on the short side, fine-boned and androgynous, gray-blue eyes, smoke-gray hair, fair skin.
Physical abilities: Very limber, quick and dexterous; not strong.
Jutsu: Genjutsu: * * * Ninjutsu: * Taijutsu: * Healing: None. Summoning: None. Bloodline limit: Ability to see very far, catch small details, and especially through reflection of reflections of reflections.
Status: Genin
Personality: Grumpy, sarcastic, sneaky, protective impulses he's trying to stomp out. Has been taught to act and manipulate; his most common persona is the "ice princess"-type. Is ambivalent toward his profession as a kunoichi; on one hand he's good at what he does, and proud of his skills; on the other hand he's frustrated that even when he isn't working and in disguise he still gets hit on and mistaken for a girl. He clings to his thought that he is superior to big dumb fighters because they dance to his tune without even noticing, because he knows he wouldn't get anywhere with his testosterone-fueled impulses to punch people in the face and be actively badass. With his body build, it's not happening, but it's still frustrating at times.
Family: Is from the Kagami clan (I made it up.) Mother and father are both ninjas, mother higher-ranked than father. Big extended family, doesn't especially socialize much with them.
Team: Team Kunoichi -- teammates Kigane and Beni. They like to tease him and he grumps at them, but he'd protect them against most anything. (problem of course is that Beni kicks more ass than he ever will.)
Background: The Kagami clan is a clan geared toward espionnage, infiltration and seduction. They are about 50-70 strong and have a city block with small inner courtyard to themselves in Konoha. One of the lesser Noble clans, they are currently directed by the husband of the late Clan head until her designated heir reaches the age of majority. Jin isn't anywhere close to the line of succession, but it's not a big deal for him.
Longterm Goals: Become a Special Jounin. Get a girlfriend. (he likes the shy, gentle type.)
Others: Uses drugs and poison as a weapon. His first kiss was stolen by Beni, who swept him off his feet quite literally.


Name: Kanayama Kigane (Kanayama: Gold mine; Kigane: Gold. (or hesitance; fear of troubling someone; having scruples about doing something. Hahaha yeah right. >D)
Gender, orientation: Female, bicurious.
Age: 16
First appears in: Teamwork 3, chapter 2
Body type, appearance: On the short side, generous curves, green eyes, long, curly golden hair, fair skin. She never goes out without makeup.
Physical abilities: good dancer; fights with razor-edged wires.
Jutsu: Genjutsu: * * Ninjutsu: * * Taijutsu: * * Healing: None. Summoning: None. Bloodline limit: None.
Status: Genin.
Personality: Exuberant, flirty, teasing, plays the "dumb slutty blonde"stereotype to the hilt but she's actually rather sharp-minded. The tactician of the team.
Family: No idea? probably civilians or low-level ninjas.
Team: Team Kunoichi -- teammates Jin and Beni. She loves them both, though Beni is her best friend. Jin is more of a brother, with whom she fights half the time.
Longterm Goals: Traveling to many other countries and establish an identity/life as an actress outside of Konoha.
Others: ?


Name: Hoko Beni (Hoko: spear, Beni : crimson)
Gender, orientation: Female, straight.
Age: 16
First appears in: Teamwork 3, chapter 2
Body type, appearance: Tall, lean, with some muscles, leaning toward androgynous; brown eyes, shoulder-length brown hair, tanned skin.
Physical abilities: Strong, good aim. Uses a spear.
Jutsu: Genjutsu: None. Ninjutsu: * Taijutsu: * * * Healing: None. Summoning: None. Bloodline limit: None.
Status: Genin
Personality: Good-humored, down to earth, stable. Likes to tease but she won't drag it on too long. Fair-minded. Doesn't speak a lot and tends to be very direct.
Family: Father : Hoko Guren, spear-wielding chuunin, (He has a beard eating over half his face and he looks "like he lives in the mountain with the bears all year".) Mother : Hoko Youkou, miko. (She's not half as serene as people expect her to be. Unless her husband is involved she doesn't know how to chill.) "They're still in luuurve, it's kind of disgusting."
Team: Team Kunoichi -- teammates Jin and Kigane. Gets along very well with both, though she has to play peacekeeper at times.
Background: Lives with her parents, learning spearwork from her father. Has been friends with the neighbors' son Kouichi; when she became a kunoichi she decided to lose her virginity to him. He was rather shocked and is kind of teetering on the edge of developing a crush on her; for her, though, it was just a matter of getting it out of the way and she still ses him as her best guy friend, and nothing but a friend.
Longterm Goals:To make Jounin.
Others: "disgustingly healthy."


Name: Yamanaka Inoru (Yama: mountain; naka: in the middle, in-between. Inoru: to pray, to wish)
Gender, orientation: Male, straight.
Age: 13
First appears in: Teamwork 3, chapter 1
Body type, appearance: Small, slender (still growing!) , blue-green pupil-less eyes, blond hair, fair skin.
Physical abilities: okay for a kid his age, but nothing to write home about.
Jutsu: Genjutsu: * * * Ninjutsu: * * Taijutsu: * Healing: None. Summoning: None. Bloodline limit: None.
Status: Genin
Personality: friendly, determined, wannabe-sneaky. Loveable brat.
Family: Father: a civilian. Mother: Yamanaka Inoichi's little sister. No siblings. Cousin: Ino.
Team: Was put on Keu and Hyuuga Hanabi's team to replace a retiring genin. Gets along okay with Keu, though they're not close, and keeps butting heads with Hanabi, mostly over her superior attitude and lack of friendliness. Keeps running interference for fear of her offending people and turning them against the team, which offends Hanabi since he really doesn't trust her with public relations. He has very little idea of what the Hyuuga represent.
Background: Mother is Ino's father's little sister; married an abusive civilian. Inoru grew up away from Konoha until she divorced and came back home. Went through the academy in one year and was placed on Hanabi's team. His mother and Ino's father are only just starting to get close again, so he doesn't know his family very well.
Longterm Goals: Be an awesome ninja so he can protect his mom.
Others: He wasn't supposed to be this blond, damn it. I wanted brownish dirty blond for him. The pencil had other ideas. >.>;;


Name: Hyuuga Hanabi (Hanabi: fireworks (literally fire flower))
Gender, orientation: Female, straight.
Age: 13
First appears in: The manga. Hanabi is a canon character, but one with little development (we learn that even five years younger she is more talented than her older sister Hinata, and that she seems a serious girl; that's about it). She's listed here because I built onto it. (note, I have no idea if the background I gave her and Hinata will ever come up in Teamwork proper, but I'd sure like it to. XD; It's just listed here for the fun, so far.)
Body type, appearance: White Byakugan eyes, long straight dark hair with long bangs falling across her face. Slender, still androgynous, but with lean muscles. She's only just starting to develop hips and doesn't like it much.
Physical abilities: Very fast reflexes, limber. Very competent for her age -- not to genius levels (she's a couple years late compared to what Neji could do at her age), but it's obvious she has inherited physical advantages from her clan and has been trained hard from early childhood to use them.
Jutsu: Genjutsu: * Ninjutsu: * * Taijutsu: * * * * Healing: None. Summoning: None. Bloodline limit: Byakugan.
Status: Genin
Personality: Haughty, grim, pessimistic, a perfectionist, wary. Faithful. Lonely.
Family: Father: Hyuuga Hiashi, clan head. Mother: deceased. Older sister: Hyuuga Hinata. Cousin: Hyuuga Neji.
Team: Keu and her have been on the same team since the Academy but still have no personal connection. He does what she tells him to, and that's good enough for her. They had a third teammate who gave up on being a ninja (disappointing her severely; since then she refuses to mention him), and was replaced by Yamanaka Inoru. She is torn between being confused and severely annoyed by Inoru's behavior toward her, and secret appreciation of his lack of awareness of what it means to be from a Noble house.
Background: Born five years after her sister Hinata, the Hyuuga clan heir. Supposed to be "the spare" but it quickly became obvious to everyone that she was more talented than her sister at fighting and mastering their bloodline. People started flattering her and tearing down her sister, pressuring her father and the elders so that she would become the official heir and Hinata would be sealed and sent to the Branch House. What most people don't know -- not even Hinata knows, because Hanabi knows better than to show it -- is that Hanabi loves her sister fiercely and thinks she would be a much better leader. Hanabi is much too wary of people to enjoy leading the clan in any way.
Longterm Goals: Becoming her sister's enforcer, because that's where the fighting is.
Others: Hanabi is kinda still angry at Naruto for not going out with her sister two years ago, and has taken to liking Kiba better as revenge. She liked Naruto's casual irreverence and lack of awareness of what being in a clan means better than she likes Kiba's own clan background, and she always wanted to fight Naruto to see if she could find a way to beat him when Neji didn't. Kiba has no idea why Hanabi's making herself be nice to him when it's obvious sometimes he bugs her, but hey.


Name: Fusoroi Tebanashi (Fusoroi : unevenness; irregularity; lack of uniformity; Tebanashi : without holding on; without using the hands; letting go one's hold; lack of reserve or restraint; openly)
Gender, orientation: Male, straight.
Age: 21
First appears in: Chuunin Sidefic.
Body type, appearance: Tall, stocky, has visible kunai scars on jaw, chest and leg; red-brown eyes, green hair, very tanned skin.
Physical abilities: Missing left arm from the middle of the forearm down. Was an extremely competent fighter; intends to become so again.
Jutsu: Genjutsu: None. Ninjutsu: * * Taijutsu: * * * (*) Healing: None. Summoning: None. Bloodline limit: None.
Status: Chuunin
Personality: Shounen retard. Very determined, somewhat aggressive, has Opinions, optimistic, friendly. Hates books and reading.
Family: Parents, little brother: Tekkiri, female cousin, presumably uncles and aunt -- large extended family, though not large enough to be a clan.
Team: Not working in a team at the moment. Still in touch with his old genin teammates. They go for a drink pretty often.
Background: Lost a hand and had his leg deeply cut into in a mission; still recovering, he's already working to regain his proficiency. He isn't allowed to do anything strenuous or leave Konoha, but he's not a scholar so he doesn't get many missions at the moment. The most regular mission he gets is tailing Naruto when Kakashi isn't around.
Loves his little brother very much.
Longterm Goals: mastery of weaponless taijutsu.
Others: Likes Naruto, but really wishes he were allowed to spar with him and point out the bazilion holes in his technique he's noticed. Wary of Sasuke.


Name: Ikko Chihei (Ikko: one house; household; Chihei: peace and tranquility)
Gender, orientation: Female, straight
Age: 33
First appears in: Chuunin Sidefic
Body type, appearance: Medium height, medium weight, medium everything. Black eyes, brownish black hair, pale golden skin.
Physical abilities: Still limber.
Jutsu: Genjutsu: * * * Ninjutsu: * Taijutsu: * Healing: None. Summoning: None. Bloodline limit: None.
Status: Part-time Chuunin.
Personality: calm, peaceful, likes being home, subtly creepy. Judgmental, though she doesn't really think herself so. Classical Japanese housewife.
Family: A Jounin husband, two Academy-aged daughters.
Team: she works solo.
Background: Kunoichi/spy, very versatile in the many roles she can play, great at fading into the background and looking unremarkable.
Longterm Goals: Taking care of her daughters, supporting her husband. She has no personal goals.
Others: Clear detachment between in-group and out-group -- loves her family sincerely, but out-group rates surface pleasantness at best; she could watch someone she doesn't know die on her shoes with very little emotional reaction.


Name: Kagami Hakyou (Kagami: mirror; Hakyou: broken mirror; marital separation; divorce)
Gender, orientation: Male, asexual
Age: 32
First appears in: Unpublished Chuunin Sidefic
Body type, appearance: tall, wiry, prominent bone structure; tightly muscled anyway, upper body more developed than the average Kagami clan member due to working at a forge.
Physical abilities: Relatively limber; strength average for an adult male of his body size and weight.
Jutsu: Genjutsu: * * * Ninjutsu: * * * Taijutsu: * * Healing: None. Summoning: None. Bloodline limit: Mirror eye.
Status: Chuunin, metalsmith apprentice.
Personality: asocial, abrasive, haughty. Highly cynical. Deep love of the art of metalsmith; weapons, ornaments, as long as it's elegant he loves it, but he has a marked preference for blades. Considers himself an artist and plans to only do one-of-a-kind, specially-made work, not plain, basic weapons.
Family: Kagami clan -- minor member, no real pull.
Team: he works solo. The only person he calls Master or Sensei is the metalsmith he's apprenticed to; he never respected his jounin-sensei much, and he lost contact with his old teammates the second he passed the chuunin exam.
Background: Who knows; he's always been a loner. Might have been rejected as a child, might not, but nowadays being on his own is a marked preference. No more parents.
Longterm Goals: becoming a master metalsmith. He only works as a ninja as a means to support himself through his apprenticeship. He'll resign the second he can afford it.
Others: Despises the acting clan leader, Akindo, but is very aware that he cannot afford to offend him at the moment.


Name: Haimisu Ikusa (Haimisu : old maid, spinster; Ikusa: war; battle; campaign; fight)
Gender, orientation: Female, maybe homosexual ? It's not really relevant to her life, she's always been pretty repressed and has a low sex drive.
Age: 57
First appears in: Unpublished Chuunin Sidefic
Body type, appearance: A little on the short side, compact, starting to stoop. Still muscled under the wrinkled skin.
Physical abilities: good at stealth genjutsu; used to also be a good hand-to-hand fighter but nowadays she's had to slow down on that kind of stuff. She had a lot of sprains and broken bones when she was younger and she's really starting to feel it.
Jutsu: Genjutsu: * * Ninjutsu: * * * * Taijutsu: * Healing: None. Summoning: Pigeons. Bloodline limit: none.
Status: Chuunin.
Personality: Gruff, a little aggressive, never married or had a long-term relationship. Deep sense of family loyalty, duty, and justice. Deeply suspicious, keeps a grudge. An old warhorse.
Family: An old, senile aunt she's taking care of (Kushuka); no other living family.
Team: semi-permanent part of the team that keeps track of Naruto and other internal security risks.
Background: She used to have an older brother, parents, and a couple older relatives; apart from her aunt the ones who had survived the previous wars died in the Kyuubi attack.
Longterm Goals: nothing very definite, but at least she won't let Kyuubi escape on her watch.
Others: Unofficial link to Danzou. He never really recruited her, but she approves of his point of view and respects him.


Name: Kagami Akindo (Kagami : mirror; Akindo: Trader, shopkeeper, merchant)
Gender, orientation: male, straight.
Age: 40? 50?
First appears in: Teamwork 1, chapter 6.
Body type, appearance: A bit fat in the stomach area, balding.
Physical abilities: >_>;;;
Jutsu: N/A. Never been a ninja.
Status: Civilian of sorts -- is the Kagami ninja clan leader by marriage, so he sits at the Village Council.
Personality: Ambitious, ruthless businessman, revenge-minded. Great memory. Knows little about actual ninja work, nor does he care. (Or so he says -- who knows.)
Family: two daughters and one son, age 10 to 21. Wife, deceased.
Team: N/A
Background: Was a successful trader on a job in Konoha when he met Kagami clan leader; she appreciated his drive and ambition. Married into the Kagami clan and adopted their name.
Longterm Goals: Make the Kagami one of the leading clans of Konoha in matters of political influence.
Others: Has a low-grade vendetta against Naruto because Naruto insulted him once; but then again he has a lot of ongoing vendettas. He gets petty like that.


Name: Kagami Mimei (Kagami: mirror; Mimei: early dawn/gray of morning)
Gender, orientation: (female, straight)
Age: 21
First appears in: Wedding
Body type, appearance: slender except for her wide hips and healthy ass (thank you Dad, no, really), gray pupilless eyes, silver-white hair, pale golden skin.
Physical abilities: ?
Jutsu: Genjutsu: * * * * Ninjutsu: * * * Taijutsu: * Healing: None. Summoning: None. Bloodline limit: Mirror eye.
Status: chuunin.
Personality: Flirty, teasing. Doesn't like big responsibilities.
Family: Kagami clan. Father: Kagami Akindo, acting clan head. Mother: Deceased. Two younger siblings, Kaihaku and Shinjuiro.
Team: ?
Background: Older child of Kagami clan head; could have been the heir, but she and her mother agreed that she would make a poor leader and she was passed over. She has no bitterness about that -- she's even kind of glad.
Longterm goals: Planning to retire at 25 and get married, but she's not very enthusiastic about it. It's just what's done.
Others: /


Name: Kagami Kaihaku (Kagami: mirror; Kaihaku: gray)
Gender, orientation: (female, straight-ish)
Age: 17
First appears in: Wedding
Body type, appearance: slender verging on bony, gray pupilless eyes, greenish-gray hair, golden skin.
Physical abilities: ?
Jutsu: Genjutsu: * * * Ninjutsu: * * * Taijutsu: * * Healing: None. Summoning: None. Bloodline limit: Mirror eye.
Status: chuunin (on hold for clan-heir training.)
Personality: Serious, even stern, very aware of her upcoming responsibilities. Determined.
Family: Kagami clan. Father: Kagami Akindo, acting clan head. Mother: Deceased. Two siblings, Mimei and Shinjuiro.
Team: None at the moment.
Background: Second child of Kagami clan head; the heir. Was with her mother as she died, and takes her promise to lead the clan well very seriously. Listens to her father, but that's because she's still learning; once she's in place she won't bow to him or anyone.
Longterm goals: Take over as clan head.
Others: /


Name: Kagami Shinjuiro (Kagami: mirror; Shinjuiro: pearl gray)
Gender, orientation: (male, homosexual)
Age: 13
First appears in: Wedding
Body type, appearance: not very tall, slender, gray pupilless eyes, brownish-gray hair, golden skin. Wears glasses.
Physical abilities: ?
Jutsu: Genjutsu: * * Ninjutsu: * Taijutsu: * Healing: None. Summoning: None. Bloodline limit: Mirror eye.
Status: genin
Personality: wary, shy, a little antisocial. Very serious. Not ambitious. Intellectual. Socially awkward.
Family: Kagami clan. Father: Kagami Akindo, acting clan head. Mother: Deceased. Two older sisters, Mimei and Kaihaku.
Team: ?
Background: Last child of Kagami clan head, and despite his strong bloodline it was quickly obvious his sister made a better candidate, so he was a little neglected by his parents, especially his father after his mother died -- Akindo is always busy.
Longterm goals: ?
Others: Very nearsighted, due to having a strong bloodline.


Name: Yamanaka Idoshi (ex-Tanaka Idoshi) (Yama: mountain; naka: in the middle, in-between. Idoshi: of spring)
Gender, orientation: (female, straight)
Age: 34
First appears in: Wedding
Body type, appearance: Tall, has lost weight recently and looks a little unhealthy, chunky thighs, aqua pupilless eyes, blond hair, fair skin.
Physical abilities: Civilian level. Used to go to the academy but she gave up.
Jutsu: none.
Status: civilian, ex-Academy student.
Personality: dependent, easily worried, though with a core of determination. Has a temper, though she has learned to repress her emotions rather than allow them out. Now she has to unlearn it.
Family: Son: Inoru; older brother: Yamanaka Inoichi; niece: Yamanaka Ino.
Team: n/a.
Background: Little sister of Inoichi, she was never a good ninja and she's a lot younger, and that separated them even though they both wished they could stay close and understand each other. Idoshi married a civilian and left Konoha with him, only for him to turn abusive. Two years ago she managed to get a divorce and went back to the village, but it took at least a year before she found the courage to contact her family again, not wanting to hear any "I told you so". They've been growing closer once again, but very slowly and cautiously.
Longterm goals: get back on her feet. Get married again?
Others: /



-- The Kagami Clan:

Members: between 60 and 80 members at all times.
Members appearing in Teamwork: Akindo (acting clan leader), Hakyou, Enjin, Mimei, Kaihaku (clan heir), Shinjuiro.
Status: minor bloodline clan of Konoha; sits at the Council. Not a lot of influence.
Bloodline: doujutsu (eye bloodline), Mirror Eye -- a combination of photographic memory and the ability to pinpoint very small, moving things from far away, and great image processing speed. They use it mostly to see reflections of reflections of reflections. The jutsu doesn't work in the absence of reflective surfaces, though either way they still see well in the dark and see things from farther away. The eye never changes appearances; the bloodline is in effect always activated, though it's a low level of activation that requires hand signs and jutsu to sharpen.
They all tend to be more or less farsighted. >_>;;
Appearance: The Kagami clan members tend to have gray hair (going from white to silver to steel to black), though they may also have ash-blond, gunmetal blue or even low-saturated blue hues. They also tend to be slender and lean toward androgynous -- no wide hips or shoulders, no huge breasts, little body hair. But since they're not as intense in preserving the purity of their bloodline as, say, the Hyuuga clan, crossbreeds that don't fit in this description in some way are actually rather common. If they possess the bloodline, their eyes are a smoky, pupilless gray.
Values: The Kagami clan is before all a clan of spies, more than fighters; it prizes grace, elegance, self-control, and a keen sense of observation. The clan tends to be led by the most apt of the previous leader's children; it makes no difference whether the leader is male or female. Indeed, the latest true leader was a woman, and her heir apparent is her second daughter.
Atmosphere: The Kagami clan isn't as insular as the Hyuuga or the Uchiha. That cuts both ways -- they're not as disdainful of the general population, and there is little taboo over marrying with clan-less ninjas and civilians, but they also have a lot of fringe members who don't really identify with the clan as a whole or feel a strong loyalty to it. Since their bloodline is made redundant by the Byakugan (it allows them to see far away and see around objects -- great! Byakugan can just see right through it, plus it can see chakra itself, which the Mirror Eye cannot), and much weaker, there was some jealousy and competitiveness, which by now has muted into low-grade resentment in those who feel clan pride, and a "oh whatever, doesn't matter if it's not the best, it's still useful sometimes" in those, usually younger, who couldn't care less about clan politics.
The acting clan head, Akindo, is currently leading a movement to claim more influence and recognition in Konoha, but more than half the current members don't really care much.
Others: The Kagami clan members usually live in an apartment building that covers a small city block, with an inner courtyard; since the building is owned by the clan, the rent is very low. Though it isn't uncommon for young people to move out to other areas of Konoha. There are no guards forbidding access, though of course if the stranger isn't accompanied by a Kagami clan member or known as a friend, there is a big likelihood he will still be watched. The building is never entirely empty.


-- The Kotaka Clan:

Members: around twenty.
Members appearing in Teamwork: Kotaka Shihara (clan leader), Kotaka Men'u (his wife.)
Status: minor clan of Konoha; sits at the Council. Little direct influence, but lots of contacts.
Bloodline: None. They raise hawks and other birds of prey, usually as messengers, sometimes to fight with.
Appearance: Nothing specific. They don't practice in-clan marriage. Tendency to have tanned skin.
Values: dedication to the birds, understanding of the bird of prey mindset.
Atmosphere: Mostly a normal family? A little traditional but they're not obsessive about it.
Others: Usually in charge of Konoha's messenger hawk relay, though outsiders can get employment there -- but it's likely they will require internships with the Kotaka clan to perform, so they still have influence.


-- The Shourisha Clan:

Members: Officially, around 90. By daughters' marriages, closer to 170.
Members appearing in Teamwork: Shourisha Kachi (clan head), Gaika (his wife), Ikitai (clan heir, 14), Yuei (Ikitai's twin brother), Kishou (girl cousin, 18)
Status: major clan of Konoha; sits at the Council. Big influence.
Bloodline: None. Their success lies more in their ambition and tight family bonds.
Appearance: Nothing specific. They never practice in-clan marriage, and never will, since each marriage is considered first and foremost an occasion to spread the clan's influence.
Values: Ambition, solidarity. (Conquest by marriage!)
Atmosphere: There's a great sense of being able to depend on your family for support, no matter what.
Others: tendency for fraternal twins. Branch off the Senju clan.


-- Team Seven kids:

Name: Uchiha Aoru (Aoru: to fan, to agitate, to stir up)
Gender, orientation: Female, straight.
Age: not born yet? XD
First appears in: Teamwork future sidefic "Who's your babydaddy?"
Body type, appearance: Slender, athletic, long legs. Long slate gray hair, black eyes. Very pretty.
Physical abilities: Disgustingly well-coordinated, great balance, quick reflexes. She's a good fighter, but she's too aware of it and that makes her prone to underestimating others.
Jutsu: Genjutsu: * * * Ninjutsu: * * * Taijutsu: * * * * Healing: None. Summoning: None. Bloodline limit: Sharingan.
Status: Not born yet! But she will be a ninja.
Personality: Outgoing, self-assured (cocky), proud (arrogant), dominant (leader-like), uncharitable. Gregarious, likes to play pranks, quick-witted, fun to be around (if you're in her good graces).
Family: Father: Uchiha Sasuke. Mother: Uchiha Sakura. Two older siblings, one of them fathered by Uzumaki Naruto. Grandparents: Haruno Yukihiro and Haruno Hana. Godfather: Hatake Kakashi.
Team: ?
Background: Aoru is the third child and baby of the Naruto/Sasuke/Sakura family. As a result she's kind of spoiled. Sasuke approves of her drive to improve and Naruto of her pranking streak; she's not as close to Sakura, who doesn't put up with her bullying tendencies.
Longterm Goals: Become an awesome legendary Jounin. (As if she could be anything else, of course. u.u)
Others: Aoru was, like her older siblings, based on a subverted Mary-Sue pattern. (A Mary-Sue is a type of original character that damages a story because the author, being in love with them, piles up everything that looks cool on them plus the kitchen sink, and makes them the center of everything even when it doesn't really make sense for them to be.) Aoru's pattern is the "Genius Uchiha Daughter" who is kickass and awesome at everything she tries; except that instead of having everyone falling all over themselves to impress her and beg for her attention as would happen in a real mary-sue story, many people find her arrogance irritating and her lack of empathy off-putting. Aoru isn't as far away from her original concept as her older siblings are, because she isn't supposed to be a protagonist; she was mostly created to make MiddleSibling's life more difficult.


Grass Country

Name: Kon (Konkon: cry of a fox; bark of a fox; fox (baby talk))
Gender, orientation: Male, bicurious
Age: 16
First appears in: Teamwork 3, chapter 2. Cameo. Otherwise chapter 5.
Body type, appearance: Tallish, broad-shouldered, some muscles, not done filling out yet; handsome with striking coloring: gold-copper eyes, teal green hair, milk-coffee skin.
Physical abilities: fast, dexterous, but not that great a coordination.
Jutsu: Genjutsu: * * * (tends to be too imaginative and that can tip off people.) Ninjutsu: * * * * * Taijutsu: * * Healing: None. Summoning: Foxes. Bloodline limit: None.
Status: Genin
Personality: Playful and teasing, but he's got a ruthless side -- he makes a clear difference between his people and the rest of the world, and the rest of the world is good for toying with, not for giving a damn about. Tricky. Can be a total bastard and doesn't give a damn. Flirty. Likes the chase and the bedroom dance more than the relationships. (not that he's as suave as he thinks, and in many cases he never goes farther than first or second base -- but you wouldn't know it by listening to him.) Likes girls better, but a good fuck is a good fuck, and if the girls don't put out... Bicurious, as long as no one who matters knows.)
Family: Mother, a few cousins.
Team: Maneki and Zenko. Half the time they don't get along that well, but they're his people and he's possessive. He really meshes well with his fox-summons.
Background: Comes from an old but not that important ninja family. They're all deadbeats. Whatev'.
Longterm Goals: Having exciting adventures. He likes being on the road.
Others: Hobbies: people-watching (he likes to "deduce" things from what he can see and spin little stories -- sometimes he's correct, sometimes he's really not.) I'd say he's a kleptomaniac, but that would imply he can't help stealing random stuff. He can, he just doesn't see a reason not to.


Name: Maneki (Maneki-neko: beckoning cat; figurine of a cat with one paw raised)
Gender, orientation: male, straight
Age: 15 (deceased)
First appears in: Teamwork 3, chapter 2. Cameo. Otherwise chapter 5.
Body type, appearance: very tall, broad-shouldered, thick limbs; looks at least 18. (?) eyes, dark blue hair in a short ponytail, bronze skin.
Physical abilities: Competent enough with a staff.
Jutsu: Genjutsu: * * (meticulous) Ninjutsu: * * * Taijutsu: * * Healing: * * * Summoning: Cats. Bloodline limit: None.
Status: Genin
Personality: looks calm and rather quiet, but he's got a good sense of humor. Hiding that he has a temper as best as he can.
Family: Mother, father. No siblings.
Team: Is in love with Zenko, but is content enough being around her. Knowing her, she'd offer to let him have sex with her, and it would be awkward and embarrassing and not at all what he wishes for. He's just glad he has her esteem. He gets along alright with Kon, except when Kon insists to read his stories or demands Maneki write him in as a character.
Background: Mother is a ninja, father a monk. He knew how to meditate at seven -- necessary because before that he was prone to extremely violent tantrums -- and that has given him a good control on his chakra use. He can relate to both ninja-since-forever and first-generation people, and he knew that if he chose another way his parents would accept it, so for him being a ninja is a well-reasoned choice, not a natural state of affairs.
Longterm Goals: Becoming a novelist. (he likes pirate stories.)
Others: ?


Name: Zenko (zenkokourou: proverb: one calamity followed close on the heels of another (literally: keeping at bay a tiger at the front gate, while a wolf appears at the back))
Gender, orientation: Female, asexual
Age: 15
First appears in: Teamwork 3, chapter 2. Cameo. Otherwise chapter 5.
Body type, appearance: Slender, nice hips; black eyes, knee-length smooth black hair with bleached bangs, pale golden skin. She makes up her mouth with just a stripe of red in the middle of her lower lip; narrow face and eyes narrow and tilted a bit too high to be pretty, but she convinced herself it gives her a smart, sharp look and doesn't mar her beauty any. (She's not as beautiful as she thinks she is, but striking enough.)
Physical abilities: extremely fast and limber.
Jutsu: Genjutsu: * Ninjutsu: * * * Taijutsu: * * * * (katana) Healing: None. Summoning: Wolves. Bloodline limit: None.
Status: Genin
Personality: Haughty and proud, of her beauty and of her prowess with her sword too, very conscious of her image and class, not very chatty, sarcastic and bitchy. Judges people for what they are, and often harshly and contemptuously. Faithful to the death. I'd say she's highly competitive, but she doesn't like to compete, she likes to win.
Family: Parents. Small clan.
Team: Appreciates Maneki's steadiness and quiet, though she finds his crush somewhat baffling and therefore ignores it; argues with Kon at times and finds him quite rough and common, but above all she respects efficiency, and he gets the job done, so that's good enough for her. They're her closest friends.
Background: Comes from an old, rich ninja family. They don't have a bloodline, but they're still a powerful and influential clan. Tutored at home even after she entered the Academy; now being taught by a Jounin who specializes in Summons.
Longterm Goals: taking the leadership of her family. (She had an interest in blacksmithing, but she's forbidding herself to think about it.)
Others: Has had sex before. It was alright. She still doesn't feel a need to ever do it again. As for relationships, she'd get married to seal an alliance, but never for herself.



Rock Village

Name: Yoru
Gender, orientation: Female, straight... bi? no idea.
Age: 18
First appears in: Suna Interlude
Body type, appearance: Fair skin, golden eyes, sky-blue hair. Athletic, slim, long legs.
Physical abilities: can run VERY fast, for quite a while.
Jutsu: Genjutsu: * * * * Ninjutsu: * Taijutsu: * * Healing: None. Summoning: None. Bloodline limit: None.
Status: Chuunin
Personality: Friendly. Likes to flirt. Loves to run. Bouncy, chipper.
Family: ?
Team: ? Two guys who provide the heavy support.
Background: Kunoichi from Rock Village in Earth Country; on long-term spy assignment on the Wind Country border.
Longterm Goals: ?
Others: ?


Name: Yamagi Yakitaro (Yama: mountain; Yaki: goat; Taro: common male name ending)
Gender, orientation: Male, and who knows? Still asexual for now.
Age: 13
First appears in: Teamwork 3 chapter 5
Body type, appearance: Runt. Kinda gangly. Late bloomer.
Physical abilities: Kind of strong actually! Lots of endurance.
Jutsu: Genjutsu: 0! Ninjutsu: * * Taijutsu: * * * Healing: None. Summoning: None. Bloodline limit: None.
Status: Genin
Personality: Sunny, friendly, uncomplicated, can get stubborn. Brave, innocent, a natural protector.
Family: parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts. All farmers, orchard keepers, beekeepers, etcetera. He's got a couple cousins who are ninjas.
Team: Ichiko and Takeo. He loves them both very much.
Background: He grew up on a mountain, just outside the village limits. Little wild boy running all over the place. Tons of farm beasties for company.
Longterm Goals: ?? (haha, he probably wants to be Tsuchikage. XD)
Others: The only one of the three kids to stay on his feet through Kyuubi's murderous aura, gets badly injured by Kyuubi. The other two tend to follow his lead without ever noticing.


Name: Mikuri Ichiko (Mikuri: a species of reed; Ichi: first; ko: child (female name ending))
Gender, orientation: Female, prrrobably straight but she still hates boys on principle.
Age: 13 and a half!
First appears in: Teamwork 3 chapter 5
Body type, appearance: Slender, elegant, will be tall when she grows up. Jaw-length black hair, black eyes.
Physical abilities: Fast, good fighting instincts. Uses poison to supplement her attacks.
Jutsu: Genjutsu: * Ninjutsu: * * Taijutsu: * * * Healing: None. Summoning: None. Bloodline limit: None.
Status: Genin
Personality: Proud, argumentative, strong-willed, very independent.
Family: Parents, three or four little brothers between 2 and 10.
Team: Yakitaro and Takeo. She treats Yakitaro like another vaguely annoying but beloved little brother, and keeps clashing for dominance with Takeo.
Background: She's a big sister and finds it kind of hard to stomach. Doesn't like being invaded by brats. Dutifully takes care of them all but she finds it frustrating and thankless.
Longterm Goals: Hunter-nin.
Others: The one with the most inborn ninja instincts of the three. Instinctive grasp on melee fighting and she's quite tenacious. She's going to be very dangerous when she grows up. For now she has too big a chip on her shoulder to know when to admit defeat and not enough experience to know how to win despite bad odds.
Prefers to be adressed by her family name.


Name: Akagi Takeo (Akagi: red tree; Takeo: strong like bamboo)
Gender, orientation: male, (metrosexual...kidding) straight
Age: 13
First appears in: Teamwork 3 chapter 5
Body type, appearance: Dark blue hair. The glasses are tinted to compensate for light sensitivity, not nearsightedness or other problems.
Physical abilities: Average fighting abilities; good eyesight in the dark (some kind of eye-based bloodline again? Man. Maybe he's a bastard scion with a greatly weakened bloodline... yeah. >.>)
Jutsu: Genjutsu: * * Ninjutsu: * * Taijutsu: * * Healing: None. Summoning: None. Bloodline limit: sees in the dark? that's about all he can do.
Status: Genin
Personality: Smug, though he's also nice to most people; proud, smart but thinks he's smarter than he actually is. Not very brave.
Family: Parents, no siblings.
Team: Yakitaro and Ichiko. He likes Yakitaro in a "haha, you're so funny" *headpat* way. He thinks Ichiko doesn't know when to cut her losses and can't plan smartly and so he should be the one to lead the team. (doesn't notice that more often than not he goes with Yakitaro's decisions anyway.)
Background: not rich but still not what I'd call poor.
Longterm Goals: Intelligence work.
Others: Has a good grasp of acceptable risks and when it's time to cut your losses -- or will, in a bit. He's persuaded that he's very smart and mature for his age but no, he's still a kid and when things go bad he still has the reflex of looking for his sensei instead of dealing with it on his own.



Name: Okada Yumeko (Yume: dream; ko: girl, child)
Gender, orientation: Female, straight
Age: 16
First appears in: Sakura's "First Time" prequel
Body type, appearance: Tall, curvy, deep green eyes, pure red hair.
Physical abilities: Nothing special.
Status: Civilian
Personality: Bossy, wants to be seen as sophisticated, flirty, prideful, responsible, caring.
Family: Mother: Ichimu; two little brothers; aunt: Haruno Hana; cousin: Haruno Sakura.
Background: Lives in a little Fire Country civilian town a few hours away from Konoha. Sees her aunt and cousin rarely, though they write semi-regularly.
Longterm Goals: Wants to be a beautician. Or an executive. She hasn't decided yet.
Others: ?

Name: Kimi
Gender, orientation: Female, straight
Age: 16
First appears in: Sakura's "First Time" prequel
Body type, appearance: Blonde hair in a bob, brown eyes, generous hips.
Physical abilities: Ballet dancer.
Status: Civilian
Personality: very sweet and enthusiastic, a bit naïve and chatty
Family: Ken (cousin once removed.)
Background: Lives in a little Fire Country civilian town a few hours away from Konoha. Best friend of Yumeko.
Others: ?

Name: Ken
Gender, orientation: Male, straight
Age: 17
First appears in: Sakura's "First Time" prequel
Body type, appearance: Dirty blond hair, tanned skin, somewhat muscled upper body.
Physical abilities: good, for a civilian. He likes sports.
Status: Civilian
Personality: A little vain, works out to attract the ladies. Can be amusing; very competitive. Thinks he's smooth. Gives nicknames. Otherwise a good guy.
Family: Kimi (cousin once removed.)
Background: Lives in a little Fire Country civilian town a few hours away from Konoha. On and off boyfriend of Yumeko.
Others: ?

Name: Junta
Gender, orientation: Male, straight
Age: 15
First appears in: Sakura's "First Time" prequel
Body type, appearance: Smooth black hair in a bowl cut, black eyes, very tall and thin. Wears glasses.
Physical abilities: Somewhat clumsy because he's in the middle of a growth spurt. Otherwise, more sportsy than he looks.
Status: Civilian
Personality: Dorky, curious.
Background: Lives in a little Fire Country civilian town a few hours away from Konoha.

Name: Hiroshi
Gender, orientation: Male, straight
Age: 15
First appears in: Sakura's "First Time" prequel
Body type, appearance: "he had messy, spiky black hair, and a wide, boyish grin. It was a little like looking at Naruto and Sasuke's lovechild. (...) His eyes were brown. On second thought, he didn't look that much like either of them -- his cheeks were too angular and his nose too round."
Physical abilities: Average for a teenage civilian.
Status: Civilian
Personality: helpful, gregarious, considerate, uses his innocent face to play pranks, but rarely mean spirited. Wants to do the right thing, but wants to be liked and integrated more -- his resolve is a little weak.
Background: Lives in a little Fire Country civilian town a few hours away from Konoha.
Others: Sakura's first boyfriend / lover.



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