On another meme, Lady-Zip requested Teamwork!Naruto, 25 years later. This one's very short, but I still kind of like it. XD

Sidefic: The Speech

"Come on, Tsunade-baachan, just a hint, pretty please..."

Tsunade leaned back in her seat, twirled the sake in her cup, and smirked widely. "Mmmh... Nope. It's supposed to reflect your style of government, not mine. I'm sure you'll have no problem writing it on your own... Hokage-sama."

Used to that particular distraction technique, Naruto only puffed up with importance and pride all of five seconds... Which was enough to make her laugh. "Aw, come on, just tell me how you did your own, so I can get an idea!"

"So you can copy it and change the pronouns, you mean!"

"And the wussy stuff you added, yeah."

"I'll give you wussy stuff, you brat."

"Alright, fine, don't help me! I don't need you anyway." Naruto turned away and started to stomp off.

"You don't get to ask Sakura to write that speech for you either! I'll tell her to punch you if you ask."

"I wasn't going to!" Naruto replied, outraged.

Tsunade didn't look very convinced. "Hm. If you say so."

"She's worse than you about that 'do it yourself, it must come from YOU' kinda stuff, anyway. She woulda punched me on her own." He grinned. "I was gonna ask Sasuke."

Tsunade threw a book at his head, which almost knocked his hat off. "Do you want to start a war?! No."

Naruto pouted, tugged the Hokage hat lower on his face to hide his sulky glare, lest Tsunade brain him with her chair, and crossed his arms defensively. "Fine, fine, I won't ask Sasuke either."

"Hokage's word?"

Bwee! -- um. "Yeah, yeah, Hokage's word."

Bah. With the appropriate bribery, he was sure one of his kids would agree.