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This has no real place in the Teamwork continuity. I'm just assuming Naruto let Kyuubi use his body again. For reference, Tsuki was a vixen in Kyuubi's "harem." She's quickly mentioned in Teamwork : Progression.

Sidefic: Possessive

The pink bitch is fuming. Kyuubi smirks and pretends not to notice, tails floating and curling lazily behind him. She's almost always so meek and cautious; usually he likes it, likes the respect and the fear she can't hide, but he likes the banked fire of her temper too. He still remembers their fight in the soul room. He almost wants it to happen again. (Except of course this time around he would win.)

"Hm, yes... She really does remind me of my Tsuki. The same... Grace."

The pink bitch snorts at his use of the word grace, which he admits he doesn't use often -- it's a weakling word, useless -- but he's old enough to have heard a whole lot of words he doesn't care to use. Retaliating for her reaction is easy. A quick, disdainful glance at that jarringly pink, bristly mane, cut as short as is practical...

"Well-groomed too. Sleek fur, soft as a cub's, I could hold her in my paws all night long..."

Explosion. The pink bitch jumps on her feet and stalks up to him, fists clenched, vibrating with anger. Kyuubi expects to be hit; if she does, then maybe he'll manage to slip Naruto's leash and retaliate.

Instead, she grabs the collar of that stupid shirt his host didn't want him to shred off, and she leans in his face, and she says, "Stop. Staring. At. Hinata."

He smirks, and measures her up, and his eyes tell her he finds her wanting. "Hmm?"

"Don't make me bite you."

He laughs then, because the idea of that fangless creature threatening him that way is completely -- how's that for a big word -- incongruous.

And then she does bite him, on the lip, and if she had fangs he'd be bleeding.

He does have fangs, and for him, she bleeds. But when he reels her in his lap to lick up the red on her lips, and holds her tight because he expects her to struggle, she only bites him again and growls, and then her tongue tangles with his in a very interesting way.

He allows it, on a probationary basis.

Later, she calls it a kiss (she also calls him a retard, but another bite cures her of that.) He decides to allow her to kiss him again, except, of course, this time around he chooses a more interesting part of his anatomy.