Teamwork: Haru&Naruto-chan AU

Book-people asked for "It may be Sasuke's but it is definitely the kyuubi jinkuuriki's."

Baby's first ultrasound

It may be Sasuke-kun's child; they don't know, there's no way to tell that Naruto would accept. (Putting a needle in her belly to take a sample might hurt the fetus or trigger a spontaneous abortion. Not happening.) But it is definitely the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki's.

Haru can see-feel-echolocate the claws.

They're tiny, like a kitten's, and they're softened enough by the amniotic fluid that no real damage seems to have been done. The possibility that their luck might run out is terrifying.

The kind of damage the baby might do to himself or the inside of Naruto's body isn't half as scary as the thought that the councilmen might have been right, that it isn't only his (tiny, round, adorable) body that was affected.

"He's adorable," Haru says with a soft, lying smile, and releases the jutsu.

His hands stay on Naruto's round belly, massaging in little absent circles. The child is adorable, in his strange unfinished way. That's the worst thing.

"Tell me more," Naruto begs, eyes bright, fascinated, and she looks up at him like maybe she can see her baby through his eyes.

"He's all curled up and sucking on his big toe, it's the cutest thing. He's got those round baby cheeks..."

Naruto lets out a little squeeing, purring sigh, eyes hooding in pure happiness. "It's a boy, then?"

Haru nods a confirmation. "No way to tell," says Sasuke-kun, and Haru looks up and frowns.

"Actually, I just saw --"

Sasuke's eyes are sharingan red as he shapes the seals Haru needed a month to learn and presses a hand perfunctorily against Naruto's belly. "Your angle was wrong. Look again."

Haru grumbles under his breath, but he does it. "There, between his legs--"

"Switch frequencies. Skeleton."


There's a tail, too.

It's such a little stumpy thing right now. Naruto will probably love it.

The councilmen won't. Haru closes his eyes and tells himself he can't panic before he has figured out new contingency plans.