Teamwork : drabbles

For Haliea; "Cooking arrangements. How the hell do they all agree on who makes what for dinner each night?"

Cooking Arrangements

Sasuke cooks easy things, things for everyday. Rice and fish, miso soup. Salad. Pasta. Sakura cooks fancier things, during the weekend or sometimes in the evenings and Sasuke is more tired than she is (depending on how much free time Tsunade leaves her, then.) When they have the time, and the ingredients.

They don't cook together; they don't have the same style, and Sasuke keeps wanting to correct Sakura's grip on the knife and Sakura keeps re-spicing Sasuke's pans.

Naruto doesn't cook. He cleans instead. Also, he taste-tests for Sakura. (Sasuke has broken three wooden spoons on his head so far.)

They allow him his one bowl of ramen per meal. Otherwise they make him eat all meals with them. It's okay though, his metabolism has always run much faster than either of theirs, and the food is never wasted.

When Sakura has a craving all the rules and habits go out of the window, save one, 'I want it right now.'