For Scorpion05 and kunoichi008 -- Garden Party prequel-ish.

Sexy no Jutsu

"You want me to what?"

Sakura glares at Naruto. Or gapes; she isn't sure. Probably some mix of the two.

"Ask Sasuke to try the sexy-no-jutsu for me."

Naruto's smile is so sunny, even despite the still bruised nose that she only just finished mending.

"... You want... ME... to ask SASUKE... to become a GIRL for you... so you can...?"

"Perv over you two of course. Come on, I want to see lesbian porn of my own eyes at least once in my life."

She stares at him some more. And then she hits him over the head. He ends up with his face hitting the table, and yelps and whimpers pitifully. "oo broke mah nose again!"

She growls at him, tilting his head up so she can heal him all over again. "Can't you stop being a perverted ball of hormones even one second!"

Naruto grumbles, and whimpers when she "forgets" to anesthetize him when she straightens his nose again. "'m nineteen! 'm SUPPOSED to be a ball of hormones -- ow."

She heals him without answering for a minute, scowling and pretending that the idea hasn't finally fully hit her and isn't making her blush. "What makes you think he'd listen to me more than he'd listen to you?"

"Well, I dunno, but at least he wouldn't hit you. But come on, wouldn't that be awesome? I'm not even half as pretty as he is as a guy, and I make a really sexy woman -- imagine what he'd turn into."

She glowers at Naruto. "Naruto, hasn't it occurred to you for even one second that I'm, you know, STRAIGHT?"

"Uh. Oh. But -- it's not a girl, it's Sasuke. Bet you're more Sasusexual than heterosexual. And wouldn't it be fun to have him feel all soft and squishy for once?" he adds, with a diabolical, fangy leer that would be more effective if his nose wasn't still a very ugly purple.

She turns red, and lifts her hand threateningly again, but she doesn't want to have to heal him again. "M-maybe I like him rough and ha-- Oh shut up!"

Naruto is almost pissing himself with laughter. "Hard!"

"Yes, I said hard, and I didn't mean it like that and you know it so shut up!"

"Aw, come on. I like him hard too. And needy and breathless and biting and scratching --"


He dodges this time, throwing himself under the table for protection, and she fumes. "You -- you filthy pervert!"

Naruto's laughing as he emerges on the other side of the table, and leers at her again. "Oh, Sakura-chan, we've been lovers for ages and you still can't take some dirty talking. Mm, naaked Sasuke. All glaring and flushed and breathing hard and pretending he's not about to come."

She splutters and lunges at him; he dodges.

"Come oon Sakura-chaan, pretty please with a naked Sasuke on top..."

"NO! I am not going to ask him that! I don't even WANT him to do that!"

Naruto switches from evil pervert to kicked puppy. "But -- my dream, my one fantasy..."

"Didn't you use that excuse to get us to -- whatever! I'm straight, and he's just as macho as you, so there!"

"But I would turn into a girl for either of you! And -- oohh."

Oh god. What is he thinking now? He looks like he did the day he figured out he could use the kage bunshin to do both Sasuke and Sakura at the same time -- thank god THAT idea proved to be very, very impractical. She opens her mouth to tell him that whatever kinky, filthy little fantasy just popped into his head can STAY THERE.

"What if I turned into a girl and you turned into a guy? You'd still have straight sex and I'd still have lesbian sex -- it would be perfect!"


He leers. "Come on, tell me you never wondered how it felt to have a dick."

"I have two of them," she snaps back, "and at the moment one of them is being more of a pain than he's worth."

"OUCH." Naruto's hands flit through the seals. POOF. "Here, now I'm not a dick anymore. Soo, how about it, Sakura-chan?"

Naruko leans toward Sakura, wisps of smoke teasingly hinting at the generous curves they're hiding.

Sakura swings at her. Naruko's nose is only saved from a third break thanks to gravity and her own lacking sense of balance.


Sakura stares down at the blonde girl who's suddenly sitting on the floor, legs spread indecently, all surprised, thick-lashed eyes and defenseless attitude. And then she blushes and turns away. The smoke is all but a distant memory by now.

"...owwies. Thank god my tush is more cushiony like that."

"Having a fat butt isn't something to brag about. Get up, idiot," she mutters, still not looking.

Suddenly there are arms around her neck, slender and elegant and soft, and boobs pressing against her back. Naruto whispers in her ear, voice breathier than a phone sex operator. "We could have so much fun, Sakura-chan... Why won't you look at me? Afraid to lose your resolve?"

She squirms, embarrassed, and elbows the blonde, who moans suggestively in response and presses her breasts harder against her back. "You've got nothing I haven't seen in the bathhouse, stupid. I'm straight, get over it. Besides, you want lesbian sex with Sasuke anyway. Leave me out of it."

"I don't want you out. I want you in. In me... or in him... How do you think he'd react -- for once you would be stronger, heavier... you could pin him down, make him feel good... he couldn't fight it, couldn't pretend he's in control or only humoring us... you could make him moan and squeal and pant..."

She shivers. Sasuke is so strong to her, one of the strongest people she knows, and yet living with him so long, she has become intimately acquainted with his carefully hidden weaknesses. He never lets anyone protect him, take care of him -- depending on anyone for anything scares him to death. She wants to prove that she could take care of him too, if only he'd let her, and she doesn't mean in the being a good housewife sense. (He cooks better than her anyway.) Naruto takes care of him sometimes, but not because Sasuke lets him -- because the blond holds him down and makes him accept it.

Sakura... Sakura can't force him to accept anything she has to offer, and so, he only takes it whenever it doesn't threaten his armor of steel and self-reliance too much.

Naruto's tone is satisfied. He can see that she's wavering. "... so... how about it?"

"... I'm still not gay."


"And -- how does your jutsu even work? Won't it just turn me into a curvier girl?" she asks, making her tone skeptical.

"Dunno, maybe. Won't know until you try -- betcha you always wanted to know what you'd look like with Tsunade-big tits, though."

He gropes her, delicate girl-hands with manicured fingernails cupping her breasts openly. She squeals and elbows him. It feels weird; she's used to larger hands, rougher skin. "Naruto!"

"What?" Grinning, he turns her around, and kisses her -- tongue and all. She's too busy spluttering and, well, and being kissed to formulate an answer. But inside, she's huffing. Her breasts are just fine! She never envied Tsunade or Hinata or Anko, and she was certainly not glad when her pregnancy left her a size larger than before.

It feels weird to be almost the same size, and it feels weirder to have Naruko's soft, ample breasts between them, instead of her own pressing against a flat, muscled chest. Naruko's lips are a little fuller, not as chapped as Naruto's lips usually are. They kiss the exact same way, though, and she sighs, ignoring the weirdness to concentrate on the fact that it's still him.

"... Don't stop on my account," Sasuke drawls from the door.

Sakura yelps, mortified, and tears herself out of Naruko's embrace to face him. He's leaning against the frame, as if he's been here for a little while now.

"Um, Sasuke-kun..."

Naruko slips her arms around her neck and hugs her from behind again. Sakura is reminded of how much she's naked exactly. "Hiii, Sasu-chan!"

His arched eyebrow turns into a sarcastic-and-leering smirk that she's only seen on his face twice -- he just doesn't let loose all that often. She knows what it means...

"Just warn me anytime if you girls need a man."

... Naruto isn't the only one to have a lesbian fantasy.