Done for my kissing meme, where people gave me a pairing and a mood and I wrote them a kiss. (Closed now.) Coffeecrisis asked for Kagami Jin/Sasuke, prompt: Aroused.
... So um. It's originalcharacter/canoncharacter making out, borderline OOC, not very logical when you think about it, and also VERY MUCH not canon for Teamwork. It's just a total fanservice tidbit that was rather fun to write.
Kagami Jin might look very girly (see character sheet link at the top of the archive page for pics/character sheets of Teamwork OCs), but he is the only boy of Team Kunoichi, so this is in fact yaoi. Woohoo.

Sidefic: Aroused

"...You. The kunoichi."

"My name is Jin," Jin snapped, crossing his arms over his narrow chest. He gave the young man glaring at him a suspicious look. He knew Uchiha by reputation, of course -- who didn't? -- and by their meeting at the Chuunin exam last year. That didn't tell him what the hell the guy wanted, especially not with his cheeks flushed, his chest heaving as if he'd run for twenty miles, and his eyes red and flashing angrily.

"I don't care what your name is."

... yeah, definitely angry. Offended, even. Jin started calculating an escape route. "If my teammates have hit on yours, it's not my fault. I'm not their keeper, you know."

A second later his back slammed against the closest wall, feet off the ground. Jin choked and twisted his wrist so the knife up his sleeve slid in his hand, but Uchiha grabbed his wrist and forced it against the wall, too.

"What the hell?!" he protested, kicking; but Uchiha only stepped up close so he didn't have any space to build up momentum enough to hurt.

"... Just answer this question."

Uchiha didn't look very heavy, but he was all muscles and he had the leverage, and he pressed against Jin's body from chest to hips, trapping him thoroughly. Jin went still; there was nothing to do now but to wait for an opening.

"Did you, or did you not, help your teammates with that batch of cookies?"

Jin blinked. "--beg pardon?" Cookies, cookies, what on earth -- oh. The ones Kigane had been making for that party... where Uchiha's teammates were also invited...

"Help is a big word, but -- I guess? I was in the kitchen with them."

Uchiha was still flushed with offense, and when Jin answered, his eyes narrowed predatorily. The black dots in his blood-red irises started spinning in a very disconcerting manner. Jin shivered, a little too aware of the potential for violence in every single muscle of his body.

"Were you, or were you not, working on job-related drugs at the time?"

Jin's breath hitched, and his self-righteous anger faltered.

He'd been working on aphrodisiacs.

Suddenly he was certain that if he managed to wriggle a few inches down Uchiha's body, he would find out his biceps weren't the only part of him that was hard and ready.

Considering his personality, Uchiha was still more likely to punch Jin in the face than rape him, though. Which was good. Great! But he'd rather not get punched in the face at all. He let his eyes widen in shocked guilt, swallowed nervously.

"I -- I..."

He turned his face away, allowing a few wisps of smoke-gray hair to shadow his eyes, moved in Sasuke's hold -- it looked accidental, except that it pressed him against Uchiha 's lower body in a way that made Uchiha press back, totally by reflex. Uchiha looked torn between a startled awareness of how close they were -- good! -- and disdain -- not good. What had Jin done wrong? He tried to analyze what he knew.

... Right, the guy didn't think much of kunoichi in general. Being simple and direct might be easier than trying to play on his macho protector strings; as far as Jin knew he didn't have any.

"... Hell, I'm sorry. I should have known better. I'm pretty sure I'd cleaned up, but just on principle I shouldn't have left food and that kind of product in the same room."

Especially with Ki and Beni around. He was sure he hadn't touched the goddamn cookies, but he didn't put either of them past helping themselves to his stuff. Saying so, though -- that would sound like he was trying to pass the blame and only make Uchiha angrier.

"... You okay?"

The guy growled something wordless but thoroughly pissed off, and his fists clenched. Okay, stupid question.

So Jin cupped his hands around Uchiha's face and pressed their mouths together, because if he didn't redirect that violence now he was going to end up too damaged to work. (Also it would hurt like a bitch.)

He'd been sure Uchiha despised him too much to get all that carried off, and that he'd tear himself away and glare at Jin for daring to seduce him -- but Jin must have underestimated the efficiency of his own drugs, because Uchiha made a startled grunt and pressed closer, crushing Jin between his body and the wall. His hands fisted in Jin's collar, dragging his head lower, and suddenly Jin had a tongue in his mouth and a body between his thighs, and -- and there must have been drugs still in Uchiha's mouth because for a moment when he groaned in response and wound an arm around Uchiha's shoulders he wasn't faking.

Uchiha growled low in his throat as he plunged his tongue in, hard and domineering and wet, and Jin didn't find that kind of thing sexy, never had, but he trembled anyway. His toes barely brushed the ground, so since he couldn't kick off he folded his legs up, squeezed Uchiha's hips, told himself it was to get a measure of control in the way their groins pressed together.

Uchiha broke the kiss without warning, tangled his hand in Jin's long hair, growled in Jin's ear. "I should make you help me work it off."

Jin shivered again, and again told himself that asshole he-men were only the type he pretended to like, whenever he was on the job. He, Kagami Enjin -- he didn't like guys at all. He liked girls, pretty girls, shy girls. Not guys who walled you and then threatened to molest you even though you knew they wouldn't, not really, and shit, definitely leftovers aphrodisiacs. Because he'd learned to tolerate getting manhandled like that, but not on his days off, goddamn it.

But that raw intensity... As unsettling as it was, he was caught in it. It would be so easy to let it carry him away. Jin swallowed thickly and searched for the right words, the right buttons to push to end this whole thing on the spot.

"Sure. You got money? I'm not cheap, you know."

Sasuke snatched his hand out of Jin's hair as if he'd been burned. For a second their bodies stayed together, because Jin's knees were still squeezing Uchiha's hips, and he blushed hotly when he realized. He stumbled against the wall as he let go with great hurry.

Uchiha stood facing him, fists clenched tight, eyes narrowed, already suspicious of his words. Jin hid his relief best as he could, gave him a sultry smile, full of promises.

Without another word, Uchiha turned on his heels and stalked off. Jin waited until he'd disappeared past the corner to slump down the wall and curl up, forehead pressed to his knees.

Uchiha would have never known Jin was involved with the stupid cookies without someone babbling. Never known where to find him. Jin didn't care how drunk his teammates were, he was going to kill Ki and Beni dead, and burn their corpses, and salt their graves, and piss on those for good measure.

It would keep until later, though. He had to take a cold shower first anyway.