Teamwork: Haru&Naruto-chan AU

Uneko asked for Male!Sakura.
I switched Haruno Sakura into Sakurano Haru (Sakurano being the family name and Haru being the personal name) because while "Sakura" might possibly be used for guys, it's still hella rare, and his parents wouldn't be THAT cruel. And since he's not from a clan it doesn't matter if the family name changes as well. Haru means spring, but it's still less girly than being named "cherry blossom".


Naruto tells him he's brave to demand training of Tsunade-sama -- everyone knows about the destruction their Hokage can wreak with one punch, and of course, little savage that she is, Naruto approves of that.

Sasuke thinks it would be stupid to become someone's apprentice and not learn everything they know, and it's practical to have a healer in the team. Useful. (Haru hasn't been useful in many other ways, is the bland observation behind that, and they have two heavy-hitters already. And what if Naruto's pregnancy has complications.)

Kakashi hears about the training in politics, and nods without a word, his eye sober and thoughtful as he looks -- for once -- at Haru, and not past him.

None of them say anything about Haru's mentor (role-model) being a woman, but others do. Whisper, joke, look surprised at him. Isn't it weird for a boy to go to a woman to learn how to be strong? Is it more or less emasculating than simply being weak?

Maybe no one really believes it, but it's a little voice in the back of Haru's brain anyway, his brain that thinks too much, pushes too far, because the only way he could get any respect was by becoming harsh and ruthless enough to ...

... he thinks, there is one more role model he can use, because even with Tsunade-sama's chakra punches he'll never have Naruto's reserves or resilience, he'll never be Sasuke-fast or Sasuke-proficent with all jutsu elements. Like Tsunade-sama he can heal, almost like Tsunade-sama he can dodge and punch, but his greatest gift is with healing and he isn't sweet and gentle, selfless enough to be happy with only that.

But Kabuto. He can use Kabuto, or part of that template, at any rate. He can smile and be pleasant and be terrifying. Heal with one hand, and kill with the other. Keep his teammates alive, keep anyone from hurting them -- at least keep them from doing it twice.

He doesn't quite want to be Tsunade, and he doesn't want to be most of Kabuto. But somewhere inbetween, he thinks, maybe there is something that will suit him.