Teamwork : drabbles

Okay, how about something short from Kakashi's POV about this new thing with Team 7?

Best Wishes

Asuma lit his cigarette casually and relaxed against the wall. Kakashi didn't look up from his book. Asuma was considerate enough to stay downwind. Besides, he was going to interrupt his reading soon enough; Kakashi didn't feel like stopping any sooner than necessary.

"I hear your kids have shacked up?"

Directly for the kill. Heh. The copy ninja hummed his positive reply, still reading.

There was a long moment of silence as Asuma smoked and Kakashi read. Then Kakashi reached the end of his chapter, and looked up from his book, eye curved in an amused expression.

"You're bad at pumping people for information. Next time, tell Kurenai to come to me directly."

Asuma snorted. "I will. I don't really want to know anyway."

"Afraid your kids will take their cue from mine?"

Asuma chuckled, a brief bark of a laugh. "It would make their fathers happy at least. They've been torn over deciding which of their sons was going to marry Ino."

The two men rolled their eyes together. Ino was going to marry whoever she decided to marry, and Shikamaru would probably find the idea of a threesome too troublesome to contemplate. As for Chouji, he would follow Shikamaru's lead in Hell if need be, but probably not into his bed. Besides, statistically speaking, not all kids could be sexual deviants.

Asuma finished his cigarette, and crushed the butt against the wall.

"Give them my best wishes."

"I will."

Humming quietly to himself, Kakashi opened his book and started reading the next chapter.