Teamwork: Haru&Naruto-chan AU

For Mika-kun. "I want girl!Naruto's reaction to being pregnant and not knowing who the father is. Are any of her issues acting up do to the situation? Are people treating her badly for not knowing who the father is?"
I kept Naruto as her name, because she was named after a ramen ingredient and those are genderless. :p

People's reactions


Tsunade's fist didn't even slow down when it crushed through the table, didn't stop until it hit the floor. Three oak planks ripped up like tissue paper, flipping up all the way across the room, sending a chair and an old asshole to the ground. Naruto blinked slowly, tilted her head. Huh.

She'd barely been listening, anyway. Just a few snatches of words, she wasn't even that surprised, heard a lot of them before. (Old, familiar slut and whore came mixed up with man-eater, with beast and succubus and vampire and kitsune. Somehow it was the only thing that hurt, that she might have, what, drugged her teammates (because she had, she had, it didn't matter that they'd ended up liking it, it was still rape), that mindfucking them was the only way a stupid, trashy bimbo might possibly have attracted them.)

(Maybe they weren't even wrong, at that. Haru-chan hadn't been too interested in her before. And Sasuke was gay, so what was she supposed to think?)

"You're out of line!" Tsunade was snarling. "If I hear another word in that vein --"

"Tsunade! You -- language!" said the old counselor geezer who'd been in a team with the Third Hokage, but the sudden look of rage thrown her way had her paling and her mouth closing with a little snap.

"If I hear another word," Tsunade repeated, her voice cooling and hardening so fast Naruto couldn't help but flinch and stare and forget to think, "I will take personal offense. Are we fucking clear."

Naruto's lower lip started trembling. She bit it to keep it still. Behind the edge of the broken table her hand sneaked to Tsunade's top, gripped the bottom like a child gripping her mother's shirt -- like she'd never been allowed to, and she knew Tsunade hadn't signed up for that and she was too old now anyway but her hand wouldn't let go.

Tsunade had to feel the tug, but she didn't say anything, didn't sidestep. When she shifted her weight back she was standing a couple inches closer, like maybe she didn't mind.

Like maybe they would have to go through her to get at Naruto. And she didn't need that, she didn't, she was seventeen and an adult by shinobi standards and she'd always managed without even before she'd been 'old enough', whatever that meant, but maybe it was for the best that Tsunade didn't try to get free because Naruto's fingers didn't want to open.

"Meeting adjourned until the table is fixed," Tsunade barked, "Send for a repairman," and stood steely-eyed until all the council members had filed out.

When they were alone she turned around and all the fight went out of her, and she said "Oh, Naruto," and went on her knees and hugged her.

Naruto tried very hard not to cry, but she cried anyway, made Tsunade's kimono all soggy with snot and tears.

But afterwards even though she had a headache and eyes like red poached eggs, when she grinned and said "I'm okay, they can bring it on," she totally meant it.