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Recent fics : FFnet or Archive of Our Own (more recent stuff + porn -- most of my Homestuck stuff is rated too high for FFnet, so I haven't been bothering with it much recently)


4 Mai 2014




Lone Wolf and Pilot - chapters 3&4 (Duo-centric, eventual 1x2, psychic wolf & telepathic pack-bonds)

-Battlefield Terra chapter 7 (John/Karkat, mecha AU)
-Battlefield Terra: Remorse: noncanon Karkat/Equius aftermath of kismesis encounter, prequel
-Battlefield Terra: Hot Spring Episode (johnkat, flirting, post-chpt7 noncanon)
-Battlefield Terra: bathroom porn (johnkat alternate end to chapter 7, noncanon)
-Midnight on the Demon Patrol (urban fantasy davekat) chapters 17 to 20
-Midnight on the Demon Patrol : two daemon AUs (Kankri&Rose, Karkat/Dave/Dave's daemon)
-Breaking to Saddle (twoshots, Karkat/Equius Dom/sub porn, sequel to Uniform Kink)
-Pale as Moonlight and Kraken Murderbots (trollstuck Bro<>Dave pesterlog fic)
-Ardent ( Dave/Karkat, Pacific Rim AU)
-Life in Suburbia (terezi/dave/karkat, lawyerezi and her househusbands cuteness)
-A Case of Collegeitis Experimentus (John/Karkat/Dave humanstuck university AU)
-Inc/Suc/cubus (John/Jade/Karkat, demon summoners/incubus!Karkat urban fantasy)
-Of Cryptids and Myths (John/Karkat, silly mythical animals version of an urban fantasy AU)
-A Snowy Hilltop on a Calm Night (Jade/John/Karkat, Iskryne/wolfbrothers AU)
-Draco Phrynosomatus (Dave/Terezi/Karkat, Temeraire AU, Karkat is a dragon)
-And The Prize For Kinkiest Mating Flight Of This Turn Goes To...! (Jade/Dave/Karkat Pern AU, dragonriders)
-Service (Karkat/Equius BDSM AU, no porn)
-A Classical Work of Paranormal Romance (jade/dave/karkat, werewolf/vampire urban fantasy silliness)
-By The Letter (of the law) (davekat arranged marriage, twoshots)
-... ETC. (i write too much and don't upload enough.)

-Blonds Have More Fun (Dave Strider/Naruto Uzumaki silliness)

-Feathers and Claws (Pacific Rim, daemon AU oneshot, Mako&Raleigh)
-Shooting Stars Will Leave a Trail (Miles Vorkosigan/psychic wolves AU, gen)


July 2013


Lone Wolf and Pilot - chapter 2 (Duo-centric, eventual 1x2, psychic wolf & telepathic pack-bonds)

HOMESTUCK (now has its own page.)
-Battlefield Terra chapter 5&6 (John/Karkat, scifi, big robots)
-Battlefield Terra sidefics: The One Where Bro And Noir Hatefuck (as the title says. Lemon, violence, other warnings.) Not Lonely At All (Karkat prequel, ashen quadrant, angst), Nepeta&Equius sidefic (cute, stealth-sad.), Kiss (not canon but cute)
-The Family you Choose: alone at night (oneshot, Dad & Karkat<>Gamzee, discussion of rape and child abuse, plus a couple of side-ficlets), Crash Standing (human!Davesprite/Karkat, Davesprite & Striders, 11 chapters, WIP)
-Midnight on the Demon Patrol (Dave/Karkat, demon summoner/demon, dubcon, urban fantasy)
-Sunlightverse: several oneshots. (Ancestors revived, Godhood!game ending yayverse)
-Covalent: several oneshots. (post-game, everyone as trolls on Alternia)
-Earthian Dating, Alternian-Style (John/Jade/Karkat silliness, outsider POV)
-Danger, danger, get on the floor (John/Karkat ficlet, R-rated for violent imagery)
-Uniform Kink (Karkat/Equius cybersex, BDSM)
-Joyride (Western AU, silliness, Karkat/Dave/John quadrant clusterfuck)
-30th-Century Night (alpha!Dave/human!Karkat, age difference, snark, dubconny vibes) + sequel ficlet
-Gotta Go Fast Beat'er 2000! (John/Jade/Karkat porn & cuteness)
-Plant a Flag, Plant a Tree (davekat anal porn)
-Clusterfuck (Dave, karkat and Terezi negotiating their first-time sex. Pesterlog.)
-A Troll Not Named Fuckass (Pet trolls, baby Karkat adopted by Dave and Jade, fluff)
-Discofurry Chanyowl (Nepeta/Karkat femdom porn)
-Testing the Springs (John/Jade/Karkat/Terezi/Dave porn and banter, polyamory.)

-Restore, chapters 4 to 8 (Cloud/Tfa/Aeris/Zack/Seph poly, resurrection, redemption)

-Miles Vorkosigan / Psychic Wolves AU: Paddy (Ivan-centric, Miles.)


June 2012

(wow, not even one update a year. um, sorry guys.)

FANART UPDATE: Other Fandoms, Gundam Wing, Lemon, Naruto.


-NaruSasu AU drabbles: Reversed plot Roles (valley of the end)
-Locker Room Therapy 'verse: oneshot: Sakura (Sakura & Naruto)
-Spin Me Right Round Baby (Oneshot, SasuNaruSaku, humor, making out -- Sasuke initiates threesome goodness! :O)
-Crowd Pleaser (Sasuke/Sai kissing, ficlet)

And I did two sequel memes so of course there'll be sequels all over the place:
-NaruSasu AU drabbles: two drabble sequels to NaruSasu... IN SPACE. (... I will NOT start a longer fic without having figured out the plot to support it, I will NOT...)
-Comrades, Coming Out and Cows sequel ficlet. (Go Neji go. XD)
-Naruto Adopts Sasuke Into His Clan sequel ficlet.
-Team Hebi Does Sasuke Sasuke/Juugo kissing sequel ficlet.

And I was emailed a new Saki-chan short story! Saki & Suigetsu by Mana. Scroll down to the bottom.

-Teamwork 3 chapter 10, Absolution, & chapter 11 (untitled)
-Teamwork: Wedding: chapter 1 (Naruto POV)
-Wedding sidefics: Grandmother Cat, and Neji&Hinata.
-Genderbending AU drabbles & oneshots (what would be different in Teamworkverse if some characters had been born the other gender? So far there's a 'verse with boySakura&girlNaruto, and one with girlSasuke. The one with boySakura also has porn.)
-Future drabble: House Rule n°5 (Naruto&Sasuke, angst)

-Genderbending AU drabbles. (... so if Naruto is a girl, that makes Naru a boy and Kyuubi a girl. Also, boyHinata&girlNeji. Woohoo girlKyuubi/girlNeji)
-"Names, Redux." (not AU! Kyuubi POV, gen.)

-Steal: Bathtime, Howdy Neighbor, Crash (Zack and babies.)
-Restore: edited prologue & chapter 1, added chapter 2&3.
-genderbending AU drabbles: Restore, Steal, Enemy Skill.
-Negotiating Relationships (Zack/Sephiroth in Wutai oneshot, can be prequel for Once Removed)

-Newtype: 1 Genderbending AU drabble. (Wufei POV on girlHeero)
-Newtype prequel ficlet, Heero/Relena.
-Oneshot: Five Times Someone Figured Out Heero Was A Girl (genderbending, gen with several onesided pairings undertones, crack and character introspection both; ~3 000 words)
-Two Knights - 1x2xR sequel ficlet (yeah, the fic itself is still discontinued, but umm. 1x2xR is shiny. .__.)
-Wolfbrothers and Gundam Pilots: One Heero-centric prequel ficlet and a Duo-centric multipart prologue and chapter 1. (Gundam Wing with psychic soulbonded wolves. XD I have a type, okay.)

-Detective Conan/Magic Kaito :
----- 'Certain Values Of Immortality' sequel n°3 : Name (Kaito, Conan, baby)
----- Swingersverse: "Party Hookups Aren't What They Used To Be" and "Lunch Date" (Hakuba/Hattori, Hattori/Kazuha), and a sequel/futurish ficlet for the sequel meme that I'm not sure I'll make canon or edit or what, but for the moment it's here.
-Bleach :
----- Genderbending AU drabble: The Closet (boyRukia.)
--------> Sequel/Prequel meme, two The Closet ficlets: "Ichigo Has Two Girlfriends: Brother In Law Edition!" and "The Really Depressing Orihime Prequel" ;__;
-Homestuck :
----- Shameless Dave/Karkat Porn (just as the title says. ~3 000 words.)
----- Amateur Palemates Smuttin It Up!! (actually not as the title says. Asexual romantic exhibitionism for the win! ~3 000 words.) plus sequel, Kinky Transquadrant Affair!!.
----- Back to the Garden chapter 1 (Ensemble cast, will be a longass multipart with huge chapters of doom, I didn't have enough of those on my plate. ~15 000 words.)
----- Battlefield Terra chapters 1 to 4 (Mecha AU --Trolls!evangelion VS Kids!Gundam, fight! John/Karkat slash, action/war/romance) and prequel sidefic.
----- Adventures in Collaborative Storytelling (John/Jade(/Karkat) sort-of cybersex) and sequel Prospit Sandwiches with Alternian Fillings (John/Jade/Karkat) part 1 of 2.

-Sanctuarium ( Gundam Wing/Stargate, gen, John, Rodney, Mystery Gboy (oh yeah, I was subtle.))
--->Sanctuarium, TWO sequel ficlets.
-FF7 Daemons 'verse: Vincent&Cloud drabble, Baby Seph & Gast drabble, Elena & Turks ficlet, Cloud crossdressing ficlet, Avalanche discussion ficlet, Ifalna&kid!Aeris ficlet. Gold Saucer Date and City of the Ancients oneshots (optional path 1: Cloud/Tifa/Aeris)
-Dragons and Their Boys : several ficlets (Gundam Wing/Temeraire, gen, gundams as dragons AU)
-Gundam Wing: three Daemon AU ficlets. (Heero&Relena, Heero&Duo, Heero&Trowa, gen.)



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