180 words, bit angsty. I was trying to figure out more house rules to write about, make a little collection of ficlets, but so far no luck. Oh well, they'll come.

Sidefic: House Rule 5.
There is to be No Brooding outside of the Brooding Room.


Sasuke looks up from the paperwork spread on his desk and arches an eyebrow in question. Naruto didn't wait to be invited in before he cracked the door open; he's peering in, smiling.

More like grimacing, actually. Sasuke's eyebrow comes down into a (worried) quizzical frown.

"What is it?"

"Can I borrow the room?"

Sasuke spares a quick glance around his office. It's small and cramped and full of overflowing bookcases, and the window is deliberately tiny. Sometimes Sakura needs things in there. Naruto never does. All his important paperwork is at the Tower and he adamantly refuses to bring work home.

He looks at Naruto again.

When he works at the kitchen table he inevitably gets it back covered in jam or chocolate splatters or other such children's snack foods. Not to mention the infernal racket, infighting, and demands for attention. "Sure," he says, and gathers his clan paperwork into a pile.

He makes a note to check with the mission board for another team that didn't make it home.