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NaruSaku: First Time

He found her at the kitchen sink, up to her elbows in foam. She'd managed to get the window's old, water-damaged wooden frame open; sunlight played on her hair and reflections in the water danced in little lights over her skin. She was, in his opinion, simply gorgeous.

So of course he absolutely had to sneak closer in absolute silence, fingers wriggling as they aimed for her ribs.


He ducked under Sakura's startled wild swing, laughing. "Hah! I knew you were ticklish."

Sakura narrowed her eyes as she gave him a long, measuring stare.

"Um, Sakura-chan...?" Naruto wasn't what anyone would call sensitive, but by now he knew better than to ask whether he'd caught her in a cranky mood. He took a slow step forward, peering at her face and trying unsuccessfully to decipher her expression.

Then, just as he was starting to worry, she snatched up the spray bottle Naruto used on his houseplants and got him in the face.


Flailing, Naruto retreated as Sakura advanced on him. She was grinning in the most evil way possible, her tunic was flecked with soapy water, and yep, still gorgeous. She stalked him into a corner, spraying and spraying mercilessly. Naruto tried lifting his arms in defense but it didn't change a thing; she got him over them, and under them, and from the sides and everywhere else. In the end his hair was hanging in his eyes in waterlogged spikes and he was dripping on the tiled floor.

"That was cruel!"

Sakura grinned smugly. "Yes." She sprayed a little puff of mist right at his nose. "That'll teach you to attack from the back."

"I'm sorry, never again!" Naruto lied, badly, arms still lifted defensively. "I surrender."

"Damn right you surrender. I have the absolute weapon and the cunning strategy." Sakura tilted her chin at him, smiling in that mysterious, heavy-lidded way that always made him weak at the knee.

Naruto heaved a long sigh and plucked at the bottom of his tanktop.

"Oh, you poor baby, looking so wet and misera--"

Blinking, Naruto sneaked a look at her from under his wet hair and blinked as he found her staring at... apparently, his t-shirt. She was distracted, so he jumped forward and stole the spray bottle from her hand.

Sakura eeped a little when he got her back in the neck, but even as she shook the water out of her ear she still looked somewhat... distracted.

By his wet t-shirt. Which happened to be white.

And now kind of see-through.



"Damn, now I'm kind of cold. You know. All... wet and stuff."

Rather than blushing, Sakura bit her lip to keep from snickering and forced her face into a serious expression she didn't quite manage. "You are?"

"Yeah, I'll get sick at this rate." Naruto peeled off the bottom of his shirt, pulling it up, eyebrows wagging up and down so much he thought he might give himself a face cramp.

He would have taken her laughter, since he couldn't fluster her, but instead Sakura's smile faded away. "... Yeah... You are."

Naruto stopped with his hands holding his shirt over his pectorals and glanced down, hesitating. The demon seal was only a few faded brown lines, Kyuubi so far asleep as to be almost nonexistent -- but still visible. Had it managed to ruin the mood anyway? "The seal?" he asked quietly, letting the bottom of his shirt drop to cover it again.

Sakura's head jerked up. Her eyes widened in guilt and she waved it off vigorously. "-- Ahaha. No! Not at all. You just, I mean..."

She fell silent, biting her lip.

Slightly relieved, but still confused by the loss of the playful mood, Naruto leaned forward until they were forehead to forehead and prompted her quietly. "Yeah?"

Sakura actually blushed, and glared at him like it was his fault. Naruto blinked.

"It's sexy, alright? Not the seal, the... the abs underneath. And the hips. They're not too bad, I suppose. ...Shaddap," she growled, pulling the spray bottle out of his hand and threatening him with it.

Naruto couldn't have stopped grinning if he had tried, so he didn't even bother trying. He took Sakura's bottle-holding hand in his, wrapped his other arm around her waist, and dragged her in an impromptu twirling dance around the kitchen. "Woohoo, I'm sexy!"

Sakura laughed at him again as they came to a stop back against the sink. Her eyes were heavy-lidded with faintly sadistic amusement. "Well, kind of. All things being relative."

And then there was a hand flat on his chest, fingers spread, right in the middle, so he could feel the warmth of her skin through the cool of the wet t-shirt. His eyelids drooped; a purring, approving noise rose from his throat almost without conscious input. His arms were still around her, his wet bangs dripping on her face as he pressed his forehead against hers. He watched her watch him as she slipped her hand down his body.

He'd never thought being found attractive could be a turn-on in itself. She hadn't even gotten to his belt, much less below it, and he was already starting to stand at attention.

"Sexy, huh?"

Sakura nipped at his nose and pinched his hip. "Oh yes. I can hardly stand it," she deadpanned, lips still curved in that indulgent, amused way.

Her fingers pushed under his damp shirt and teased the skin at the edge of his pants. He hummed happily and rubbed his way down to her butt, figuring that was invitation enough. His touch wet the cloth, making her shiver; he almost expected her to stop him but instead she tilted her head up to kiss his mouth. It was still new, to be allowed to grope her, to have her reciprocating, but even once it stopped being new he didn't think he'd get tired of it.

Out there, in full daylight, he was pretty sure they'd go no farther than light making out, and was ready to enjoy the hell out of it anyway.

Up until Sakura cupped him through his pants.

Naruto groaned, almost more out of shock than pleasure, and his hands tightened their hold on her ass. "Sakura-chan--"

They watched each other for a second, his arms around her, her hand on his stiffening cock. He thought he saw her hesitating -- not like she was going to change her mind, more like she had surprised herself. It was okay; she'd surprised him too. He let his eyes go out of focus and tugged her a little closer. Feels good. Keep going. His hands curled around the bottom curve of her ass, kneading slightly.

"Uh. How far do you see this going?" he asked, because with that hand where it was he could see it going pretty damn far (the sky was the limit!) but... Well. Kitchen. Open window. Sunlight. They'd had sex before, of course -- in bed. At night. With Sasuke. While they were all naked and horizontal anyway so there was none of that strange in-between wondering and looking for clues...

Sakura stared at him and then laughed, and just as he was starting to feel vaguely offended, she leaned into him to bite his neck and pushed her hand down his pants.

"Afraid for your virtue?"

Naruto tried to uncross his eyes, then gave up and just closed them. He groaned again, pulled her against his chest and kissed her throat, openmouthed and wet, teeth nibbling until she sighed in pleasure and tilted her head to the side to give him more access. "Mean, so mean, I can't believe -- "

She wrapped her fingers around his shaft, not shy or hesitant at all. He tried to keep himself from grinding against her hand when she started pumping.

The last time she'd touched his privates had been all teasing softness and careful handling, worried she would hurt him. This time, not so much. The thought flitted in his mind that she'd probably asked Ino for magazines. He let out a strangled laugh, and immediately forgot to ask her because she was giving him a hickey, complete with nibbling teeth, sucking on his neck on the same rhythm as her hand.

He was kind of sorry it would heal before it bruised.

He lifted her up on tiptoes against him, wanting to feel her breasts against his chest; Sakura gasped and rocked into his hand once, before tossing her hair back and giving him a challenging look. Her thumb rubbed the tip of his cock and she smirked.

To hell with that 'I want to see what she's gonna do next,' she obviously planned to keep playing until he surrendered, and she was evil.

He should reward that.

He lifted her clean off the floor, whirled them around, and sat her on the edge of the sink. Sakura eeped and wrapped an arm around his shoulder for balance, but he only grinned back before sinking into a crouch between her legs. She grabbed at the edge of the sink with both hands.

His underwear felt a little cold by comparison, but the flush rising from her throat as she noticed his position kept him from bemoaning it too much.

She was wearing white pants under her tunic, the kind that ended mid-calf. He captured her ankles and nibbled on the inside of her knee. Too bad the cloth was too thick to just tear it off.

"Naruto," she said quickly.

He looked up, his teeth still worrying at the fabric. "Hm?"

Sakura opened her mouth and then closed it without saying anything. The change from confident to nervous confused him for a second -- and then he caught her quick, nervous glance at the window.

Crouched between her legs, Naruto graced her with a fanged grin.

"We're lucky no one comes here, huh?"

"Yeah," Sakura agreed, a little too quickly, as she glanced out the window and then back down at him. She was breathing a little faster now; he could tell, he was at a great angle to notice the curve of her breasts as they rose and fell.

Naruto grinned a little wider and nibbled his way up her thigh. "Except for Iruka-sensei."


He pushed up her tunic and undid the buttons at her waistband. "And Konohamaru and his posse..."

This time she grimaced. Hm, yeah, being caught by thirteen-year-old brats wasn't all that sexy.

"And there's this sentry guy posted at the southern tower who cuts through from time to time..." He slipped her legs over his shoulders and rose, forcing her to lean back with her hands on the far side of the sink for balance. They had a great view of the street from there, he noticed, and vice-versa. He stole a kiss as he started tugging down her pants. "I guess some people do come here after all."

Sakura glared at him so darkly he almost expected thunder to go with it -- but then she leaned more weight on her hands and lifted her hips off the sink to allow the pants to slip past her butt.

"You ass."

Naruto grinned wider and stole another kiss. "Yeah, my ass is pretty nice, isn't it?"

Sakura growled, grabbed a fistful of his hair, and pulled him down. He laughed all the way down to his knees.

She threw another nervous look through the window. "It would be just the day that Ino decides to drop in," she muttered, and then she spread her thighs a little more.

Naruto snickered and pressed a kiss against her mound through her panties. "Or Iruka-sensei."

Sakura squirmed, thighs squeezing his head briefly. Naruto contemplated the possibility of being smothered in her crotch. Eh, as ways to die went, there was worse. He wormed his hands between her thighs and pushed them apart, though, spreading them wide, and nuzzled the seat of her panties aside. Sakura whimpered.

Two seconds later he had the front flap of her tunic pushed over his head, as if a head-sized bulge under the cloth wouldn't be just as suspicious as blond locks. Grumbling, he gave the inside of her thigh a little nip with his teeth, and got a heel drummed on his shoulder as revenge.

"You know," he said between two teasing flicks of his tongue, "Neji or Hinata would see right through that. Granted," he added after another thoughtful pause, which he used to push his tongue between her folds, "they'd see through the walls too."

The muscles in Sakura's stomach contracted hard.

"Let's hope they're not looking this way, huh?"

She pushed the tunic flap off his head sulkily. He grinned up at her.

She grabbed his hair again and mashed his face against her pussy. "Stop talking!"

Laughing, he obeyed for a moment, hands caressing her thighs as he explored her wet folds.

"Don't see what they'd have against it, if they did," he said a little more quietly, and looked up at her with his tongue licking a wet trail to her clit. Her hand tightened in his hair. "You're beautiful," he said, because she was. "Bet they'd love to watch you come. Right there in the kitchen."

Sakura shuddered and made a quickly-smothered keening noise. Naruto pressed a finger inside her, back and forth, and kept licking, feeling her body shake.

"Oh god." She moaned low in her throat, fingers white-knuckled on the sink. "What if -- what if... ANBU spies, or -- that Chuunin guy... Spying... We'd never know..."

With two fingers inside her and his other arm around her hips to stabilize her, Naruto was starting to regret he hadn't thought to create a couple of bunshins first so they could give him a helping hand. His cock stood erect from his half-zipped pants, in contact with nothing but the draft. He groaned against her.

Sakura was melting, leaning more of her weight back against his arm. Her toes curled.

"Anyone," Naruto chimed. "A whole platoon of ANBU --"

"--hidden in the dark --"

"Watching from behind their masks..."

"-- Kakashi-sensei," Sakura gasped, and her back arched from the strength of her orgasm.

Naruto was left straining to hold her back before she knocked herself out on the wall. "... Whuh?"

She tipped forward without warning and, as he straightened hurriedly to meet her, melted against his chest, hiding her face in his neck.

"Sakura-chan, you're such an exhibitionist."

"I'm not!" she protested, poking him in the rib halfheartedly. Naruto obligingly said "ow." "If there was any way anyone would have seen us --"

"Liar, liar, pants on -- oh right, you're pantsless anyway," he said, and groped her ass.

She still wore her panties, but they were soaked through at the seat. She squirmed when his fingers nudged her from behind and nibbled on his neck again.


She gnawed a little more, giving a little growl he found unbearably cute. "I'm not the one with fangs." She lifted her head from his chest and gave him a tight little smile with a lot of teeth. "You should be glad too, I might bite it by accident."

"Ghhk," Naruto replied intelligently, distracted from giving an answer by the hand holding his dick.

Smug, Sakura nudged him back from the sink and slipped to the floor, maneuvering him so that he leaned back against the same perfectly exposed spot.

Naruto whined. "It's not a handle, Sakura-chan--"

"It is if I say it is," she retorted, and cupped his balls with her other hand. He whimpered again.

Distraction, distraction, needed a distraction before she decided to prove it --

"Hey, do you want me to give you blowjob pointers?" his mouth said before his brain could catch up.

"Wha-- HEY! What does that mean? That my handjobs suck?" she protested, reddening in anger.

Naruto winced. "No! No no no, it's really nice, I just figured, I mean, since you don't have a cock... I could tell you what works. And then you could go and dazzle Sasuke with it."

Sakura paused; Naruto sighed and relaxed a little. Thank god Sasuke still managed to sidetrack her. He remembered their first time all together, after the seal -- she'd directed them both to go down on each other, but behind her dominance and her interest in the view there had been a faint hesitation to join in.

"... I'll tell him you think I could dazzle him but not you," she growled.

Naruto blinked. "I didn't mean it like -- gah. I was just -- never mind, it's okay if you don't want..."

"Oh, why not, I figure that's fair," Sakura said, and knelt on the floor.

Naruto stifled a chuckle and the urge to groan in despair. The doubtful look she gave his penis wasn't very flattering. "I'm clean, you know!" he said. It didn't sound as much like a joke as he'd meant it to.

She winced for a second...

... and then she gave him a haughty, suspicious look, picked up the abandoned spray bottle, and spritzed his penis.

Pssch pssch.

"Now you are."

Naruto almost folded in two laughing himself breathless.

She let him laugh for a little while, chuckling herself, and then, just as his guffaws were turning into chuckles, she leaned forward with her hands on her knees primly and kissed the tip of his penis.

It had been starting to flag a second ago; it twitched back up almost instantly. Naruto swallowed thickly and stared down at her small, pink mouth, pursed in a kiss to his cock head. She gave him a long expectant look from under her eyelashes, waiting for instructions.

"Uh. ...Good start," he gasped, and was unsurprised to see her flash him a mildly evil smirk.

"Thank you," she said demurely, hands on her knees.

Evil. Completely evil.

"--Okay! So. First." He took on a light, teacherly tone. "That thing about men liking the vein just underneath the penis done the best? It's okay but not the best. Men are usually most sensitive around the tip, just around the area of the foreskin and the base of the head."

She arched an eyebrow at him. "How did you hear about that? Been reading Ino's magazines too?"

Naruto spluttered, but before he could explain himself -- they weren't Ino's when they were just laying there at the supermarket and he was bored when he was waiting in line and it wasn't his fault they sold nothing about kunai maintenance in those places -- she reached for his cock with one hand, fingers circling the base. Naruto took a deep breath and watched her as she licked up almost cautiously, following the trail of his pointing finger.

"-- Okay, yeah, here."

She took the tip of his cock in her mouth and sucked tentatively, cheeks flushed, and he allowed himself to enjoy it for a short moment.

"Ah, try to curve your tongue a bit, like a slide -- oh yeah. Don't go too deep -- s'okay if you don't take it all in, just use your hand to cover the rest..."

He caressed her hair gently and tried to think of unsexy things. A sudden snowstorm blowing through the house, burying them in three feet of snow. Sakura's mom bursting in to ask what he was doing to her pure and innocent daughter. Kakashi-sensei naked and watching them -- augh, okay, that one would do the trick.

"Also, while an up-and-down motion is nice, and so is a good sucking feeling -- not too strong, you're not trying to tear off bits -- it's a combination of both that really makes a good blowjob." Sakura started massaging one of her breasts. "... Uh. Ahaha -- I mean, you can concentrate on one or the other or -- oh -- or alternate, but, you know. Yeah." She snuck him a coy look and bobbed her head a little deeper. "Er. Humming feels nice too?" She obligingly started to purr instead, oh god. "And, um, what else, I think we'll try deepthroats another day, okay, umm Sakura-chan do you want to swallow or not because I think you should decide real soon--"

She jumped back and aimed him over her shoulder so fast he would probably have been insulted if he hadn't been in the middle of coming. He slumped down the counter, legs weak, ended up sitting on the tiles.

Sakura smiled with smug amusement, tucked him back in his pants, and wormed her way on his lap.

"... Erk, your butt is all wet. I wasn't that good, was I?"

"Your fault for sitting me in the soap bubbles," she informed him primly.

Naruto laughed and wrapped his arms around her so he could breathe in her hair.

"That was a good lesson," Sakura said. "For being so short, at least."

"-- Hey, what did that mean?!"

She smirked against his lips and gave him a quick kiss, which failed to mollify him very much. Then she made herself comfortable again, with her wet tunic slowly soaking cold water against his thigh. Naruto's eyes narrowed. "... So..."


"Seriously... Kakashi-sensei?"

But instead of exploding into denials and crazy blushes, Sakura smirked and gave him a suggestive waggle of her eyebrows. "Don't tell me at some point you didn't wonder..."

"What?" Naruto exclaimed, trying to cut her off. Damn it, his revenge was backfiring! "No! Never."

"--Because I thought it was a rule for anyone who liked men to--"

Naruto flailed one of his hands desperately. The other one stayed firmly wrapped around her waist for some strange and unknown reason. "AUGH, AUGH. I don't like men, I only like Sasuke!"

She arched an eyebrow and looked him over clinically. "Really."

Naruto could feel her disbelief like a tangible weight on his very soul. "... and maybe hypothetically Neji or perhaps kind of just a tiny bit Gaara," he mumbled very fast. "But mostly in theory."

Sakura made a show of thinking about it. The sunlight played in her hair, and on the walls, and on the puddle of water left over from their grand spray battle. "So, no dark-and-mysterious-and-probably-hot sensei fantasy?"

Naruto shuddered. "Definitely not."

"You freak," she said very seriously, and leaned her head on his shoulder again.



Naruto slumped on the bench beside Sasuke. "Grnfgh," he said eloquently, and flopped face down on the dinner table.

Sasuke arched an eyebrow, amused. "If you want me to understand what you're grumpy about, you'll have to actually talk."

Naruto sat up in a leap and flailed his arms as a burst of manic denial hit, almost sending the pile of paperwork Sasuke was going through on the floor. "Sakura-chan has a Kakashi-sensei sex fantasy!"

Sasuke moved the pile on his side of the table and blinked slowly. "... You mean you don't?"

Naruto stared at him for a couple of seconds, and then crumpled across the table again, crushed.