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--Other Pairings :
----- Pale and ashen romance
----- M/M
----- M/F



Back to the Garden *

Story: Post-SBURB, no S6. Wherein twelve trolls and four humans, having bonded in uncommon fashions and gained a significant amount of martial prowess through great hardships, decide to build their hives and live together in hard-won peace, where they then proceed to accidentally become the de facto Lord Protectors of the area, eventually changing the fabric of Society as we know it. Includes several instances of interspecies relationships, quadrant flipping, and scandalously out-quadrant concupiscent and conciliatory affairs, as well as several battle scenes containing numerous instances of minor-character cullings and incredible badassitude.
Genre: Ensemble cast. Character interaction, action/violence, war, politics. Romance. (A ton. Too many to list, and some will evolve and/or fail. Canon moirallegiances stay canon, plus Kanaya/Rose, Dave/Terezi and Aradia/Sollux/Feferi to start with.)
Status: hiatus/abandoned
Chapter 1

Battlefield Terra **

Story: John is one of eight mech pilots heroically protecting Earth from an alien invasion. Pretty easy on the moral choices. See evil monster from space, kill evil monster from space.
Only then he actually meets one of them face to face.
Genre: Scifi/big robots AU, action, war, romance. (John/Karkat) Body Horror, biotech, mind meld.
Status: work in progress.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7 NEW

BT canon:
----Bro & Mom prequel : In Which The Characters Prove Exactly Why They Shouldn’t Have Kids Ever, But They Have Them Anyway And It’d Be A Pain To Return Them Now So Hey Why Not.
----Bro & Jack Noir prequel: The One Where Bro And Noir Hatefuck
----Karkat Ashen Prequel: Not Lonely At All
----Nepeta & Equius sidefic: Pale Cockpit Romp
----John & Jade pesterlog about Karkat in the shower , silliness

BT non-canon, what-if, etc
----John/Karkat fluff: Kiss
----Remorse (pre-BT, Equius/Karkat kismesis, R rated for aftermath of porn) NEW
----Bathroom Porn (John/Karkat sex, alternate end to chapter 7)NEW
----Hot Spring Edition (John/Karkat flirtiness, post-chapter 7)NEW
----Dream Gangbang (pre-chapter 7, weird dreamy john/dave/dirk/jade/jake/bro/noir/karkat thing, creepy. NC17.) NEW

The Family You Choose: awake at night **

Story: There are certain expectations in troll society about taking in a freeloader with no place to go, as Dad Egbert finds out when he offers to host two of his son's stranded friends post-game.
Genre: Hurt/Comfort, culture shock, gen (Gamzee<>Karkat pale romance) Warning for discussion of rape and ephebophilia.
Status: Oneshot, complete (4 300 words)
awake at night
---- Timestamp Meme ficlet: Everything is beautiful and nothing hurts (Karkat, Jade & Sollux, pesterlog)
---- Timestamp Meme ficlet: John, the morning after (John, Karkat, Gamzee)

The Family You Choose: Crash Standing **

Story: Same 'verse as Awake at Night. It’s been eight days since the end of Sburb and Davesprite is not coping especially well.
Genre: romance, family. (human again!Davesprite POV, Davesprite/Karkat, Dave, Bro, Dirk. Background Dave<3Terezi, Terezi<3<Gamzee, Gamzee<>Karkat, Rose<3Kanaya, past Davesprite/Jade)
Status: work in progress.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12 NEW
Chapter 13 NEW
Chapter 14 NEW

What-ifs and Maybes: Crash Standing ficlets
---- Three Days In: Dave/Terezi shower shenanigans. (canon)
---- Kanaya <> Byrd sorta drunken hookup (maybe)
---- Jade asks Byrd for permission to date Karkat spades (pesterlog, def. not canon)


Story: The game is won. The trolls and human players are revived. Yep, all of them. Even the ancestors. (Plus a lone girl Cherub.) Now they have this brand new universe to be gods in. Woo. (the thing is that in order to win as a single party the game reclassified them all as being a single merged species. Woo troll/human hybrids.)
Genre: Collection of one-shots. Fluff, some angst, humor, it depends on the fics. This is pretty much a "what makes Asuka squee? let's put it in" 'verse. (non-canon ancestors, I'd started it before any reveals bar Meenah and Aranea. Some interesting canon aspects might be incorporated anyway.)
Status: each fic is complete, the series itself doesn't have a completion rate or specific end.

¤ Sunlight
(Karkat&Signless/Sufferer, Dave, Jade, some Karkat/Dave/Jade undertones)

¤ Remember the Spring
(Signless/Disciple, Karkat&Jade)

¤Fruity Rumpus Time with Assholes
(Sollux, Sollux<3<Roxy, Sollux<3Feferi, Psiioniic, Signless, Karkat)

¤ Copycats!!
(Disciple&Nepeta, Signless, Karkat, silliness, pesterlog)

¤ Outmoded
(Expatriate Darkleer, Dad Egbert, the Handmaid, melancholy)

¤ Blessings
(John, OCs, adorableness)

* Wherein Two Palemates Discuss a Potential Kismesis, and Also One of the Moirails' Bulges, At Length
(Grand Highblood<>Condesce, onesided GH<3<Dad, Dad/Darkleer/Handmaid, pesterlog silliness)

* Kiss Meme Snippets
(might become canon, might not. Dad & his children, Summoner<>Tavros<3<Dave, Psii<3<Condesce, Condesce<3Karkat)

* 100d Public Kissyface
(Dirk/Equius, first date, some worldbuilding)

* The Hunter or the Hunted
(Eridan<3<Nepeta. yes really. XD)
----> Definitely the Hunted (Pesterlog Fallout, Karkat & Nepeta)

* Hands-on Learning
(Karkat/Dave, xeno, sex)

* The Tale of Three Hearts and One Hoofbeast NEW
(Disciple, Nepeta and Dirk go questing for a pony for Signless.)
----> Memory Unlocked (Dirk and Dave pesterlog) NEW
----> Nepeta Tells Equius about the pony. (pesterlog) NEW

Midnight on the Demon Patrol **

Story: Fighting fire with fire is okay in theory but Detective-Summoner Dave L. Strider figures trying to summon corporeal demons to the mortal plane to fight other demons is likely to backfire spectacularly. Sadly for him his inner Knight gets the vapors at the thought of letting anyone else play guinea pig.
Yup, he is totally hogging the demon. What could go wrong? (Oh no, Dave, why did you have to think that.)
Genre: Dave/Karkat, Rose, Kankri, Latula, John, Jade... magical slavery, dubious consent, XENO, porn, humor, urban fantasy AU, demon!Karkat.
Status: work in progress.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Chapter 17 NEW
Chapter 18 NEW
Chapter 19 NEW
Chapter 20 NEW
Chapter 21 NEW

Prequel: Scourge Summoner (Rose at 14.)
Daemon AUs:
Dave/Bowie/Karkat porn NEW
Rose&Kankri talk NEW

Covalent 'verse

Story: All the players end up on Alternia, as if nothing happened. Except they're all trolls now. The ex-humans will have to adapt.
Genre: ensemble cast, revived dead trolls, collection of various stories. Post Sgrub/Sburb.
Status: work in progress, low priority.

¤ Covalent:
Chapter 1: Rose (Rose, Karkat, Eridan)
Chapter 2: Dave (Dave, Sollux, Dirk, warning for sexual harrassment)
----Side B: Chatlog with Sollux, Karkat, Nepeta, Feferi and Jade during the end of chapter 2.
Chapter 3: John (John, Karkat, Vriska, warning for species/body/gender dysphoria. John<3<Karkat, John<>Vriska)

¤ Week One (Pesterlogs: Rose soliloquy, with interruptions; Dirk & Tavros; Jade & Gamzee; Roxy & Eridan; Dirk & Roxy & ???.)

¤ Oasis Reunion (Jane POV, species dysphoria, Jane<>Dirk.)

¤ Well, That Was Pointless (Equius and Caliborn random pesterlog) NEW

¤ On the Outside Looking In (outsider POV on the ex-players; contains a buttload of OCs)
Octans (outsider POV on Dave, Dirk and Jane)
Telescopium (Outsider POV on Jade, Gamzee and Karkat) NEW
---- See How This Goes (Gamzee&Karkat perterlog fallout for Telescopium) NEW

¤ Rules of Engaging With a Chest Werewolf (John<3<Karkat pesterlog, some Vriska) NEW




Shameless Dave/Karkat Porn

Story: "The thing about Karkat Vantas is, he might be a pompous, noisy windbag with an inflated opinion of his own importance, and if he was suddenly struck down by some kind of vicious troll laryngitis the universe's total amount of chill and quiet would suddenly go up three levels...
But turns out he's also a great fuck."
Genre: One-shot, Dave/Karkat porn, xeno.
Status: Finished
Shameless Dave/Karkat Porn

30th-Century Night **

Story: Rich and successful Alpha!Dave Strider picks up a runaway piece of jailbait with a serious mouth on him.
Genre: Alpha!Dave/Karkat, Karkat POV. Humanstuck!Karkat, age difference, mild dubious consent, intercrural sex, reincarnation.
Status: Oneshot, complete
30th-Century Night
---- Sequel meme: 4 Weeks In
---- Daemon Meme: Dave POV before 30th, Karkat POV after.

Plant a Flag, Plant a Tree

Story: Pure porn. Kismeses exploring anal sex.
Genre: Dave/Karkat, Karkat POV. mild Dom/sub dynamics, hatemance.
Status: Oneshot, complete
Plant a Flag, Plant a Tree


Story: Pacific Rim AU, Dave and Karkat as Jaeger pilots forced to share a cockpit. (in Pacific Rim they pilot giant robots with their brains to fight off giant monsters, but the strain is so huge that they have to pilot in pairs. Telepathy ahoy!)
Genre: Dave/Karkat, Kankri, humanstuck, trolls as clones, psychic bond.
Status: Series of oneshot, maybe complete, who knows.
Ardent (series of vignettes) NEW
One Week In - Kankri NEW
Press and Release NEW

By The Letter (of the law)

Story: Arranged marriage low fantasy AU. Two knights of Prospit and Derse on their wedding night.
Genre: Dave/Karkat, Karkat POV. Oral and intercrural sex in part 2.
Status: Twoshots, complete?
Wedding Night NEW
The Next Day NEW



Danger, danger, get on the floor

Story: He's not cute anymore, is the thing. He's not small and scrawny and bug-eyed with shock, standing there like a tool as a water-holding device plummets down to become his new hat. He's…
Genre: introspection, pre-porn. (John/Karkat)
Status: ficlet (700 words), complete.
Danger, danger, get on the floor

Of Cryptids and Myths

Story: The silly fantasy animals version of an Urban Fantasy AU.
Genre: John/Karkat preslash, Karkat POV. Humanstuck.
Status: Oneshot, complete
Of Cryptids and Myths NEW



Uniform Kink *

Story: Lieutenant-Colonel Vantas and Major Zahhak discuss Vantas' new promotion. And then they discuss his new uniform. In detail.
Genre: Karkat/Equius, BDSM (uniform kink, humiliation kink, boot worship) pesterlog, cybersex.
Status: Oneshot, complete
Uniform Kink

Breaking to Saddle

Story: Sequel to Uniform Kink. Lieutenant-Colonel Vantas and Major Zahhak attempt to bring their cyber fantasies to fleshy life. Birthday present for Laylah.
Genre: Karkat/Equius (Dom/sub, foot/boot worship, humiliation kink, face-fucking, aftercare), matesprits/flushed quadrant.
Status: Twoshots, complete.
Breaking to Saddle NEW
Equius: Aftercare NEW


Story: Prompt was College AU x Everyone Is A Dom Or Sub AU. No porn.
Genre: Karkat/Equius, BDSM lifestyle. Angst/comfort.
Status: Ficlet, complete
Service NEW



PALE AND ASHEN PAIRINGS (nonsexual romance)

Amateur Palemates Smuttin It Up!!

Story: "okay the trolls are stuck on a meteor for a year or three so they don't have internet so they don't have PORN so they start kinda watching each other." Since this is about the BFF relationship (moirallegiance AKA pale quadrant AKA the one where your buddy keeps you from losing your shit) and not either lovesex or hatesex, it's not actually porny or naughty or all that kinky. For human values of such.
Genre: One-shot... HAHA I KID, Karkat<>Gamzee, Karkat<>everyone. Voyeur/exhib kink, not in a sexual way.
Status: Series of oneshots, each is finished.
Amateur Palemates Smuttin It Up!!
Kinky Transquadrant Affair!!

Pale as Moonlight and Kraken Murderbots

Story: Following the death of his lusus, Troll!Dave has to hide in an abandoned seadweller hive. Ensues: the craziest pale courtship ever.
Genre: Bro<>Dave, background Dave/Terezi/Karkat, John<>Rose, trollstuck, pesterlog fic. No-Sgrub. Age difference, pale ephebophilia.
Status: Oneshot, complete
Pale as Moonlight and Kraken Murderbots NEW

The Sacred Pimp Hand of Justice

Story: Rose and Eridan prepare their extravagant ashen commitment ceremony to Karkat. Without Karkat. This is not the smoothest process in the world.
Genre: Karkat&(Rose/Eridan) romance, pesterlog, snark, humor.
Status: Ficlet, complete
The Sacred Pimp Hand of Justice NEW

I For One Welcome Our New Silvered Overlord

Story: "Umm, I don't need to be a troll to notice that hating on each other makes you guys miserable."
Genre: Jade&(Karkat/Sollux) ashen first kiss, fluff.
Status: Ficlet, complete
I For One Welcome Our New Silvered Overlord NEW

Wherein Rose and Eridan Debate Over Deeply Vital and Relevant Things Such as Harry's Quadrants on a Pile

Story: The differences between troll and human Harry Potter..
Genre: Rose/Eridan caliginous/pale flip, silliness
Status: Ficlet, complete
Wherein Rose and Eridan Debate Over ... NEW

Wrangling Bulls and Spiders

Story: Equius&(Vriska/Tavros), first date.
Genre: cute, ashen quadrant exploration.
Status: Oneshot, complete
Wrangling Bulls and Spiders NEW

Five First Kisses

Story: "So what's an ashen kiss like, then?" Karkat demonstrates quadrant-appropriate kisses for Jade.
Genre: Karkat/Jade, romance, quadrant confusion.
Status: Ficlet, complete
Five First Kisses NEW

For No Good Cause

Story: The only thing that saves them is that even in the throes of berserk rage Kankri has no clue how to fight.
Genre: Karkat & Kankri, noncon/dubcon moirallegiance, angst.
Status: Ficlet, complete
For No Good Cause NEW

With Our Skins Off

Story: Pale bondage.
Genre: Gamzee&Karkat, angst/comfort/catharsis.
Status: Ficlet, complete
With Our Skins Off NEW




At The Window

Story: Karkat hatefucks Kankri. Blessed silence.
Genre: Karkat/Kankri hate romance/porn, oral, intercourse.
Status: Oneshot, complete
At The Window NEW

Wherein Bro and Signless Film a Cross-species Porn Movie

Story: Contains Pail-Free Xenosexual Relationships Between a Male Mutant Troll and Male Human for the Purpose of Exhibitionistic Sexual Gratification, Polyquadranted Individuals Presented in a Neutral or Positive Way, and Puppets Used in Several Perverted Ways, One of Those Puppets Depicting a Rad as Fuck Big-Nosed Allusion to Our Glorious Empress, Which She in Her Wisdom Has Allowed to Keep Existing Because Damn Straig)(t I Got Da Biggest One.
Bro, Signless, puppets and a camera. Pure porn.
Genre: Bro/Signless, sex toys, DP, anal, humor.
Status: oneshot, complete
Wherein Bro and Signless ... NEW



A Troll Not Named Fuckass

Story: When a young troll kid from John's rescue adopts Bec as his new mom, Jade has no choice but to bring him home. No choice at all! (D'aw.) Dave totally has the choice of ignoring Jade's weird pets, and he is making it. Watch him paying no mind... to... aw, crap, why's that little bugger so cute.
Genre: Dave/Jade & Karkat, Bec. Petstuck, fluff.
Status: Oneshot, complete
A Troll Not Named Fuckass

Discofurry Chanyowl

Story: Karkat and Nepeta meet again as adults and slip away from the post-battle party together to catch up. Karkat ends up catching, ah, other things.
Genre: Nepeta/Karkat. Porn, femdom, size difference, bara Nepeta. No-Sgrub.
Status: Oneshot, complete
Discofurry Chanyowl

The Ole Switcheroo

Story: Davesprite and Jade switch -- she a bird sprie, he a dog human. Then first-time porn.
Genre: Jade/Davesprite, mild femdom, masturbation.
Status: oneshot, complete
The Ole Switcheroo NEW

Five First Kisses

Story: "So what's an ashen kiss like, then?" Karkat demonstrates quadrant-appropriate kisses for Jade.
Genre: Karkat/Jade, romance, quadrant confusion.
Status: Ficlet, complete
Five First Kisses NEW

Clothes Make The Man

Story: Karkat and Terezi explore the kink possibilities of their new God Tier regalia in a suave, sexy and absolutely not awkward manner.
Genre: Karkat/Terezi, clothes porn, dorks.
Status: Ficlet, complete
Clothes Make the Man NEW

Better the Second Time

Story: "Yo. S'obvious our previous tricks aren't gonna work the same anymore, so let's open the floor to suggestions."
Genre: Latula/Mituna's sex life post-accident. Mentions of bondage.
Status: Ficlet, complete
Better the Second Time NEW




Adventures in Collaborative Storytelling

Story: -- gardenGnostic [GG] began pestering ectoBiologist [EB] at 23:45 --
GG: hey john, i thought you were going to bed early!
EB: nd she kissed him full on the mouth with lots of to
GG: :O ???
EB: damn it jade, you and your ninja windows! pretend you didn't see anything okay.
Genre: Humor, log-fic, M/M/F, twincesty vibes. (John/Jade/sort-of-Karkat)
Status: Oneshot, complete!
Adventures in Collaborative Storytelling

Prospit Sandwiches With Alternian Fillings

Story: Sequel to Adventures in Collaborative Storytelling.
GG: >:/ oh yes because "btw do you have a gf" totally means "hey do you wanna be the yummy filling in a twin sandwich" in normal people land. dont be a buttface, john!! >:(
Genre: Humor, log-fic, M/M/F, twincesty vibes. (John/Jade/Karkat)
Status: Twoshots, 1 of 2.
Prospit Sandwiches With Alternian Fillings 1
----Gamzee & Karkat missing scene

Earthian Dating, Alternian-Style: Episode Three, The Matesprit/Kismesis Double-Double-Reacharound

Story: Brett Howell interviews the famous cousins, humorist-and-pianist Egbert and astrophysicist-and-nuclear-physicist Harley on the topic of their mysterious Alternian-style, shared boyfriend.
Genre: Humor, outside POV, M/M/F (John/Jade/Karkat) merged 'verses.
Status: Oneshot, complete!
Earthian Dating, Alternian-Style

Gotta Go Fast Beat'er 2000!

Story: Magnetic Wodka has more side-effects than you'd expect. Fortunately, John and Jade are enterprising and adventurous souls willing to help Karkat explore them.
Genre: John&Jade/Karkat, Karkat POV. Game mechanics and dreambubbles, xeno, femdom, double penetration. Humor and porn. No twincest.
Status: Oneshot, complete
Gotta Go Fast Beat'er 2000!
----Silly pesterlog sequelette NEW


Story: Demon Summoners John and Jade summon incubus!Karkat.
Genre: John&Jade/Karkat, Jade POV. Some genderbending, no porn.
Status: Ficlet, complete
Inc/Suc/cubus NEW

A Snowy Hilltop on a Calm Night

Story: The story of how Jade became Bec's wolfsister and found herself a pack and a pair of mates. Fusion with the Iskryne series.
Genre: angst, low fantasy, telepathy/packbonding, threesome, mentions of torture and offscreen character death. Some Wolves Made Them Do It, not very detailed.
Status: Oneshot, complete
A Snowy Hilltop on a Calm Night NEW
---- time stamp ficlet: one month later NEW



And The Prize For Kinkiest Mating Flight Of This Turn Goes To...!

Story: The one where Greenrider K'rkat needs Bronzerider Jade's assistance because his and D'vid's lesbian dragons have decided to go into heat at the same time. Welp.
Genre: Humor, gender roles fuckery (THE AUTHOR IS DEAD >:E) some telepathy, threesome, Dragons Wolves Made Them Do It, not very detailed.
Status: Oneshot, complete
And The Prize For Kinkiest Mating Flight Of This Turn Goes To...! NEW

A Classical Work of Paranormal Romance

Story: The one where Dave is a vampire, Jade is a werewolf, and Karkat is fed up with that romantic bullshit.
Genre: Urban Fantasy, fluff and humor.
Status: Oneshot, complete.
A Classical Work of Paranormal Romance NEW
time stamp meme ficlet: next day pesterlog NEW




Story: Okay, good! Terezi, Dave and Karkat have finally figured out this quadrant dating thing. Now to figure out which twosome gets to hook up first.
Genre: Dave/Karkat/Terezi ot3 (Dave<3Terezi, Karkat<3Terezi, Dave<3<Karkat), pesterlog, humor/crack.
Status: Works as a oneshot, might get some porn added to it eventually.

Life in Suburbia

Story: Lawyer Terezi and her househusbands, or Terezi, Karkat and Dave do the totally ordinary suburban married life thing, with great success.
Genre: Dave/Karkat/Terezi, fused earth/alternia? post-game? who knows. Fluff and humor.
Status: Oneshot, complete
Life in Suburbia NEW

Draco Phrynosomatus

Story: Englishman Dave ends up marooned on the same island as Native Indian Terezi and Dragon Karkat. Fusion with the Temeraire books.
Genre: Dave/Karkat/Terezi, emotional if not physical cross-species romance (dragons are perfectly sentient. just, those do not transform into humans.)
Status: Oneshot, complete
Draco Phrynosomatus NEW




Story: Karkat is out and out never letting the odd stick of a preacher's son ride his horse ever again. Or accepting a ride from Strider ever again, either. Faster, Maplehoof!
Or, In Which There Is A Car Chase, Except With Horses, And Also Quite A Lot Of Making Out.
Genre: Western AU, crack, caliginous/flushed/ashen quadrant confusion, Karkat/Dave, Karkat/John, Dave/John, Dave/Karkat/John, Karkat POV.
Status: Oneshot, complete

A Case of Collegeitis Experimentus

Story: John has caught a terrible disease. Only his TA Karkat can save him. (Also, Karkat's dick.) Dave is mostly there to cheerlead or jeer, either one.
Genre: Humor, humanstuck, Karkat POV, prelude to smut, age difference (18 and 24.)
Status: Ficlet, complete
A Case of Collegeitis Experimentus NEW



Testing the Springs

Story: The story of the first time Jade, Karkat, Dave, Terezi and John had fivesome sex. Almost. (one day, Dave, one day.)
Genre: Dave/Jade/Terezi & Karkat/John porn, relationships between the five: all over the place. Humor, banter, polyamory, post-Sburb.
Status: Oneshot, complete
Testing the Springs
----silly sequel snippet n°1: "Sollux commentary on Karkat's romantic entanglements" + "the effect proper sleep had on the trolls' mood." NEW
----silly sequel snippet n°2: "john/terezi sexy prank". XD NEW




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