... i duno, man XD

Gotta Go Fast Beat'er 2000! pesterlog silliness

EB: bluuuuh so bored.
EB: i want to be in the new session already, jade.
EB: why are we not in the next session yet.
EB: can you go faster.
GG: weirdly enough like with the last forty five times we had this conversation...................... STILL NO!!!!! >:/
EB: bluh. bluh, i say.
EB: the ship is boring.
EB: the consorts are boring.
EB: dave sprite is boring.
EB: the dreambubbles are boring.
EB: you're boring.
GG: >:X
EB: i want to be on the meteor already!!!! i want to see rose and dave and meet the licking troll and the vampire troll and
EB: okay, maybe not the clown troll. :/
GG: XDDDDD and the nubbly troll?
EB: who are you talking about, i have no idea! :B;;;
GG: dont you dare me, i totally will say it
EB: okay, fine, yes, i miss karkat. in a totally platonic way, even! the other day i missed watching movies with him and we've never watched movies together!!!
EB: i bet he'd like my movies. not like you guys, you keep scoffing and escaping movie night. not cool, jade. super not cool. i even bother to schedule you two on separate nights and what happens is i get ditched TWICE IN A ROW!!!
GG: well weve seen everything three times already, john!!
GG: and i bet you and karkat would have epic fights about movies all the time anyway, like, you wouldnt agree at ALL, ever.
EB: yeah but it'd be funny at least.
GG: yeah, yeah.
GG: i miss the way he laughs, like, you know, hes always making that face like hes never happy and he glares at everything, its like hes trying not to be cute but then you manage to get him to laugh and he snorts a little when he laughs and its SUPER cute!!!!
GG: he looks so sweet when he forgets to scowl and hes actually happy. sooooooooo sweet. i want to smush his cheeks! X333
EB: whoa there, no homo. :B
GG: totally homo!! balls touching levels of homo.
EB: hehehe. okay, that's pretty homo.
EB: i miss his crazy rants :(
GG: i miss how hes always no i dont care and then he spends a whole page explaining how much he totally doesnt care but it only shows more and more like he cares about three tons :(((((
EB: i miss his stupid horns! and the weird cricket noises he makes, they're so WEIRD. and i wanted to check where he's ticklish too, and there was no time. boo.
GG: i totally miss his butt. :'(((((((((((((
EB: um. :X
GG: and his little nippy teeth and how hed bite at his own lip and get all shivery
EB: er. jade. D:
GG: and his nook, like wow it was so nice and soft and fun in there.
EB: ...
EB: okay, fine, me too. :(
GG: bluh. :(((
EB: bluh. :(
GG: damn him for revving up my girl engine anyway.
GG: im *so* horny. :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
EB: DX jade!!!!
EB: ...
EB: ... me too.
GG: bluh.
EB: bluh.
TG: you guys realize this is a public server yeah
TG: so if i understand right you guys derp twincested the grumpiest dwarf are you guys for real
EB: nkj,rtyez$$
GG: ... we totally are for real. the realest. :X
TG: huh
TG: remind me to fist bump him next year when we catch up