The Tale of Three Hearts and One Hoofbeast - Pony Pen

-- arsenicCatnip [AC] started trolling centaursTesticle [CT] --

AC: :33 < equius equius equiuuuuuuus!
AC: :33 < *the happy kitty winds around your ankles with love and many purrings*
AC: :33 < you will nefur guess what!
CT: D --> Nepeta, I have told you repeatedly not to hinder me while I am away on important business
CT: D --> As it happens I was done for the day but you should still wait for me to contact you first
CT: D --> I might have been handling delicate equipment and the sudden distraction would have caused an irreparable a%ident
AC: :33 < pff, as if! you're not a clumsy wiggler any longer, equius. you will nefur defurlop propurr confidence if you keep refursing to see the evidence of that! and being so scared of risk all the time is silly.
AC: :33 < and also i knew you were done beclaws dirrrk showed me the picture you just sent him. >:pp
CT: D --> He what
CT: D --> That is horribly improper
CT: D --> Nepeta, I am e%eedingly sorry for submitting such a distasteful sight to your eyes however indirectly and involuntarily
CT: D --> Be sure I will berate Strider at length immediately
AC: :33 < h33h33h33
AC: :33 < it wasn't anything naughty, you silly foal, it was just the sweaty tanktop one.
AC: :33 < you do look tired! make sure you drink lots of water *the meowbeast says as she paws gently at her friend's nice ponytail*
AC: :33 < i've seen you naked before and i wouldn't care if i saw you again, but dirk isn't silly enough to show me.
CT: D --> What
CT: D --> I have never sent him or anyone else a naked picture one day in my life
CT: D --> Nepeta, that is preposterous
CT: D --> I am outraged that you c00ld
CT: D --> No
AC: :33 < oh, so it was just this one? :33
AC: :33 < i guess you look pretty hunky on it, h33h33.
CT: D --> I'm still in view of the village
CT: D --> How colt you think
CT: D --> *Could
CT: D --> Nepeta, someone is being a very bad influence on you, we shall have to di%uss it at length when I come back
AC: :33 < *the kitty hangs her head and looks remorseful* it was ampurra.
AC: :33 < i couldn't help it, he ORDERED me!
CT: D --> Oh
CT: D --> In that case
CT: D --> No, that order is still not
CT: D --> ...
CT: D --> He did not order you at all, you are being a vile little liar
CT: D --> And you would not obey him if he had
AC: :33 < >:DD h33h33h33h33h33h33h33h33
CT: D --> You are a brat
AC: :33 < *the meowbeast washes her paw religiously and with great concentration*
AC: :33 < but anyway!!! did dirk tell you yet?
CT: D --> Tell me what
CT: D --> Please do not inform me that you are currently in cahoots with each other
AC: :33 < nyaw, we're done with that part. >833
CT: D --> Are those shades
CT: D --> Is your already ridiculous pictographic meowbeast smile wearing shades
CT: D --> That is even more ridiculous
AC: :33 < i bet you think it's cute though!
CT: D --> I most certainly do not
CT: D --> And stop trampling around the bush and tell me what you and dirk did today
AC: :33 < you'd think it was cute if dirk lent me his shades, i bet.
CT: D --> Nepeta
AC: :33 < hmmm, i think we should give it a try... :33~
CT: D --> Nepeta, stop
AC: :33 < i know the blue stallion is smiling
CT: D --> He is not
CT: D --> I am not
AC: :33 < you arrrrrrrre!
CT: D --> And you still haven't answered my question
CT: D --> It makes me think perhaps I should take my time coming home
CT: D --> Perhaps tomorrow
CT: D --> Or the ne%t day
CT: D --> It would be quite pleasant to forage, should I find no local peasants to host me for the day
AC: :33 < :pp

-- arsenicCatnip [AC] sent the file brighthooves.img --

AC: :33 < look what a purrty present we helped disciple get signless!!
AC: :33 < it's a shame she has to stay on a short lead beclaws there's no one strong and handy enough to build her a paddock. :((
CT: D --> I will be home in thirty minutes