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New Stuff (2008 onwards)

Wolfbrothers and Gundam Pilots

Fusion between Gundam Wing and the Iskryne series by Sarah Monette and Elizabeth Bear. Gundam Wing characters and settings, with soulbonded pony-sized wolves on top. Woo.

Cordite and Nitroglycerin and Blood

Story: How a child terrorist ends up with a military bondwolf. Heero-centric.
Genre: angst, gen.
Status: ficlet, complete.
Cordite and Nitroglycerin and Blood

Lone Wolf and Pilot

Story: Post-EW. Duo doesn't want to join the Preventers, thankyouverymuch. Preserving the peace is all well and good but he likes answering to no one but himself, and like hell he wants to buddy up to people he and Killer used to stand against, back during the war. Only the Preventers have a pack, and his brother-wolf doesn't, never has, deserves to, and maybe a junkyard dog isn't all a warrior wolf should be.
Genre: angst, action, character interaction, 2x1.
Status: Multipart, WIP.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3 NEW
Chapter 4 NEW


The Ethics of Dating Chang Wufei

Story: Post-Endless Waltz. Asking Heero for advice on how to deal gently with an unwanted suitor? Wufei truly must be desperate.
Genre: humor, shonen ai (1+5)
Status: Oneshot, complete
The Ethics of Dating Chang Wufei


Story: Is Duo Maxwell behind those heists and murders? Preventers Chang and Yuy want to find out, but the backlash from the Newtypes' sudden coming out quickly throws a wrench in their investigation.
Genre: Psychic powers/Action/adventure/angst/some romance. 1+5, 5+female canon character that is not Sally, 2+1.
Status: Multipart, work in progress.
Prologue & Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Genderbending AU Ficlet, Wufei on Girl!Heero

Ten Genres, 1x2

Story: "Write 10 different categories of fic, in as few words as possible." Heero and Duo.
Genre: Romance + angst, AU, crack, crossover, First time, fluff, humor, hurt/comfort, smut, and UST.
Status: Series of drabbles, Complete.
Ten genres, 1x2


Story: Baby Meme. Heero and Duo adopt a son.
Genre: angst/sap, background yaoi (1x2).
Status: drabble, Complete.
Prospective Mate

Five Times Someone Figured Out Heero Was a Girl

Story: "Relena was a polite, well-bred lady, and did not look at people's crotches. Even when they wore skintight spandex shorts that seemed painted on."
Genre: Humor, a little gore/angst, gen with onesided people/Heero.
Status: Oneshot, complete.
Five Times Someone Figured Out Heero Was a Girl

Two Knights future snippet

Story: Two Knights is a Duo/Heero, Duo/Heero/Relena get-together story that I abandoned. I still love the idea though. So this is a snippet of Dorothy and Relena in the future.
Genre: Humor, Dorothy and Relena being awesome, 1x2xR.
Status: Ficlet, complete.
Snippet NEW

Old Stuff (1999-2004)

All the fics that follow are either complete or abandoned. (also, quite a few of them suck. Read at your own peril.)


Garou (The Werewolf)

Story: Back from a mission, Heero cuts through a wood and makes an encounter wich will definitely change him, and his way of seeing the world.
Genre: Overall: Violence, sap, POVs, Action/adventure, romance, yaoi in a few chapters (1+2 and 3+4 being the main ones, but not the only ones, gods no >_<) Mythological/fantastic

Read here for eulogy. Read here for summary of how I planned the fic to end. Yes, I'm sorry. Yes, I did try. No, I am not going to change my mind. Thank you very much for your support all these years.

Nouvelle Lune
Premier quartier
Knocking on Death's door

Full Moon
Ninmu Shippai
Psycho-analysis sessions
First night of the Moon
Definitive Evolutions
Wolf Songs
Big Sister
Learning to deal
Pack Relationships
No title yet

Garou Sidefics

Story: little ideas in the Garou universe that don't really fit into the chronology. Usually result of challenges.
Genre: depends on the fic, mostly humor. yaoi (1+2 and 3+4 being the main ones)
Status: series of one-shots, not really a series.

That's a mighty big dog, son.


Story: Heero and Wufei need to come to terms with the different caused by their love for Duo.
Genre:Romance, lime (1x2x1, 5+2+5, 1?5?1), sap, some angst

Walking the Tightrope

Story: Sequel to Equilibrium. The boys are now a coupl... trio.
Threesome. Ménage à trois. Whatever. Doesn't mean Heero and Wufei are cool about each other yet.
Genre: Yaoi (1x2x5 and diverse combinations) Romance, some sap, some angst, not that much action, lemony limes
Status: Finished
Chapter 01
Chapter 02
chapter 03
Chapter 04
Chapter 05
Chapter 06
Chapter 07

Saut de l'Ange

Story: It's AC 198. It's Christmas. It's also the first time Heero, Duo and Wufei participate to a reunion as a threesome.
Genre: yaoi, romance, humour. Duo POV. Established 1x2x5.
Status: One shot, finished. (Can be read as following Walking the Tightrope or not.)
Saut de l'Ange


written by Sailor Seraphim (slrsera@aol.com)

Story: Heero died during a Preventers mission. But Duo misses him too much to let him go.
Genre: yaoi (2+1, 1x2x1), lemon, Duo POV, death, insanity?, supernatural, zombies, blood, suicide attempts. (note the zombies warning and the lemon warning. Do the math. I find the fic beautiful anyway but I know that some people can't get past the subject matter to notice the admirable and touching way it's handled-- YES, zombiesex can be handled beautifully. *sniffles*)
Status: One-shot, complete.

Four AM (sequel to Two/One)

(you don't need to read Sera's fic if the warnings scare you. I resume what happened anyway)

Story: Duo tries to find a way to bring Heero back more definitively.
Genre: yaoi (2+1+2, allusions to past 1x2x1), Duo POV, supernatural, ghost

Morning After
Enter Wufei
Visiting old friends, part 1
Visiting old friends, part 2

The Only Valentine

Story: Duo receives a Valentine present, but it's not from the one he hoped.
Genre: Yaoi, heavy angst T_T, supernatural 1x2, Duo POV
Status: Finished. (Can be read as being part of the 4AM universe or not.)
The Only Valentine

Hogwarts Strawberries (in search of better title)

Co-written with Girl Starfish (starsung14@yahoo.co.nz )

Story: Slytherin Heero Yuy and Ravenclaw Chang Wufei have a little accident in Potions that lands them both in the infirmary, where they... get to know each other better. Banter and making out ensues.
Genre: Romance (1x5x1) , OOC, fluff, angst after a few chapters

A Night at the Infirmary
Date in the Dungeon
Damn Owl
Sidestory 1
The Astronomy Tower
The Forbidden Forest
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Full Moon

Heero's Week

Story: Written for a 1x2x3x4x5 challenge. Quatre finds a way to fight off the stress that's threatening to pull their team apart.
Genre: yaoi, lemon = GAY SEX. Lotsa gay sex. Almost-but-not-quite-PWP. Humor, some vulgarity. Not a lot of romance, but friendship and lotsa male bonding. ;D That and lemons. Don't you dare whine at me if your momma caught you reading this; you were warned.
Status: In progress.

Prologue: And Waited
Wufei's Turn
Trowa's Turn
Quatre's turn
Duo's Turn
Chapter 5

The Ideal Arrangement

Written by Mikkeneko (cryzycyt (at) yahoo.com)

Story: The first day of Duo's week. (This was written before Heero's Week, but it happens in fact later, way later -- Duo is the last to go through it)
Genre: Yaoi, FIVESOME LEMON, PWP, humor.
Status: complete.

The Ideal Arrangement

For many reasons involving real life and lack of interesting plotness to be found, the other pilots' weeks have not, and WILL NOT, be written.

Two Knights

Story: Present for Zania. 1x2, 1+R, eventual 1x2xR. Relena was willing to forget her crush on Heero and step aside, but Duo has other ideas.
Genre: Yaoi and Het, romance, fluff, some light angst.

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five


Can You Repeat?

Story: Why is it always Duo who's in love with Heero and Heero who's clueless? Just to change things a little...
Genre: Shounen Ai (1+2, 2+1?), Sap, romance, POV Duo
Status: Finished
Can You Repeat?

En Queue de Poisson

Story: Duo hides more things than Heero would believe... or does he?
Genre: Strange ^^; Mythological? NOT an AU. No yaoi.. Although not het either, and you can still consider it kinda shounen ai, if you want.
Status: Finished (but maybe I'll translate the sequel Shinia wrote for me... when I've finished with Garou that is^^)
En Queue de Poisson

Loyalty undying

Story: Written for the '101 ways to snog en route to a colony' fanfiction/fanart challenge.
Genre: Deathfic, POV Otto, 8+6
Status: Finished
Loyalty undying

Why Do you Sleep so Still?

Story: ;__; I'm so cruel... mission gone bad. Damn this song anyway, it's all its fault!!
Genre: Deathfic, songfic, POV Heero
Status: Finished... *sniffles* finished ... *wails*
Why Do you Sleep so Still?


Story: A normal morning at Heero, Duo and Wufei's place. And hair. Lotsa hair. XD
Genre: humor, yaoi, coarse language. Established 1x2x5.
Status: One-shot, Finished.

Pet Names

Story: A normal morning at the preventers with Heero, Duo and Wufei's. Pet names and nicknames and name-calling.
Genre: humor, yaoi, coarse language. Established 1x2x5.
Status: One-shot, Finished.
Pet names


Story: Blanket fic. Heero and Wufei are staying in a mountain shack before a mission and Heero notices that Wufei seems distracted. (And that's all the plot there is. ^^; )
Genre: shonen ai, romance, fluff. 5+1.
Status: One-shot, Finished.

The Connoisseur

Story: Written for a 1x2x3x4x5 challenge. Quatre remembers how he conquered each pilot.
Genre: Yaoi, POV Quatre. Dark, sort of disturbing. Allusion to a BDSM relationship. No lemon.
Status: One-shot, Finished.
The Connoisseur

Spirited Away

Story: My first yuri !! *^___^* ?xR. A security drill at Relena's estate ends up revealing a new suitor for the princess.
Genre: Yuri, POV Relena. No lemon.
Status: Finished.
Spirited Away


Story: These are very short ficlets, done in response to challenges/requests on LJ. The pairings are rather random.

Certainly Not Love
genre: 1x6, lime

Genre: 2x4, lemon (background 1x2, 3x4 and 1x3)


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