Heero's Week

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Trowa's turn

x Tuesday Afternoon, part 2 x

Trowa twisted away from the hangar door as Heero stepped outside. The Japanese pilot, wearing only his tank top and those ugly yellow sneakers, walked right past Trowa without noticing him. Leaning against the wall, Trowa took the opportunity to view the pilot close-up, without bandages and medical detachment in the way.

Heero had tanned in his time on Earth, and was no longer pale from Colony living. A few scars marked his compact body, leading the eye across the swells and dips of his flesh, enhancing the play of skin on wiry muscles as he moved.

Trowa adjusted himself in his overly tight jeans. Heero hadn't seemed to understand earthly urges before, in the time after his self-destruction, when he regained consciousness in Cathy's trailer. It would have been almost pedophilic to even think of doing anything then, even if Cathy's presence hadn't put a damper on his already vague interest. But now... Now was a very different situation indeed.

x x x x x x

Heero went to the water faucet and turned it on, then wet his hands and began washing his thighs. It wasn't easy--especially since it hadn't all seeped out, and it was awkward to slip his fingers up there from this angle. He would've preferred to go take a shower and clean up with soap, but he didn't particularly want to walk around leaking semen in the house. The other pilots were skittish enough already around him.

He still felt a bit... weird, too. His body still tingled faintly, and he hadn't gotten any release. It was with surprise that he admitted to needing it. It didn't compute that the way Wufei had used his body would produce such a reaction -- his fellow pilot hadn't even touched his groin or engaged in any sort of preliminaries, even the cursory, harsh ones wild predators went by. Yet there was something deep and primal in the rhythm, the contact of body straining against body, which had appealed to his most basic instincts. Even though he, Heero, hadn't been feeling any urge to have sex with Wufei when they had started, his body was now faintly humming, and he was still half-hard.

Heero could've ignored it, and in fact found himself faintly annoyed at the idea of validating the fact that Wufei had affected him, but there was no logical reason to avoid relieving the tension... but that could wait until after he cleaned up.

Heero heard a crunching noise on the gravel and looked back to see Trowa approaching. The other pilot was between himself and the hangar -- he should've noticed him before then. Unforgivable lapse. He allowed none of this to appear on his face as he straightened, tipped his head slightly in acknowledgement, and turned back to the faucet.


Heero glanced back over his shoulder, raising an eyebrow. Trowa's face was -- as usual -- unreadable, but he'd bothered with the greeting. What did he want?

"Think you can go again?" Trowa asked, as he continued to approach.

It took a second for Heero to understand the question.

'Oh.' Even exposed as he was, and leaking semen, Heero hadn't thought of that. It was... Trowa. Trowa, whose expression was as blank as Heero's own, who gave off less evidence of any drive or internal spark than Heero did -- Trowa, whose blank gaze had dropped to Heero's bare legs and ass, and whose mouth was quirked in the faintest of smiles now. Appreciation, Heero recognized.

Damn. Considering how skittish the other pilots had been, Heero had calculated he would have at least a few hours before another approached him. It would seem he'd miscalculated. His plans for a shower and more repairs on Wing would have to wait.

"If required," Heero answered. The other boy was very close now, he noticed.

Just before Trowa would have made contact, he altered his course to circle around Heero. It was slightly unnerving somehow -- Trowa was very familiar with large predators, Heero remembered, and this was almost like circling prey.

"If you're too sore, I won't," Trowa said, as he continued around Heero, eyeing him. "Wufei was rough." His hands moved almost imperceptibly at his hips, shifting the fabric of his jeans, and Heero was suddenly very aware of the bulge under the tight denim. His eyes must have widened, or perhaps Trowa was just entirely too observant on his own. "I watched," he said, ghosting his hand up Heero's side, drawing up the shirt. "Does that bother you?"

Heero needed a few seconds to formulate an answer from his shock at being touched so casually. "... I don't care. But it may bother Wufei." Oh well, thought Heero. Wufei didn't know, and telling him would only create tensions. If watching put Trowa in a heightened state of arousal, he didn't intend on telling. The goal was for them to get off, after all. If it wasn't satisfying, they may as well just jerk off alone like they had been doing. Right? Catering to their particular turn-ons wasn't so bad anyway, so long as none of them was into heavy BDSM. Or anything that involved animals or bodily wastes.

Trowa seemed unconcerned, his focus on his hand as it slid towards Heero's spine and down. "Then he should have taken you someplace private," he commented idly. His hand slid down the small of Heero's back, fingers pressing casually into his crack, and whatever response Heero could've given fled.

Another miscalculation. Heero was still wet with Wufei's semen, yet Trowa didn't seem to care. While Heero tried to puzzle this out, Trowa's fingertip brushed against his entrance. Heero hissed softly. It didn't hurt, but he was still tender down there.

Trowa paused. "I will stop if I'm hurting you," he murmured.

"I'm fine," Heero said brusquely. "I can take a lot more than this. I just wasn't expecting it."

Trowa gave him a look that, on him, could only be interpreted as a leer, and slid a finger inside him. "Where do you want to do this?" he asked, as casually as if he was asking where they wanted to eat lunch.

"I... don't care," Heero managed. It felt so -- so weird to have something inside him again. "This isn't about me."

Trowa smirked oddly. "On your knees, then."

Heero looked down--there were pebbles on the ground. He didn't mind some pain, but that didn't mean he cared for it. "Maybe not here," he commented.

He felt Trowa's fingers slip out of him and frowned faintly, analyzing the equally weird sensation of emptiness.

"Where to, then?" the acrobat asked him, pressing his body against Heero's. His erection was up against Heero's hip. The Japanese boy tensed up a bit, uneasy with the full body contact. Trowa was overturning every conclusion Heero had drawn about the L3 pilot today. This casual ease with touching was perhaps the most disconcerting -- Quatre's touching was exquisitely polite and brief, and Duo's had a certain fervor behind it, and Relena's was just plain desperate, but this... Heero couldn't comprehend it. It was as if Trowa was interested in his body, in its use -- but not as a tool.

The confusion only amplified when the acrobat's hand slid all the way around his waist, dropping lower, skimming the curls at his crotch. "I don't want to wait much longer, Yuy," he informed him, his voice suddenly rough.

Heero stepped out of Trowa's hold, looking around for a place where to kneel comfortably -- not because he felt threatened, no. No way. There was a patch of grass a few steps away, between some bushes. They probably wouldn't be spied on. That 'being watched during sex while unaware of it' business was not something he cared to repeat right now.

He turned around to look at Trowa, not really knowing what to do. Trowa had taken control of the situation and if that aroused him, Heero should not attempt to take it back. But that meant that he was out of balance, because his comrade was taking his sweet time giving him instructions.

Trowa smiled at him lazily, sliding a hand up Heero's torso, pushing the tanktop up. "Take this off," he ordered softly. Heero obeyed, not commenting. Wufei hadn't been bothered by his wearing clothes--hell, he hadn't even removed his shorts entirely-- but maybe that was just that he'd been in a hurry. Trowa seemed to prefer taking it slow.

The green-eyed teen was walking behind him now, and Heero twitched, feeling the need to turn around. Before he did, he felt a hand on his shoulder, giving him a light push. He knelt obediently, feeling slightly nervous for some reason. He attempted to calm himself. It wasn't as if he was still a virgin, and anyway what did THAT matter? He knew what to expect now, right? It couldn't be so different from what Wufei had done.

But at least with Wufei it had been going fast and furious. He had not been given any time to think, and wait, and wonder what the hell the next move would be. Damn Trowa for taking his sweet time.

From the corner of his eye, he could see the green-eyed bastard pulling his own shirt off as he lightly kicked Heero's legs apart, still in that shockingly casual way. It looked like he did that stuff and worse every day. He seemed almost blasé. Heero didn't know if he should admire him or feel offended.

"I wish I'd been there from the beginning," Trowa commented idly. "I would have liked to hear Wufei's proposition."

The sound of his zipper was unnaturally loud, as was the rustle of his jeans falling down his legs and pooling around his ankles. He kicked them on the side, and then knelt between his legs, his knees against the other boy's calves, bare thighs brushing against the back of Heero's.

"I'm assuming you have lube with you," he asked, rubbing his erection against Heero's ass slowly. The Japanese teen nodded, searching in his sock, trying not to focus on the feel of Trowa's dick. From what he could feel and what he had glimpsed, Trowa was longer than Wufei, though not as wide. He wondered how much deeper he would go, and if that would really change anything about how that would feel to him. Not that he was afraid it would hurt or anything like that, but the idea was... intriguing.

Behind him, Trowa covered his fingers in lube quickly, and then slipped one inside, then another. Seeing as how short a time it had actually been since Wufei had taken him, Heero was still partially stretched, not that it made much of a difference. He was so snug around Trowa's fingers that he had trouble accepting that anything bigger would get in, even though experience had proved that it could.

The green-eyed boy nudged Heero forward for better access, making a little noise of appreciation when the other boy leaned on his hands. The muscles in his back were bulging slightly from the position, rolling under the skin. He smiled, sliding his free hand up Heero's side. Not an ounce of fat on that frame, and scars aplenty, much like his own body. His hand moved around to the front, seeking out his nipples, and couldn't resist pinching lightly.

Heero jerked under him, then glared sharply over one shoulder. "What are you doing?" he growled at Trowa.

That was a pity. Heero didn't seem to know much of anything about using his body for pleasure. Trowa twisted his fingers inside the other boy. "Am I breaking any rules?"

A few seconds, while Heero's mouth worked and he tried to answer. "... you aren't supposed to voluntarily cause me pain--"

That couldn't have hurt. Heero could set his own leg ; a pinch shouldn't register at all. But if he didn't know how else to interpret it... Trowa switched to rubbing the nipple, rolling the nub more carefully. "I refuse to believe I'm hurting you."

He rubbed a bit more, working his two fingers in Heero's ass, and bit the side of his tongue to hold onto his patience. Another minute or so later, Heero relaxed in acceptance. Trowa pinched lightly once more, checking -- no protest, Heero either was burying the pain too deep for Trowa to notice, or he had decided it wasn't actually painful after all -- then started to slide his hand lower, over Heero's stomach. He found Heero's cock, and worked him into full arousal.

Heero started to push into Trowa's hand. Trowa smirked, and pressed another finger into Heero while the other boy was distracted. His long fingers found the telltale nub deep inside. Heero jerked and choked on a moan, nearly falling forward. Wide blue eyes stared wildly at Trowa over Heero's shoulder. The unmistakable surprise there startled a chuckle out of Trowa.

"I'm going to make sure you like this," Trowa explained quietly.

Heero frowned. "I can masturbate. I don't need help," he grumbled, failing to sound truly annoyed. "I don't need to like this. Don't waste your time," he persisted.

"Mmm..." Trowa wasn't sure Heero would quite comprehend a preference for mutual pleasure... which, come to think of it, wouldn't be pleasant for any of them, once Heero's week was over. "Well, if you do, then maybe you'll return the favor when it's my turn."

The confusion faded from Heero's eyes.

x x x x x x

"Then maybe you'll return the favor when it's my turn."

Oh. That made sense. Yes, it was very logical. Heero didn't mind going without any personal satisfaction, but Trowa would probably prefer to enjoy being taken. Well then... If it was a trade, everything was okay. No debts. No weakness. Trowa could keep masturbating him.

Of course, when Heero decided that he didn't mind, Trowa pulled his hand away. He would have protested but just then he felt Trowa's fingers brush against his ass, and then his thumbs spreading him wide. He lowered his head, his shoulders tensing a bit against his will. Why was he going so slowly? This almost qualified as psychological warfare.

He braced himself as he finally felt the head of Trowa's cock push past his entrance, remembering how wildly Wufei had pounded inside him. But of course his teammate didn't speed up.

"Fuck... you're so tight..." Trowa whispered as he kept pulling out then in, barely head-fucking him.

Heero hissed softly. It made him feel weird every time the crown of Trowa's head pushed past his entrance, just to pull out again, strangely aware. After a while he started to shiver.

Would Trowa NEVER push deeper?

A light touch against his entrance distracted Heero. What was that? It wasn't Trowa's cock; this was something else, something slimmer and smaller. A finger? Trowa was... doing something completely incomprehensible again, just touching the ring of Heero's muscles around his own cock. The additional touch was sending strange tingling through the muscles, originating from the spot of pressure between the fingertip and the pressing motion of Trowa's cock.

"Do you like that?" Trowa murmured. "You want me deeper? I want to hear you..." Heero groaned deep in his throat obediently, and Trowa's other hand slid around to grab his cock.

Heero jerked forward, thrusting into Trowa's calloused hand, accidentally letting Trowa's cock slip free entirely. Trowa's grip tightened, and he thrust back into Heero with a low moan, deeper than before. "Put your head down," he instructed, a bit short of breath. Heero obeyed again, folding his arms in the grass and setting his head down on them.

"Ohh... yeah... just like that..." Trowa groaned, pushing fully in. Heero bit down on his reactive grunt, and did it again when Trowa pulled back and shoved in again, and again, and again as he built up to a steady, easy pace. Soon he was driving his cock the full length into Heero's body, his balls slapping lightly against Heero's ass on each inward thrust.

Heero decided to stop swallowing his grunts. Trowa didn't seem to care if he made sounds or not, and since they were not pained sounds, exactly, it wasn't like showing a weakness.

At this moment, Trowa thrust harder, brushing Heero's prostate as he stroked him in time with the movement of their bodies. Heero couldn't help but cry out, jumping against Trowa. He had a second to think that the bastard seemed to enjoy wrenching away every illusion of control Heero managed to give himself, and then the weird, pleasurable shock was coursing through his body again and he stopped caring.

Suddenly he was finding his body brought to a state of arousal he had rarely reached by himself. He tried to control his breathing, but he couldn't quite manage it. Yes, a part of his brain commented dryly, he was getting the reason as to why sex with someone else was more satisfying than masturbation. And now he was blushing. Fuck; when was the last time THAT had happened? He pressed his forehead against his arms, hoping to hide the way his cheeks were heating up.

Trowa leaned a little over Heero, more of his body touching him. "Yes... oh fuck yes... so good..." He let his other hand drop to fondle Heero's balls, so that both his hands were working on Heero as he moved into him.

Heero wanted to tell himself it was just the position that brought blood to his head, but he couldn't deny the flashes of pleasure running through him with each thrust, each unexpected caress.

... Trowa had such long fingers... his hands were almost narrow, but his skin was rough, his grip strong. Heero felt so vulnera-- so disadvantaged in his hold...

Suddenly, Trowa shuddered against his back, moaning. He lost his rhythm as he slowed down, slumping over Heero more. "Oh god..." he whimpered softly, panting in Heero's ear.

The blue-eyed pilot blinked as he felt warm wetness flood him, then Trowa softening inside him. 'Oh hell. Again?' he thought, disgruntled. That was twice that they got him all hard and tingly and then came before he did. Now he definitely would have to masturbate later.

Slowly, Trowa straightened up, sitting on his heels. He wrapped one arm around Heero's waist, pulling him up so that Heero's back was against his chest. Startled, Heero tensed up.

"You thought I was gonna leave you like this?" he commented, still panting, rubbing his thumb over the head of his cock slowly.

Heero looked at Trowa over his shoulder, surprised. Why did he even bother?

The green-eyed boy pressed his hips against Heero, his hand speeding up. "Not quite fair, if you ask me... Besides.... I want to watch..." he added in a whisper. His breath was hot on Heero's neck.

'Watch--?!' Heero had a split second to think, before Trowa's tongue slid along the ridge of his ear.

Heero realized that his eyes were closed and wondered when that happened, but it wasn't more than a fleeting thought. . His body moved on its own -- Trowa was going too slowly--he closed both hands around his to make him speed up-- and he forgot anything but pleasure.

x x x x x x

"Besides... I want to watch..." Trowa murmured. He wanted that blank incomprehension out of Heero's eyes, out of his body language. He wanted Heero to forget the idea that he didn't need to enjoy it.

Well, and he wanted to watch.

He slid his tongue along Heero's ear -- the soft curve conveniently close to his mouth -- began pumping Heero's cock firmly with one hand, and Heero gasped and gave in. Finally. His hands curved around Trowa's on his cock, gripping almost painfully, and his head lolled back on Trowa's shoulder. His eyes had closed, Trowa noticed, before Heero started rocking desperately in his lap. Trowa caught Heero's torso with his free arm, pressing Heero to himself before the other boy could rock right off his lap. He pinched one of Heero's nipples again, and that was all it took.

Heero arched in Trowa's arms, gasping in shock as his cock spurted in their combined hands. Trowa held on as Heero slumped against his chest, breathing hard and oblivious to his position. After a few seconds, Heero stirred, letting go of his grip on his cock and Trowa's hand and pressing forward. Trowa let Heero go, a faint groan escaping him as his softened cock slid from Heero's body.

As Heero crawled off Trowa's lap, Trowa brought his semen-wet fingers up to his mouth, tasting the white liquid. Heero twisted to face Trowa, and blinked. "Why are you licking that?"

Trowa shrugged with one shoulder. "Wanted to see how you taste."

And... the blank incomprehension was back. Oh well. It had been gone for a little bit. "Why?" Heero asked, already lifting his own hand curiously. He took a cautious lick, and startled another chuckle out of Trowa as his nose wrinkled in distaste. "That's disgusting."

"You think so?" Trowa asked, amused, as Heero got to his feet. Trowa felt a certain satisfaction when he saw that Heero's legs were slightly wobbly. He followed the pilot of Wing in standing, hitching his jeans up smoothly.

"It tastes vile," Heero said flatly. "I don't care whether you actually like it or not, but I can't understand why."

Trowa rolled his eyes. "You think that's bad, but you're ok with us fucking you..." Wait, why had Heero tasted it, if he thought--? "You mean to tell me you've never tasted yourself?" he asked, as the Wing pilot bent to pick up his tank top.

Heero blinked up at him. "No. What for?"

"You weren't curious?"

"No." Heero tugged his tank top back on, and gave Trowa a long, indecipherable look. "I don't care that you all fuck me. You know why it's necessary that we have actual intercourse, and I won't stay on the receiving side forever. But you didn't need to make me orgasm. And I don't see why tasting my semen or yours would make this any more satisfying," he added, visibly puzzled, as he picked up his shorts. He peered at them, but didn't put them on; most likely for the same reason that he'd kicked them off after Wufei had finished with him. He would need to rinse up again...

"Have it your way, then," Trowa commented dryly, his voice muffled by the shirt he was pulling over his head.

"I wasn't judging, Trowa. I just don't understand. You know that my social development is somewhat lacking," he added, rolling his eyes derisively.

His legs weren't very steady, and he still felt warm from knees to belly, a deep, satisfied, fulfilled feeling. He did like it, but it made it difficult to walk, he reflected sarcastically.

Trowa sighed as he helpfully held Heero's arm to steady him. " This isn't what I'd consider normal, so I'm not sure you would have picked it up anyway," he commented in a faintly teasing tone.

"...oh. So you consider yourself a sexual deviant?" Heero retorted as Trowa helped him back to the faucet.

"I don't know..." the green-eyed boy hedged uncertainly. He didn't mind the question, exactly, though he would've been shocked if anyone had asked him such a thing mere days ago. But he'd had sex with Heero, and the question wasn't entirely unexpected. He just wasn't quite sure how to answer honestly.

Heero stared at him for a few seconds, then kept thinking out loud, making himself take as much of an innocent expression as he could. "... kinky maybe. You like to watch too. That's considered a kink, isn't it?" Ha, now Trowa was blushing. It was amusing to embarrass him, usually so unflappable, even if Heero had to seem even more naive than he actually was.

"It is..." Trowa replied with a sigh as he turned the water on. "I guess I am.... I just didn't think about it like that. They are kinks, I suppose. But then most everything is by someone's standards."


Trowa angled his hand in the stream, splashing cold water onto Heero's thighs. Heero's hands closed bruisingly on his wrists.

"What are you doing?"

Trowa offered a tiny smirk. "Maybe I like to watch this, too." Heero's frown didn't fade. "Seriously, it's just less trouble if I help. Bend your knees and clench your butt cheeks, unless you WANT water up your ass."

The frown remained, but Heero let go of Trowa's wrists. Trowa finished rinsing the leaking semen from Heero's upper thighs and higher, then quickly checked for split skin. He didn't find any, so he turned the water off and helped Heero straighten up again. "You okay?"

"Yeah." Heero turned the water on again and rinsed his stomach, clenching his teeth as a few drops of the unheated water rolled down to his groin.

Heero turned the water faucet off and put his spandex shorts back on. His skin was wet and they stuck to him, but he had nothing else to wear. He turned toward Trowa, now all business again. Trowa had to have come to the hangars for a reason. "Do you need help with Heavyarms?"

Trowa gave him a small smirk that meant 'as if'. "No thanks" was all he said out loud, though, mercifully keeping his sarcasm in check.

"Then I'll return to Wing," Heero replied with a terse nod. "Later, Barton."

And with that, he walked off, forcing his mind back on soldiering methods.

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