Heero's Week

Duo's turn

+ Wednesday afternoon +

Quatre stayed in bed for ten minutes more after Heero picked up his clothes and left. He heard the shower start and checked the clock, wondering if it really was worth getting up. He still felt mellow, and-- well, not quite happy, but content. Peaceful, a little.

Heero was content and at peace too. Quatre could feel it inside, right where Rashid and his father and Iria and all his important people were. It could have been sad, because the emotion had a small, unused tint, as if Heero was experiencing that state of being for the first time in a long while, but instead Quatre chose to be glad.

And, okay, maybe a bit smug.

Just a little, though.

He got up, cleaned himself with a Kleenex and started hunting for his clothes. There was no one in the kitchen, or the living room. He made a note in passing to replace the table, or at least throw the old one out. The two halves of it were still propped against the wall from where Heero had put them after breaking it in two the day Quatre made his proposition. Unsurprisingly, it made him feel even more smug. His idea worked! ... well, it worked for him, at least.

He decided to hunt his teammates down. He'd been concerned about his meeting the previous evening and hadn't thought to check on Trowa, and Wufei hadn't deigned to eat with them.

He entered the kitchen, checking on the state of dinner. It was Duo's turn to take care of the meal, which probably meant he had gotten pizza or opened a can or something-- ahh. Mexican takeout. Well, there was plenty and he was hungry, so it was fine. Still, no one here. He pushed the door of the kitchen open, wondering where they were, and heard Wufei's voice just behind the corner of the house.

"What's going on?" he asked cheerily.

He received a dark look from Trowa and a shrug from Wufei, followed by a nod toward-- oh Allah; Trowa's bike.

"Tile fell off the roof," the green-eyed man informed him curtly. Quatre grimaced, feeling guilty.

"Ah... Is it serious?"

Trowa straightened up, cleaning his hands with a rag. "Just a dent," he replied with a weary sigh. "But it's blocking the wheel."

"And the paint job," Duo commented, swinging his legs lazily. He was sitting on the little fence around the abandoned vegetable patch and watching Trowa tinker with his motorbike with interest. "Hey, Quat, What's with the face? What did you do?"

The blond pilot blushed a little as they all looked at him. Then Trowa's eyes narrowed as he swept them over Quatre's body, and his mouth stretched into a smirk.

"Who did you do?"

There was a second of stillness as the three boys assimilated the significant change to the question and came to the conclusion that it only had one possible reply. Then Quatre turned purplish-red, Wufei started to splutter indignantly and Duo almost fell over the fence, losing his balance.


Barton was still wiping his hands clean, totally neutral except for the faint smirk still lingering on his lips.

"Just asking."

"Well don't!" Wufei snarled, fists tight in anger. Trowa didn't seem to recognize the inherent threat in his enraged expression, or if he did, he didn't care.

"Huh. Pity you seem to be the only one it didn't work for, Chang," he commented calmly, kicking the stand and starting to push the heavy bike along the wall. Quatre wondered why Trowa was assuming that Wufei had ... well. It was visible by how embarrassed and stiff he acted that he still found the idea of having sex with another boy just as distasteful as before. Maybe it was a subtle Trowa-way to insinuate that if he hadn't, he should do it fast or something.

"Maxwell, a hand?" Trowa had trouble steering, the twisted metal rubbing against the wheel.

Still looking out of balance, Duo jumped off the fence and went to help him drag his bike, but he was frowning. Quatre would have wondered why, but he was too busy trying to stop blushing.

"So, Quatre, did you have a good time?" Trowa commented casually, a mischievous glint dancing in his eyes. The blond felt his cheeks blush once again. From the corner of his eye, he noticed Wufei stiffening.

"Well... Rather, yes," he managed to answer. His education hadn't prepared him to talk of sexual matters that casually; it made him feel weirdly guilty, as if his eldest sisters were about to burst past the corner of the house and berate him like a ten-year-old for such a gross lack of manners. "By the way... Sorry for your bike," he made himself apologize; he didn't want to wait too long or Trowa would think he had been trying to hide his responsibility. "I'll pay for anything you need to repair it, I promise."

Trowa stopped moving and stared at him. "Sorry? What do you mean, sorry?"

Quatre felt himself blush and resisted the temptation to squirm guiltily. "I was on the roof earlier."

"And you kicked a tile down?"

"Yes -- well, not me, but it was my fault ... I'm sorry."

"Then who--" Trowa stopped talking and stared at him even harder, as if he could read his thoughts.

Wufei blinked. "What were you doing on the roof that would dislodge t-- "

"Who, Wufei. Who was he doing on the roof?" Trowa replied patiently, still staring, but with a smirk slowly stretching his lips.

Duo gaped. "Waitwaitwait. On the ROOF?"

"We weren't -- we didn't-- we didn't STAY there!" Quatre was spluttering, wishing heartily that the earth would open up and swallow him.

"Too much information," Wufei snapped. He stomped past them, cheeks, neck and forehead a deep crimson, and slammed the kitchen door shut after himself.

"You'd think he was a virgin," Trowa commented, shaking his head.

"Maybe he's just not as dirty-minded as you, Tro," Duo commented, eyeing him speculatively. "That's a bit of a surprise, by the way."

Trowa smirked and didn't reply. Duo sighed loudly. "And here I thought you were a nice, quiet young man... Way to mess with my mind."

Quatre stifled a snicker as he followed them around the house to open the garage door for them. Through the kitchen door he could see Wufei setting the table, his cheeks still reddened in embarrassment and his back stiff in anger.

"We rarely relaxed much around each other before," Trowa commented casually as he pushed the bike inside the garage, still helped by Duo.

That was true; they hadn't known each other that long and when they met, it was usually in tense combat situations. When they had to share safehouses, it was usually between two crises and felt like making male tigers cohabitate in a tiny cage. Quatre kept trying to make small talk, but apart from Duo, the others rarely chatted back. And they were all so competitive...

"And when you relax, you go pervy?" Duo shot back, rather snarkily.

Trowa shrugged with one shoulder, in his irritating I-can't-be-bothered-to-shrug-with-both-for-you way. "I grew up with mercenaries, Maxwell. You expect me to joke about bunnies and daisies?"

Duo gave him a nasty look. "Stop calling me Maxwell. Who are you, Wufei?"

"No, the stick up my ass is always temporary. Pity."

Duo and Quatre both gaped at Trowa, who, still as inexpressive as always, was calmly checking on his bike a last time. Quatre couldn't contain his shocked laughter in time, and Duo joined him a second later, relaxing finally. Trowa straightened up and looked at them, shrugging yet again.

"I didn't know if you would mind the use of your first name. It's not as if we're friends."

Duo hesitated, then looked away, his voice softening. "I don't mind. Maxwell is Father."

It was just three words, but as friendly as Duo was, Quatre couldn't remember him ever sharing something so personal before.


Heero was in the kitchen with Wufei when Duo, Trowa and Quatre came in. Well, it would have been more truthful to forget the "with". Heero was in the kitchen, and Wufei was in the kitchen, but seeing the way Wufei was scowling as he checked on the food, he visibly wished nothing more than to be elsewhere. As for Heero, he was sitting at the table already, staring at nothing in a slightly vacant way, and didn't even appear to be aware that he wasn't alone. On anyone else, Duo would have called the expression 'woolgathering', or even 'daydreaming'. Quatre must be a god in bed, he thought with equal amusement and dismay.

"Hey... Food should be ready by now, right?" he asked, a smile on his lips. He hoped no one but him could see the awkwardness, but man, he sure could feel it.

"Yes," Wufei growled, and almost slammed one of the containers on the table. Quatre cringed discretely as he took place at Heero's side. Duo was still up checking on the rest of the food, so he couldn't protest when Trowa stole his usual seat, facing Heero.

But then he wasn't really sure he wanted to be facing Heero today.

"Takeout again?" Trowa commented as he served himself.

"Yeah, well, sorry I don't know how to cook," Duo groused. He refrained from actually getting angry; Trowa didn't know how to cook that much better than him, and Quatre was fearsome in the kitchen. In the "if we could use this as a weapon we'd win the war" sense.

Wufei sat at the end of the table, and started digging into his food, radiating 'don't talk to me' vibes. Duo resisted the urge to scowl at him. What a prick. Everyone in this room had issues, but none of the others wore them like they'd be stark naked otherwise. And of course, no need to ask to know Chang Wufei's all important opinion on such an improper thing as public nudity.

Duo made a note to go streaking in the hangar once, just to see his face.

Beside him, Quatre was filling Heero's plate, admonishing him gently to eat more. Heero looked bemused, but accepted the food without a word. Duo tried not to stare at the interaction, and tried even harder not to imagine what their interlude had been like. Given Quatre's usually gentle attitude, he had trouble imagining him as dominating Heero, and Heero was so uncaring he just couldn't see him initiating a sexual encounter. But seeing the neutral -- not unfriendly, or scowling by pure reflex, but for once utterly neutral -- expression on Heero's face, and the embarrassed smile on Quatre's lips -- well, something had happened. Something that didn't involve pain or humiliation, as he had feared.

On the roof, really. Who would have thought that of Q-man? He chuckled to himself, banishing his dark thoughts. The others would wonder if he went grim during a meal; not that he laughed and joked quite as much as they all seemed to think he did -- if he did, there wouldn't be any time left to breathe -- but regular meals always put him in a good mood.

And knowing that Quatre, at least, didn't consider Heero like a bitch, good for nothing but spreading his legs, put him in an even better mood. Duo had seen too many of those during his days on the streets; young girls and boys whose only way to survive was to let anyone who wanted it use their bodies in exchange for protection. Not that he thought Heero had become less competent just from accepting to get fucked by the rest of them, but somehow it didn't matter ; when anyone sold their bodies, they seemed to drop to the bottom of the pecking order and any skill not regarding their abilities in bed was disregarded.

Just what Wufei was doing, really. Well, Duo wasn't sure yet if that violent distaste the Chinese pilot was displaying was due to simple homophobia or if he really considered that Heero was now worthy of nothing but contempt, but in either case, it pissed Duo off. Heero was his. Well, not in any sexual or sentimental sense, but Duo had found him, saved his ass, taken him home. Heero was so socially inept, so wary, he reminded Duo of some of the kids Solo had brought into the gang. So yeah, he felt kind of responsible, even though he knew they were the same age and Heero didn't really need any sort of protection or guidance. They were friends, or at least he was Heero's friend, and while that wasn't the same kind of easygoing, sunny friendship as the one he was building with Quatre, he still looked out for his friends.

Wufei, so far, was definitely not a friend. Stupid prick. Duo spared him a mocking glare, but the Chinese pilot was still pretending that he was alone in the kitchen.

Maybe Trowa could actually be a friend, he reflected with some surprise as he remembered the dry sarcasm. Man, discovering that Clown Boy did possess a sense of humor had been a total surprise. But he wasn't sure he liked the interest Trowa had shown for dirty details, and wouldn't be sure until he understood why Bang-boy had been so curious. He gave him a measuring glance, and was startled to discover that while he'd been lost in thought, Trowa had engaged Heero in a discussion about gyro repairs. Quatre joined in a few times, and his input was appreciated, but it was obvious that Trowa was seeking Heero's input more. And not in a condescending way, or in a 'trying-to-get-in-your-pants' way, but just... casually. From one mechanic to another.

But Duo was a much better mechanic than either of them, and it was time to stop brooding and remind them both of that little fact.


Maybe there was something to bragging about his skills, Duo reflected bemusedly as he followed Trowa to the hangar. The last thing he'd expected was an invitation to give a hand with his precious bike. Well, Trowa probably only needed someone to lift the thing, but still, it was kind of cool, if unexpected.

If that was the difference between normal-Trowa and just-got-laid-Trowa, then maybe the arrangement wasn't such a bad idea.

+ + + + +

+ Wednesday Night -- or Thursday Morning +

Even as tired as he was, Heero had been trained too extensively not to wake up when his bedroom door opened. His inner clock informed him that it was almost three AM. His hand tightened on the gun under his pillow.


Duo was at the door, playing with his braid nervously. The Japanese pilot sighed quietly and let go of his weapon.

"I just wanted-- sorry to wake you up, buddy..."

No need to guess what he wanted so late at night. Since he didn't seem inclined to make the first step, Heero lifted the edge of the sheet covering him in invitation, and a few seconds later the American was sliding in the bed at his side. He was only wearing boxers and his socks; they brushed briefly against Heero's bare feet.

They watched each other in the darkness for a few seconds, lying on their sides face to face, the sheet spread over them both like a tent, only their knees brushing. Duo was breathing a bit fast, Heero noticed, but he couldn't say if it was arousal or nervousness. It was weird; Duo certainly didn't sound shy when he was talking about sex, and he was not one to brag with no reason. He did brag about his skills or his Gundam, but after all, he was a fairly competent thief and pilot, and a vicious fighter; he'd earned the right to remind people of that fact. Heero didn't understand what his problem with the arrangement was.

"What took you so long?" he asked quietly.

"... I wasn't sure-- I had to think things out. If you remember I was against it," Duo replied, scowling.

"Then why are you going along with it now?" he asked, bemused.

Duo sighed. "'cause it was a group decision, and I'll be damned if I don't get laid at all and you all go around with goofy well-fucked faces on."

Heero felt himself smile. The mental picture was amusing.

"Are you okay with this?"

Heero blinked, surprised. Duo sounded -- worried. "Of course I'm okay with this. I wouldn't have proposed to take the first week otherwise. It's for the--"

"Don't you dare tell me it's for the good of the team or some shit like that, Heero Yuy. That's not what I'm asking."

"Then what are you asking?" Heero asked, still in his quiet, non confrontational voice. Duo was edgy about something, and as long as Heero didn't know what the issue was, he didn't want to alienate him uselessly. Duo sounded like he seriously needed to unburden himself.

"I'm asking-- you, as a person-- if you had the choice... Would you still let us use you like that?"

The way he said 'use', as if it was something dirty... As if Heero didn't get anything out of the arrangement... Now Heero understood his problem a lot better.

"Actually, it feels kind of good," he commented calmly.


"To be fucked. With sufficient preparation, it feels good," he said, matter-of-fact.

"...It--uh. Oh."

It was weirdly entertaining to hear someone blush. "...So, no, I don't mind."

"Oh. Good. I mean-- I didn't want you to hate us forever-- I know it's not supposed to only get us off..."

Heero arched an eyebrow. "It isn't?" he asked, amused.

Duo snorted. "You're not the only one who knows 'bout psychology, 'Ro. So what if I didn't get to read my lessons in a book? This is supposed to get us to be closer as a team, and you know what, it's already working. Tro's letting me work on his bike, and I've seen how Quatre was around you. And well, Wufei's still a prick but Quatre has the patience to deal with him now. But it wouldn't be of much use if the four of us are all buddy-buddy and you hate our guts, right? You're part of the team too."

Heero smirked, knowing that there was just enough light to let Duo see. "True. This also serves the purpose of creating bonds between all of us and reinforcing a feeling of closeness. But it isn't like I'll bottom all the time."

Duo squirmed nervously, as if trying to find a comfortable position.

"Ow! What the--" he grumbled suddenly, searching under the pillow. Heero closed his hand around his wrist by reflex.

"Fuck me as often as you want, but leave my gun alone."

The braided boy grumbled. "Who sleeps with a gun under his pillow?!"

"Who sleeps with knives in his socks?"

"...Touché. Uhm, so... It doesn't bother you at all then?"

Heero decided to let Duo believe that he had managed to hide the fact that bottoming made him nervous.

"No. It doesn't bother me. You know I don't have that sort of hang-up. I get a little sore, but it isn't as if I have anything to do that requires moving. I get to feel really good. I get to help my teammates. ... It relaxes me too."

There was a minute of silence, as if Duo was translating and interpreting what he'd said. "... So... S'all good then, I guess."

Heero nodded patiently.

The second after that he had Duo's tongue down his throat.

His eyes widened, and he may have gasped, he wasn't sure. It was hard to tell, what with his mouth being invaded and all. It was wet and slick and hungry, and there were teeth nibbling at his lips in between two sweeps of the tongue that was so thoroughly mapping the inside of his mouth. He thought about how disturbingly easy it would be to bite down, then about how much it tickled when the tip of Duo's tongue brushed against his palate just so, and then he wondered how it was that he could feel Duo's path, even when it was his teeth that the other was licking at.

It was so weird to be breathing the same air. He was glad he'd brushed his teeth. Duo's toothpaste tasted of mint. That was a kiss. A French kiss. None of the others had kissed him on the mouth like that. It was a bit weird. Duo had sharp hipbones, though not as sharp as Trowa's. Maybe Duo was trying to crawl inside him tongue first.

He grunted softly, a reminder to Duo that he wasn't going to run away and there was no need to hurry. The other boy replied with his own groan, but it tasted a lot more of desire than of acknowledgement.

It was a little weird when Duo rolled on top of him, mouth still plastered to his own. He wasn't that heavy, though not as bony as Trowa, but he definitely didn't have one ounce of baby fat to his name, which made him less comfy than Quatre. It also made him feel a lot more solid than the others... though part of that might be that none of them had sprawled on top of Heero like that. He was buried in his mattress, tangled up in the blankets, at Duo's mercy.

And right now, Duo was having fun, even though Heero was just a little bit uneasy.

Heero sighed quietly as Duo nuzzled and licked his neck. It felt kind of interesting, kind of ticklish. But it was hard to get into it when Duo seemed to be quite happy to amuse himself with his body and didn't appear to require his active participation.

"Hey, what's with the sigh?" Duo chuckled, both hands up his shirt. "Am I boring you? You better speak up and tell me, then."

Heero shook his head and tugged on the blankets. "Can't move," he explained curtly.

"Ah -- sorry," Duo apologized sheepishly as he rolled on the side.

Heero relaxed. Duo was still leaning a little over him, but not enough to utterly trap him either since he'd left Heero the side away from the wall. He moved a little underneath Duo, trying to kick the blankets off the bed, not wanting to get tangled up again. It made them rub against each other a little, and Duo tensed slightly, apparently surprised. It was so awkward, Heero almost groaned. Frankly, beds were overrated.

Duo's hand was free to roam, and roam it did. Duo's calluses felt weird, barely brushing against his skin, sort of scratchy-shivery. Sometimes the hand hesitated in places, and never put any real pressure behind the caresses. Maybe Duo wasn't sure Heero didn't mind. Heero stopped swallowing his sighs, even letting a few soft, barely-there moans escape. He felt a little silly-- the others had pulled any noise he'd made out of him; not restraining them at all made him feel like he was faking, as if he belonged in a porn movie.

Duo's touch grew bolder, more curious, exploring his inner thighs, the underside of his arms, his throat, and slowly Heero's unease decreased. Up until the caresses stopped, with no reason he could guess. He blinked up, trying to see Duo in the dark.

"... 'Ro... Touch me?"

Heero tensed and moved to push himself up on his elbows, startled.

"Uhh, it's not that the little noises you make aren't hot, but the way you just lay there, my ego's kinda getting bruised... what, like my bod's not sexy enough for you?"

Now he was babbling, which, Heero knew, happened when he was nervous or embarrassed. It may have been due to the lack of response, but Heero was still too busy thinking. Duo had seemed content enough to explore and fondle him -- and he was dominant in the encounter. Somehow Heero had associated receptiveness with passiveness. Apparently, that wasn't Duo's opinion.

And while he was thinking on his side, Duo was doing the same. "...Oh. Uh. Gotcha. You'd rather I be done quick, right? Sorry..."

Apparently they weren't coming to the same conclusions. "I didn't say that -- Duo, I don't mind touching you."

Now Duo sounded hurt, disappointed. "I don't want you to not mind it, I want you to want it! Sorry, but..." He shook his head and sat up, leaning toward the end of the bed.

Duo was about to leave. Heero didn't want him to leave. So he grabbed his ass, pressing their hips together.

"Does it feel like I don't want it?"

Duo whimpered, and hardened noticeably against him. Heero waited, letting a satisfied smirk bloom on his lips. Right. It was Duo. Why had he been so reluctant to try anything? Even if he did something wrong, it wasn't as if Duo was going to get angry and tie him to the bed just to make sure Heero wouldn't dare try again.

"Uhhh. I guess not. Uhm. Cool." Duo pushed himself up a little, glancing between them. It was too dark under the sheet to see anything, though. "Can I turn on a light? I want to -- that is, I'd like to... see."

Heero frowned. He liked the darkness, and knowing that Duo actually wanted to stare at that part of him made him oddly self-conscious. But one of them was going to have to compromise, and he could do without total darkness. He reached toward the bedside table wordlessly, finding his target just where he'd left it.

Duo started to laugh when the laptop started booting up and the password screen appeared, bathing the room in a muted green glow. He refused to explain why, though, only shaking his head as he snickered. Heero nudged him, annoyed. There was no way he'd turn on the ceiling light, and not only because his blinds were wide open.

"If you're finished, maybe we can get on with it," he groused, poking Duo in the ribs sharply.

"Ow! Jesus, no sense of humor in you. Do you do anything without your trusty laptop in reach?" Duo asked before nipping at his chest. Heero could feel Duo's lips, still stretched into a wide grin, and the faint shaking in his shoulders as he refrained from laughing.

"I shower."

"You mean it doesn't wait for you on the towel rack? Has all the love gone out of your relationship? Does it not take care of all your physical needs?"

"If you don't get on with it, I'll show you why a laptop and a person aren't considered physically compatible in the first place."

Still giggling insanely, Duo started kissing his chest and belly all over. It tickled. Heero grunted, annoyed. Duo blew a raspberry on his stomach.

"Yip! What the hell?!"

"Ohh, are you ticklish?"

Heero turned his head away and crossed his arms on his chest firmly. "Of course not. You just startled me -- I don't need you to drool on me, I'm going to end up covered in enough of your body fluids as it is."

Duo made a funny sound, halfway between a laugh and a whimper. Something warm and soft slapped against Heero's hip.

Huh. He hadn't expected that reaction. What had he said to set that off...?

"... You want to see me covered in your body fluids, I take it?" he asked idly, as he trailed a finger up the big vein on Duo's erection. "What would you like more? Your semen all over my groin? My ass? Maybe on my lips--MMPH!!"

Well, teasing Duo had some interesting results. It wasn't getting hard to breathe per se; Duo was devouring his mouth, not his nose. But when Duo finally pulled away, his tongue flicking quickly over Heero's damp, swollen lips, he was out of breath anyway. There was something about the way Duo hadn't left even one inch of his mouth unexplored, the way his tongue had thrust back and forth between Heero's lips...

"Inside you. I want to come inside you."

Then he attacked Heero's neck. He was on top of him once again, but this time Heero found it hard to find time to mind. Duo was rubbing against him, hands and teeth and tongue pressing against his skin possessively. Heero reached out, closing his hands on Duo's shoulders. It felt less overwhelming when he had a way to push him back, and he relaxed a little, his mind catching up with his body to start actively enjoying the assault.

It was... intense. In fact, it bordered on frantic. Heero tried to talk -- was kissed until he moaned, had to kiss back just to keep from being totally invaded -- tried to talk again, gasped as teeth nibbled on his neck, as fingers pinched his nipples, as two powerful thighs closed around his leg-- humping, it was called humping, and for Heero it had always sounded a lot more ridiculous than what was happening now.

"Duo-- Duo, stop!"

The order needed a second to register, but when it did, Duo froze, all at once, all tense muscles and harsh panting as he braced himself over Heero. "What?!" he whined, his hips twitching against Heero's.

"Do you want to come inside me, or all over me? This -- I'm not running away. You can slow down."

Even in the green glow of his laptop's screen, he could see Duo's cheeks darken in embarrassment. He rubbed Duo's shoulders, awkwardly; he hadn't intended to make him feel bad about the way he was leading things. Hell, he was still breathless and almost painfully aroused, it was proof that it wasn't so bad.

"... I want you inside me," he muttered, feeling embarrassed also. "I -- hell, Duo," he groaned, arching under him to rub their bellies -- and erections -- together. "You're not going to waste that, are you?"

Duo groaned and their mouths collided once again.

"I want-- Heero--"

Heero pushed Duo off him roughly and twisted half off the bed to reach the half-empty tube of lube, resting at the foot of the bedside table. Duo's hand cupped his ass, squeezing and stroking, and he almost let the tube go as he narrowly missed the table with his head. He straightened up, squirmed back on the bed -- Duo didn't seem disposed to let go of his left butt cheek, so he didn't turn around -- and unscrewed the top.

"Duo -- do you want...?" he thought to ask, presenting the tube to him over his side. Duo blinked at it dazedly, as if he couldn't quite remember what it was used for, then blinked and shook his head. Heero couldn't identify his expression.

"Do it yourself. Let me see."

Heero prepared himself. He knew how to by now; he knew the telltale signs that he was ready to be stretched a little bit more. The angle was awkward, especially since he had to spread his legs and angle his lips in a slightly uncomfortable position to let Duo see what was happening. But the feel of his own fingers inside himself, coupled with the knowledge that soon he would be penetrated by something else...

He finished quickly, stretching on his front and turning his head to see Duo, tossing his head to chase the bangs stuck to his forehead. Maxwell was sitting cross-legged against the wall, fisting his own erection slowly as he watched him. It was a very angry red and leaking precum. That was one intercourse session that wouldn't last long, but Heero didn't care about how long it would last, he wanted it to start, NOW.

"What are you waiting for?" he asked, spreading his knees. Duo whimpered, and his hand tightened around the base of his cock.

"I -- turn around. On your front." Duo's tongue flicked out to lick at a sweat drop on his upper lip as he leaned over Heero.

Heero flipped over, growling. He wanted sex now, damn it, why wasn't Duo pouncing yet? He reached out, grabbed his braid, and pulled Duo down on top of him. Duo's hands went to his inner thighs, spreading his legs and lifting them -- Heero wound them around his hips, trying to find the right angle -- and then Duo pushed inside him, spreading, stretching his flesh. Heero thought that he should have prepared himself a little bit more for all of two seconds, and then Duo started to move.

More or less expecting being taken from behind, Heero had been dubious at first, but obviously, the position had advantages. Amongst others, the ability to let them kiss as they fucked, to let Heero run his hands over Duo's sides, to let him wind his legs around Duo to brace himself, to pull him in deeper, harder.

It couldn't last long. It didn't. Duo pounded inside him a few last times, then slumped bonelessly on top of him, panting in his ear. Heero grunted and tightened his legs to prevent him from withdrawing right away as he slipped a hand between them and jerked himself off quickly, awkwardly, while he still felt the weird, warm tingle that being penetrated gave him.

"Hnn... stop movin'..." Duo protested as Heero arched briefly under him, shooting his semen between their bodies. Duo's cock, now spent, slipped out of him, and Heero relaxed back on the bed slowly, still panting.

Duo was an eager partner, Heero reflected; not as forceful as Wufei had been, but a lot more enthusiastic than Quatre and Trowa.

He was also the kind who couldn't stay awake for a minute after he reached his orgasm.

Heero rolled his eyes, amused somehow, and squirmed slightly to get the dead weight on top of him to settle more comfortably. He was strong enough to bear Duo's weight easily, and braid-boy visibly needed his rest after all the exertion, he didn't want to wake him up by kicking him out of his bed. It didn't feel that bad either, to have that warm, living blanket draped over him.

Heero blinked as he assessed the shift in his way of thinking. Only Quatre had stayed close after sex, and none had kept on touching him; and he was startled to notice that somehow not having to deal with cold and loss of contact right away made the afterglow better. After a few minutes of drowsy thinking, he decided that it was okay if he enjoyed holding Duo. It didn't really change his dislike of touch outside of sex. This was still an extension of the sexual experience; he was probably meant to enjoy it.

'Yes,' he decided. 'I'll let him sleep here because he's tired and it still feels good. When it stops feeling good, I'll kick him off me.'

He was still waiting for the warm contentment to fade when he fell asleep.

[Quatre's Turn] [Chapter 5]