2x4 requested by animeprincess ("fluff/smut, and a sort of "when the boyfriends are away, the ukes will play" sort of deal.")


Everyone thinks Quatre is so sweet and gentle. Everyone thinks it translates into tender and romantic. Into shy. Submissive.

Sometimes Duo wonders what everyone is smoking.

Quatre is sweet and gentle, because no one ever thinks to fight back against kindness and affection. But underneath the velvet glove is a fist of pure Gundanium.

The only reason he takes it up the ass is because he wants it that way. A good thing Duo doesn't mind giving it to him. Because Trowa -- strong, silent, manly Trowa -- is even more of a bottom boy than his blond boyfriend. And Heero is a control freak who lets Duo top maybe thrice a year. Quatre loves Trowa, and Duo loves Heero, but a guy's got needs, you know.

So they swap. That's a good arrangement. Trowa and Heero can have their strong-and-silent screwing, and Quatre and Duo can have their fun, kinky tumbles.

Besides, there's nothing hotter than trying his very best to make Quatre's control break, even though he knows all too well that it is exactly what the blond manipulator wants.

Grinning, he allows himself to be baited, and pounces. They roll on the bed, and they laugh, and they moan. Quatre scratches his back, and bites him when Duo doesn't thrust hard enough. He tastes salty with sweat, with a hint of musk and incense.

Sweet, him? Hardly.

Duo likes him better that way.