Two Knights

For Meanne77

Tea Time

Time has softened some of Dorothy's bite... or, actually, made some things unacceptable targets, though the rest is still fair game. Relena's straight-laced behavior and, apparently, peculiar innocence, are in the second camp.

"Honestly, a little scandal wouldn't hurt. People might like you even more, somehow. You're staid like the youngest old maid ever. Couldn't you take up smoking?"

Relena gives her friend a demure look (mostly to tease her) and is about to answer when Heero walks in through the open door. Duo is on his heels. Duo's Sank Royal Guard uniform jacket is thrown over his shoulder casually; Heero wears his open; they both wear white button-up shirts underneath and knee-high riding boots over the tight uniform pants. Dorothy is busy taking them in with her eyebrows arched up, so Relena allows herself a faint, appreciative smile.

"Hello, Duo, Heero. I trust you do remember my friend Dorothy?"

Heero nods blandly as he makes his way across the carpet.

Duo gives Dorothy a sardonic little grin. Dorothy mirrors it. Relena has the faint thought that they're going to either get along like a house on fire or leave her capital city a smoking crater. ... They might leave it in ruins regardless, come to think of it.

"So how was the fitting?" Relena asks Heero as he reaches her armchair and props his hand on the back of it. Heero shrugs.

"We survived," he says, which does not sound promising, and then he leans in and brushes a soft hello kiss on her lips. Relena's smile turns sweeter, she can't help it, which probably ought to make her feel as if she should take more lessons in schooling her expression. Especially before Dorothy, who is watching them with avid eyes and a delighted, mildly evil smirk.

"Oho. Are congratulations in order, then?" she purrs, and eyes Relena like she thinks this solves their previous conversation nicely.

Duo steps up to the order side of Relena's chair and nudges her chin so she turns to him, and he kisses her too. "Hi babe," he whispers, smiling against her lips, and nips her playfully. He straightens up. "And sure, congrats are always in order."

Relena lifts her coffee cup and takes the most demure sip she possibly can.

It doesn't take Dorothy long to bounce back, but then again it never does; that she allows Relena to see her sheer bewilderment for as long as she does is, she knows, a mark of trust.

"So this is why you've been pushing for legalized polyamorous marriage," she says eventually, soft and veiled -- thinking Dorothy, plotting Dorothy, not teasing and playful anymore. She knows the seriousness of it. "You want my help on a media spin."

"... I do want your considerable expertise with the press, yes, but not for me," Relena replies softly. "As per Sank laws, the reigning monarch is allowed several spouses regardless. But it would not be fair to get married when my subjects could not."

Dorothy stares at her for a long, long time before she shifts her attention onto Heero and Duo, still standing guard at her shoulders, patient and steady. Relena doesn't need to look to know the quiet determination on Heero's face, the faint, I dare you smile on Duo's.

Their noblemen's Sank uniforms, telling the world, those are my people, my supports, mine.

"It'll be an uphill battle," Dorothy says, and takes a sip of her own coffee, one hand holding the saucer underneath, picture-perfect. "It'll likely take years."

"We know. We have faith in you."

"... I better get to be your bridesmaid for this," Dorothy drawls, and then she smiles. "But if you put me in pink I will have to hurt you."