Hogwarts Strawberries

Apparently, some people like this story. O.o How weird. It's cute, but not one of my best works. Rewriting it from a chat log makes it sound very awkward in places. n.n;;;
Thanks to Sera-chan for playing Duo! ^__^

Chapter 7

--History of Magic--

For once, Heero was glad to have the boring, absent-minded Binns as a teacher. It had been a week since Wufei left the infirmary and Heero hadn't been able to find a moment to talk to him privately yet. His cousin and friends were always around. They would never let a Slytherin get close, so this was the first time he would have an occasion to talk with his boyfriend.

He sat at his usual place, almost all the way to the back. Duo sat beside him, secretly reading a note between the pages of his history book. Being a sixth year, he wasn't supposed to be there, but he had decided that a) Heero needed moral support and b) Arithmancy was boring.

Heero knew which one had weighted more heavily in his mind.

Duo was chewing on the tip of his quill when he saw Wufei enter, and gave Heero a nudge to warn him. Heero straightened up, and glanced at the black-haired teen shyly, a bit unsure. He had way too long to think during that week and he was now more unsure about their relationship than ever.

The longhaired Slytherin murmured to him. "What're you waiting for, huh?"

Wufei looked toward Heero and smiled briefly-- before frowning as a screwed up ball of paper bounced off his head. Heero gave him a concerned look and it took a few seconds before the words registered. He turned and glared at his friend. "What the fuck do you mean?"

Duo waved his wand casually and made Wufei's seat pull back. "Switch seats for the class. Binns won't notice."

Heero blinked. "... but-- but his friends will..."

"Will what?"

"Notice, idiot. Besides, there's only one free place. Why don't you take his?"

"Hmmm... okay. Anything for you," he added with a wink.

Heero couldn't help but chuckle. Duo stood and grabbed his bag, plopping his butt in Wufei's usual seat just as the Ravenclaw was reaching their row, immediately starting to flirt shamelessly with the person who habitually sat next to Wufei. The innocent bystander looked surprised for a second, then horrified as Duo started making suggestive motions on his wand.

Heero glanced at the black-haired student, nibbling on his lip nervously. He hoped he wouldn't mind the switch... To his relief, Wufei slid into the seat next to Heero casually, not looking bothered in the least, and Heero gave him a falsely indifferent nod. "Chang," he saluted, his voice distant, contradicting his tone by bumping his foot against his under the table.

Wufei smiled at Heero politely as he let his fingers brush his own under the desk. "Yuy."

"How are you doing?" the messy-haired teenager asked in a whisper, squeezing his hand.

"I'm okay."

Heero thought how funny it was that he seemed to forget his doubts when Wufei was close by...

"...I wish people would stop staring at me as though I grew an extra arm or something ..." the Ravenclaw continued dryly.

... When he was close, Heero only saw Wufei... He didn't imagine the beast.

Heero snorted. "It would be cute if you grew a tail, though," he responded, smirking, making the 'cute' sound like the evilest insult.

The Ravenclaw student in front of them suddenly squawked and the lovebirds turned their heads to see Duo lifting up his hands in a "Hey, my hands were SO not on you" motion. Heero couldn't help but snort at his friend's antics. Duo knew that Heero didn't want to be noticed and was making sure that they wouldn't be by drawing attention to himself.

He kept on pestering his neighbor for a while as Wufei and Heero played quietly with each other's fingers, then rather brusquely, his hand shot in the air. "But Professor Binns! How would the trolls BREED?"

Heero relaxed as he saw Wufei smile a real, honestly amused smile.

"I mean, to have half-trolls, a person would have to have sex with a troll, and I certainly wouldn't want to do it!"

The whole class burst into laughter.

"I ... I have to spend a few more nights in the hospital wing," whispered Wufei, "but Dumbledore is creating a room for me--kind of attached to the Ravenclaw tower. So we can talk properly there."

"Oh?" the messy-haired one asked, frowning thoughtfully. "Going through your common room?" he asked, already planning ways to get in discretely. Everyone knew the passwords to the Hufflepuff common room, but the others were better protected.

Wufei shook his head. "I don't know yet," he replied, sighing.

"You'll tell me? I need to plan my infiltration route."

Wufei nodded. "If worst comes to worse I can leave a window open and Mei's broom in a bush."

"So she found it?" Heero asked with a smirk.

Wufei nodded, still playing with Heero's fingers. "I helped her look but we found it."

Suddenly, Duo's voice resonated loudly in the room, falsely outraged. "I don't need to sleep with trolls!"

Heero snorted at his friend's antics and kicked his chair. The braided student yelped and glared at his friend.

"You know, if you deny it too long and too loudly..." the messy-haired teenager drawled.

Duo threw a quill at him. Heero threw it back, but Duo ducked. "I don't need anything besides what I have," the braided one protested loudly.

"Like your hands? Sure, troll hands would be way too big, but yours fits just fine..."

"Hey! That's an insult, Yuy! Especially since you've taken your hands back," he added with a smirk, looking at Heero's hands pointedly. One of them was still under the desk, in Wufei's.

"You hardly needed both of them."

Wufei was shaking with silent, barely restrained laughter, and Heero felt his smirk widen in triumph. Mission: Getting Wufei To Have Some Fun seemed to be working fine so far.

"You forget how impressive I am."

A few heads in the room nodded in agreement.

"Oh yeah, impressively small," Heero snorted, but he couldn't help but feel that he shouldn't have said that. Maybe Wufei didn't like him talking about what he had been to Duo in too many details.

His suspicion was confirmed when Wufei opened his mouth. "I think that's a little too much information. Some of us are trying to learn here," he added, his tone a bit disapproving. Heero couldn't help but wince.

Wufei squeezed Heero's hand to show he didn't really mind, and the shorthaired boy gave him a relieved look. Duo was still in smartass mode, though. "Don't Ravenclaws like to learn new things?" he asked, looking innocent. "I can teach you a thing or three."

Kicking Duo's chair discretely, Heero shrugged and turned to Wufei casually. "You'll have learned that Maxwell has a big mouth and a small dick."

Duo squacked. "Traitor, Yuy!"

Wufei couldn't help but laugh. Everyone was now looking their way.

"And after I taught you so much," the braided boy sighed. Heero looked dubious.

"Like how not to laugh at my partner's performance?"

Duo was ready to answer back when Professor Binns did something that he had done once in ten years-- he stopped his lesson.

"Please do get out of the classroom until you have calmed down," he told them, in the same droning voice he had used for... well, everything else.

"But Professor Binns! You didn't teach us about the trolls!"

The Slytherin shook his head and pulled on Duo's braid to make him shut up. "What are you complaining about?" he whispered.

Wufei was already picking up his bag, sighing. He had trouble feeling honestly annoyed, though. It was good to be able to laugh that freely, and he could always get someone else's notes later. It wasn't as if Binns had taken House points off.

Duo slung his bag over his shoulder and kissed his neighbor on the cheek. "See ya at lunch!" he threw with a wink, to the great horror of the poor Ravenclaw.

Heero nudged Wufei out of the row so that he could get out, scowling. "Move your fat arse, Chang."

The braided one sauntered out of the room, and Heero followed, not seeming to pay attention to Wufei, who, after shrugging helplessly at his classmates, finally moved out of the room.

As soon as the door closed, Wufei grabbed Heero's hand and Duo leaned against the wall of the hallway. "So... are we going to skeeve off class?" the braided boy asked, not seeming to notice the gesture.

Heero flushed a little, feeling a bit weird from being under Duo's eyes, but interlaced their fingers anyway.

"...Or should I leave you two lovebirds alone?"

Heero flushed more. "Duo!"

"Binn's class is three hours long. I'm sure you two can put the time to good use," he suggested, waggling his eyebrows.

Heero rolled his eyes. "I don't know," he answered sarcastically. "Wufei, do you want to ravish me in a dark corner?"



"... pervert."

Duo chuckled, entertained. Heero sighed heavily. "Why must I attract sex addicts?" he muttered to no one in particular.

"You're calling HIM a pervert? Your standards have dropped, Heero," the older Slytherin commented, giving him a commiserating pat on his shoulder. Heero grimaced at him.

"I have some leftover candy from my visitors...If you want you could come back to the hospital wing and share it with me," Wufei proposed.

The shorthaired boy couldn't help but leer. "Attracting me with candy?"

"He likes chocolate covered cherries," Duo piped up.

Wufei smiled at him, a bit unsure. He did like Duo, from what he'd seen, but the other boy was such a big part in Heero's life, he couldn't help but worry over whether Duo liked him. "Thank you. I'm sure that will be useful," he said politely.

"Any time."

"Do--do you want to come as well?" he proposed softly, not wanting to exclude him.

Heero groaned. "Don't ever ask him that..."

Right on cue, the longhaired Slytherin gave him an once-over and smirked. "I'd certainly love to come with you..."

Heero reached out and pulled on Duo's braid.

"OW!! Dammit Heero! You're so mean to me!"

"Mine! Hands off," Heero growled, pulling Wufei close possessively.

Duo laughed. "I know, Heero. I'll leave the coming to my own lovers."

Wufei smiled at his boyfriend's possessiveness, slipping an arm around him. "I've missed you ..." he admitted in a whisper.

"I think this is my cue to leave," Duo quipped with a grin.

Heero flushed darkly, glaring at Duo, and kissed Wufei possessively. He forgot about Duo fast--he had not known how much he'd missed Wufei's mouth. Wufei kissed him back happily, absently waving goodbye to Duo.

"Um--that dark corner?" he mumbled, his lips against the shorthaired teen's. Heero maneuvered them to the dark corner, refusing to let more than a few inches come between their mouths.

Behind them, Duo grinned and made his way to the Quidditch pitch, totally ignored.

Wufei held Heero, just enjoying being with him. He let the Slytherin press him against the wall and kiss him deeply, hungrily. Feeling his enthusiasm, his possessiveness... it was almost enough to forget his fears.

"... mine," Heero whispered as he started on his neck, delighting in Wufei's sudden shiver. "... missed you-- wanted to come and see you, but your friends are guarding you like rabid dogs...!" he added, still dropping kisses all over his neck.

Wufei sighed, winding his arms around Heero's neck. "Well, I guess they have reason--"

"Reasons, reasons," Heero grumbled. "I couldn't even step closer than twenty meters before I got glared back. Like everyone else, I might add."

"Well most students haven't been as ... understanding as you."

They sighed in unison.

"I understand, seriously. It's good that you have friends willing to protect you. It was just annoying."

"Tell me about it. I've wanted to talk to you so much I--" He faltered, forced himself to speak again, but it was only a whisper. "I guess when I'm apart from you I get scared--"

Heero blinked. "Scared of what?"

The Ravenclaw tucked strands of his hair behind one ear nervously. Heero's eyes followed his hand. That gesture was just so elegant, so... Wufei.

"I keep thinking that you're going to change your mind--that you're going to see a monster like everyone else... They're scared of me, you know. The Hufflepuff students just about fell off their chairs when I walked into Herbology today."

"Are you calling me a Hufflepuff? I'm not scared of you! Why should I be?" growled Heero.

"...You're not?"

"Apart from three nights in the months, you're just Wufei. I could kick your ass if I wanted," he shrugged, sticking his tongue out.

Wufei managed a weak smile that fell fast. "... I'm scared," he admitted quietly, wiping a hand across suddenly wet eyes. "I don't know... " He hugged Heero tightly suddenly, catching him by surprise.

His surprise turned to mild panic when he felt something wet slide down his neck. He couldn't let Wufei cry in public!

"Oh, hell..." he groaned, looking around for somewhere safe to hide-- then pulled Wufei toward a little door he could have sworn wasn't there a second ago. He didn't know where that went, but there was something that unnerved him about letting Wufei look vulnerable out in the open, even though almost everyone was in class.

Sniffling, Wufei went with Heero, mumbling excuses.

There was a large and snug-looking couch and a fireplace in the cozy little room. It felt comfortable, calming. The perfect room. Heero closed the door behind them and guided his boyfriend to the couch.

"... It's -- okay. I understand," he assured him softly, even though he wanted so badly to run away.

Wufei wiped his eyes. "I'm okay, really. I just ... things are changing so fast, you know?"

Heero rubbed Wufei's back soothingly. He felt almost physically uneasy around crying people and he had no clue how to comfort someone, but he was pretty sure that physical touch could help ...from what he'd observed from afar, the rare times he didn't flee as soon as he spied tears.

Wufei was clinging to Heero, still sniffling a bit. "I'm okay. I ... I'm sorry."

Heero rubbed his back gently, the gesture coming a bit more easily this time. "... It's okay... I don't mind. It's not easy for you..."

Wufei stayed silent. He couldn't help but remember when Heero said why he liked him--it was because he stood up for himself, not because he burst into tears on him.

"... you don't have to be strong all the time," Heero ventured blindly not a second after. "If you tried, you'd probably explode."

Wufei wiped his face, slightly comforted. "It's not easy for you either."

Heero snorted. "I don't see how it compares."

Wufei smiled a little.

"Did you tell Duo?"

"Tell Duo what?" he replied, puzzled. "Oh-- that you're a werewolf now? No need, he did the math himself." He made a face. "He asked to tell him if I notice a significant difference in your... cough Oh, hell, you know Duo. He wants to know if you shag me like an animal now," he finished with an awkward little smile. "He doesn't mean it in a bad way!!" he added, afraid that he had said something stupid.

Wufei snorted, amused. "That sounds like him. I don't mind, I'd rather that than people staring or whispering behind my back."

Heero nuzzled Wufei's cheek. "It isn't Duo's style. A most unusual Slytherin you won't find. ... Well, like he can talk about my choice of boyfriends anyway. He's having an affair with the Weasley twins. At the same time," he added, making a face.

Wufei's eyes bulged. "Both? But--"

Heero smirked. "I think he just ravished one thinking he was the other and they decided to share. It's just sex, mostly."


"... well, that's what he told me..." he added, thoughtful.

Wufei rested his head against Heero's shoulder, mostly to hide his expression, but also to invite Heero play with his hair, an invitation he took gladly. "You think they're really having sex?"

Heero grimaced. "If you saw the way Duo walks when he comes back, you wouldn't ask."

"Oh." Wufei was a little pink and flustered, but trying not to be... though it wasn't that easy.

Heero played with Wufei's hair more, hoping that he was feeling better but not wanting to ask. His boyfriend smiled at him, patting his cheek. "Thank you for cheering me up."

Heero flushed a little, then leaned toward him and kissed him quickly. Wufei grinned as he kissed back. "I think I missed this most of all--"

The Slytherin smirked back and straddled Wufei's lap. "Yeah, I kinda missed you too."

Wufei slipped his hands under Heero's cloak, not wasting any time, then pulled Heero's head down to lick his neck, caressing his bare skin as he did. Heero shivered--it seemed a lot more intimate than anything they had done before, even though he knew it wasn't true. He probably felt so because it had never happened that fast before... Not that he truly minded, he decided. He made a soft, contented sound and pressed against Wufei, who was still gently exploring his neck.

"... Fei..."

Wufei purred in response, sucking at Heero's neck. Heero shivered. They were alone in a room with a large, comfortable couch and the other students were in class for two hours-- he chewed on his own lip, feeling his pants get a little too tight.

"You seem distracted," the Ravenclaw commented, still caressing Heero's sides.

"... No. If anything, I'm probably thinking about the situation too much," the Slytherin replied with an embarrassed grimace.

"The situation?"

"You, me, a closed room, fluffy cushions, two hours and a half to kill..." Heero explained with a low laugh.

Wufei blinked then grinned ferally, pressing up against Heero. "Oooh. You want to do more than just kiss?"

Heero hesitated just a second before nodding. "... I think I might want more, indeed." Just how much, that was what he wasn't sure of.

"Really?" Wufei breathed against his neck before licking it.

Heero moaned softly in response. Yesterday he doubted about whether to keep on going out with Wufei, and now they were making out-- Duo's question came back to his mind and he blushed.

Wufei nibbled on Heero's neck gently, sighing happily when his boyfriend kissed him again, pulling at his shirt. He arched against him when the Slytherin started to unbutton it, and pushed Heero's own shirt up to lick at his chest eagerly.

"... Wufei..." Heero's voice was weirdly shy. Wufei pulled back a little to look at him --he had never heard that tone from his boyfriend before and it was... appealing. But Heero was nibbling on his lip, looking nervous, maybe even scared, and that wasn't appealing at all. He let Heero's shirt fall, covering his chest again.



Wufei kissed his nose, making him go crosseyed, and then laughed at him. Heero would have been angry if he hadn't then rested his hands around his neck and cuddled.

"You okay with this?"

Heero nuzzled him and closed his eyes. "Yeah... just a little nervous," he admitted in a soft voice.

"Nervous?" Wufei asked, a little apprehensive... Was it because he was a were? "I--I wouldn't hurt you ever, you know that--"

Heero blinked. "It's not for that, idiot!!" he protested, glaring at him. "You're a moron. I don't care that you turn furry three days a month, ok?

"Then what is there to be nervous about?"

"I just... we never went that far before," Heero replied quietly, nuzzling his cheek.

"Oh... It's okay, isn't it? I mean, you know I like you and everything--and you can tell me to stop. Besides, I said we could do more than just kiss--that's not to say we have to do everything. And if you don't kiss me, I'm going to keep babbling."

Heero laughed, and then kissed him hard and deep, all shyness disappearing.

Wufei kissed him back with relief, losing himself in the kiss. It felt so good to be with Heero... He tentatively stroked his bare skin again, nibbling at his neck. He considered this a success when Heero shivered and pressed closer, his hands caressing Wufei's back.

"Thank you," the Ravenclaw whispered, drawing on the skin at the small of his boyfriend's back.

"Mmm... thanks for what?" the Slytherin asked, rubbing against him lazily.

Wufei's eyes fluttered closed in pleasure. "For being here--for being you..."

Heero felt a fist tightening around his heart for a second and hugged Wufei tight in response. "Yeah, I'm here. And I'm not leaving," he assured him quietly, as he realized that somewhere along the way, he had made his decision.

Wufei smiled and hugged back-- but he couldn't help but feel a little guilty though. Was it really fair of him to let Heero get involved in this whole mess?

"Now are we making out or playing shrink?"

Wufei smiled to soften his words. "Well actually ... This might be a good place to stop making out. I mean ... I'm not going to be able to stop soon if we keep going," he added, highly embarrassed.

Heero gave him a disappointed look. "You mean we have two hours and a couch and we're not going to use them? Oh, damn," he grumbled. But Wufei seemed serious, so he gracefully accepted to slide off his lap to sit down at his side, not insisting that they keep going.

Wufei leaned against him a little, glad that he hadn't pushed. "Two hours now ... and a couch in a room with an open window and an unlocked door?"

"We can lock the door," Heero retorted, but he didn't start again. He just pushed Wufei back against the couch and leaned against him, resting his head on his shoulder --he must have leaned too hard because they ended up lying down, but neither one protested. Wufei rested his own head against Heero's and cuddled back, before tilting Heero's head up to look at him.

"I ... I really like you ..."

Heero flushed and avoided his eyes for a second, but made himself meet them again. "... good..."

"...but there are so many things I want to be sure of before I do anything like that with you," the Ravenclaw continued in a rush.

"..I'd feel weird if I was the only one-- ... yeah, I understand."

"Lycanthropy's a virus transmitted by biting right?"

Heero nodded cautiously, not sure of what Wufei wanted to hear. "Yeah, but Professor Snape told me that its effects were only present during the full moon... You can bite me at any other time," he added with a chuckle.

Wufei nodded. "Professor Dumbledore didn't seem to think there would be a problem with uh ... kissing and stuff. But I want to check first."

"Wait-- you ASKED?"

"Well, how else am I supposed to find out?" the black-haired teen replied defensively. "My mother was asking questions about it too--she was worried it'd be like HIV or something, so I wasn't the only one interested."

Heero gaped. Asking Dumbledore sex questions seemed even more embarrassing than getting the birds and bees talk from his father. "... uh... what did he say?" he asked, squirming.

"Professor Dumbledore said that far too little research had been done on the subject and that if more people were willing to approach it from the scientific perspective, more progress might be made in abandoning the prejudices surrounding weres. And that he believed that it was safe as long as I didn't bite you enough to draw blood, but that he hoped we'd remember the school rules."

Heero blinked. "School rules? Waitaminut--me? You told him-- what did you tell him exactly?"

Wufei turned pink. "I didn't say anything..."

Heero groaned, letting his head fall on Wufei's shoulder. "He already knew," he muttered.

"But he said, 'by the way, you might want to tell that Slytherin boyfriend of yours that stinging nettle was not considered an appropriate gift and it was confiscated before it got to me'. You didn't have to get me flowers, you know."

Heero turned bright red. "Who said I did... Damn that old meddling bastard."

Wufei smiled, hugging Heero, and felt him relax slowly. It was nice for a few minutes, but then he felt his awareness of a problem kick in and started to squirm. "Um--I might want to sit up now."

"No," Heero replied stubbornly and stayed on top of Wufei, unmoving.

Wufei squirmed even more uncomfortably-- his trousers were starting to feel a little too tight. "Heero..."


"Let me up," he asked, a bit more sternly. His boyfriend sighed and sat up. Wufei was highly embarrassed. He didn't want to admit why he wanted to sit up. Thankful, he squirmed away, rearranging his robes hastily.

Heero wondered for a second why he was being so careful with his robes, then smirked when he understood.

"You have an unusually thick wand," he commented innocently.

Wufei choked, and the Slytherin gave him a teasing smirk. "...if that's what was in your pocket."

He looked around the room innocently, pretending not to see Wufei's suspicious glare.

"Never seen this room before. What do you think it is? Staff room? It isn't a waiting room or an antechamber, it goes nowhere," he asked in a very blatant change of subject.

Wufei was glad to seize it. "Maybe it used to serve a purpose way back when there were more wizards."

Heero smirked. "Like available makeout space, you think?"

"Yes, I'm sure that's exactly the use the four founders had in mind for this place," the Ravenclaw retorted dryly.

"Well, they were human too. I'm sure they had urges."

Wufei smiled a little, a smile that widened when Heero kissed his cheek quickly, and started to play with his hand.

"... Are you feeling better now?" asked Heero, hesitant.

Wufei nodded, knowing that he wasn't thinking of his small problem of a few minutes ago. "Talking to you has helped so much. Even for a Slytherin. ...You know, I was thinking ... Weres are supposed to eat babies too, right? Does this make me an honorary Slytherin?"

Heero grinned. "You'd probably be one if you weren't so damn smart," he replied, and then grimaced. "Who am I kidding? You'd be a Gryffindor. You're too honorable to make a good Slytherin, baby, sorry," he added with a chuckle and nuzzled his cheek.

"Well, damn," the black-haired boy grumbled as he put an arm around Heero. "Is it true that Duo could have been in Gryffindor?"

"I don't see why that's surprising. Did you notice how much he acts like the Weasley twins? And they're Gryffs."

"Yeah ..."

"He told me that the hat was a little lost because he was devious and ambitious enough to be in Slytherin but also noble, open and courageous like a Gryffindor."

Wufei nodded slowly. "He really helped us today-- I hope he didn't think I was ungrateful."

"Oh, no, don't worry. ... He would never drop me just because I'm in trouble and might bring him down with me," Heero commented with a chuckle. "Plus he likes to stir up trouble."

"Like someone else I know," the Ravenclaw commented before kissing Heero. "I'm feeling a lot better now. You want to go get that candy?"


Heero took his hand and pulled him out, taking the lead once again. Neither one noticed the door disappearing behind them.

"You think Madam Pomfrey will ask what we're doing out of class? You could always pretend to feel unwell..." he added with a sidelong glance.

"I got tired and you're taking me back to the hospital wing to make sure I'm okay--" Wufei said at the same time, interrupting himself with a laugh. "Great minds."

They walked down the corridors, slowing down.

"We don't need to arrive too soon. She would make me go back..."

"How about I sneak in and get some candy and come back?"

Heero smirked. "That work. But we'll get in trouble later," he added, feeling obligated to point it out for his partner in crime.

"We will? Binns will already have forgotten he sent us out...And if Madame Pomfrey doesn't see us..."

Heero thought it. It wasn't a 100% thing but he was willing to take the risk. "Probably," he agreed. "Finally you might have made it in the house of the Serpent," he added, amused.

Wufei smirked, and slipped into the hospital ward to grab the candy. He returned a few minutes later, looking far too pleased with himself. Heero nodded in approval.

"Now let's find someplace to hide before Filch finds us," he commented quietly, looking around for the Caretaker.

"The Owlery?" Wufei suggested. "The owls always know when Mrs Norris is coming ..."

Wufei just stopped himself from taking Heero's hand again--he didn't want to be too needy. Which was a moot point since Heero took his to guide him through the corridors, though he knew the road just as well.

"We need to come up with a way to get around my guard dogs."

"Your friends? If you present me to your owl, maybe it will accept messages from me...

"You've met my owl--he stole your toast."

"Yes, but not officially. If you don't tell him it's okay, maybe he won't let me use him."

Wufei looked thoughtful. "We can do that, but ... I ... was thinking that the direct route would probably be best. To deal with my friends."

Heero blinked.

"I ... I dunno. I want to tell them--but I don't know if I can handle their reaction on top of everything else at the moment. And I don't know how you feel about it.."

He saw Heero fidget a little and concluded that the Slytherin wasn't really comfortable with their relationship being made public.

"You'd probably get picked on lots, right?" he asked, his tone understanding. "Well, picked on is an understatement for Slytherins isn't it?"

"Well-- it will attract more attention, sure, but-- Malfoy knows. Better tell people ourselves than having people learn through his rumors."

"He does?" Wufei repeated, startled.

Heero sighed, annoyed. "I don't know how, but he figured it out. Not that it was so hard for him to guess-- for someone like him, you only hang out with someone out of our House for two reasons-- to make business partners or to fuck them."

"What about spreading malicious rumours? Doesn't he have to associate with other students for that?"

"That's business. Or preparation to business anyway."

"Ah. Business must be going well then," Wufei replied dryly. "Anyway... a preemptive strike might be good. He'd probably make it sound bad--like you were taking advantage of me or something. As if I were not fully capable of corrupting you," the Ravenclaw continued, perfectly serious.

Heero rolled his eyes, amused. "I think at first you should only tell the friends you trust most," he advised. "What everyone else thinks doesn't really matter, but you don't want them to learn something like you dating a Slytherin boy from the rumor mill. Especially since you just got bitten. They'd probably think I'm trying to get you to join the Dark Lord."

Wufei rolled his eyes, but didn't comment. Prejudiced people would be stupid enough to believe that, no matter what they said or did.

They walked out of the castle to follow a short path to the Owlery, still holding hands casually.

"You know," said Wufei quietly, "I'm so glad I have you."

Heero flushed. "... ah? Well of course. I'm so great," he replied, trying to sound vain to hide his light blush.

Wufei pretended not to have seen. "My friends mean well ... but they're driving me mad."

"What do they do?"

"They're so careful all the time--you know, 'don't say anything about the were thing, you'll upset Wufei'..."

Heero snorted. He'd hate to be tiptoed around like that, and he understood Wufei's frustration all too well.

"And the Ravenclaws only talk about studying and the Gryffindors don't get my jokes. But I can be myself around you."

"Well, too bad if you get upset. You're going to have to deal with it anyway, may as well be now," Heero commented, his casually indifferent tone denied by the tightening of his hand around Wufei's. "No one else would react well to you talking of eating babies, is that it? When will people stop this stupid over-sensitivity and realize that they are nummy, dammit?"

"About the same time Slytherin wins the House Cup," Wufei teased him, smirking.

Heero growled. "We so can win the House Cup!!"

He had to punch Wufei's shoulder to teach him not to laugh. The House Cup wasn't a laughing matter!

They walked in the Owlery and looked around, but neither could find Wufei's owl amongst the sleepy birds resting.

"Damn. I guess the introductions will have to wait."

Heero shrugged, not really heartbroken over that matter. "It's okay. Your owl is a pest anyway."

Wufei paused in front of the empty perch. "Is not," he protested halfheartedly.

"Is so. He stole my damn toast."

"He went to the Ministry," Wufei informed him absently, staring down at nothing.

Heero blinked, startled by the change of mood. "What?"

"... I don't know whether I should be relieved or not that he hasn't come back yet--the Ministry of Magic? There are some papers I need to fill out for the registry and to determine whether I can keep my wand."

"I understood, but why-- WHAT? Why would they take away your wand?" the Slytherin demanded, horrified, closing his hand tightly on his own wand.

"Of course, they can't prevent me from being a wizard since I was studying magic before I was bitten. But if I had been bitten before I came to Hogwarts..."

The Slytherin stared at him, wide-eyed. "... But Professor Lupin -- I was under the impression that he was younger than that before he was bitten..."

"He was a special case. Professor Dumbledore got special permission--and they were able to keep it hidden. 'Don't ask, don't tell' still worked. Now the laws are different and he would have to jump through a hundred legal loops to accept another werewolf kid. I--they're not going to keep this hidden." Wufei was aware that he was rambling, and that his explanation was probably not very clear, but he couldn't make himself sort everything out calmly.

" That's fucking unfair!! Dumbledore wouldn't let them kick you out," Heero replied angrily.

"Professor Dumbledore said that he's not letting a talented pupil like me go. So I'm not worried. But--there's a lot of fuss."

"Why would they -- do that?! Take away your wand... " He whispered, shuddering. No way was he letting anyone take his. He was a wizard -- WUFEI was a wizard, and they had no right to do that!

"They're not going to," the Ravenclaw reassured him. "But--I guess wizards don't trust magic they don't understand or can't control. And you can see why. A lot of Dark Creatures sided with You--You Know Who."

Heero growled. "Don't try to rationalize this. They have no business preventing you from doing magic. You're normal most of the month. And maybe they went to the Dark Lord because the so-called Light wizards treat them like shit and refuse them decent jobs in the first place!!"

Wufei winced, watching Heero pacing angrily enough to disturb the owls. He was not looking forward to the future...

He sat down on a perch. "Heero, it's okay."

"No it's not," the Slytherin retorted, seething.

"I have to sign a few forms, and go on a register. It's not like they're taking away my wand--Dumbledore won't let them."

Heero relaxed. He didn't trust Dumbledore, but one thing to be said about the old geezer was that he stood by his proteges with determination. "... yeah..." he agreed softly.

He went to stand in front of his boyfriend. He was petting one of the school owls, and Heero hesitated a second before continuing the conversation. "... Professor Snape told me to be wary of you."

Wufei blinked owlishly, surprised by the change of subject, then looked down. "Oh ... guess I should have expected that."

"He... thinks I should not get involved with a werewolf. But then he hated Lupin, so it isn't surprising that he wouldn't want his students associating with werewolves."

"Do you think he hated Lupin because he was a werewolf? Or because of something else?" Wufei asked, concentrating on Snape's problem with Lupin to stop thinking about the problem Snape had with him. He was Heero's Head of House, and while Wufei couldn't comprehend how such an unfair, bitter, prejudiced man could get any respect and loyalty from his students --that was probably a Slytherin thing-- lots of Slytherins would defend him just as harshly as he favored them... And he didn't know how much influence Professor Snape had on Heero's decisions. He didn't want to find out the hard way.

Heero frowned, thoughtful. "I don't know-- I thought it was because he had gotten the DADA position at first... But he does talk of werewolves in a way--"

"Do you remember the time he subbed for Lupin? Did he lecture you guys on werewolves as well?"

Heero nodded, puzzled by the mystery.

"I thought at the time it sounded like he'd experienced them personally..." Wufei said thoughtfully. "You know, Snape was probably around for the wars--maybe he fought against them then and..."

"Well, I don't know if he hated Lupin because of him being a werewolf or if he hates werewolves because of Lupin, but..." Heero shrugged. "They were also students at about the same period."

The Ravenclaw stared at him, surprised. Lupin looked like a weary old man sometimes, but Wufei knew for a fact that he was around thirty-five, maybe thirty-eight, not a lot more. Snape, on the other hand, looked well over forty-five. He put the information away to poke at it later if needed and concluded, "Either way, he hates werewolves."

Heero nodded glumly. "Yep. All that to say that if we're not sitting together next lesson, it won't be because of me."

Wufei sighed. "You know ... logically speaking, he's right."


"It doesn't make sense to build a relationship with someone who three nights a month would happily eat you. And not in a good way. I ... if you ever change your mind, I'll understand."

Heero's eyes narrowed and his voice turned cold. "It isn't with the beast that I'm building a relationship. Women who marry truckers or seamen see their husbands a lot less often than every night but three nights a month. And I'm not stupid enough to come in a place where I know your wolf side is. Sure, I wonder what it looks like, but I'll never be stupid enough to try and see. If anything, I'll probably help you to make the place idiot-proof."

Wufei smiled, putting an arm around Heero. "Thank you." Heero leaned against him, sighing softly in relief. Being considerate of someone else's feelings was so complicated.

"I won't lie and say that it isn't possible that we break up, but if I break up with you, it won't be because you're a werewolf," he assured him quietly.

Wufei didn't know what to say, so he said nothing. Heero looked at his feet for a few seconds, then lifted his head.

"Right... so long as we're there, I should probably send Dad my letter. He's going to wonder if the Squid ate me."

He started to look around for an owl that looked awake enough to carry his mail. Wufei wondered if Heero thought that he hated his brutal honesty, or if he was just embarrassed to be so open. He didn't like not knowing if Heero resented him or not.

"I ... there are only a few people who know how to make the Wolf'sbane potion. It's not taught at Hogwarts--I was wondering ... We have a free choice of a potion to research and make next term."

"Yeah?" the other boy prompted him, glancing at him over his shoulder. He didn't look angry, that was good.

"You want to--if Snape is letting us work together-- I'm sure we'd get top marks for it."

Heero brightened. A project like that would be useful, and would help to get Wufei's mind off other things. "That's a good idea. But the components are rare and they probably cost a lot. I'm not sure he'd let us."

Wufei nodded, discouraged. "That's true ..." he sighed.

"We can always ask," Heero added hastily, feeling bad for dousing his enthusiasm. "Maybe if you suggest it to Dumbledore, he'll push in that direction... I'm sure he'll think that to be able to make it yourself is a good idea. After all, Professor Snape won't always be there."

Wufei nodded again.

"So, you were sending an owl to your Dad? Where does he live?"

"Right now, somewhere in Scotland. In a Wizarding village-- he's the only Muggle," he chuckled.

"What's he doing there then?"

Heero shrugged. "We're living there."

"In Scotland?"

The brown-haired teen nodded. "It's okay, he has a Muggle house, mostly -- why do you find this so amusing?"

Wufei couldn't help but laugh. "We have an apartment in London. We're on the 4th floor of a very trendy apartment block. It's near Mother's work. Completely surrounded by Muggles."

Heero snickered. His step-father was a Muggle living in a Wizarding community, and Wufei's parents were Squibs living with Muggles. It was amusing how their situations were reversed.

"It's been years since I was in a Muggle habitation. I'll have to visit someday."

"That would be cool," Wufei accepted with a smile.

Heero attached his mail to the leg of a tawny owl and they watched it fly away.

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