Second titre

The Astronomy Tower

Wufei was waiting at the bottom of the astronomy tower with a backpack and a couple of textbooks--he wanted this to look at least halfway plausible --when Heero arrived, walking casually toward him. Lost in thought, the Chinese teen didn't see him right away. Smirking, the Slytherin made his steps even more silent as he walked to him.
"Hey, Chang," he called when he was but two steps away.
Wufei started. "Heero!"
Heero sent an amused smirk his way. Wufei grinned, before remembering to tone it down for passers by.
"I was wondering where you were." Some Ravenclaws passed as he added hastily, "Well, we've got a lot of stuff to look at, so we'd better start--"
He led Heero up the tower, away from his Housemates.
"Sorry I was late, I was detained," Heero explained as he followed him up the stairs.
"Not your housemates again?"
"Professor Snape."
Wufei froze for a second. "Snape? Why? Not because-- "
Heero rolled his eyes. "He heard me telling Duo I was going to work on my Potions homework. Of course he knows who my partner is."
Anxious, Wufei reached out to hold Heero's hand. "You think he'll keep us from working together? Did he give you a lecture, or just a warning?"
Heero squeezed Wufei's hand back reassuringly. "He just said he expected the essay to be exceptionally good, since I was spending so much more time on it than my fellow students, and he left. And then I had to explain to Duo why he had told me that," he added with a shrug.
"What--how did Duo react?"
The Slytherin flushed. "He was proud that I was growing up. Moron," he grumbled, embarrassed.
Wufei smiled, squeezing Heero's hand. "He didn't mind that I wasn't Slytherin, then?"
Heero shook his head no, laughing. "He's shagging a Gryff these days."
"Seriously? How on earth are they managing that?"
"Not a clue."
Wufei squeezed Heero's hand again once as they reached the top of the tower.
"I think he likes the challenge the most," Heero said, amused.
"Is that so?" Wufei commented noncommittally when they arrived within earshot of the witch overseeing the use of the tower. The Ravenclaw nodded politely at her and led Heero towards a telescope in a far corner, partially screened from the rest of the tower by a crumbling chimney. A bed of moss and ivy leaves cushioned the corner. There were a few anxious looking 7th years, but they were all studying the orbit of something that could only be seen on the opposite side of the tower.
Heero followed obediently, glad that the folds of their robes hid their joined hands. He didn't want to let go. Wufei's hand fit well in his own.
Wufei put the textbooks down and started pulling a blanket out of his backpack. "Perfect."
Heero smirked faintly at him, amused. "You came prepared, eh?"
Wufei nodded towards the witch on duty. "And Professor Sinistra usually falls asleep too."
Heero snorted. "So underhanded. So Slytherin."
Wufei sat down on the blanket, patting the space beside him. "Merely doing background research, my dear Heero."
The messy-haired boy sat down, his knee touching Wufei's.
"You ever wondered why we're in the houses we're in? I mean, we're not so different--it can't be that one trait is so dominant that it will determine the rest of our lives--and the houses are always fairly evenly split."
"Mm... I think it's also what you want to do with your life. Some Slytherin are in this house because they're ambitious or underhanded, which are Slytherin traits. And a few of the Slytherin are there because they have pure blood, but they could have been elsewhere. But they're expected to be like their parents and live in the high society with its flowery insults and subtle ways of assassinating people, and all that Pureblood bullshit..." he added with a shrug. "So they get placed into Slytherin, because that's the House that will arm them the best for their life."
"I guess--I don't believe it's the big deal its made out to be, that's for sure," Wufei muttered.
"Heh. Duo swears to me the Hat thought about putting him in Gryffindor, but he refused because it would be boring."
Heero nodded. "And that Granger girl, I bet she'd be a good Ravenclaw."
Wufei nodded. "I've often wondered about that. I think she had her mind made up before she took the tests. From reading Hogwarts: A History, no doubt. And there's a rumor that the sorting hat wanted to put Harry Potter in Slytherin--which has to be made up I bet."
Heero shrugged. "Well, they did say he was his heir too, and all sorts of bullshit. I don't really listen to the rumors on Potter, they always sound like they're straight out of one of Skeeter's articles."
Having said all that could be said on the subject, Wufei settled against Heero's shoulder, looking up at the sky.
"Stars are bright, aren't they?"
"It's a pity we're not here for homework. We could do a really neat star chart tonight--"
Heero laughed.
"I like your laugh," Wufei confided, giving him a tiny smile.
Heero flushed. "Oh?"
Shyly, he rested his head against Wufei's.
"Yeah. Some of the time--when, you're being all Slytherin like, I can't figure you out. It makes me uneasy. But when you laugh like that--its like the real you," he added, kissing his cheek softly.
Heero squirmed, embarrassed. "Well, I AM a Slytherin. I mean... I don't act."
"Actually, real you is probably wrong. And I know. I'm just explaining it badly," Wufei said at the same time.
"Um... maybe I force it out more to make you squirm, and-- ah." he stammered, flushing.
Wufei kissed him again for being cute. "By the way, overanalyzing everything seems to be a Ravenclaw trait. So feel free to tell me to quit it."
Heero nibbled playfully on his boyfriend's shoulder. "Quit it."
Wufei chuckled and kissed Heero a little more seriously, wrapping his arms snugly around his shoulders.
"Mmm... I missed you. It's only been what, two days?
Heero smiled. "Long enough. I missed you too. Wish we were in the same dorm..."
Wufei chuckled. "Like there would be any chance of us keeping this secret in the same dorm..." He cuddled against Heero. "How did you and Duo manage?"
"Well, we really were just friends, you know. So we never slipped and no one got suspicious. It was just when we happened to be alone and in the mood. We didn't search for occasions."
Wufei nodded thoughtfully, and Heero slid his arm around his waist to hug him closer.
"I'm not taking time away from your friends, am I?" the Ravenclaw asked.
Heero shook his head. "We're sleeping in the same room and eating at the same table, we have the exact same classes, I think I see them enough."
"Good point."
They cuddled for a moment in silence before Wufei remembered the contents of his pack.
"Oh, you want some snacks? Mei went to Hogsmeade today, I forget why--she had a dentist's appointment, or something. She brought me back stuff from Honeyduke's."
Heero blinked. "You even thought about snacks?"
"Like I said, I did my homework. Here's some butterbeer," he added as he offered Heero a bottle.
"Well," Heero smirked, "she's good for something at least."
"Yeah, Mei can be really sweet sometimes," the Ravenclaw answered, choosing not to respond to the derision in Heero's voice. Sure his cousin was annoying, but she was his cousin.
Heero snorted. "Sometimes.. ha."
"Well, she can," Wufei protested. "She offered to give me her broomstick once--she has a really nice broom, by the way," he added, wanting to show Heero that she had her good sides.
The Slytherin looked dubious, and Wufei sighed.
"...No wait--that was because she broke mine by throwing it at me."
Heero rolled his eyes. "She-- no, I'm not saying anything."
To change the subject, Wufei rummaged through the bag of sweets and passed it to Heero before cuddling close. "So--"
Heero munched on his sweet, eyes half-closed in pleasure, his hand running over Wufei's side gently. The black-haired boy sighed and tilted his head back to watch the stars.
"Just so you know, I'm completely happy right now," the Ravenclaw whispered.
Heero nodded, hugging him briefly.
"Know what you want to do in Hogsmeade?" Wufei asked, idly playing with his boyfriend's fingers.
"... not really, but we'll find something. Or we could even just take a walk together..."
Wufei considered the problem. "...101 ways to make out in Hogwarts might have some suggestions."
Heero blinked. "WHAT?"
"Oh, of course. You're not in Ravenclaw," Wufei exclaimed as he started sorting through the backpack. "You ever heard of a journal exchange?"
The Slytherin rolled his eyes. "Don't tell me..."
Not answering, Wufei handed Heero what was apparently a battered copy of 'A Brief History of magic', tapped it with his wand and said: "Thrill me."
Heero rolled his eyes again, but he couldn't help but smile.
"I don't know who originally started it, but its been handed down from fifth year to fifth year for years," Wufei commented as he gave Heero the book.
Heero looked through the pages, his eyes turning more and more incredulous. "I can't believe this. You made a GUIDE on how to snog at Hogwarts?"
"Well, it's not really how to so much as how to do it and not get caught. Good places to go and all."
The messy-haired boy couldn't help but laugh, and had to put a hand across his own mouth not to attract attention.
"It also has some suggestions for romantic outings, love potions, good gifts if you're broke and even a quick spell incase you've forgotten to bring lube."
Heero fidgeted and avoided Wufei's eyes. "... uhh. I know that one. ...As for love potions, they're strictly forbidden, you know," he added, hoping to change the subject.
"I didn't think you and Duo had got that far? And I know about the potions. I think the reason they were forbidden was this book."
"We didn't. But he taught me the spell anyway," he added with a shrug. "We all know it in Slytherin, from third year at least."
"And you thought I was early..."
"Hey! We learn it just in case! I wasn't saying we used it. ...Well, not all of us," he mumbled.
"Well, its not as if we'll need it. I packed two kinds--" Wufei decided it would be a good idea to shut up.
Heero nuzzled Wufei's cheek, feeling the heated skin betraying his blush.
"Two kinds of?"
"Oh, isn't that Orion!?"
Heero poked Wufei's ribs. "You've begun your sentence, now end it."
Wufei stuck his tongue out. "Make me."
Heero tickled him, and the Ravenclaw doubled up, trying not to laugh and attract attention.
"Tell me..." the Slytherin whispered in his ear, tickling him twice as fast.
Wufei struggled, but to no avail. He couldn't escape Heero's hands. The only result was that his robes were askew and that he was even more out of breath.
"Two kinds of?" Heero asked, forcing Wufei on his back and threatening him with his wriggling fingers.
"Okay. fine. Twokindsoflubenotthatyouneededtoknowthat," he muttered rapidly, his skin pinkish.
Heero blinked owlishly as he translated that, flushed a little when he understood, then leered. "Oh, really."
Wufei nodded reluctantly. "Can I get up now?"
Heero shook his head slowly and leaned on one elbow, hovering over Wufei.
Wufei caught his breath, looking up at Heero who was watching him. "You're my prisoner," he whispered in a soft, but intense voice.
"Complaining that it's typical Slytherin, won't help me will it?" asked Wufei, not sounding as though he was really complaining. He put a hand up to brush Heero's hair back, and Heero kissed his palm, his stormy blue eyes still staring into his own.
Heero leaned down until their noses were brushing, slowly. Wufei was breathless. He didn't move, waiting for Heero's next move.
The Slytherin brushed his lips against Wufei's very slowly, taking his time, and Wufei moaned, surrendering himself entirely to the soft kiss. He was hungry for more of Heero, tried to coax him into deepening the kiss. Heero did deepen it, but not as fast as Wufei wanted it, enjoying being in control.
Wufei moaned again, a mixture of desire and impatience. "Heero..."
Heero chuckled as he finally deepened the kiss, enjoying making Wufei squirm.
"Heero..." he moaned plaintively. Searching for a way to get Heero to hurry up, he brushed Heero's thigh. The Slytherin let himself lean closer, moaning into Wufei's mouth when their chests finally met. He slid his leg over Wufei's thighs in a gentle caress and straddled him, trying not to rest his whole weight on the Ravenclaw.
Wufei's hands slid under Heero's robe to wrap around his shoulders and pull him closer, and Heero made a sound that reminded of a purr.
"So.. lube, eh? My little pervert," he laughed, kissing Wufei's jaw.
Wufei was torn between protesting that and encouraging Heero to kiss him more. He finally settled for tilting his neck back while complaining. "Nothing wrong with being prepared..."
Heero began to drop kisses all over Wufei's neck. "You're horny," he laughed. "We haven't been together that long. Pervert."
Wufei was effectively distracted. "You don't think so?" he managed to ask. "I mean, I agree, it is sudden but the way you kiss me-- I mean, I hardly know what I want-- mmm, do that more."
Heero laughed against Wufei's skin and nibbled on his throat teasingly, very much amused.
"I never felt this way with Ernie, you know," Wufei mused.
Heero chuckled. "So you're horny for me" he answered, making his fingers walk a path down Wufei's chest teasingly.
"I mean, there was no reason to hurry--but with you I want everything at once. I just don't know that I'm ready for it."
"We're not going to do more than make out now and here," Heero answered in a soft voice. "I want more, too, but it's still too soon."
Wufei smiled at Heero tenderly, playing with his hair. "I really like you, you know?" he admitted softly.
Heero smiled back at him. "Now that's good to know," he answered, caressing Wufei's chest through his clothes.
They cuddled in silence for long minutes, Wufei stroking Heero's hair and Heero nuzzling his shoulder and jaw. Heero was happy with it, though his body would have liked more. But Wufei was too important to rush it.
They were both startled out of the intimate mood when a gong sounded loudly.
"It can't be that late--we just got here!" Wufei protested.
Heero cursed. Then, resigning himself to the inevitable, he kissed Wufei a last time before getting up.
"Come on, boyfriend. Best not get a punition again."
Wufei tapped the '101 ways' book with his wand and said "was it good for you?" before putting it away. Heero wanted to laugh at the password and never knew how he managed not to. THAT was a Ravenclaw password?
"I guess I'll see you in Hogsmeade. You want to meet at the Post Office? There should be less people there than in Honeyduke's..." Wufei asked, before noticing Heero's expression and adding, "I didn't think of them."
Heero chuckled. "Of course," he assured him. "I just like you saying them. You sound so naughty," he deadpanned.
Heero took Wufei's hand and pulled him toward the stairs.
"Do you have an owl?" the Ravenclaw asked. Heero shook his head.
"I use the school owls."
"I was just wondering--if you want to get a message to me quickly, mine usually knows where I am. His name is Tolkien. He thinks you fed him, so he likes you."
The Slytherin snorted. "Fed him? He stole my toast!"
"Yeah. He's kind of ... like that," Wufei coughed guiltily. "Scotty swears he ate his Arithmancy homework once. Which is frankly impossible."
They arrived in sight of the witch and Heero quieted his laugh and let go of Wufei's hand regretfully, walking casually past her and down the stairs. There were a few students around and he couldn't risk it.
Wufei followed closely, alternating between happy because this meant he got to look at Heero's butt, and sad because they would be saying goodbye soon. Finally, they arrived at the bottom of the stairs, and exchanged a sad look.
"The weekend seems such a long way away," Wufei sighed, disappointed. Heero nodded. It had gone way too fast. He didn't want it to be finished just yet.
Heero looked right and left, then pulled Wufei in a corner and kissed him silly. Caught by surprise, the other boy couldn't help but squeak, but soon recovered enough to kiss back, passionately. But someone was coming and too soon, they had to pull away.
They exchanged a guilty look, cheeks flushed.
"Um, I don't mind walking you towards the dungeons--we can discuss the project as we do--" Wufei said, trying for casual, and started walking. There were more people about and it was hard to think of safe things to talk about. He settled for discussing Potions, though it was the thing farthest from his mind just now.
They reached the turn for the dungeons too soon, and stopped in front of each other at the door, lost in each other's eyes.
"Well... goodnight," the Slytherin whispered softly, sadly.
Suddenly, Wufei pressed Heero against a wall and kissed him. Surprised, Heero soon abandoned himself to him. The Ravenclaw put his hand on his chest, just over his heart, then drew back to look at his face a moment.
"Sweet dreams..." he whispered, before turning to walk back to the Ravenclaw tower.
"Good night, Wufei..." the Slytherin murmured, nearly to softly to be heard.
Alone finally, Heero went back to his dorm.
"... I' know what I'll dream of."

[Interlude] [The Forbidden Forest]