Hogwarts strawberries

Date in the Dungeon

--History of Magic, two days later--
Heero had waited for Wufei during his detention, but he never showed up. He couldn't find him at meals either, and if something serious had happened to Wufei, the rumor mill being what it was, he would have known-- meaning that there was another reason he hadn't come. Thus Heero felt rather sulky, and kind of rejected.
The Slytherin went to sit in one of the last rows, not sure that he was happy about the fact that they would mix with the Ravenclaw during that lesson. He'd probably see Wufei... and while he wanted to know what had happened, he couldn't help but feel apprehensive, too. Maybe Wufei had decided that it was a mistake to agree to be his boyfriend.
And here they were, filing in. Wufei was there. He looked perfectly fine as he walked up the aisle to take his usual place in front of Heero. Heero glared at him, remembering how he had felt that evening, with his excited anticipation turning to worry, then to rejection.
Wufei winced as he met his eyes, and Heero looked away, scowling darkly.
The Ravenclaw turned around to talk to Heero, keeping his voice low so that other couldn't overhear. "I'm really sorry..." he tried to explain. But the teacher began to call the roll before he could say more, and he had to turn away not to attract attention.
He really had looked sorry, and Heero felt mollified already. But he didn't want to admit it quite yet.
He began to write in silence --the first History of Magic lesson he'd bothered to take notes for in the last three years. If Wufei wanted to talk, he'd talk first.
But when Wufei opened his book, and that his robes slid back slightly, Heero couldn't miss the shallow scrapes on his arms. The messy-haired boy stared, puzzled. There were a lot of them on the exposed skin, and no signs that it stopped under his sleeves. He wondered if Wufei had been attacked by one of Hagrid's animals in Care to Magical Creatures.
Heero squirmed, wanting to ask badly, but he'd decided that he wouldn't be the one to do the first step and he was too stubborn to change his mind.
Meanwhile, Wufei was trying to take notes, but he realized that he couldn't concentrate on the lesson. He could literally feel Heero's presence at his back.
He turned to a new page and wrote, tilting it so that Heero could see. 'Are you mad at me?'
There was a grunt in answer, and Wufei winced. 'I'm sorry. I feel really stupid for getting caught.' But he couldn't write more because one of his Housemates was looking toward him.
Heero blinked, confused. What did he mean... Getting caught? What was implied there? He began to write down html codes on his paper sheet to clear his head, lost in thought. The html always calmed him down. It needed a rational mind.
When his classmate's attention seemed to be elsewhere, Wufei found another blank page.
'I'm going to the kitchens tonight, after detention. You?'
It sounded like a date... but even if it wasn't Wufei's fault, Heero had still been stood up and it hurt. He decided to let his boyfriend stew.
Wufei had been playing with his hair nervously for so long that his thick, smooth strands were beginning to look curly at the ends. His anger evaporated, Heero leaned forward. "If you're lucky, maybe."
Satisfied by the way he had startled the Ravenclaw, he sat back. Wufei was trying to take notes, but Heero could see him blush even on the back of his neck, and he felt very satisfied with himself.
Reassured, Wufei worked steadily ... until a wad of rolled up paper bounced off his head. He turned around to glare at the Slytherin who threw it.
Behind him, Heero was doing the same thing. He'd remember to trip that guy in the hallway or something.
The guy -- one of the "dark" Slytherin, but with not enough class or pure blood to be part of Malfoy's crew, smirked nastily at Wufei. "So how was detention with Hagrid?"
Heero blinked. Detention? Wufei? "Perfect" Wufei?
"You tell me," Wufei retorted loftily. "I have nothing to compare it against. You on the other hand..."
The Slytherin was not pleased at being put down in front of others. "Watch yourself Chang --"
Was he threatening his boyfriend? Heero thought coldly. ...Hn. Something bigger than tripping him in a hallway.
His relationship with his Housemates was not growing any better. Bah! He'd never had any patience for morons. He narrowed his eyes thoughtfully, plotting.
Meanwhile, Wufei was ignoring the idiot, busying himself with his textbook. It was really hard to concentrate knowing that Heero was sitting behind him, though-- he wanted to turn around and talk to him, but that would have attracted attention. Even without being near as fanatical as Gryffindors, Ravenclaws didn't really hang out with Slytherins much. The two Houses had a wary respect for each other, and their working relationship was fine, but as for friendship, the House of the Serpent mostly kept to itself.
Hidden from view by the table, Heero put a foot on Wufei's seat and leaned forward. "Detention, hmm?" he whispered softly.
"I told you I was stupid," Wufei whispered back.
Heero snorted. "No comment."
Feeling awkward, he bumped Wufei's hip with his foot playfully, not really knowing how to reestablish contact. But he wanted Wufei to understand that yes, he was ready to forgive now.
Wufei blinked, going pinkish-- he was not entirely sure how Heero's foot got there.
The messy-haired boy chuckled, amused, and leaned against the back of his chair. He felt much better suddenly. They would work things out.
--the library--
Heero walked in the library and looked around for a place. It seemed that there was no empty table left anywhere, though. This one was packed with Hufflepuffs, that one... three Gryffs, no way... Ah, there was a table in the corner with only two people there, and it seemed to be his only choice.
Wufei was sitting with Meiran at one of the tables. As usual, she'd managed to talk him into helping her with an essay. Wufei was patiently making suggestions.
"--Look, the question isn't about how you make a polyjuice potion. It's about the ethical considerations--should you make the potion?'
"Should I?" Meiran repeated, puzzled.
"That's what you are debating in the essay," Wufei sighed.
One of the two people had long black hair pulled into a tight ponytail and thrown over a shoulder. Heero recognized Wufei's hair and smiled. Lady Luck was on his side today. He had so much trouble meeting his boyfriend usually. The last night in the kitchens, they hadn't been able to do much more than smile at each other; the House elves were definitely not the kind of spectators he wanted for a kiss and make up session. Then Miss Norris had stalked them and they'd had to run without having the occasion to agree on the time and place for another meeting.
Wufei tapped Meiran's essay again. "You're going to have to change this paragraph. And most of the next--"
His cousin grumbled.
Heero wondered who the girl was, not that he really cared. She was taking up time that Wufei could spend with him. As he arrived to the table, he unabashedly listened to the end of their discussion.
"You did ask for my help, you know," his boyfriend was sighing, obviously annoyed.
"I know, but . . . its so much work and I'm so bad at this--"
Heero glanced at the black-haired girl --Asian and Gryffindor, probably his cousin, the one he'd hate to be stuck with-- before dismissing her and smiled lightly at Wufei. "Is this seat taken?"
Wufei looked up and smiled when he recognized Heero, but before he could reply, Meiran did.
Wufei blinked, floored by his cousin's aggressiveness.
Luckily, Heero hadn't lost his Slytherin sense of repartee and gave the girl a disdainful look, his eyebrow arched.
"Really, with whose ghost?"
"Yours, if you don't go some where else," she snapped back.
"I wasn't asking you, bitch," Heero said, frowning. "Wufei?"
The Ravenclaw came out of his trance. "Well, I think we'd just about finished Mei--and I have to talk to Heero so--"
Heero tried --without success-- to hide his smug grin.
Meiran gave her cousin an incredulous look. "You have to talk to a Slytherin?"
"Heero," Wufei told his cousin in a warning tone, "is my research partner in potions. And actually, if you're finished, Mei, we wouldn't mind using this table."
Very disgruntled, she picked up her essay and put it in her schoolbag, grumbling all the time. Heero sat down at Wufei's other side, ignoring her.
"Guess I'll see you later--you, know, I've been looking over our astronomy homework, and I can't figure out if Pisces is in the east or what--"
"I can't help, sorry," Wufei interrupted her gently. "I'm behind. Detention, remember?"
Meiran looked even more displeased as she left, bumping Heero's chair in passing. Heero snorted at her childish reaction. 'What a dreadful threat'.
He glanced at Wufei warily, wondering if he'd pissed him off by making his cousin leave and being rude to her.
"She is so childish," Wufei sighed. "I'm really sorry."
"... no problem," the Slytherin responded, glad that he wasn't going to be glared at.
Wufei gave Heero a shy smile, tucking his hair behind one ear.
"I wasn't expecting to see you today."
Heero smiled back, his heart fluttering. "I didn't either, but I still hoped."
Wufei nodded as he reached under the table for Heero's hand. It was all the reassurance Heero needed.
"Hey... there's a Hogsmeade weekend coming up. You want to come with me?" he asked, trying to sound casual. Now THAT would be a real date, nothing like a meeting in a stupid broom closet or behind some armor or anything.
"You'll be allowed? Your detention will have finished?"
Heero nodded, and Wufei squeezed his hand briefly. "Well, then, sure," he accepted -- not too eagerly. He didn't want to have Heero think he had him wrapped around his little finger.
"Unless I do something else to get me punished, but it would have to be a pretty good dare for me to chance it."
Wufei chuckled. "Is that a compliment?"
"I guess it is," Heero answered distractedly, playing with the Ravenclaw's fingers.
"I like you so much I'll go on a date with you unless I think of something better--some compliment," Wufei teased him. "Is that supposed to flatter me or make me mad?"
Heero smirked crookedly. "You need tutoring in Slytherin-talk, boyfriend. I'll go on a date with you unless you manage to find something to wager that I'd want more than a date with you."
The Chinese teen turned pinkish.
Chivalrously, Heero tried not to snicker. It didn't work so well, so to distract his boyfriend, he glanced at the rest of the library for another subject of conversation.
"I hate to say that, but we'd better begin working before people wonder what we're up to. Unless ... you have nothing more to do?"
"Well . . . I kind of figured you'd be so busy with catching up the rest of the homework you missed with detentions, that I did our potions project already."
"...seriously?" Heero asked, incredulous. The thing was a mile long!
"I didn't foresee that we have some time together. I'm sorry. I mean, we can still change things, if you'd like to--"
"Oh, no , that's fine, I trust you did well," Heero hurried to reassure him. "I just.. well, I like potions. But I know what you can do, so I'm sure it's good. It's too bad you're not my partner anywhere else," he added with a little smile.
"If you want input, then I really don't mind doing it over," Wufei answered earnestly. "I made copies of the procedure I used for you in case Snape asked questions..."
Heero squeezed his hand to reassure him that he hadn't done anything wrong and smiled. "I'll read it and tell you if there is anything I want to add, but for now... I'd better begin on my Arithmancy."
Wufei let go of Heero's hand reluctantly to dig in his bag. "Okay." Feeling pleased at his acceptance, he gave him the notes, and then pulled out a book to read.
Heero read the notes, his face serious, looking as if his foot wasn't pressed against Wufei's. Encouraged, the Ravenclaw rested his leg against Heero's--it felt comfortable, so he left it there.
"If you want, I could help. Maybe read the chapter aloud while you make notes?"
Heero gave him a small smile and they went to work.
Heero stretched his arms above his head, his back arching. "Here! Finished." He glanced at Wufei, who had given up reading a while ago, to find him watching him. The Slytherin arched an eyebrow, a little smile stretching his lips.
Wufei blinked, startled out of his contemplation.
"Okay, let me see," he asked, reaching out. He took the essay and read through it briefly, nodding. The methods were not ones he'd employ himself, but there was no thinking that Heero was a bad student.
Mischievously, Heero leaned forward and whispered in Wufei's ear, his breath tickling his skin, "Watching me, eh?"
"And what if I was?" the Ravenclaw answered casually, not looking up from the essay.
Heero had not expected Wufei to confirm and flushed slightly. The black-haired student grinned, enjoying having Heero embarrassed for once, and flicked his nose playfully.
"You're very watchable. ...For someone who eats babies that is."
Heero stuck his tongue out.
"What was that a Slytherin said to me? Ah yes--that an insult or a proposition, Yuy?"
His only answer was a suggestive leer.
Wufei brushed Heero's thigh under the table lightly, enjoying the way his boyfriend shivered.
"...someone feels daring today."
"An acute observation, Heero," Wufei smirked deviously.
Heero arched an eyebrow. "And will you still be that daring when we're not in the library anymore?"
"Well, to test that hypothesis we would have to leave the library. I can't think of anywhere private."
Heero put his things back in his pack fast enough. "I can. There are a few places in the dungeons..."
Wufei couldn't help but feel a little apprehensive--there were rumors about the dungeons.
He reminded himself that Heero had so far been nothing like what Slytherins are supposed to be like and smiled at him. "Sounds ... interesting."
Heero sent him a devilish smirk. "Scared, Chang?"
"What should I be afraid of, Yuy?"
The smirk turned malevolent. "Being alone in the dark with me? Where no one can hear you scream?"
Whoa. Was it hot in here or what? "As long as no one hears YOU scream," he managed to answer back, unwilling to let Heero have the last word.
Heero chuckled.
Wufei pulled his own bag on. His fingers strayed towards Heero's before he stopped himself--too public. He stuck his tongue out at Heero, brushing against him slightly as he walked past him. "So where are we going?"
"Let me think," the Slytherin answered as he guided Wufei toward the dungeons.
Wufei looked around with interest as they descended the stairs and walked down corridors whose smooth walls turned to paved stone. Somehow his steps echoed off the walls, while Heero's were muffled, and for a second he wondered if it was natural to Slytherins or just a necessary skill. The ceiling was oval in medieval fashion, and the greenish-white candles were making themselves scarce. It wasn't really damp so far, but quite cool down there, and he surreptitiously stepped closer to Heero-- only because he was cold, of course.
Heero guided him to a discrete door partly hidden in shadows. It was a quite pretty room, for being in a dungeon, with engraved columns and a basin in a corner, but no water was gushing from it.
"...are those manacles real?"
Heero laughed. Trust Wufei to notice that sort of details. "Yep, think so. But they're so rusty they'd fall to dust if you touch them."
Suddenly, he was feeling unsure. He shouldn't have assumed that Wufei wanted a dark corner out of the way as he had done. This was one of his favorite rooms, and he'd wanted to show it to him at some point, but he feared that Wufei thought he just wanted to... well. "Um. We don't have to stay here. We can go take a walk by the lake or something. I just... I like this room, that's--"
"The first year Ravenclaws have a special lecture by Professor Sprout on pondweed, so--"
"... ah." Retreat plans foiled.
Wufei leaned against one of the columns. "This is nice enough," he assured him, realizing suddenly about Heero's nervousness.
"...okay." Heero went to put his bag in a corner and turned to look at Wufei, who was staring at the wall and frowning faintly, deep in thought.
"Um, if you're still friends with Maxwell--then this probably won't bother you but--"
"What about Duo?" he asked, puzzled.
Wufei tucked his hair behind one ear, as he did when he was nervous. "It's not about Duo. It's just ... I've dated before. I thought I should tell you. After all, you were open with me so ..." he shrugged.
"... oh," Heero managed to answer. He hadn't expected that.
Heero signaled to Wufei to follow him to a stone bench. Wufei followed in silence, taking Heero's hand again to reassure himself. It was hard to gauge Heero's reaction. He was either calm because he wasn't taking it badly, or he was just hiding his true reaction, it was impossible to tell. But then, he had not refused his hand.
Heero sat and looked up at Wufei, reaching out to brush a strand of black hair out of the Ravenclaw's face. "I told you about Duo because we're still hanging out, I didn't want you to react like some of his girlfriends who thought him and me just had an open relationship and they were just the spice in his sex life, while I was the steady boyfriend. I don't think you'd react like some of his boyfriends, who suggested threesomes. You don't have to tell me about your past boyfriends if you don't want to," he added with a reassuring smile. "It's in the past, right?"
Relieved, Wufei relaxed. "Neither of them were what you could call serious relationships."
"Oh. That's good. No jealous ex to beat up, then --Wait. That's bad."
Wufei smiled, amused. "I think Ernie still kind of likes me. But after we broke up for the third time I'd had enough and decided to swear off dating until I'd passed my NEWTs."
Heero blinked. "Ernie? Macmillan? Damn, my gaydar must be jammed," he grumbled. He felt gratified when Wufei laughed, thought... and then remembered what he'd said. "Wait... your NEWTs?"
That was in seventh year!! They were in fifth year now! Heero didn't understand.
Wufei shrugged, matter-of-fact. "Well, I didn't expect you to be so ... I didn't expect you, is all."
Heero blushed and couldn't hide his irrepressible smile. Wufei smiled back, happy with the way his admission had been received, and leaned in to kiss him briefly. Heero kissed back, melting against him. Letting go of his hand, he slid his arm around Wufei's waist to pull them closer and rested his chin on his shoulder.
"... Who was the other?" asked Heero after a few minutes of snuggling. He wasn't sure it was good for him to know, he already knew that he wouldn't be overly nice to MacMillan from now on, but his irrepressible curiosity...
"Matthias Browne."
Heero searched for a face to attach to the name, wondering if he knew him personally. "... which house?"
"Ravenclaw. My year. Though that lasted under a week. It was in second year--it was more curiosity than anything else."
Heero blinked and whistled softly. "Second year? That's early."
"It is a Ravenclaw trait, I suppose."
The messy-haired boy snorted.
"We didn't do anything more than kiss really."
"I'm not sure I want details," the Slytherin grumbled.
"--and then the rest of our dorm found out," he finished with a shrug. "There aren't any details. Anyway, he's got a girlfriend now."
"Found out?" Heero repeated, giving him a worried look. "Did they tease you about it? Annoy you?"
"... we debated the arguments for and against homosexuality and compared our thoughts about our own sexualities."
Heero couldn't help but burst out laughing.
"Oh gods! That's such a Ravenclaw thing to do!"
He rested his chin on Wufei's shoulder, still snickering, and Wufei allowed himself to be mollified.
"Better than being picked on I suppose."
"Much better," Heero agreed, nuzzling Wufei in what he hoped was a placating way.
"You haven't ever been--?"
Heero smirked. "Oh, about two-thirds of the Slytherins are bisexual. Well, bicurious at least," he added with a chuckle. "We're the House of Ambition. What's a little thing like sexual orientation to us?"
"How fortunate for me," Wufei shot back in a dry tone.
He decided that he had talked enough for now and cuddled Heero. Encouraged, Heero nuzzled his neck, then hesitated a second before kissing the hollow under his jaw softly. The Ravenclaw made a soft, pleased sound that made Heero shiver. Resolving to hear that sound again, he began to drop kisses all over his neck, and was pleasantly surprised to feel his boyfriend's fingers sliding through his hair and down his back.
Heero made a little noise of approval as Wufei kissed his jaw, then his lips. They leaned closer to each other, their foreheads touching as they looked into each other's eyes.
"...Why are you interested in me? I mean..." Heero shrugged, not knowing what to say.
Wufei stared at Heero, caught by surprise.
"I'm not really the type of company you should seek," the Slytherin added with a crooked smile.
"That goes the same for you."
Heero blinked, but chose not to argue that point.
"... But I asked first."
Wufei sighed and tried to put words to how the slim, daring messy-haired teen made him react. "You're ... well, you're different. And interesting ...and, you're not... weak."
Heero wasn't sure it was enough. But since he wasn't sure how to explain what he liked in Wufei either...
"And I ..." Wufei faltered, his words lost. Heero reached up and caressed his hair softly as encouragement, moved by Wufei's sincere desire to explain.
The Chinese finished in a soft, shy voice. "Well--I can't help it."
Heero gave his boyfriend a little smile. "Really?"
"I'll let you know after further research," he answered before kissing Heero again. "Your turn now."
"You're smart, but you're not pretentious. Proud, but not vain. You have a sense of humor that matches my own. You-- "
Wufei squeezed Heero's knee and cuddled him, feeling flattered.
"I'm not sure how to word it. I've found you interesting for a while now. Intriguing," he added. He hid his blush in Wufei's neck, flustered.
"Really?" Wufei asked, looking pleased. Heero found encouragement in it and continued.
"I love that way you have of flicking back that lock of hair that always falls on your face when you're leaning over a potion too long. I like the bored looks you give morons over your glasses. Even when they're twice your weight," he added with a chuckle. "You don't search for fights, but you're not a coward."
In a very, very soft voice: "You're responsible, but--you broke the rules to come see me."
There was a long moment of silence.
"I'm--I don't know what to say," Wufei managed to whisper. He traced Heero's cheek with his fingers, feeling awed. "Thank you. That is the nicest thing any one has said to me--and you really mean it."
He smiled at Heero, not knowing what else to say.
"It also helps that you're handsome and have one of the tightest, hottest butts I've seen in a while," Heero quipped, an impish grin on his face.
Wufei chuckled. "You're irredeemable," he commented, nuzzling Heero's neck.
"Who said I wanted to be redeemed?" Heero asked drolly, tilting his head on the side to give the Ravenclaw more access. "It's rare when someone's not from a Quidditch team and still has such a sexy body," he added, amused.
"How do you explain this then?" Wufei shot back, poking Heero in the stomach.
"Duo's on the team," Heero explained, laughing. "Sometimes we practice together."
"Well, I'm a reserve on the house team."
"You're destroying all my illusions."
Heero nibbled on Wufei's neck playfully.
"So what? You don't think it's a good thing I can fly?" Wufei asked, sounding mildly offended. Then his voice changed to suggestive. "You've never made out on a broomstick?"
Heero stared at the other boy with wide eyes. He'd never stop catching him by surprise.
"On a broomstick?"
Wufei laughed at him, and Heero harrumphed, offended.
"You have to be suicidal."
"Or skilled. Still, riding a broom together--"
Heero eyed Wufei thoughtfully, deciding to end that conversation -- he was feeling stupid enough for having taken the bait. "It's cold in this dungeon, don't you think so?"
Wufei cuddled up to Heero. "Now that you mention it..."
Heero cuddled back happily, his arms around Wufei's waist. He caressed his side lightly, unsure how far exactly he was allowed to go. But Wufei seemed to be okay with this, so he decided that it was fine and kept on caressing his side, his touch growing bolder. He rested one hand on his hip as his other hand was wandering on Wufei's chest. Wufei was too caught up in the feeling to really pay much attention to what Heero was doing, and he didn't think to protest. His own legs were rubbing against Heero's sensually.
They kissed, deepening it slowly, and Wufei moaned softly against Heero's mouth when he began to trace patterns over the Ravenclaw's stomach. Heero loved how Wufei allowed him to touch him --he never wanted to let go.
The sound of a throat clearing behind them made them both jump and whirl around.
By the door, looking dark and menacing as always, Professor Severus Snape was looking down his nose at them.
"Indulging in a little extra curricular research?" he asked in a tone sounding bored and sarcastic all rolled into one.
Heero was badly startled, though he didn't want to admit it. "...Merely tightening the bonds between Houses, sir," he managed to say in a cool tone, but he knew that Snape had caught the tiny hitch that betrayed his scare.
Wufei let go of Heero, but held onto his hand tightly. He'd never dreamed that a teacher could wander there and catch them, and especially not Snape! For a second, he wanted to crawl under a rock and hide forever. He was glad Heero was accustomed to the Potions teacher; he had no clues on how to deal with the man.
Heero got up to nod respectfully at his Head of House, even though his eyes were cold. His teacher didn't like cowards and he wasn't going to be ashamed of Wufei.
Snape sneered at him.
"Really. I want 100 lines from both of you on my desk by tomorrow evening--If I am going to indulge in displays of emotion I will have the courtesy to do so where other people cannot see."
Heero chose not to answer that he thought people couldn't see them --he had been stupid to assume and it would only add lines to his punition.
The professor was staring over Heero's shoulder, visibly trying to place the other student in his memory. "Chang Wufei?" he commented, vaguely surprised. One eyebrow arched sardonically, but he didn't comment. The professor shrugged and glared at the both of them. "That's 100 lines each," he added scornfully before stalking off.
Heero gave a deep sigh when the door closed soundlessly after the Potions professor and sat down heavily. Wufei stayed standing, still not knowing if he should be relieved or mortified.
"... hey, it's okay," Heero whispered to reassure his boyfriend. "He won't tell anyone else. We got the lines because we got caught, that's all." He squeezed Wufei's hand. "Next time I won't forget to lock the door and spell it, too," he added sulkily.
Wufei shook his head. "I don't get the way your house works at all..."
He sighed then kissed Heero's cheek. "Still, its just lines, right? We aren't going to have to cancel our date."
Heero grinned, cheered up by the prospect.
Imitating Snape's contemptuous tone, he declared, "It isn't forbidden to break the rules. What's forbidden is getting caught."
Wufei shook his head again, appalled.
Heero sighed and looked down. "I guess I was too distracted by you to remember to lock the door," he admitted with a faint chuckle, still embarrassed.
Wufei pulled back reluctantly. "We should be more careful. Maybe we need to find a better place? Meiran's likely to find us in the library."
Heero nodded. "It's not ideal for snogging either," he added teasingly.
Heero laughed, then with no warnings, kissed Wufei suddenly, a very deep, very thorough kiss. The Ravenclaw was startled, but far from protesting, and he found it hard to pull away.
"I'm sorry," he said apologetically. "House meeting. I have to go."
Heero gave him a disappointed look, and he felt bad, but he did have responsibilities and he has spent long enough with Heero. It wasn't as if they hadn't seen each other in weeks.
"... wait."
Wufei paused. "Yes?"
"... Wufei... We better not give Professor Snape one reason to separate us as partners in Potions. He's going to be watching us," he explained, apologetic. "If he thinks we're distracting each other, well..."
Wufei smiled and messed up his hair teasingly. "Oh, don't worry! I did a lot of original research for our potion, and I got it exactly right. If we don't get top marks..."
Heero smiled, and then hugged Wufei a last time before taking his hand and pulling him toward the door.
"Let's go then. I'll walk you."
Wufei gave him a pleased smile and followed.