Hogwarts Strawberries

Snape, as always, is all girl_starfish's fault, and Duo was played by my so lurvely friend Nomi! ^__^ all credit to Duo's actions and replies go to her. Heero and the crappy way the RP log was turned into a badly-paced fic are my sole responsibility.

Sidestory 1

-- Slytherin dormitory--

Seated at one of the tables of the Slytherin common room, Duo was trying to do his homework. Trying being the operative word... The braided sixth year looked at the clock and sighed in despair. He didn't have much time left before he had to meet some...friends. He decided to hurry up; he was going to be late. Quickly, he looked up a quote and wrote it in his essay, somewhat completing it, and pushed it away before pulling another book toward him for another essay. Better to have his work halfway done than have nothing at all.
Heero walked into the common room, his chest bare and carrying his robe over an arm. He dumped his things on Duo's table and began struggling with his robes. The longhaired student started when the clothes fell in his line of sight and leered his way up Heero's stomach and chest.
"Wow. You've been working out, I see."
Heero made a face. "Ah, leave me alone," he grumbled, pulling on the robes and straightening them up.
The sixth year Slytherin glanced at his homework, then at his watch, sighing. "I haven't got much time. You leavin'?"
Heero found a mirror and tried to comb his hair with his fingers. "Yeah. I'm going to..." he hesitated imperceptibly, "work on my Potions homework." He did want to tell his best friend the truth, but there were other people in the common room and he didn't especially want them to overhear.
Duo looked up and narrowed his eyes. "...I get the funny feeling you're avoiding telling me something."
Behind him, sliding --or materializing maybe --out of the shadows, someone snorted. Heero froze. Not again!! He could see Duo smiling guilelessly, like he did so well. But then he'd probably seen the man coming from farther away.
"Oh, hi Professor!" the longhaired teenager exclaimed cheerfully. "It's a wonderful day, don't you think?"
Heero finally managed to look over his shoulder warily. "Hello Professor."
Appearing as noiselessly as a shadow, Snape looked down his nose at the both of them. "I personally think it's a dismal day, Maxwell, not improved by your inane chattering."
With his usual lack of common sense, Duo blabbed on. "Inane chattering makes one think harder, and since I'm doing all my homework like a good boy, I think it's helping!"
Snape ignored him, though, like every teacher learned to do sooner or later. "Did I hear you say you were working on your Potions homework, Yuy?"
Duo threw a look at Heero, wondering what was going on and if he should jump in to save him. Heero didn't look back at him, though, and nodded at the teacher, trying not to flinch. "Yes, sir."
Snape stared in silence for a few seconds. "Is it necessary to brush your hair so thoroughly for homework?"
Duo bit his lips. His pal was in trouble. "Heero likes looking nice, Professor. It's a Slytherin thing. You know?"
Heero was slowly flushing from the neck up. "Duo, shut up," he threw at his friend. He was only sinking him deeper by trying to help.
"We should always look our best and--okay." The longhaired teenager began to nibble on his lip, thoroughly worried now. He wasn't afraid of Snape, exactly, but... the guy WAS a little freaky. And what was his problem with Heero exactly?
The teacher kept on ignoring Duo, sneering as Heero's blush confirmed his suspicions. "Cat got your tongue, Yuy?"
"It's not ...necessary, sir. But I never know who I might meet and wouldn't want to give a bad impression."
Duo nodded emphatically. Heero kicked him under the table for his trouble, ignoring his glare.
"Just as long as you get some homework done--remember, I'm watching you. If your Potions marks slip, I can easily reassign you another partner-- "
Snape decided that he'd been clear enough and stalked off to terrify more students.
Heero dropped on a chair, whispering a "Fuck".
Duo breathed a sigh of relief as he saw the black-clad man disappear in another room. "What the hell was that about?" he asked. He'd always felt protective of the younger boy. "Who's your partner again?"
"... um. A Ravenclaw. I doubt you know him."
Recognizing the diversion for what it was, Duo got a wicked gleam in his eye. "Who is he? I might've seen him or somethin'."
"Maybe," the messy-haired boy grumbled as he finished getting ready.
Duo was very intrigued by the light blush still on his friend's cheeks. "So who is he?" he asked. Heero stared at him, and he blinked innocently, waiting. How he enjoyed making the younger boy squirm...
Heero sighed --it was no use telling Duo to let go, he knew that Heero was hiding something. "Wufei Chang. Black hair, black eyes."
Duo thought hard for a moment. "...Give me more. Height?"
"About my height. Fucking hot," he added, muttering.
Duo heard that and started to grin. "Oh yeah. I know who you mean now. Has a great body?"
"Yeah, and that's MY body, got it?" the short-haired boy growled.
Duo laughed. "Calm down! I'm just trying to see if it's the right guy. Yes, sir," he nodded playfully. "Your body. Got it."
"Yes. Mine. Not sharing. Not even with you."
Duo pouted. "No fun. So....have you nailed him yet?"
Heero glowered at him.
"What? It's a perfectly legitimate question!"
Heero felt annoyed that he couldn't refute that. "No, I have not."
"Well, why the hell not? If it's the guy I'm thinking of, I'd nail him in an instant," he added distractedly, trying to finish up some homework before he needed to leave.
Uncharacteristically, Heero jumped on his feet and lifted his bag to hit Duo over the head. "Because.... because!" he exclaimed before realizing that he was talking too loudly and falling silent, flustered.
"Because why?" Duo prodded before looking at his watch again and packing his books up. "Damn, I really have to go," he said as he got up.
"... because I'd like to keep him for a while," the shorthaired boy whispered.
Duo's eyes lighted up. "Aw, ickle Heero's in loooooove!"
Heero tried to grab Duo's braid and bash his head against a wall, but Duo darted out of his reach. "Come on, walk with me for a while. Where are you headed?" the longhaired boy asked.
Heero grumbled, but ended up following. "Astronomy tower. Where are YOU going?"
Duo coughed. Heero still didn't know who he was shagging and he wanted to keep it that way for a while. "Quidditch pitch. So," he continued, changing the subject. "You've at LEAST made out, right?"
Heero rolled his eyes. "YES."
Duo reached out and patted the younger boy's shoulder. "Good boy. I'm proud." Heero slapped his hand off, and he laughed. "Well, I am! I taught you all I know."
Heero fidgeted. "Yeah, about that... I told him about you and me, you know, but still... Can you avoid cuddling me in public from now on?"
Duo paused a little and glanced at him. "...You're really serious about him, aren't you?"
Heero looked away. "I just don't want him thinking I'm just having fun with him or something, like that chick Hilde did. I don't want to be slapped in the grand hall like you were. That was quite the scandal," he added cattily, glancing at his friend from under his lashes to see if he'd been successfully misdirected.
Duo blushed and scratched the back of his head. "Yeah...that was...yeah. Scandal."
Just when Heero thought that they had avoided the topic of feelings, Duo reached out and took his hand for a second. "Hey. Just don't get yourself hurt, all right? I'd have to kill him," he muttered, and let go, embarrassed. Heero flushed bright red.
"... uhm. Thanks, I guess. But it's okay, he... well. I think he does like me," he added, smiling.
Duo grinned. It was rare to see Heero being cute. "Of course he does." He decided to change the subject, starting to feel embarrassed. "I have to really haul ass now. I'll leave you here, okay?" He looked at the clock again and swore. "DAMMIT! I'm late. They're gonna be pissed..."
"They?" Heero asked, puzzled. He'd been under the impression that Duo was going to meet his Gryff lover.
Duo flushed darkly. "Um, no one. I'll see you later, okay?" he added over his shoulder as he left in a hurry.
Heero frowned thoughtfully, but he didn't have the time to question his friend thoroughly. "... Yeah, later." He hurried off--he was late too.

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