Heero's Week

There's some 3x1 in here. And you get more 2x1 because the interaction was just too funny to me to pass up, not because I'm pushing for them to become a couple. You can read hints as much as you want (god knows I'm having fun dropping some) but there are NO real couples in this story, people. Some of them just get along better than the rest. :P

Chapter 5

+ Thursday Morning +

Duo, Heero discovered that night, had a tendency to steal all the blankets. Also, while his hair was pretty, it was definitely not practical; Heero almost cut it off by instinct when he woke up to find the heavy rope of hair wound around his neck. Freeing himself wasn't easy, especially since Duo didn't bother moving off him, even though he was awake. Heero was ready to ignore, if not forgive outright, being too sleepy to fight right now, but when he felt Duo's chest jump as if he was trying not to laugh, he kicked the longhaired bastard off the bed.


"Time to get up, Maxwell," he replied, and stepped over Duo's body as if his ass wasn't aching at all. It was six fourteen AM, it was late enough and he really, really needed a shower.

Duo stayed sprawled on the ground, looking up with a weird look on his face. Heero nudged him with his foot; he was laying on Heero's tanktop.

"Wow." Duo blinked slowly, still looking up at him.

"Wow what?"

"You're naked." Duo was not quick in the morning.

"You're on my shirt."

"It's a comfy shirt." Apparently, that state of being didn't last. Duo was looking more awake by the second. But for some reason he stayed sprawled on the floor. Heero decided that showering was more important -- not to mention easier -- than figuring out the way his teammate's brain worked, and turned away to find another shirt in his bag.

Duo started wolf-whistling. Heero happened to lose his hold on the bag, which landed on Duo's head. Oops.

"You're always this grumpy in the morning?"

Duo sounded way too chipper. Heero should have left more ammo inside the bag.

Heero sent him a quick, mild-level glare. "Only when I spend the night smothered, half-strangled, and in the wet spot."

Duo didn't manage to look that guilty. Heero picked up his clothes, slipping on the boxers because he figured that at this hour there was a chance he'd meet the other pilots, and glared down at Duo again. "You better change the sheets."

He wasn't sure Duo would actually comply, but he would deal with that later. Holding his armful of stuff, he went to the bathroom.

The water was still hot, so he must be one of the first to get the bathroom this morning. He decided to take his time, not that eager to deal with anything just yet. He was still a bit sleepy and the hot water felt good for his aching muscles, so he kept on standing there, eyes closed, even after he was finished cleaning himself up.

He was about to fall asleep on his feet when he heard a knock at the door, and remembered that he had forgotten to lock it when the strength of that knock pushed it open.

"Hey, Heero, sorry -- uh, yeah. Sorry." Duo was standing in the door, blinking at him. Heero frowned. The shower curtain was always hard to close entirely, so he could feel a draft of cold air go up his leg.

"What do you want?"

Duo coughed, blinked, fidgeted, and finally answered. "Well. I was coming to ask you where you put your clean sheets, but ... I think my priorities have changed."

Huh? Heero turned a little to face him properly, blinking. The curtain was slightly opaque, but the gap against the wall was wide enough that he could see part of Duo's face anyway. Enough that he could see that Duo was flushed.

Duo reached forward, slowly pulled the curtain open to look at him properly. "Heero... Can I...?"

Heero sighed and rolled his eyes. With that breathless tone, he could guess what Duo wanted. He considered saying no; he knew that even if the contract stipulated that he must be available at any time, he had the right to claim some time for himself, that Duo wouldn't resent it. But somehow, it was flattering, that he would want him so much. And Heero wasn't so sore or so sleepy anymore. And he didn't really mind Duo's touch.

And maybe that would calm the guy down. Mellow him out a little.

"On two conditions," he replied, crossing his arms on his wet chest. Duo's eyes strayed down. Heero tapped his fingers on his biceps impatiently, though some part of him decided that he could feel flattered, however unimportant his attractiveness was in the greater scheme of things.

"Uhh-- two conditions?"

"One, you go slow, or I'll kick you in the balls."

Maxwell winced and nodded, nibbling on his lip as his eyes traveled over Heero's thighs.

"Two, you clean me up."

Duo nodded again absently, then paused, blinking up at him. "Clean you up?"

"Of your semen. I don't know if you have any idea how annoying it is to clean myself after you come inside me. Especially when I'm sore."

Duo blushed and squirmed, but ended up nodding. "Uhh. S-sure, I can do that."

It was amusing to hear Duo Maxwell stammer. Maybe Heero's total lack of shame and subtlety was an asset in that way.

Duo got rid of his clothes and stepped inside the shower stall, and Heero leaned against the wall once again, his back to him. He could feel Duo staring, and it made him feel a little weird, so he did his best to ignore it.

"You know, I didn't notice before but you're kinda hot..."

Heero rolled his eyes. "Sweet talk isn't required, you know."

Duo snorted, amused. "Of course, you'd be hotter if you had breasts. But small breasts. If they were too big, they wouldn't go with your build at all."

Heero attempted to kick him, though not seriously because the shower floor was mildly slippery. Duo used the move to nudge his thighs apart and press against his back. His erection was very warm as it nestled in the cleft of Heero's buttocks. He clenched them, just to see, squeezing Duo's cock gently, and Duo slapped his hip in retaliation. Duo's chest was against Heero's back, and it was, Heero had to admit it, really not that bad.

For a moment he was reminded of his time with Wufei -- they'd been standing against a hard, cold, vertical surface too -- but Wufei had made him bend over, and he'd been a lot rougher. Heero wondered if Wufei would ask for it again, and in that case, if he would choose another position. Duo seemed to have more than one favorite, and Heero would be willing to bet that Trowa had several.

"Breasts? I'm a man, Maxwell. Don't make me prove it to you." He didn't know how he would do that exactly, but idle threats seemed the best reply in the circumstance.

"Yeah, I know, but I still like breasts. They're soft and squishy. It's fun."

"...Don't try to pretend you're straight, Duo. The way you jump at any occasion to do me..."

Duo chuckled, cupping his balls and petting them teasingly. "Never said I was straight."

Heero blinked, even as he swallowed a soft moan. "Y-you did. Back when we were discussing the whole arrangement." But he had to agree; for a straight guy Duo seemed way too comfortable handling his dick.


"I'm fairly sure you did. You were protesting things so wildly -- you said you weren't gay, I remember that."

"I'm not gay. But I'm not straight either. There is such a thing as bisexuality, you know." With that, he dropped a kiss on Heero's neck and started guiding himself inside him.

For a few minutes, Heero was too busy panting and getting used to being penetrated to continue the conversation, but he was too stubborn to let it go just yet.

"So why -- why were you so freaked out," a little gasp, "to think that you might be mistaken for a gay man?"

"Ehh." Duo nuzzled his neck. "With most guys I've known, you're either full straight or you're gay ; one little crush on another guy is enough to brand you forever. No middle ground. And if you're gay, you need to get the hell away from them before you contaminate them."

"Nhh -- but we were talking about -- having sex with each other -- didn't that show we were open-minded enough?"

Duo didn't answer right away, just moving steadily inside him. Heero wondered why they were still talking, but in some way it didn't really feel like an interruption. This time it wasn't wild, passionate, horny-as-hell sex. It was... it was comfortable, you-feel-nice sex, sort of. It was hard to word it properly. It was a little bit like what he'd done with Quatre, except a little less kinky. Quatre was a well-bred, polite closet pervert.

"Dunno... just... didn't wanna be the first... or something... mmmh..."

The rhythm sped up, and Heero looked up to let the warm water droplets land on his face. It felt... nice. Good. Comfortable almost. And when Duo started pumping his erection in rhythm with his thrusts, it was even better.

Duo leaned on him for a few minutes afterwards, as they panted softly together, then keeping his word, picked up a washcloth and started cleaning him. He was a little awkward, but Heero didn't mind. It still felt nice, though he could feel his body cooling gradually -- or maybe the water was just a little less hot than it had been.

Then the awkwardness gave way to soft, lingering caresses, and Heero looked back over his shoulder, surprised.

Duo's penis was already twitching in renewed interest, and the look on his face was unmistakable.

"Are you taking drugs?" Heero asked in a flat tone.

"Drugs?!" Duo's voice was a mix between bewildered and offended.

"Even for a teenager, I'm not sure it's humanly possible to get aroused so quickly in a row."

The longhaired boy started to laugh. "Well, I didn't know it was humanly possible to have such a tight ass either, and yet..." he replied, cupping Heero's ass cheeks and parting them slowly to look at his entrance. Some of his come was still seeping out; Heero could feel it drip, a thick liquid that had little resemblance with water. Duo apparently decided that Heero would still be sufficiently stretched and lubed up. He slipped his arms around Heero's waist, pressed his chest against Heero's back as he pushed inside him slowly, until they were in contact from collarbones to knees, and as intimately connected as possible.

"Mm... You better not get horny again after that," Heero grumbled, but he didn't manage to make himself sound that annoyed. Duo hummed an answer, kissing the side of his neck softly.

"Can I come on your ass?" he whispered breathlessly, slowly rocking them both.

Heero's stomach twisted weirdly at the mental picture of Duo's semen splashing on his skin, but it wasn't rational so he didn't take it into account. "...If you clean up."

Duo laughed softly, amusement mixed with arousal. "You're so uptight about cleanliness."

"You're not the one it dries on."

"And you don't have one romantic bone in your body," Duo replied with a louder laugh.

"I'd be more romantic if you were more--mm-- practical... should buy... condoms... nnh..."

Duo murmured something about buying some next time, but it wasn't very intelligible, what with being mixed in with groans and wet kisses on Heero's neck. Heero pretty much gave up trying to understand.


When finally, they got out of the shower and went their separate ways, they were feeling quite peaceful and relaxed -- not a small feat when one of them was perpetually tense and the other one perpetually moving. Duo was quite proud of himself, and -- for the moment -- totally sexed-out.

The peace lasted until Trowa took his turn in the bathroom.

And then Duo just laughed, because he'd never heard stoic-man yelp like that. You would have thought he'd never taken a cold shower before.


Trowa's cold shower made him rather grouchy that morning, but he didn't revoke his previous invitation to work on the bike with Duo. They actually got along well, when Trowa felt like talking -- and when he was grouchy, he did talk, even if it was mostly snark. Snarky Trowa was fun to be around, no matter who the snark was aimed at.

"Stupid," Trowa muttered as they maneuvered the bike into place. "On a roof, really."

"I think it's kinky."

"Next time, do me a favor and stand over my bike. You can catch raining tiles with your head."

"Hey, if they give me advance warning about a repeat performance, I'll have better things to do than protect your baby. Sorry, but Quatre doing Heero? So takes precedence."

Trowa snorted, and crouched low to check underneath his bike. "So you're a voyeur."

Duo passed him a wrench. "Well, I'm easy to visually stimulate, yeah -- but it's mostly curiosity. It's just hard to imagine, that's all. Kinda like, 'gotta see that for myself to believe it'."

Trowa tilted his head and pursed his lips faintly, taking on a considering expression. "...My imagination must be better than yours."

"You're such a fuckin' pervert," Duo shot back, laughing. "No, seriously, you can see it? I mean, Quatre topping Heero?"

"We're talking the same Quatre who turned a hose on you and manipulated us all into having group sex? Same Quatre who's the only one of us pilots to have an entire mercenary group at his fingertips, for free?"

Duo goggled a bit, then laughed. It was all true, too. "You got me there. Remind me to never play poker against the little bastard."

Trowa smirked faintly. "He would tell you that he never played before and please, can you show him? and you would believe it."

Duo snickered. "He plays the innocent so well, I always forget it's not true, even if I know better."

Trowa's smirk widened. "Give it a month."

Duo's spanner slipped out of his grip, narrowly missing his foot and somehow making oil splash his arm and cheek. "Ah, shit," he grumbled, wiping the worst of it off him. "Your bike hates me, Tro."

"You'll take a shower. Another shower."

Duo pretended to look guilty about stealing all the hot water, but couldn't manage it and ended up grinning.

"By the way, was it a good shower?"

"Rather, yes," Duo replied, smile widening as he thought of who had been in that shower with him. "I'd even say it was nicely hot."

"And wet and tight?" the ex-mercenary countered without missing a beat.


"What? It's a small shower stall, all things considered."

"... Right. Shower stall. My god, I'm getting out-perved by Mister Not-A-Sound. I'm losing my touch."

He saw Trowa open his mouth, to fuck with his brain again most probably, and hurriedly straightened up, wiping his hands clean. "Oh, look, I'm done. You're almost done with your part too, right? I think I'll take that shower now."

Trowa snorted. "Coward."

"Ah, maybe, but still somewhat sane at least. Seeya later, bang-boy -- are you looking at my ass?"

Trowa's smirk widened.

He was, the shameless bastard. "On second thought, I don't wanna know. Gottagobye!"

Duo hurried out of the garage, clinging to the remnants of his mental sanity, leaving his pride behind without a second thought. Trowa's chuckles rang behind him.

+Friday morning+

'I should learn to say no to Duo,' Heero thought with wry amusement as he slowly made his way upstairs. Braid-boy had cornered him again in the kitchen. Heero was really starting to take the possibility that he was doing drugs seriously.

There was a mission today, but Heero wasn't going. The pilots were all claiming that they would be fine and didn't need a fifth pilot for such an easy mission, but he couldn't help but worry a little. He didn't like being left behind to wait. He felt like... like... Like a soldier's little wife, told not to worry her pretty head while her man was doing a man's work. Or something; he really should never have opened that old book he'd found in the attic. It was full of nonsense.

Anyway, he needed to check on Quatre and Wufei's whereabouts. They were due at the hangar in ten minutes, and Trowa and Duo were too busy checking on their Gundams to find them themselves.

He was in the corridor when he finally heard them.

"I'm sure you can," Quatre was replying in his no-nonsense voice, "but I can do it faster and more easily..."

Wufei grumbled, just as Heero reached the door.

He didn't come in right away, just stared at the scene in mild surprise. Wufei was turned away from the door, leaning forward on his hands as Quatre pulled the cloth of his under-suit in place around his hips. Wufei's arms were encased in the black latex-like material of the flight suit, but the top of the suit was hanging from his shoulders, and his ponytail was pulled over his shoulder, baring his skin from the nape of his neck to the small of his back.

Heero caught himself wishing for Wufei to end up with the next week.

He watched as Quatre's gloved hands brushes against the edges of the suit, pulling it in place, as Wufei's skin disappeared inch by inch under the black material. It was.. aesthetically appealing, he decided, and for some reason he held off warning them of his presence until Quatre's fingers left Wufei's nape and Wufei flicked his ponytail in place again.

"You're due to the hangar in five minutes," he informed them, voice neutral, and turned around to leave.

Belatedly, it occurred to him to add "05 lets 04 assist him" and "05 lets 04 come into close contact with him" to his "Quatre's experiment : pros and cons" list. He made a detour by his room to add the incident to his log.

By the time he joined them in the hangar, Wufei was already sealed up inside his Gundam, only waiting for the signal. Duo, leaning out of his cockpit, sent Heero a cheerful wave, and Quatre didn't see him, concentrated on his readouts. As for Trowa, he wasn't in sight so Heero climbed up the scaffolding and checked the other side of the mecha.

He nearly collided with Trowa, who was coming back at the same moment. He was, like the others, wearing his skintight black flight suit. Heero had to admit that he was now able to appreciate the suit on more than a practical angle.

He stepped back to let Trowa walk past him, but instead the taller boy caught his wrist and pulled Heero back where he'd been, whirled him around properly, and pulled him into a surprise hug, complete with pelvis grind. Startled, Heero tensed, but didn't resist; the gangway was narrow and not the best place to move too hurriedly.

"You're already wired, aren't you?" he asked wearily. There was a glint in Trowa's eyes that meant rising battle lust, even though the rest of his face looked as unmoved as always.

"You think?" replied Trowa, his hands already running along Heero's arms. His long fingers were covered by the suit's gloves and the feel was a little different from what Heero was used to.

"My ass hurts. I'm not having sex with you," he warned him sternly anyway.

Trowa laughed softly. "I just want to make out a little. Would be a pain to get out of the suit anyway."

"Make out...?"

"Touch, fondle, grope..." the green-eyed pilot replied, his body undulating gently against Heero's, his fingertips following the dips and curves of his shoulders with teasing softness.

Sighing in surrender, Heero relaxed a little. He didn't mind being touched like that any longer -- with the intensive touch therapy he'd received it would have been surprising if he still cringed at being held. His hand rose, resting on a bony hip; all the encouragement Trowa needed. Heero offered his neck wordlessly when Trowa's lips sought it out, and when Trowa retreated, cheek brushing against cheek, it was almost a reflex to turn his head, just a little, and catch his lips.

Trowa allowed it, but Heero could feel him tense up slightly, and frowned, puzzled.


The green-eye teen watched him for a few seconds, expressionless, then shook his head.

"Nothing... I just didn't think you'd want me to kiss you."

"I don't mind," Heero replied, puzzled. Sure it was still a bit weird to him, but he didn't mind. Hell, he'd even learned to grow aroused from Duo's tongue fucking his mouth, since it obviously promised a real fucking soon after. "Why? Should I?"

"Well... When it's just sex, most guys usually don't like to kiss," Trowa replied, his breath warm on Heero's cheek.

"Nmm... why?"

"... Usually... Depends on the guy and how it's done, but with macho guys they take it to mean that it's more than just no-strings-attached sex."

Heero would have asked if Trowa thought of himself as macho, or maybe apologized, but then the other boy was kissing him anyway, long fingers drawing little circles on his hips, on the small of his back -- tongue caressing his lips, flicking between them, and he kissed back, growling in warning.

"Hands. No lower," he hissed before nipping at Trowa's chin.

Barton groaned quietly, pressing their hips together, his hands kneading Heero's back. "Ass hurts that much?"

"... Duo did me five times since yesterday." The shorn hair at the back of Trowa's head was soft, a little like velvet, or a young animal's fur. Nice. The way the kissing and rubbing changed -- intensified -- when he started petting -- better.

"Maxwell... selfish... thoughtless--nnnh...."

"... yes..."

Trowa's neck was level with his chin, so he started mouthing the suit, chewing on the cloth to make it wet as his nose and hair tickled Trowa's jaw. He couldn't really have said why, except maybe that it was fun and he felt like it; as he had learned, that was all the reason things like that needed. He was still vaguely aware that it was his week, not Trowa's, and so he let the taller boy press him back against the cold metal of his Gundam, let Trowa lean over him, against him, wrap his arms around his waist. But he couldn't keep his growls quiet.

"Something wrong, Heero?" Trowa asked; his breath, his lips, were directly on his ear.

"The second it's your week, you'll be the one to get backed up against things," he promised, and started to nibble on the bare skin just under Trowa's jaw.

Trowa leaned against him even harder, his hands running up and down his spine strongly. It warmed him, made him hug back that much tighter. He liked the feel of Trowa's lean muscles, Trowa's hipbones poking just under his waist, their chests and flat bellies and groins pressed together. He was strong -- dangerous -- but triggered none of Heero's usual alarms, and he was warm and with just enough cushioning over these muscles, and the warmth his erection radiated could be felt even through the suit, and the way their thighs tensed, pushed against each other --

Then he was cold and there was nothing but the metal behind him to press against.

"Why did you stop?" he protested -- asked. He was just... Curious. Not annoyed. Bastard.

"I fly better when I'm on edge," Trowa replied with a low, rough chuckle that made a shiver run up his spine. "That and we don't have any time left. Think of me when you wank," he added, in a tone Heero had learned to recognize as teasing.

"But I plan to," he replied matter-of-fact, hiding his vindicated feeling when Trowa's breath hitched and he paused, still only half in his cockpit. Score one for Heero Yuy. "Get in your seat, Barton, or are you planning on starting your week early?" he asked, giving his butt a backhanded tap.

There was a funny clonk as Trowa's head hit the metal, and he swore in Spanish, but seeing as he was laughing at the same time, Heero wasn't too worried he'd crossed a line or got Trowa to give himself a concussion.

"I created a monster," the green-eyed boy complained under his breath. "Get your poor bruised ass off the bridge, Yuy, unless you plan on hitching a ride to the battlefield."

The door closed slowly and Heero jumped off the bridge, making sure to walk in his usual confident stalk. He wasn't about to let Trowa regain points by letting said bruising bother him.

That and he was sure Trowa was watching his ass walk away.


In his cockpit, Wufei took a deep breath and clicked on his radio. Now that Barton was done molesting Yuy just in front of his cameras, maybe they -- maybe BARTON would be able to concentrate on the matter at hands.

"Ready everyone? Let's go."