Hogwarts strawberries

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Damn Owl

As every morning, the Main Hall was in chaos. Students and owls were everywhere, the students wandering around, talking with their peers, while the owls zipped all over the place delivering messages. A few ghosts floated here and there, adding to the turmoil.
Not quite awake, Heero yawned at his food. When an unfamiliar owl landed next to him, he didn't even react. Sensing the fifth year's lack of awareness, it nibbled at his toast. The Slytherin blinked fuzzily.
"Huh-- for me?" he asked dumbly, unused to getting letters.
The owl dropped the letter and flew off with Heero's toast. The Slytherin gaped.
"Hey!! Damn bird!"
He sulked for a few seconds before deciding to just take another piece, but kept on glaring at the air suspiciously in case another owl arrived.
Wufei was sitting at the Ravenclaw table, engaged in a heated debate over Hogwart's lack of vegetarian options when he noticed from the corner of his eye that Heero had gotten the letter, and tried to watch him without looking as though he was watching.
Heero took the letter and turned it over in his hands, wondering who sent it. His adoptive father, being a muggle, usually used their closest neighboring witch's owl to deliver his rare letters, and that was not her.
'W.Chang, Dorm 5. Ravenclaw House, Hogwarts.'
Heero blinked, then hid a smile when he saw his housemates glancing at him, obviously interested by this break in his routine. He decided that he'd open it later and hid it in the folds of his robe. He kept on eating for a while until they stopped paying attention, then casually looked around the room.
Wufei was very interested in the debate, although his eyes did keep wandering back to Heero. In one of his sidelong glances, he met the Slytherin's eyes, who nodded at him discretely. Wufei smiled, turning back to his housemates, reassured.
Heero finished eating and walked out of the great hall. He opened his letter as soon as he was in the corridor.
The paper was enchanted to look like the night sky--clouds drifting over it and all. Heero felt a fleeting smile on his lips. In silvery letters, to stand out from the background, was Wufei's message: 'The Astronomy tower is open tonight for students to catch up on lost homework, etc. It's supposed to be a good night for studying Venus--what do you think? Want to catch up on the work we missed in detention? Apart from a few 7th years, we should have the tower to ourselves.'
Heero grinned deviously, pocketed the letter again and went back to his dorm, whistling.

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