The Ideal Arrangement

Part of the One Week Series

Author: Mikkeneko ( )

Pairings: 1x3x4x5x2
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Once, in a desperate fit of lust, I kidnapped the G-boys and held them hostage. It occurred to me that I could get quite a ransom for them. So I wrote up a ransom note, gave it to them, and sent them back to their owners. I'm still waiting on a reply.
Warnings: Fivesome smut, TUD, use of toys. Definitely not work-safe.
Author notes: This was written for the "Ides of March" fivesome challenge, hosted at Sweetly Sour. (Get it? "Ide"al arrangement? ...Shoot me now.) The basic premise of the challenge was that the Ides of March this year, which was 3/15/2004, turned out to be 3x1x5x2x4 day. So, the challenge was to write a fic in which the boys were in a five-way relationship. Sex was optional, but, of course, encouraged. :3
There's another part to this fic, written by the lovely Asuka; it's a prequel of sorts, covering the early days of the Arrangement.

Asuka's note: This fic happens during the LAST week, meaning, Trowa, Quatre and Wufei all had a week after Heero's. This fic is complete. Mikke is NOT going to write the rest of Duo's week. I also seriously doubt either of my friends are going to write their own character's week. As Heero was my character, I wrote Heero's week; I am NOT going to bother with anyone else's. I can only write so many lemons before they all start looking like each other, and I really hate random, uninteresting, cliche lemons.


Week Five, Day 1

An overfly of the old, dilapidated farm showed nothing out of the usual; a tiny farmhouse, a scattering of small work or tool sheds, and a tile-roofed barn that was unusually wide, but low to the ground. From ground level, there wasn't much more to see; except perhaps to notice that the barn doors themselves were unusually tall and wide, and perhaps that one of the worksheds between the barn and the house was better kept-up than the others.

This idyllic scene of pastoral tranquility was shattered by the growing rumble of engines -- starting at a low vibration in the air, and quickly growing to a rumbling roar. A cloud of birds burst out of a nearby tree and circled, cawing, then scattered in terror as a pair of Gundams came roaring over the horizon, shaking the ground with their touchdown.

The barn doors slid open as the machines approach, the mechanized motion giving lie to the rustic appearance. The sixteen-meter-tall mechs had to actually get down and crawl through the barn doors, but immediately inside, the ground opened out beneath them to reveal the mostly underground hangar.

Shielding tiles on the barn roof kept the open underground space from registering on scanners. Shenlong, Deathscythe, and Heavyarms were already there, silent and waiting; the remaining two mechs moved to their places and began to power down. Sandrock was first, and the hatch opened to let Quatre out of his Gundam into the hangar. He took the winch line down as Heero performed the last few diagnostic checks, before shutting down Wing and making his own exit.

Quatre waited for him at the bottom of the metal stairs leading out of the hangar. "Do you have the review tapes?" Heero asked him as they mounted the staircase.

Quatre nodded. "Got them here. I'll drop them off in the house, and we can review them for improvements later."

"I don't expect to make many," Heero said, to Quatre's surprise. "Aside from a few minor increases in efficiency, this mission went very well."

Quatre smiled, but it quickly faded as they came out of the hangar doors into the sunlight. "Heero, I'm sorry about that last turn on Sandrock. I didn't realize how much stress I was putting on the joints until I heard that alarm."

"Don't worry about it," Heero reassured him. "It will take only minor repairs, and by taking out that cannon you prevented what could have been much more serious damage to Wing. Besides, that was an interesting maneuver. It wouldn't have occurred to me. I'll study it in the tapes for future briefings."

Quatre nodded. "But not right away," he said. "We should take some time to... blow off some steam from the mission first," he said, and his voice took on a suggestive note.

Heero simply raised an eyebrow at him. You could always count on Quatre to be thinking of sex. Of course, he'd been looking forward to relaxing and unwinding from the mission as well; it was his self-reward for a mission well done. As well as being a biological necessity, of course.

But it was enough to make Quatre blush. "I will go on down to the house," Heero said. "You stay and oversee the hangar lockdown. The security is what has enabled us to all stay in one location like this for this long. It wouldn't do to compromise it now."

Quatre nodded. "Just don't start without me," he called after Heero as he started towards the house.

And that led Heero to thinking about their Arrangement.

It was strange, he mused, how quickly the most outrageous ideas became commonplace or even natural. Two months ago, he never would have accepted Quatre's mistake so calmly; he would have thought the other pilot to be weak and imperfect even to make such a mistake. He certqainly wouldn't have offered to help with repairs, and the thought that Quatre might have made such an error in his haste to protect his -- Heero's -- life would have been completely unacceptable.

Two months ago, he never would have thought of letting one of the other pilots repair his Gundam; never would have trusted any of them to watch his back on a mission, and certainly never would have thought of bending one of them over right there in the hangar and pounding into their ass until they were both screaming with pleasure, even assuming that any of the other pilots would have been amenable. It just went to show how things could change.

It had been Quatre, after all, who first pointed out that their twitchiness and high tempers -- which were beginning to pose a serious threat to their ability to function -- were most likely a result of overactive hormones and under-satisfied libidos. It had been Trowa who'd pointed out that they couldn't afford to mix with outsiders in the group. It had been Duo who'd pointed out that being on the receiving end of horny and high-spirited young men such as themselves could be rather hard on the body. And Quatre again who'd suggested that, in that case, the only satisfactory arrangement would be to switch off.

Things had been awkward at first, but they'd settled into a routine with surprising swiftness. And though the relief from nagging hormones was a blessing, Heero hadn't been prepared for the side effects, the increased intimacy and surprising closeness that had grown between them. It wasn't just sex any more; it was also teamwork.

But they'd kept faithfully to the rule of taking turns; it was one of the few rules they'd kept. And over the past month, the four of them had been looking forward with increasing anticipation to Duo's week.

Duo's week started this morning, while they were still away on the mission. And now Heero was still on a battle high, energized, horny, and definitely in the mood for a good fuck. His steps quickened to take him towards the house.

He slowed as he approached the door and saw someone moving through the screen. A moment later, Wufei came out of the house, shirtless and damp, rubbing a towel over his hair. "You're back," he noted, as Heero approached. "Did the mission go well?"

Heero nodded. "All the objectives were fulfilled," he said, "at the cost of very little damage to ourselves, and no injuries."

"Good," Wufei said, pleased, and draped the towel over his neck. He stepped close and wound his arms around Heero's neck, pulling him in for a satisfying mission-accomplished kiss.

"And what about events here?" Heero had to ask. "Did the turnover go smoothly?"

"Well," Wufei said, "overall, yes, but there were a few complications." He went for another kiss then, and Heero mock growled, pretending to push him back. They wrestled for a few minutes, struggling for the upper hand, although neither of them really felt the need to establish dominance any more. The brief tussle ended in a more mellow embrace, and another kiss.

"What, no welcome kiss for me?" Quatre said, coming up behind Heero just then. Wufei glanced at him over Heero's shoulder, and quirked him a small smile, but went back for another kiss. Quatre huffed, feeling left out, but came past Wufei to turn and embrace him from behind, molding his body against Wufei's back and pressing a kiss to his shoulder.

Wufei chuckled, but relented, releasing Heero to turn in Quatre's grasp. "Rules are rules, Quatre," he said. "It's not my week." But he kissed him anyway. Quatre kissed back eagerly, and despite Wufei's words, he was happy enough to rub his body against Quatre's, causing the blond to moan into Wufei's mouth.

Wufei broke the kiss and laughed. "I see that this mission has gotten your blood flowing, as well," he said.

Quatre hummed in agreement. "You have no idea," he said happily. "Speaking of which, where's Duo? I was only sorry that we had to be away on a mission when his turn started. You guys waited for us, didn't you?" he added with a slightly hurt pout.

Wufei smiled. "Winner, not everything revolves around you," he said, "but yes, you spoiled brat, we did indeed wait for you."

Quatre grinned. "But you know you love me anyway."

Wufei snorted. "Don't be ridiculous," he said, and then rewarded him with his welcome-home kiss.

"You said there were some complications," Heero spoke up, watching them. "What kind of complications?"

Wufei broke the kiss, and sighed as his hands slid over Quatre's hips. "With Duo," he said. "He did not take the... turn-over very gracefully."

Heero lifted one eyebrow. "He's still being stubborn?"

Wufei nodded affirmation. "Still being stubborn, as only Maxwell can be. As soon as his turn started, he began to protest. Vocally."

"He wants to back out of it?" Quatre sounded upset. "But he can't! We all abided by the agreement, when it was our turns! And Duo took his share of advantage out of it! He can't back out now that it's his turn!"

"More than his share," Wufei grumbled, rubbing his ass in remembrance. Heero nodded vehement agreement.

But Quatre was in full rant mode. "But that's not fair! The agreement was supposed to involve all of us! He's part of the team, isn't he? He can't refuse now!"

"Well, he did," Wufei replied, dryly. "And he got rather, um, firm about his denial. It became quite difficult for Trowa and I to deal with him."

"So what did you do?" Heero asked suspiciously. Quatre had stopped frowning and started to grin.

Wufei raised an eyebrow and jerked a thumb towards the toolshed. "In there," he said. "Trowa and I weren't sure when you'd be getting back, so we had to secure him for the interim."

Quatre's grin turned into an outright laugh. "This, I have to see," he exclaimed. "But first, I have to stash these recordings. I'll put them in the safebox and be right there." He bounded away into the house.

Heero, though, stayed behind. "When did all this happen?" he asked.

"Just this morning," Wufei replied. "Trowa's in watching him, but don't worry, Yuy," he hastened to assure him, "we weren't going to start without all of us here."

Heero just hn'd an agreement, and started at a more sedate pace towards the tool shed. "Why were you showering then?" he asked.

"I did mention that Duo became stubborn, didn't I?" Wufei replied dryly. "The shower was to wash off the dirt I accumulated while wrestling with him."

"I see," Heero said, impressed. "You did say you'd secured him...?"

Wufei smirked. "I think you'll approve," he said.


Heero definitely approved.

The toolshed was an area that the five pilots had set up as a workspace, somewhere they could bring their weapons or the smaller electronic parts of their Gundams for repair outside of the hangar. The room was a pleasant place once cleaned; sun-warmed and lit, with tools and bits and pieces of mechanical projects scattered around the area. There was a chair with Trowa in it, looking up and putting down the papers he had been reading. And there was a wide wooden bench, with Duo on it; bound and gagged and quiet naked.

He was forced to stand, straddling the bench; his ankles were cuffed to the ends of a large crowbar, braced between the legs of the bench. His arms were tied behind him, forearms crossed at the small of his back and wound up in cords so thoroughly that not even his agile hands could find the knots to pick at them. His hair was still in his braid, but tufts and strands had wiggled out or been pulled free, floating about his head and bunching about the cloth gag that had been forced between his lips. Above the gag, his eyes were promising fiercely, bloody death to the world at large, and the three of them in particular.

Heero turned to Trowa, one eyebrow raised. "Was it really necessary to gag him?"

Trowa rolled his eyes. "You didn't hear the sorts of things he was yelling at us."

Heero snorted. "I can just imagine." He began to slowly walk around Duo, taking the time to admire the view -- not one he hadn't seen before, but Duo was usually in quite a hurry. It was a change of pace to see him held in place this way -- and a very nice one, he thought. Duo twisted around to try and watch him, nearly losing his balance, and made muffled but unmistakably threatening sounds.

Heero felt his excitement, sparked in the adrenaline rush of the mission and fed by the warm greeting he'd received by his lovers on returning home, fan to life. He fetched up in front of Duo, and, ignoring his angry glares, stretched out a hand to trail down Duo's chest.

"I thought we were waiting for Quatre," Trowa objected mildly, as Heero's hand slid down to their prisoner's groin. There was a muffled exclamation from Duo, and he jerked backwards, but couldn't go very far without losing his balance.

Heero looked over his shoulder at Trowa, ignoring his observation. "Was this really necessary?" he asked dryly, fingering the thick ring of rubber that encircled the base of Duo's cock, and sliding his fingers up to rest on the like one tied just below the head.

"Sure it was," Trowa replied equibly. "This is Duo. You know how he is."

Wufei slid down into Trowa's lap, his damp hair dripping water onto Trowa's shirt. Trowa swatted at him absently. "He has the stamina of a mayfly," Wufei agreed. "Comes at a touch, and he always falls asleep right after."

"True enough," Heero said, over the inarticulate sounds of Duo undoubtedly attempting to defend his prowess. Heero turned back to him, smirking in a way that left no doubt as to his plans. Duo's furious glare lessened something, replaced by a look of wary suspicion, and then his eyes squeezed tightly shut and he gasped as Heero took a firm hold of his already erect cock and began pumping it.

Trowa cleared his throat, barely heard over the sound of Duo's gasps and groans. "What about Quatre?" he reminded Heero.

He sounded a bit distracted, and as Heero threw him a glance, he realized why; Wufei was sucking on the side of the seated man's neck, and his hand was even as Heero watched slipping further into Trowa's pants. Heero grinned. "What about Quatre?" he said.

"What do you mean, what about Quatre?" a new voice said indignantly, and Heero turned to see the blond standing in the doorway, looking indignant. "Heero! How rude can you get?"

"I can get a lot ruder," Heero offered, still moving his hand over Duo's erection. The bound man shuddered and tried to squirm away, with as little success as before. Heero tightened his hand, drawing a gasp from his captive. "Stop trying to escape," he told him.

Duo huffed and glared at him, as though trying to communicate just how unlikely that was.

Quatre moved about the room, making the same observations Heero had. "Trowa, was all this really necessary?"

"Yes, it was!" Wufei defended their work indignantly. "If you want to be clocked in the chin, or listen to your ancestry defiled back to ten generations, you can untie him."

"I don't even know who my parents were, so the good name of my ancestry is of no particular concern to me," Heero remarked. "And if he's gagged, he can't put his mouth to nicer uses."

Trowa gave him a surprised look, as Wufei levered himself off the taller pilot's lap. "Don't tell me you've been waiting a month for this opportunity and all you want is a blowjob," he said incredulously.

"Good point." Heero lifted his hands from Duo's body, leaving other other pilot to moan and arch up helplessly towards his touch, and moved around to straddle the bench behind him. "This is far too good an opportunity to pass up."

"Hey, who says you get first shot, Yuy?" Trowa protested.

"I say so," Heero said, running his hands down Duo's back and copping a good squeeze of his ass. "You just said I should wait for Quatre, and now he's here. Don't be impatient."

"I'm not impatient," Trowa objected. "I've been very patient. I've been sitting in here watching Duo wiggle his naked ass at me for over an hour and have hardly done more than look. I think I've been more than patient."

"Hardly done more than look?" Wufei asked dryly. "Trowa, were you molesting Duo while I was gone?"

"No!" Trowa denied, though it sounded rather feeble. "...Only a little."

Quatre laughed, and came over to take Wufei's place in Trowa's lap. "Let Heero have his turn," he said. "You can watch. Don't tell me that doesn't appeal to you."

Trowa sighed. "Playing on my weaknesses," he grumbled, but opened his mouth for a kiss that involved enough tongue to be seen from the other side of the room. There were some things you learned, playing the flute for long enough.

Heero paid them no mind, focusing instead on the slender body and pert little ass that he'd been looking forward to for such a long time. His hands kneaded the cheeks of Duo's ass, drawing shuddering gasps from the other pilot; taking his time, enjoying the feel of it, though also aware of the increasing demands of his own body. Duo kept twisted his neck around, as though trying to see what Heero was doing, or perhaps to try again to glare him into submission. Heero, however, was the connoisseur of glares, and receiving one from an amateur was certainly not going to be enough to deter his overactive hormones.

His fingers slipped into Duo's crack, pressing against his interest. Duo gasped and shuddered, his back and shoulder blades canting as he arched against the sensation. Wufei, who had been pacing lazily back and forth across the room as he watched the action, came over to stand in front of Duo, slipping a hand into his pants and stroking himself as he ran his eyes over Duo's taut form. "Trowa has a good point," he said. "Why should you get first shot, anyway, Heero?"

"Because I took the first turn," Heero replied. His fingers kept probing at Duo's entrance, causing the Deathscythe pilot to shudder and squirm. "We might as well go in order. In the meantime, make yourself useful and hand me the lube.

Wufei made a disgruntled sound, even as he turned to the shelves to search out the bottle. "I don't see why I should have to wait until last," he grumbled. He found the tube and tossed it at Heero's head; to his disappointment, the Wing pilot managed to catch, open, and squeeze out a dollop of it with only one hand.

Wufei snorted at this display of skill, but he was too busy unbuttoning his pants to free his own erection to comment. He put one leg over the bench so that he stood in front of Duo, and taking Duo's bound erection in hand, began rubbing his own together with it. It wasn't the same as being buried inside the other pilot, but it was sweet, and would do well enough for now. He would get his chance at Duo later, after the others had staked their claim.

For now, he guided the head of his cock to rub in the hot, moist space behind Duo's balls, enjoying the needy moans and whimpers that he was able to force out of the other pilot. And when Heero slid one slick fingers inside Duo's tight pucker, making the other pilot arch his back and rise up on the balls of his feet, he didn't know whether to rock forward against Wufei's hardness or backwards onto Heero's hand.

Heero frowned, as he added another finger, and slowed his pace even more. Duo was very tight, more than he'd anticipated; and what he didn't say aloud was that the reason he had insisted on going first was to make sure that Duo was prepared properly. Although Wufei was a fierce and passionate lover, he tended to be impatient and rush to finish things as soon as possible. Heero, on the other hand, prepared for sex the same way he prepared for any other mission; careful and methodical and as patient in planning as he needed to be.

That and the fact that he was really horny. He twisted his fingers inside Duo, scissoring them, trying to loosen the other boy up, and frowned at the stubborn resistance he encounter. "Duo, stop being difficult."

He wasn't prepared for the sudden motion Duo made; snapping his head backwards to impact against his nose and forehead. If not for the padding of the other boy's braid, he might have been stunned; as it was, it just left him off-balance that he stumbled backwards and fouled his legs on the bench, sprawling on his ass on the floor behind it. However, his head was considerably harder than most, and Duo had been more injured by the attack than Heero had. His balance and range of motion already impaired, he started to fall, and might have seriously hurt himself if Wufei had not been right there to catch him.

Quatre and Trowa, looking concerned, started to get up, but an annoyed Heero waved them back to their seats. "Heero, are you all right?" Quatre asked.

"I'm fine," Heero growled. "Baka probably hurt himself more than he hurt me."

"Damn straight!" Wufei scolded, still supporting a dazed Duo. "That was a stupid thing to do, Duo! You nearly fell!"

Duo shook his head to clear it, sending even more loose hair flying, and glared viciously, if not quite in focus, at Wufei. The string of muffled curses behind the gag had resumed.

Heero picked himself off the floor, rubbing his abused tailbone. Damn, he thought, wasn't the whole point of this not to give me a sore ass? "I think he's gone beyond stubborn into outright disobedient, Wufei," he said aloud. "What should we do with him?"

Wufei shot him a startled look, but then smiled. "Don't know," he said, steering Duo back upright. "What should we do with naughty boys?"

"They need discipline," Quatre volunteered, from his tangle of limbs over with Trowa. Duo shot him a wide-eyed look.

"Discipline, huh?" The apprehensive look on Duo's face was inspiring. A thought occurred to Heero, touching his face with a wicked smirk. Before he did anything else, though, he took the unencumbered moment to strip himself of his shorts and tank top, standing unabashedly naked in the room. Some of the appreciative glances changed to him from Duo, but he hardly minded that.

He went over to the shelf of tools, rummaging around in it for something that might work. Duo kept trying to twist around to see what he was doing, but he still wasn't entirely steady, and Wufei held him firmly in place. The Chinese boy had resumed stroking his own cock, in long, unhurried strokes, rubbing the head against the skin of Duo's belly and groin.

Finally, Heero found what he wanted, and held them up for inspection, testing the tension. He nodded; they would do. He turned around and approached Duo again; when Wufei saw what he was holding, his eyes widened, and he laughed. "Remind me never to incur your wrath, Yuy," he said, shaking his head. Duo made a distressed noise, craning his neck wildly to try and see what fate had in store for him.

Heero straddled the bench again, his arms encircled Duo from behind to pull him firmly back against the Wing pilot's chest. His hands slid over Duo's smooth, muscled chest, drawing a pleasured moan from the other pilot, before settling on his nipples, to tease and pinch them to hardness. He was squirming and panting within a few minutes, when Heero's hand briefly disappeared from his chest, and stretched out his arm towards Wufei. "Wufei, would you care to do the honors?" he asked.

Wufei looked at the objects Heero gave him, and raised an eyebrow; but Heero had already picked up the fallen bottle of lube and was preparing to stretch Duo again. Duo glanced down to see what Wufei was holding -- and his eyes went, if possible, even larger than before. He shook his head frantically, then arched his back again, eyes squeezing closed and head falling back as Heero pressed two lube-slick fingers back inside him. Wufei chuckled, and, as Heero had, tested the spring-loaded tension of the clamps before opening them up to attach to Duo's nipple.

"Mmph!" Duo's eyes grew impossibly wide, and he shouted some protest; but Heero held him firmly, and he couldn't wiggle out of the way of the clamp attaching to his nipple. He cried out through the gag, arching backwards, but Wufei was relentless, opening the second clamp out to torment his other nipple. Duo bucked and thrashed, but to no avail; the fierce little clamps bit down on his tender flesh, sending bolts of electric sensation through his stretched shoulders and down his torso into his groin.

Wufei smirked at his reaction, gently tugging on one of the clamps and producing another tortured moan. "This ought to give you something else to think about, if you're set on being stubborn," he said. He ran his hands over Duo's chest, enjoying the sensation, his other hand stealing back to his erection. Gently twisting or tugging on the new attachments produced a most erotic array of grunts and whimpers; noises that flew straight through his already heated blood to provide additional fuel to the fire that was coiling in his groin. His enjoyment reached a peak, splattering white liquid all over Duo's belly and thighs, just as Heero added a third finger to preparing Duo.

This time, he didn't wait before pressing them in deep, counting on Wufei to distract the other boy from the sensation and pressure inside him. His free hand found Duo's braid, and as was his habit, wound it lovingly around his wrist and arm, drawing the pilot back against him.

To his surprise, he found Deathscythe's pilot was trembling slightly, and attributed that to the strain being placed on his body. He ran a soothing hand over Duo's flank, patting his hip encouragingly. It still didn't deter him from pulling his three fingers out of Duo and grasping his hips firmly, to position the other boy over his cock.

"I've been looking forward to this for weeks," he said into Duo's ear as he slid forward, taking his time to adjust himself to the new experience of Duo's body. "Ever since the first time you took me."

A shudder went through Duo's body, and the clenching heat around Heero's cock was almost enough to make him lose his senses. He had to pause, half in and half out of Duo, gasping for breath while stars swam in front of his eyes.

Wufei, already spent himself, was rocking lazily against Duo; at Heero's words, he put one hand on Duo's straining cock, sliding it up and down and smearing the streaks of pre-cum around the head. This was enough to distract Duo, and Heero was able to move again, sliding in until his hips touched Duo's ass. He groaned, flexing his hands on Duo's hips, and took a moment to be thankful for his training in discipline.

Still, discipline or no discipline, he was feeling pretty impatient before he finally decided that Duo had adjusted, and began to move within him. The heat and pressure was really incredible -- sweet -- far more than he'd dreamed it would be. He heard himself panting, and realized it was intermingling with the harsh sounds of Duo's breathing as they rocked together, joined in this most intimate of ways. He slid his free hand up Duo's belly, smearing trails of Wufei's come along his skin, to press against the center of his chest. Over Duo's shoulder, he saw Wufei, heavy-lidded gaze fixed upon them as though mesmerized, saw Wufei's fine, toned hand sliding over his own abdomen, then reaching for Duo again.

"Wufei! You've had your turn. Now give someone else a chance." That was Quatre's voice, the teasing and scolding tone a thin veneer over the underlying lust. Then the blond was shouldering Wufei out of the way, engaging in a brief wrestling match involving hands and lips and teeth that was as much foreplay as anything else. He closed his eyes against the sight of their scuffling bodies, concentrating instead on the sounds and smells and sensations of being inside Duo.

When he opened them again, Wufei had given way, and it was now Quatre who sat sideways on the bench and ran interested eyes and fingers over Duo's arching body. He licked two fingers, and tweaked the head of Duo's cock, just above the constricting ring. That made Duo jerk his hips, helplessly unsure whether to move towards the touch or away, and drove him back harder onto Heero's impaling cock. Heero grunted and closed his eyes, increasing his pace slightly.

Quatre sighed. "It's not fair," he complained halfheartedly. "Such a hot, hard, desperate cock as this... I'd really like to have it inside me. And I bet you'd rather that too, wouldn't you, Duo?"

Duo's eyes flickered open, but they were glazed and unfocused, as if affected by the same fever that flushed his skin hot and caused his breath to come in pants.

"That's against the rules," Trowa called out, though he sounded preoccupied. His words ended in a gasp, and as Heero flicked a glance over to see why, he saw Wufei, hair come loose, straddling the taller pilot's lap, fingers resting against his lips. Even as Heero watched, Trowa's eyes closed in an expression of bliss, and he opened his mouth to suck Wufei's fingers in.

"Nothing in the rules against this," Quatre fired back the by-now familiar line with the same lecherous grin that always accompanied it. Shifting positions on the bench, until he was facing Duo, he leaned down and took hold of the bound man's thighs, spreading them wider. His legs already hindered, Duo wobbled, but Quatre was relentless, and Duo gasped as his center of weight shifted backwards, forcing him deeper onto Heero's impaling shaft.

The noise he made then was nothing compared to the muffled, desperate shout that came a moment later, as Quatre skipped past all the niceties and enveloped Duo's trapped cock in his mouth, quickly swallowing him to the root. It had been noted many times that Quatre had a natural talent for sucking cock; the last month of frequent practice had allowed him to hone that talent to sinful levels. Eyes wide and staring at the ceiling, Duo tried desperately to thrust up into Quatre's mouth, but he lacked the leverage, off-balance as it was, to fight his way free of both Heero's and Quatre's insistent hands.

The only thing he accomplished was to writhe and squeeze his inner muscles almost crushingly against Heero's cock; the combination of pleasure and almost-pain was enough to shatter even Heero's self-control, and he came in Duo with a strangled shout that was almost a growl. Trying to muffle his own reaction, he bit down, which produced a similarly muffled cry from Duo.

"Hnnng!" The Deathscythe pilot thrashed desperately between his captors, choking Quatre and nearly casing the Sandrock pilot to bite down. He had to pull back to catch his breath, and Heero, still caught in the throes of his own orgasm, reached around Duo to brush warningly at the clamps hanging from his chest.

Duo subsided, hanging limply between his lovers and tormenters, but continued to whimper slightly as Quatre worked him over. His body was awash in sensation, both painful and pleasurable; but bound up as he was, he had no way of stopping either one. He struggled with surrender, and lost; the fight went out of his muscles, and he abandoned himself to just feeling.

Heero felt him relax, and that reassured him enough that he carefully lifted Duo's hips and slid out of him. Quatre pulled away from Duo, licking his lips and drawing a gasp from his victim. He grinned up at Duo and Heero, wiping a smear of white away from his cheek and then licking his fingers. "Mmm. Tastes like Wufei," he said, and stood, reaching behind Duo's head to undo the knot holding the gag in place.

As the cloth fell away, Duo looked around the room pleadingly, panting heavily. "Come on, guys," he groaned. "Give me a break here! I'm..."

He looked like he would have said more, but Quatre covered Duo's lips with his own, boldly sliding his tongue into Duo's mouth to share the combined taste of his two lovers and swallowing his protests. Duo moaned and melted against Quatre, leaning heavily against him as Heero eased free and stepped back, giving Duo's hips one last caress as he did.

"Aren't you finished yet, Yuy?" Trowa grumbled.

"And here I thought you admired me for my stamina," Heero said calmly. "But yes, since you put it so bluntly, I am finished. If you want your turn, come and get it." Reluctantly, he released Duo's braid, letting it fall over the other pilot's shoulder, where Quatre eagerly snatched it up.

"You don't have to tell me twice," Trowa said, humor mixed with lust in his tone. He tried to get up from the chair, but found himself pinned down by Wufei. "Get off, Chang," he grumbled.

"Already did," Wufei said smugly, slipping a hand under Trowa's chest to toy with a nipple. Trowa growled and pulled his hand away, biting it lightly before pushing Wufei off his lap onto the ground.

"Damn right you did," he said. "Now I want my turn."

"Hey!" Wufei scowled, glaring at Trowa as he crossed the room. Not one to stand for being left behind, he got to his feet and came over to hook his arms around Heero, rocking gently against his pelvis although both of them were too recently spent to get erect again. Heero kissed him, not pushing him away; it felt nice, and that was all the reason there needed to be.

Quatre finally broke his protracted kiss with Duo, leaving the other boy gasping for air. "Trowa?" he said weakly. "Sure you want to go through with this, man?"

Trowa chuckled, eye gleaming wickedly. "Do you remember the first time you took me?" he asked.

"Uh." Duo looked around for support, but none was forthcoming. He gulped. "Hey, I was just really eager, okay? You looked all sexy like that --"

"You look pretty sexy like this, too," Trowa replied, running one hand possessively along Duo's body. Duo shivered, craning his neck to watch Trowa as the other pilot moved around behind him and took ahold of his hips. Trowa leaned forward, the tips of his hair brushing over Duo's bare back as he took hold of Duo's bare arms. "Remember how fast you pounded into me?" he murmured, eyes bright with the memory.

"You couldn't sit down without a pillow for three days," Wufei chuckled.

"Might have only been two if the rest of us had left him alone," Heero observed, rubbing slowly against Wufei.

"And waste the opportunity?" Quatre murmured, spreading himself back on the bench, watching Trowa moving up over Duo with heavy-lidded eyes.

"Well -- No harm done, right?" Duo said desperately. "We can just let bygones be bygones?"

Trowa chuckled and patted Duo's hips. "You can just consider this fair payment," he replied smugly.

"Trowa, I don't --" Duo got no farther than that before Quatre covered his mouth with his hand, slipping his fingers easily between Duo's parted lips. Duo turned his head to look at Quatre, eyes wide, and his eyes darted down to Quatre's so far neglected erection.

The blond leaned back on the bench, supporting himself with one hand and tugging on Duo's braid. "Come on, Duo," he coaxed, brushing the very tip of the braid across his erection. "Won't you suck me off?"

"Quatre --" was all Duo managed to say before Quatre muffled him.

"I've done it for you," Quatre pleaded, pumping his fingers slowly in and out of Duo's mouth in a way that had Heero groaning with remembrance. "Not just now, but plenty of times before. Please?"

Duo still resisted the tugging, though; he hovered uncertainly, unwilling to compromise his tenuous balance. Impatiently, Quatre let go of his braid and hooked a finger around the metal clamp on his nipples, instead. Duo gasped and followed that tug very readily. Legs spread, bent over, he wobbled unsteadily until Trowa caught hold of his hips in a firm and steady grip. Even as Duo's lips brushed the head of Quatre's cock, Trowa placed the head of his cock at Duo's entrance, still slick from lube and Heero's cum.

"Better go slow," Heero advised him and thought that Duo gave him a grateful look. "He's still pretty damn tight."

At that moment Quatre gave a loud moan, throwing his head back, as the tip of his cock vanished into Duo's mouth. He clutched at Duo's hair, bucking his hips. Duo choked slightly, but then adjusted as he managed to swallow more.

Trowa steadied his balance, then began to push forward against Duo's hole. Taking Heero's advice, he kept the pace slow at first, although he didn't plan to stay that way. "Oh... yes..." Trowa groaned. "This is payback, all right."

He slammed forward, driving his hips to meet Duo's. Duo lurched forward, involuntarily swallowing more of Quatre's cock, and Quatre shouted with ecstasy, clutching at his head to keep him down. Trowa didn't wait, as Heero had, but immediately set about pounding into him.

The change of angle proved a very good thing for Duo, though; he shouted and jerked as Trowa's cock struck against his prostate, eyes opening very wide. He tried to straighten up, but Quatre's insistent hands kept him down, and successive strikes against his prostate left his knees weak and and muscles unable to obey him.

"Come on," Quatre whined, hands buried in Duo's hair and eyes squeezed shut. "I'm so close... make me come, Duo..."

Duo groaned, body rocked by the force of Trowa's thrusts, and Quatre pulled one hand out of his hair to stroke over his neck and shoulders as well. "Come on," he panted. "Make me come, and then it'll be your turn, promise."

Duo's head came up, then, pleading eyes meeting Quatre's. With a great effort of concentration, he started to actively lick and suck at Quatre's erection, instead of lying helpless in the grip of passion overwhelming him.

"Oh, God, yes!" Quatre cried, fingers digging into Duo's shoulders. He shifted a bit on the bench, finding a better angle, and started to thrust into Duo's mouth, matching his rhythm to Trowa's thrusts that continued to rock Duo's body.

Quatre came first, with a wordless cry, hips snapping up off of the bench and clutching Duo's head closer to him. Duo swallowed, but couldn't take all of it, and as soon as Quatre's grip slackened he had to raise his head to cough, the remnant of Quatre's come leaking out over his chin. "Please," he gasped as soon as he was able. "Quatre! You promised."

"Please what?" Heero said, squatting next to the bench to come level to Duo.

Trowa took command of Duo's hips, holding him bent over but changing the angle. Duo cried out, back arching, as Trowa's thrusts began to drive against his prostate with increasing force. "Oh God!" Duo cried. "Tr-Trowa... Heero! Somebody. Please!"

"Please what, Duo?" Wufei joined Quatre, now lazily sated on the bench, in running his hands over Duo's body. Heero slipped his hand underneath Duo's chest to finger his still bound cock. It was swollen an angry red, moisture dribbling from the head as it strained against the confinement. When he touched it, fingering the tight elastic restraints, it leaped against his hand and Duo's voice raised in a hoarse shout.

"Please let me come!" he cried out, almost incoherent. "Wufei, Quatre -- please, don't make me wait..."

"Very well, since you beg so nicely..." Wufei's hands deftly plucked at the clamps squeezing Duo's abused nipples, pulling them free. The resulting rush of blood to the area drove a scream from Duo's throat, and his body shook ceaselessly. Quatre's hands caught at his shoulders, supporting him, as Heero finally relented and went after the cock rings.

For a moment he wasn't sure how to get them off without hurting Duo, as even the elastic material had bitten tightly into the swollen flesh. At last he found a way to roll them up Duo's weeping shaft and over the head.

No sooner had the second one come off in his hand than Duo's head jerked back, his entire body tenses and he was coming all over Heero's hand, a release almost violent after being denied for so long.

Above him, Trowa shouted, as the tight press of Duo's inner walls against his shaft brought him too to climax. He thrust a few more times into Duo's body as he came, driving Duo further forward into Quatre's arms, before at last he relaxed and slumped over Duo's back.

As the three stayed in a sprawled heap, panting from the aftermath of their orgasms, Wufei was the first one to react. He bent down to free Duo's ankles from the spreader bar -- they hadn't even been locked, just attached with a buckle.

Heero, observing his action, moved up and began to work on the knots binding Duo's arms. He noted with approval that though the knots had been strong, they hadn't been tight, and the rope was wrapped all along the length of his forearms to distribute the strain. When the rope was untied, he carefully guided his partner's arms in front of him, rubbing at his shoulders to ease any soreness.

Duo groaned, stirring, and Heero wrapped his arms around the pilot's torso and pulled him over the bench. Trowa moaned as his now flaccid cock slipped out of Duo's body, and Duo winced before settling on the floor in Heero's lap.

"Where do you think you're going?" Quatre complained, and followed them off the bench to join them in a heap on the floor. Trowa joined him in a boneless sprawl a minute later, and Wufei came around the bench and sat next to Quatre, pulling the blond pilots' head into his lap.

"That was good," Wufei commented quietly after a minute, and Quatre was inclined to agree, despite having only gotten a blowjob, and not the most skillful of ones at that. Duo snorted.

"You would say that," he grumbled. "You weren't the ones tied up with someone's dick shoved up your ass."

Despite his surly tone, he leaned against Heero's chest, and tried to rearrange his legs to find a comfortable position until Quatre pulled his feet into his lap.

"Not this time, no," Wufei said blandly. "But it's something to keep in mind in the future."

"But for right now," Heero pointed out, "It's still your turn for a week. And neither Wufei nor Quatre have gotten a proper turn yet."

Duo groaned in dismay, as Quatre said indignantly, "Hey, why should I be last?" He started to sit up, but Wufei would have none of that and pulled him back down to snuggle some more. Pouting, he went on, "I don't see why I should settle for sloppy seconds. Fourths."

Trowa laughed, leaning over to drape himself over Duo's legs and Quatre's laps. "I don't think you need to worry about that," he said. "Even after Heero had his turn with him, Duo was still tight as hell. You'd think he was a virgin or something."

There was an unexpected, strained pause, and Trowa looked down to see Duo's shoulders suddenly go tense, and his jaw tighten. He sat bolt upright, all humor suddenly gone. "You aren't, are you?" he said in alarm.

"What?" The sleepy atmosphere disappeared, to be replaced with shock and concern as all four of the pilots turned to the last. "Duo!"

"Duo!" Quatre's voice rose above the others. "You're a virgin?"

"Well, not any more," Duo snapped back, rancor in his eyes and in his tone. "And just shout it at the top of your lungs, why don't ya?"

Quatre blushed, but persisted. "But you told us -- you lied?"

"I don't lie!" Duo denied heatedly. "So maybe I might've... implied more experience. But guys brag, right? It's what guys do! How was I to know you all were serious?"

"Duo, why didn't you say anything?" Quatre scolded.

"Say anything?" Duo's eyes flashed. "You stuffed a gag into my mouth!"

Quatre faltered, ashamed, but Trowa stepped in. "You had plenty of opportunity before that happened," he said firmly. "You could have told us before that, instead of just shouting curses and insults. In fact, you could have told us anytime within the last month, instead of just letting us assume that you were experienced."

Duo sighed, and leaned his forehead against Heero's strong chest. "I didn't think we'd be together this long," he mumbled. "I kept hoping that one or all of us would be reassigned before... before my turn came around."

"And that's why you kept putting it off?" Wufei guessed. Duo nodded, and he sighed. "Duo, all you would have had to do was explain that you did not want to be involved in sexual relations with us, and we would have worked something out among the four of us."

Duo's eyes stayed lowered, so Wufei took hold of Duo's chin and raised his face "Nobody forced you into entering the agreement."

Duo's face reddened, and he tried to turn his eyes away. He muttered something inaudible. "What did you say?" Trowa prompted.

"Okay, so what was I supposed to do?" Duo yelled, his face burning. "When the four of you are so fucking hot, and sexy, and obviously into it! I didn't want to be the stick in the mud -- me! I didn't want to be left..." He cut himself off, dropping his eyes again, but Quatre understood.

"You didn't want to be left out," he said, and Duo shrugged. "No? What then?"

"I didn't want... to be left alone," he mumbled, and his his face in Heero's shoulder. Without speaking, Heero shifted around to encircle the pilot in his arms.

"Duo, we would not have abandoned you just because you chose not to have sex with us," Wufei told him levelly. "I'm insulted that you would think so little of us."

"I didn't think that!" Duo protested, head popping up again. "But if I didn't... Haven't you noticed the way we've all changed? The five of us, together? If I'd said no, been the odd one out, sure, you wouldn't have kicked me out or no-nothing, but you would have grown closer to each other... and not me. D'you think," and his voice had a catch in it now, "d'you think I'd want to miss out on being a part of that? For anything?"

Trowa sighed, and smoothed his hand over Duo's hair. "Still," he said, "you should have told us. We would have found some better way to approach your first time."

"It's all right," Duo admitted grudgingly. "I mean... it wasn't bad or anything."

"Sure?" Quatre asked worriedly, and Duo nodded.

"Just kind of... overwhelming." He squirmed again, a flush creeping back into his skin.

"You aren't hurt, are you?" Heero asked quietly. He was now extremely grateful that he had taken enough time to prepare Duo, and slightly guilty that he hadn't gone even slower.

Duo shook his head. "Just... sore," he said, and sounded faintly surprised by it. As though he'd heard and repeated the word all his life, but never really understood its meaning before.

"I know," Trowa said with a smile, and the other three laughed. Duo blushed as he realized what he'd said, then snorted and laid his head down again. A few minutes of companionable, quiet lassitude descended on them, and Duo found himself relaxing, for the first time completely at easy with the others, now that his secret was out and the last hurdle breached.

"Hey," he said, alarmed that the others seemed to be dozing. He wriggled, but couldn't get free of all the entangling hands and bodies. "Shouldn't we, y'know, move?"

"Why?" Wufei said, sounding unconcerned. "Stop squirming."

Duo blushed again. "Well, we're all in a pile on the floor of the toolshed," he said. "Somehow I don't think this is the ideal arrangement."

Quatre rolled over and sighed, pillowing his head on Duo's stomach, pinning him down completely. "Oh, I don't know," he said comfortably. "I think this is pretty much perfect."