Gundam Wing

Ten Genres, Heero/Duo style

1. Angst:

"You'll be a great Preventer, Heero."
"You could be one too." A pause. "But you won't stop running with your smuggler friends."
"The next time I see you, I'll have to arrest you."
"I know." A smile. "Hey, if we both make it that far, let's meet again on retirement day."
"... Yeah, let's do that."
"I won't regret anything if you don't."

2. AU:

"What's a cute cherub like you doing in a place like that?"
Heero pulls thirty inches of burning sword out of the scabbard. "I'm a seraph."
"... Neat. I've never Felled a seraph before."

3. Crack: (the AU didn't qualify?)

"What do you MEAN Deathscythe told you to stop leaving cum stains on the pilot seat?"

4. Crossover:

"He wants to fly with you again."
Heero was silent for a few seconds. Then he rested his hand alongside River's. The Gundanium was cold, oily-smooth where it wasn't shredded. "Yeah. Me too."

5. First Time:

"We could die tomorrow, you know."
Heero quirks an eyebrow, unimpressed. "Are you trying to say you're a virgin?"
"What? What on earth gives you the impression I'm a virgin? Seriously." Duo harrumphs to cover up his embarrassment. "I was just..."
"Good. Me neither." Heero tightens a joint and picks up the soldering iron. "Ten minutes, your room. I'll bring condoms."
Duo gives a slow blink. "...It's a date."

6. Fluff:

"I got you a present for your birthday!"
Heero looks at the package, confused. "But... It's not my birthday."
"Yeah, but far as we know it could be, so it might as well be! Whatcha waiting for, open it already."

7. Humor:

".. A pink limo!"
"It's stable on the road. Reinforced plating. Decent power."
"Would you drive it?"
"... uh."
"Yeah, that's what I thought."

8. Hurt/Comfort:

Heero finished taping up Duo's broken ribs in total silence, jaw clenched, bangs shadowing his eyes.
"It'll learn me to dodge faster," Duo said, and gave a wincing laugh.

9. Smut:

The wrench smacks in his palm. He grunts his thanks, and pretends he doesn't feel Duo's body wriggling in the narrow hatch against his side, pretending he's trying to angle the torchlight he's holding properly.
Then Duo figures out how to hold the torch with his teeth, and then he has two free hands. Heero lasts three minutes and fifty seconds before he has to put down the wrench. He squirm around on his back, pulls Duo deeper by the neck. They cram themselves into the narrow space, body pressing against body, Duo's hand still cupping his cock through the clingy spandex shorts.
Their legs from the knee down keep dangling out, at least until Heero winds his legs around Duo's hips.

10. UST:

It lasted barely a second, a flash of pale, never-seen skin at the nape of his neck, and then his braid caught up with his momentum and covered it again.
Heero tried not to wonder what would happen if he wound that braid around his hand and pulled Duo back so that he could leave bite marks under there.