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Naruto x Harry Potter
Naruto x Gundam Wing
Gundam Wing x Final Fantasy 7
Gundam Wing x Firefly/Serenity
Gundam Wing x Bleach
Kingdom Hearts x Various
Final Fantasy 7 x His Dark Materials / The Golden Compass
Gundam Wing x Stargate Atlantis
Gundam Wing x Temeraire
Gundam Wing x His Dark Materials / The Golden Compasss
Homestuck x Naruto NEW

Naruto x Harry Potter

Harry Potter Crack Drabbles

Story: Series of short stories, scenes, snippets featuring Team 7 and Kakashi at Hogwarts. No real overall storyline.
Genre: Humor, parody, crack.
Status: Collection of ficlets, not planning to write more.
The Letter
At Ollivander's
The Sorting
Meeting Harry
DADA Teacher Kakashi
Meeting the Unicorns
Sexy no Jutsu 1
Sexy no Jutsu 2
Sexy no Jutsu 3
Meanwhile on the Dark Side
Still no plot lalala

Naruto x Gundam Wing


Story: Wufei versus Team Seven, fight!
Genre: gen, humor, some action.
Status: Ficlet, finished.

Wufei no Jutsu

Story: Duo doesn't believe in chakra.
Genre: gen, humor.
Status: Ficlet, finished.
Wufei no Jutsu


Story: Duo/Sakura for Tephralynn from my kissing meme.
Genre: Semi-fluff, het.
Status: Ficlet, finished.


Story: Heero/Sasuke for Luel Exana from my kissing meme.
Genre: grarrr >E hn, forced yaoi. Also the oldest excuse in the book. Fourth wall? What for?
Status: Ficlet, finished.


Story: Duo/Ino for Nightambre from my kissing meme.
Genre: humor, cuteness, het
Status: Ficlet, finished.

Gundam Wing x Final Fantasy 7

Meeting on the Planet

Story: Wufei on the Planet, a year after the Wutai war.
Genre: All/any genres. Gen so far, background Zack/Aeris.
Status: Series of ficlets, written out of order. in progress. Italics are fics planned but not yet written. Other ficlets will probably come later to insert themselves in between.

Hey, Stranger
Wufei in Mideel.

Last Piece of Home
Magic does not make up for a lost life.

Fuck that noise.

Shinra, Inc.
Mercenary feels like a bad word.

Dirty Laundry
He's not lonely. He's not.

Kindred Spirits
Wherein Sephiroth earns "Sir."

And A Kiss For Luck
Oh my. That's a very sexy bike you've got.

Cid does not like conducting job interviews much.

Good day for Hojo.

Grand Theft Heero
Zack to the rescue!

The Attic
Heero wakes.

Gundam Wing x Firefly

The Stowaway

Story: Mal ain't sure he much likes his newest stowaway.
Genre: humor.
Status: Ficlet, finished.
The Stowaway

Gundam Wing x Bleach


Story: Duo/Orihime for Bemysty from my kissing meme.
Genre: silly-cute, het.
Status: Ficlet, finished.

Kingdom Hearts x Various


Story: KH/Naruto. Roxas/Ino for Runespoor7 from my kissing meme.
Genre: dreamscape weirdness.
Status: Ficlet, finished.


Story: KH/FF7. Roxas/RedXIII for Hitori-Toshiro from my kissing meme.
Genre: crack.
Status: Ficlet, finished.

Final Fantasy x His Dark Materials

Untitled So Far

Story: Not a crossover proper with the His Dark Materials story and characters, more of an excuse to give the FF7 cast daemons and see how that alters the game storyline.
Genre: various, same as the game. (unless otherwise marked, no pairings; pairing ficlets are optional, though they do end up altering the game timeline.)
Status: Collection of ficlets and scenes.
Tonberry (Child!Sephiroth & Gast, ~240 words) NEW
Sparrow (Ifalna & child!Aeris, ~600 words? idk short) NEW
Not At First Sight (Tifa, Cloud, ~700 words)
Church Meeting (Aeris, Cloud, ~2 300 words)
Wall Market (Cloud, Aeris, Tifa, Don Corneo, ~words? idk shortish) NEW
Metamorphose (Vincent, Cloud, ~170 words)
That Wutai Vacation (Elena, Reno, Rude, Don Corneo) NEW
Dragon Taxonomy (Cloud, Yuffie, Avalanche, ~400 words) NEW

Optional Path 1: Cloud/Tifa/Aeris timeline divergence
Interrupted By Fireworks (Tifa, Cloud, Aeris, ~3 700words) NEW
City of the Ancients (Tifa, Aeris, Red, ~3 400 words) NEW

Gundam Wing x Stargate Atlantis


Story: "Major, I have a Jaffa commando between my legs and the headache of the century and oh, yes, someone threw me down in a hole and landed on top of me, what do you think my status is?"
Rodney is looking for new personnel for Atlantis; instead he finds a new project. John isn't looking for anyone, but he might find someone anyway. Post-season 1 for SGA, post-EW for GW.
Genre: Gen, humor, action, character interaction, geekery. (John, Rodney, Heero)
Status: Likely it'll be a series of oneshots. I don't know yet, the first one is a complete scene but there are still unanswered questions, so... >__>;
Sanctuarium NEW
-----> Sequel Meme Snippet: It's a Gundam! (Lorne POV, one or two years later) NEW

Gundam Wing x Temeraire

Dragons and their boys

Story: Gundam Wing, if it happened in the Temeraire universe. Gundams as dragons.
Genre: Gen, little bit of everything.
Status: Collection of drabbles and oneshots, to be added to at random.
Introductions NEW
Hatch (Heero, Wing, J) NEW
How Trowa got Heavyarms (no-name, S) NEW
Nataku Episode Zero (Nataku, Meiran, Wufei) NEW
Stealth Fail (Duo, Scythe, G) NEW
Scythe and Wing meet (Duo, Scythe, Wing, Heero, Relena cameo) NEW
Sweet Music (Heavyarms, Trowa, Quatre, Sandrock) NEW
"how would destroying the gundams go?" (dragons, Duo.) NEW

Gundam Wing x His Dark Materials


Story: Gundam Wing, with added daemons.
Genre: Gen, little bit of everything.
Status: Collection of drabbles and oneshots, to be added to at random.
Caerwyn, Mort, Rusty NEW

Homestuck x Naruto

Blonds Have More Fun

Story: Anonymous asked: Dave/Naruto, hooking up at a house party (papabrostrider is to blame for this one)
Genre: Crack, flirting.
Status: ficlets, complete.
House Party NEW
Morning After NEW



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