Naruto x Gundam Wing

Kissing meme -- Duo/Ino, bratty, for Nightambre.


"Aw, come on, just a glance."

"Nope, sorry lady."

"Pretty please?"

"Geeze, you don't give up, do you?"

Ino threw him a winsome smile. "Never. I'll find a way in if you don't let me."

Duo laughed. "Go ahead and try. I don't think you know how to hack a super-computer via the audio interface."

Ino tilted her head curiously. "Audio interface? What's sound got to do with it?"

Duo shrugged, and hoped she would drop it, but Ino's curious look only morphed into a slow smirk.

"It listens to you, doesn't it. The only access is through sound."

Damn, she was sharp.

"So, hm, is there a code word?" She turned to face the machine. "Open, Deathscythe!"

The gundam failed to comply.

"Open the door? Hatch? ... Let me in?"

Duo snickered. Ino huffed with fake offense and tugged on her ponytail as she thought.

"... It's not really the words, is it? Or not only. It's the sounds. It knows your voice."

Duo's smile didn't slip an inch, but Ino's only grew, as if she could see it anyway. Damn, but they did train them well at that ninja academy. Maybe Duo had found the one school he wouldn't mind attending.

"Yep, that's it. If you don't have the right words and the right voice, then nothing happens. Tough luck, huh?"

Ino sighed sadly. "Mmh, yes. It's no use taping your voice if you won't say the right words..." She slumped against Duo's shoulder, giving him puppy eyes that made him bite back a smile, even as he felt a strange urge to keep track of his wallet and other valuables.

And then she poured her body against his own, chest to chest, arms sliding around his neck, and there were lips on his own. He allowed it for one second, and then caught her arms and gently tried to disentangle her. What sort of trick was she playing now? He wondered, looking her in the eye.

When her hands came up over his head, the fingers were interlocked into a strange position, and then he saw nothing but her eyes, and then nothing at all.

Ino caught her falling body and lowered it on the ground with great care, and patted her own chest. Nice, not bulky and unmaneuverable at all. And he had great hair, too! Grinning a shark grin, she turned back to face the robot and started rattling off potential access codes in Duo Maxwell's voice. In the back of her -- his -- head, Duo glowered a lot.