Harry Potter Crack Drabbles

Shortest one so far. Ehh. :p

Meeting Harry

"Hey, hey, so you're that Potter Harry guy?"

Harry gave the blond guy grinning manically at him a wary look. Sure, that Naruto guy was a Gryffindor too, but... He seemed perpetually obscenely happy, he looked about fifteen and yet had just arrived at Hogwarts now (where the hell was he from? Everyone was acting as if transfer students from nowhere were NORMAL), and besides he'd sat at the Ravenclaw table to eat the other day.

"Uh. It's Harry Potter. And yes, that's me." He wondered if he was going to get the "OMYGOD you're so cool!" speech, or the "huh, you're not that great, I bet you just got lucky" speech. The guy seemed too happy for a "you liar/murderer/coward/why haven't you offed Him yet?" speech.

Instead, the guy turned around, and waved at a pack of Slytherins.

"Oi Sasuke!"

A black-haired guy with a pissy expression joined them, staring down Ron and Dean stonily. He was the kind of guy Harry wouldn't have been surprised to notice had a nice tattoo on his left arm, so it was a bit of a surprise to see the blond throw an arm around his shoulders and grin at him cheerfully.

"Hey bastard, I found you a friend. He's got an old snake-pervert after his booty too. You can bondERK!"