Naruto x Gundam Wing

Kissing meme -- Duo/Sakura, Silly, for Tephralynn.


"So your ... gun-dan, has these things that make it invisible, but only on certain frequencies?" Sakura gives Duo an incredulous laugh. "Did no one ever look out the window?"

Duo grins and twirls the chair around to sit in front of her, arms crossed on the back and legs straddling the seat.

"Nope! See, my world is awesome, and even less logical than your Jesus-magic. You should totally come back with me."

"No offense, but what would I do there? I can't use your machines to fight, and you say people don't have hair like mine, so I couldn't even be a spy."

Duo's grin softens. "You could do rescue missions. And heal. Did I tell you the story of my crazy teammate who went and fixed his own broken leg and then walked on it for hours on end like a crazy man? And the story of that time we got taken prisoners by OZ?"

Sakura giggles. "Which time was that? You told me of two separate incidents."

Duo scratches the back of his head guiltily. "There might have been a third. ...And a fourth. We're really not that incompetent!"

"I'll believe you," she replies dryly. "Capturing you, proves they have more resources. Letting you escape four times amply proves they're more incompetent than you are."

Duo beams. "Yep!"

"After all," she replies blithely, "it really isn't so hard to break a few bones in the foot to render just about anyone unable to even rest their weight on it, much less escape."

Duo swallows. Sakura smiles pleasantly.

"After all, bones break so easily. Now I believe before we started getting along so well I was leading an interrogation about your Fire Country safehouse, wasn't I?"

Duo grimaces. Sakura keeps smiling. Then she puts on her gloves.

"Fine, fine. But only 'cause I like you."

"And I wouldn't know how to turn your DeathScythe on, anyway."

"Hehe. Yeah, that too."

With a great put-upon sigh, he starts explaining the location. When he's done, Sakura grins and gathers her notes briskly. He huffs and sprawls across the table, watching her leave.

He looks so much like a kicked puppy, and there's a tiny note of very real worry in his eyes, that she goes back on her tracks and plants a quick kiss at the corner of his mouth.

"I expect you to take me along for a ride in that Gun-dan of yours. And after giving me such a hard time, you better bring me flowers, too."

Cheered up, he sits properly and grins, waving his cuffed hands. "It's a date!"

Sakura walks out of the cell still grinning.