FF7/His Dark Materials

Cloud=>Skally (Cuahl), Tifa=>Breon (stag)


When Vincent changes shapes his daemon tears into pieces beside him and for a moment she's like mist on the verge of death.

Which would be upsetting enough on its own. The worst comes next, when Janet is forced back together again, because her pieces are not in the right places and her rust-stained primaries end in huge jagged claws. It would be easier to witness if her eyes were like Vincent's, empty of thought and soul, nothing but animal, but they stay aware from beginning to end, and they're screaming. It is, Tifa tells him in confidence that night, the most horrifying thing she has ever witnessed.

Cloud pats her back consolingly and Skally rubs her shoulder on Breon's knee and they don't look at each other, because as long as they don't they can keep pretending they were surprised.

Aha, the prototype.

If they looked at each other, they would have to ask themselves this, "prototype of what?"

And then they would have to answer.