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Okay so for a bit of an explanation. A few months ago, it was the birthday of one of my bestest friends, Sailor Seraphim. To put it frankly, she's a perv. :D I didn't have money to buy her a present, so I wrote her a fic instead. A crossdressing fic. A Sasuke crossdressing fic.

Then I wrote a sequel because it was funny, and started a third sequel but it never got anywhere. And then Nacchi requested a Saki-chan drabble over at my LJ, which I wrote because I'm masochistic like that. And then other friends went EVIL and had the following conversation:

JoIsBishMyoga: ... I just got this mental image of adult!jounin!Sasuke, who crossdresses as Saki-chan whenever he's not on missions, fully in public and it's written off as "yet another jounin nutcase." Kakashi's a porn junkie, Gai's... Gai, Anko... if I understand correctly... is a lush and a nymphomanic, uh... Jiraiya, Tsunade... They all gotta cope. Sasuke's "Saki-chan" mechanism would be WONDERFUL.
Sarolynne: Plus, it's hardly like there's not precedent. Hell, Orochimaru speaks like a woman and wears makeup.

So I said that I wouldn't write it, but I sure as hell would read it.


Great authors that I admire, friends, fans of my own fics -- they all wrote me something about Saki-chan, be it ten lines or ten pages. And some even DREW. I'm so happy. ;____;

if you have written a Saki-chan fic and you want it to be hosted here with the rest, email me (askerian *AT* hotmail *DOT* com). But it's not necessary. I hereby release the idea into the public domain; do with it as you will. ;D

Last Updated: March 2011 (Mana Ishtar's "Hotel Rooms", & finally added links to Toffee's Tangled Up in Lace.)

The Original Stories,
by Asuka kureru

Lace and Strawberries

Story: Present for Sailor Seraphim's birthday. Some missions require embarrassing sacrifices.
Genre: NaruSasu, some suggestive KakaSasu interaction. NC-17, Kink fic, borderline PWP. Crossdressing, underage, voyeurism, exhibitionnism, dubious consent. OOC.
Status: Series of one-shots.
Lace and Strawberries
Chapter 2
In the Rain NEW

The Pics

The Fan-FanFics

All of these are NaruSasu, unless noted otherwise.

Tangled Up In Lace

Author: Toffee
Story: "So what if Orochimaru was dead and Uchiha Sasuke was not? Who cared that Jiraiya had lost his interest in becoming Hokage after his teacher was dead? And what if Naruto never became Hokage at all? Jiraiya didn’t think that Naruto regretted his losses. Some dreams were bound to remain forever unrealized; but that was the thing about Naruto . . . he made it seem like it would still turn out for the best."
Genre: "angst, plot, unromantic romance, fights, cursing, sex and lots of crossdressing." Rating: NC-17.
Status: Multipart, complete. Also, awesome.<3
(note, these links all open onto Toffee's personal livejournal.)
Chapter One: Deferred
Chapter Two: Denied
Chapter Three: Doubted
Chapter Four: Debased
Chapter Five: Damaged
Chapter Six: Disarmed
Chapter Seven: Dazed
Chapter Eight: Delivered
Epilogue: Dreamed


Author: ChibiRisu-chan
Story: Saki-chan as a teacher of a Genin team. Eeee crushes and missions and funny stuff.
Genre: Humor/Action, original characters (I love them X3)
Status: Multipart, incomplete
Chapter 1

On TenTen and team Saki

Author: Rayemars
Story: Saki-sensei's team seek guidance on how to handle their teacher's peculiarities.
Genre: Humor, original characters.
Status: Ficlet, finished.
"You poor kids."

A Simple Night Out with the Guys

Author: Maldoror
Story: Gaara and Kankurou join the Rookie Nine at the bar after a joint mission. Mental trauma ensues.
Genre: Humor (omfg, I DIED. poor Kankurou.)
Status: One-shot, finished.
A Simple Night Out with the Guys


Author: Sarolynne
Story: Ino and Sakura, shopping. It really hits you in the weirdest moments, doesn't it.
Genre: Psychological, cuteness.
Status: Ficlet. Finished.


Author: Joosetta
Story: Fic has Jiraiya acting like Jiraiya, which is all you need to know to know that it is hilarious and cute and did I mention hilarious?
Genre: Humor ( XDDDD)
Status: One-shot. Finished.

A Pack of Fans

Author: Luriko_Ysabeth
Story: NaruSasu, lots of other pairings and threesomes (yaoi and het and yuri) implied. (EEE Uchiha clan revival!!!) So many little details, it's amazing. A few original characters, but not that central to the narration.
Genre: romance, cuteness, humor
Status: Series of fics -- fics complete in themselves, more might be added at a later date. (*hopes*)
Assembling Fans: Genesis
Assembling Fans: The Survey
Assembling Fans: Yorokobi
A Pack of Fans


Author: Edenfalling / Elizabeth Culmers
Story: NaruSasuSaku, about the ways you cope after a bad mission.
Genre: Angst, introspection, Team 7 love <3
Status: ficlet, finished

Masks and Transition

Author: Lady_Addiction
Story: Sasuke angst. mmm.
Genre: Angst
Status: Drabbles, finished


Author: Chibi_Zia
Story: Naruto ponders about the state of Sasuke's mind.
Genre: Cute!
Status: Drabble, finished

Getting Looks

Author: TheNinjaKitty
Story: SakiSaku yuri! (in a way), hints of Team7 love. Saki plays dress-up with Sakura.
Genre: Sakura angst, naughtyyyy
Status: one-shot, Complete
Getting Looks


Author: Sahara_Storm
Story: Sakura's first meeting with Saki. Poor Sakura.
Genre: humor.
Status: one-shot, complete.

No Problem At All

Author: Sahara_Storm
Story: Shikamaru's POV on the Saki-chan thing.
Genre: introspection, humor.
Status: ficlet, complete.
No Problem At All


Author: Sahara_Storm
Story: Saki-chan goes to sleep in Naruto’s bed, and wakes up as Sasuke.
Genre: angst, some introspection
Status: one-shot, complete

Sometimes at Night

Author: Yoiko
Story: Saki-chan ficlet dealing with the way he or she does/doesn't share his/her memories.
Genre: Angst, Introspection
Status: ficlet, complete
Sometimes at Night


Author: Miko_no_Da
Story: The transition between Sasuke and Saki-chan is always the hardest part.
Genre: Angst, introspection -- whoa Sasuke's brain is a scary place. O_O <3
Status: One-shot, complete

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

Author: Crazy_as_a_Fox
Story: Sasuke and Saki and mirrors.
Genre: Angst, POV Sasuke/Saki, mindfucky-ness
Status: Drabble, complete
Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall


Author: Rianax
Story: Poor, poor Inari.
Genre: humor, crack.
Status: drabbles, complete.
Fruits of a Different Flavor


Author: Cindelius
Story: AWESOME Jiraiya POV about the parallels and differences between Team 7 and the Sannin. It's deep and in character and there are some very funny moments. XD
Genre: introspection, angst, humor. NaruSasuSaku, mention of JiraTsuOro.
Status: one-shot, complete.


Author: Supplanter / kali
Story: The way Sasuke builds Saki-chan's personality. Original idea. o_o
Genre: POV, introspection.
Status: ficlet, complete.

Hotel Rooms

Author: Mana Ishtar
Story: ...and the problems that come with sharing them. Suigetsu meets Saki.
Genre: general/ humor
Status: Oneshot, complete
Hotel Rooms NEW



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