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Restore **

Story: Two years after the events of Advent Children. Cloud and Tifa never hoped they might see Aeris or Zack ever again -- and they did hope they wouldn't have to deal with Sephiroth a third time. They were wrong on both counts. Having their friends back is great, but it also comes with its share of awkwardness, confusion and other, more practical troubles; having to deal with their newly sane -- or is he? -- but still bastardly killer doesn't help. Especially when they still have to keep Denzel, Avalanche, WRO and the Turks happy.
Meanwhile in the Wutai court, a sinister plot is brewing that could engulf the whole world once again...
Genre: action/psychological/romance. Plot. Attempt at redeeming Sephiroth. Possible bisexual polyamory. (starts out Cloud/Tifa and Zack/Aeris on account of two of them were alive and two of them weren't. I'm planning to see how well they take to the idea of sharing and if we're lucky there might even be Seph sprinkles on top. It's not a guarantee but it sounds Very Tempting, so... >___>)
Status: in progress.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2 NEW
Chapter 3 NEW
Chapter 4 NEW
Chapter 5 NEW
Chapter 6 NEW
Chapter 7 NEW
Chapter 8 NEW

------ 13. Misfortune (Restoreverse Seph/Cloud ficlet) NEW

------ Genderbending AU: Wutai (FemmeSeph) NEW
------ Genderbending AU: Gardening (FemmeSeph, Man!Aeris) NEW


Story: Started for my baby meme, quickly took a life of its own. Pre-Nibelheim, a scientist under Hojo decides that what they truly need isn't another Sephiroth (that spot's already taken!), but a bunch of Sephiroth/1st Class SOLDIER crossbreeds. Zack takes exception.
Genre: Fluff, angst, babiiiies. Background Zack/Seph, Zack+Aeris.
Status: Series of drabbles and one-shots, not real chapters to speak of. Might get written out of order.
Forgiveness and Permission
Waking up / early morning
Bathtime NEW
Crash NEW
Howdy Neighbor NEW
Child Support

------ Genderbending AU: Sephiroth in the lab (femmeSeph) NEW
------ Genderbending AU: Motherly Instincts (girl!Kegarr) NEW

Enemy Skill

Story: FF7 world, but instead of sealing Jenova inside her, the Cetran woman melded them at the genetic level. 2000 years later, two species compete over Gaia. Human teen Cloud gets caught in a Jenocetran feud and dragged kicking and screaming into their society.
Genre: Action, violence, angst, psychic bonding, power imbalance in relationships (some master/slave stuff), yaoi (Sephiroth/Zack/Cloud.)
Status: in progress. (and coming kind of slow. ~__~ Let's say semi-hiatus for now.)
Prologue: Death Sentence

------ Genderbending AU: GirlCloud NEW



Fluff and Feathers

Story: Post-AC, Cloud, children and chocobos. Same universe as Restore, a year or two before the start; can be read independently.
Genre: Gen, slow and peaceful kind of fluff.
Status: One-shot, finished
Fluff and Feathers

Like Gravity

Story: Post-AC, 'It's an ache, she thinks, that will never go away. And perhaps she's jealous of Cloud, a little, a lot. She wonders, if she died, would Aeris be there for her, too?'
Genre: fixit angstyfluff, wish-fulfillment. TifaAeris non-graphic yuri, light implied Cloud+TifaAeris.
Status: Ficlet, finished
Like Gravity

Cloudette and the Yellow Orb

Story: Letting Aeris test new Materia on him was a bad idea. But she'd dragged him through the market for hours; Cloud's will to live was in its death throes between the underwear stall and the tarot reader. Restore-verse. (Cloud, Aeris, Tifa, Zack, Sephiroth.)
Genre: Genderbending, humor.
Status: short oneshot, finished.
Cloudette and the Yellow Orb

The Tunnel

Story: Oh no! Tifa and Aeris are stuck in a tunnel! What to do to pass the time until their friends dig them up?
Genre: Aeris/Tifa NC-17 porn. Lesbian luvin, some exhibitionism.
Status: Ficlet, finished.
The Tunnel

Slum Flower

Story: Aeris at 15, learning her weapon.
Genre: gen, character introspection. Warning for mention of attempted sexual assault (non-graphic).
Status: ficlet, complete.
Slum Flower

Once Removed

Story: Is it a mission disguised as a vacation? Or a vacation disguised as a mission? When Rufus is involved, who knows. At Icicle Inn, Sephiroth gets in some bonding time with his Significant Other, and his Significant Other's own Significant Others. (now say that three times fast.)
Genre: Introspection, fluff. Polyamory (Sephiroth/Zack/Cloud/Aeris)
Status: oneshot, complete.
Once Removed

Negotiating Relationships

Story: Zack and Sephiroth in Wutai, negotiating relationships. (can be seen as a prequel to Once Removed)
Genre: SephZack yaoi, pre-poly.
Status: oneshot, complete.
Negotiating Relationships NEW

Felis Fluffinus Adorabilis

Story: "You don't like cats?" Aeris asks, with her eyes huge and sad. Zack shrugs. (can be seen as a sequel to Once Removed)
Genre: SephZackCloudAeris poly, cuteness.
Status: ficlet, complete.

Felis Fluffinus Adorabilis NEW


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