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(Kyuubi/Naruto/Naruko/their harem universe ;D)

Shit happens when Naruto gets his hands on the key to his seal too early, and the yang and yin chakra of Kyuubi are freed.
As in, now there are three Narutos.

Tripletsverse is a series of oneshots and drabbles, written mostly self-contained (hopefully) and out of order. Fics might containcontains yaoi, het and/or yuri, genderbending, polyamory/harem, rough sex, cute sex, crack, angst, gen-introspection, and... uh, is it incest or masturbation when they're three non-identical clones who used to be one person + the demon sealed inside him?

(The idea is inherently cracktastic, and sometimes I have fun with it, but of course with the way I write I started getting "omg but what if X happened SERIOUSLY omgomg plot! repercussions!!!" ideas almost immediately. -__-; Let's see what happens.)

(timeline: Some weird limbo after Jiraiya and Deidara's deaths but before Itachi's.
Team 7 is gearing up to leave but news of Jiraiya's death come first. Mission to track down Sasuke abandoned (team 8 wasn't even told there would be any.)
Team Hebi meets Deidara, Deidara dies. No Konoha nins to pressure them to leave the inn early so they let Sasuke sleep his fill. Meanwhile Itachi's health takes a turn for the worse (stupid rain going all night!) and he thinks he might not be able to win against Sasuke so he slips away to get himself healthy again. Sasuke loses the trail.)



Summary: Like hell Naruto is going to let Danzou get that frog Key thing.
Characters: Naruto (pov), Sakura (pov).
Pairing: Gen.
Genre: plottish?
Wordcount: ~3 000 words.

Ordinary Uzumaki Day

Summary: Kiba really hates Naruto's habit of making really hot chicks. No, really.
Characters: Kiba (pov), Naruto, Naru-chan.
Pairing: Gen...ish. (hey, Kiba's a teenage boy.)
Genre: crack.
Wordcount: ~1 300 words.
Ordinary Uzumaki Day


Summary: Kyuubi, pondering some changes his new human-ness has made in him. Also, Tenten.
Characters: Kyuubi (pov), Tenten.
Pairing: Gen.
Genre: Introspection.
Wordcount: ~750 words.

Band-aids and the Ripping Thereof

Summary: Well, Tsunade had to find out at some point.
Characters: Tsunade (pov), Naruto, Naru-chan, Kyuubi.
Pairing: Gen.
Genre: srs bizness is srs. Also, I'm a geek.
Wordcount: ~1 800 words.
Band-aids and the Ripping Thereof


Summary: "Do you two mind if we talk to Naruto for a minute?" Kakashi-sensei asked, and her first reaction was 'I'm sure they won't'.
Characters: Naru (pov), team kakashi.
Pairing: Gen.
Genre: Angst, introspection.
Wordcount: ~950 words.


Summary: Three people in one tiny apartment. Talk about a tight fit.
Characters: Naruto (pov), Naru-chan, Kyuubi.
Pairing: Kyuubi/Naruto/Naru-chan (mostly centered on Kyuubi/Naruto) (R/NC-17)
Genre: some humor, some yaoi/het smut (dubious consent due to kitsune shenanigans)
Wordcount: ~4 800 words.


Summary:"So do we just call you Naruto 1, 2 and 3?"
Characters: Sai (pov), Naruto, Naru-chan, Kyuubi, Sakura.
Pairing: Kyuubi/Sai. (PG-13)
Genre: some humor, some introspection, some srs!plottiness. Also Kyuubi.
Wordcount: ~2 200 words.


Summary:"No, seriously, girlfriend, we have GOT to teach you about the wonders of a good bra." Man, but being a girl is hard work.
Characters: Naru-chan (pov), Sakura, Ino, some Naruto&Kyuubi.
Pairing: Naru/Sakura (PG-13)
Genre: humor, yuri flirting, UST.
Wordcount: ~3 700 words.


Summary: The last person Hinata expected to meet in the women's public bath was Naruto.
Characters: Naru-chan, Hinata (pov).
Pairing: Naru-chan/Hinata (somewhere between PG-13 and R)
Genre: yuri romance/lime, fluff, UST.
Wordcount: ~3 500 words.

Names, Redux

Summary: 'Kyuubi tries to block it out, but then they start going into variations on Naruto -- Natoru, Toruna, and it's all so stupid..."Kushina," he mutters without thinking, and then scowls at himself and gets up.'
Characters: Kyuubi (pov), Naruto&Naru.
Pairing: (PG-13)
Genre: Gen-ish.
Wordcount: ~1 100 words
Names, Redux NEW


Change of Plans

Summary: "Huh. You're not the Uchiha I was looking for."
Characters: Itachi (pov), Kyuubi.
Pairing: gen.
Genre: Plotty, tension.
Wordcount: ~950 words.
Change of Plans


Pairing: (PG-13 R NC-17)
Wordcount: ~ words.



Genderbending AU

Or, what if Naruto had been born a girl? (girl!Naruto, boy!Naru (Naruhiko), girl!Kyuubi, boy!Hinata, girl!Neji (Meneji)...) Mostly drabbles and snippets.


Summary: Introspection/boob envy. *cough*
Characters: Naruto, Kyuubi.
Pairing: None. (PG-13)
Genre: ... see summary. >__>;;
Wordcount: ~ 130 words?
Introspection NEW

Bathhouse Meeting

Summary: Poor Hinata-kun. So uke. (Unconditional AU.)
Characters: Hinata, Naruto, Kyuubi, mention of Naruhiko (boy!Naru.)
Pairing: Naruto/Hinata, Naruhiko/Hinata. Kyuubi/Naruto sorta. (PG-13? very very light R?)
Genre: humor/perv?
Wordcount: ~450 words.
Bathhouse Meeting NEW

Comparing Curves

Summary: Dat Ass. I mean, um.
Characters: Neji, Kyuubi, some Hinata.
Pairing: Kyuubi/Neji (R)
Genre: yuri, Kyuubi being a sexual predator. :-/
Wordcount: ~ 700? words??
Comparing Curves NEW


Summary: Sasuke gave them the slip again. Naruto, Naruhiko and Kyuubi, attempt at comfort.
Characters: Naruto (POV), Naruhiko, Kyuubi.
Pairing: implied triplets threesome, implied triplets/Sasuke (PG-13)
Genre: angst/fluff, a dash of perv.
Wordcount: ~ 400 words?
Comfort NEW



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