Saki-chan Universe

Chibi_Zia: I can only do drabbles. Damn.
it's so fluffy and romantic and crap and I'm sorry D: I'm sorry.


When Naruto had time to think about his relationships with Saki-chan and Sasuke, he wondered if Sasuke was schizophrenic. Each time he was with his girlfriend, she was kind, sweet, polite, everything you expect a nice girl to be. Then, there was his teammate/rival, who liked to pick fights with him, insult him and save his butt sometimes, in a completely dark and broody 'what-are-you-doing-idiot' kind of way.

When he had time to think, he wondered which one he liked best. He loved fighting with Sasuke and sweet talking Saki, insulting him and kissing her - he guessed nobody really could tell they were the same person. But if Sasuke was schizophrenic- did that mean Saki loved him and Sasuke didn't? If that was the case- was he using his teammate body with a girl only existing in the bastard's head?

Naruto groaned, letting his head fall back on the roof he was sitting on. Thinking was just too complicated. Then he heard the loud pads of boots - and they could only be _the_ boots, because no self respecting kunoichi or civilian would wear that, or actually, could - and Saki was there smiling shyly, coming to sit beside him. She murmured a small 'missed you' and Naruto could see the faraway look in her eyes - and he knew at that moment that he wasn't using Sasuke, because they were both one and the same and if the bastard needed it, it didn't matter, because he loved both of them the same.

So he smiled at her, his big wide grin that looked like it would split his head and half and kissed her, saying 'love you' and not precisely saying who, because he loved them both.