Saki-chan Universe

Crazy_as_a_fox: If you don't already know who Saki-chan is, this isn't going to make much sense to you. This ficlet is intended to honour askerian's wildly popular Saki-chan, and even if you're not much of a Sasuke fan I suggest you go check it out. ^_^

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

Sasuke has no mirrors in his room. His apartment has two bathrooms, and though the one he uses is on the other side of his suite, he makes the trip anyways because he understands that girls need their privacy. He needs his privacy.

Saki-chan’s closet has a full-length mirror on it, so she can see herself in her newest outfit and wonder what Naruto-kun will like. Over her dresser is a mirror, large and oval and framed in gold. She does her makeup in front of that mirror, but she always does it last. She doesn’t like it when Sasuke walks in on her changing.

Sasuke cleaned the guest room two months ago, when Saki-chan demanded him to. She doesn’t want to share rooms with him, and he only tolerates her because he never has to see her.

It was nice of Sasuke to give her the guest room, Saki-chan thinks, but dismissively because she doesn’t think much of Sasuke. She thinks he can be extraordinarily stupid, and she doesn’t like how sometimes, Naruto-kun looks at him and forgets her.

Sasuke cleans the nail polish off his fingernails religiously. It reminds him of his brother.

Saki-chan paints her nails patiently, knowing that she can’t have her way all the time and willing to wait until she can. If her nails are pretty enough, she can forget the scars and calluses that the long, frilly sleeves of her dress hide.

Sasuke has no use for Saki-chan. He thinks she’s an idiot, a stupid little girl who has no idea about fighting, about revenge and love and how far you can go in the name of avenging.

Saki-chan has no use for Sasuke. She thinks he’s an idiot, a stupid little boy too blind to enjoy the warmth of someone’s hand in his and too caught up in a world built for him by his brother.

Sasuke hates his reflection, too afraid of what he might see. Saki-chan never stops looking, too afraid she might start seeing him.