Saki-chan Universe

Rianax: This is for Asuka after reading her Saki-chan shared universe and getting divine inspired.

Fruits of a Different Flavor

Konoha has more than its share of nuts and fruits even considering the village is in the middle of a forest, and though the various perversions and personality quirks in the ranks can be rather surprising at first, especially when comparing the arrogant little genius he knew Then to the lovely young woman he knows Now, but Inari has learn to adapt quickly since moving inland.

It was that or just give up and go stark raving looney tunes which would fit perfectly fine here in among the Leaf.

Between the exhibitionist that tried to turn him into a pincushion after he ran in to her and made her drop some dangos and wall-smashing pervert on a frog at the bathhouse and accident prone neighbor that managed to break his sunglasses and all of Inari’s kitchenware and the green suited man that somehow got Inari to come over for knitting lessons (which he is /still/ trying to block out) and the Hokage herself, drunk as a skunk, hitting on him then cleaning him out of his cash on a game of japon, the fact that Sasuke sometimes dresses up as the sweetly sexy Saki and is the long term girlfriend of his close friend is frankly nothing that Inari worries about.

Saki-san is all in all a lovely young lady, as his mom would say, and hanging out with her and Naruto after work is rather relaxing if occasionally harzardous to his teeth.

Besides, Inari is far more concerned about the cute and dangerous cosplayer across the hall that keeps invitng him over for some home cooked meals and saying /how/ much he looks like the Red Mask from Pretty Magical Ninja Girl Mimi.