Lace and Strawberries

Warning: underage, OOC AS FUCK, some suspicious behavior from kakashi, crossdressing Sasuke.
Sera wanted smut. I gave her smut, despite the valiant attempts of a plotbunny to breed and make this a true story. XD blame her. Or thank her. Whatever. It's her fic anyway.

"Why am I doing this again?"

He growls, pulling up the stockings. They're striped, white-black-white, up to the middle of his thighs. He hates it. He hates the shiny black boots more. The soles are so heavy, they could brain someone just from falling off a shelf. He wonders how he'll be able to run with them.

"Mission, Sasuke-chan, mission."

He hisses at the blond, glaring at him resentfully. The idiot could be using his stupid jutsu. But Kakashi-sensei said his target liked cute, shy young girls, not bouncy bimbos -- and so Sasuke is here, fumbling with the many layers of his skirt, trying to find the clasps of his garter belt.

May Sakura rot in hell. She should have ended up with the job. She's a real girl! She knows about stockings and heels and walking with skirts without flashing her panties. But no, she's sick.

"What if he gropes me?" he asks grumpily, lacing up the boots. So many eyelets. No way to hide a kunai in them; he thinks he hates being unarmed almost more than he hates wearing a stupid, frilly dress that makes him look like a porcelain doll.

Behind him, Naruto snickers. Kakashi shrugs, appearing uncaring. He's not holding his book, though, so Sasuke knows he's paying attention.

"So. You'll get groped."

"I got groped plenty of times when using my technique, bastard. You'll get used to it."

"It's not the same!" he snaps back, straightening up.

Whoa, he's higher than he's used to. He goes to the table with little steps -- no way to move any faster with the bitch boots -- and picks up the corset, eyeing it with distaste.

"How is it not the same?" Kakashi asks, sounding as if he couldn't care less. He takes the corset and signals for Sasuke to turn around, which he does, with much grumbling. Hmm, at least the stupid shoes are useful when he wants to stomp like he means it.

"Because. It's not his real body. It doesn't matter. It's someone else's ass, and someone else's chest, not his."

"I sure feel it like it's mine, idiot."

Naruto's still laughing. Sasuke is going to kill him. Painfully. He'll beat the blond to death with his boots. Or maybe strangle him with his garters. Son of a bitch.

"What if he grabs my..."

"Boy parts? Well, maybe he'll like it." Kakashi's eye is an arc of perfect happiness and contentment with the world. Sasuke wants to bathe in his blood. "If he doesn't, just kill him. I assume you'll be skilled enough to avoid messing up that badly, though."

Naruto nods. "Yeah, just act coy, old perverts always eat it up."

Sasuke doesn't want to think about the way Naruto learned that, though he has a feeling it involves that old pervert Jiraiya in one way or another.

Kakashi tugs on the bottom of his shirt. Blouse. Thing. Whatever; it's blue-black and lacy and covers his hands with even more frills, and shows off his collarbone and his lack of cleavage perfectly. A good thing girls his age are not supposed to be well-endowed, because this would be a dead giveaway. He looks even paler in the middle of all that dark lace.

"Straighten up, Sasuke," his teacher drawls as he tugs the bottom of the shirt in place. Sasuke refrains from jumping; Kakashi's knuckles are brushing against the small of his back. It tickles. Tingles. It's the frills; they're scratchy.

"Take a deep breath."

He does. The corset is set into place around his waist. Kakashi-sensei hums a little song as he pushes the laces through the eyelets. The pattern seems complicated; Sasuke tries to imagine it, because otherwise he'll make his teacher eat that stupid feathered bag to keep him quiet.

"Right, now breathe out. And freeze."

It's a good thing he can stay up to six minutes without oxygen, because there is no way he can breathe right now. His waist is squeezed so tight it feels like his ribs are crossing each other. He feels trapped, powerless. There's no way to fight in these things, no way to move or kick or punch or anything. His back is ramrod straight -- well, no, it's in fact a bit more arched than he'd make it usually -- and it's going to stay that way.

Satisfied, Kakashi straightens up, fluffing up his skirts before he steps back. Sasuke is too busy trying to relearn breathing to yelp when he feels the cloth brush against his panties. He glares at him in the mirror anyway.

Kakashi shrugs. "Prettier like that."

"... yeah, you look like you've got an ass now," Naruto adds, staring.

Sasuke is going to kill him. The moron is gaping. He looks bewildered, as if he can't believe it. Sasuke turns around as fast as he can -- ending up with his hand on the table to keep his balance -- and sneers at him. No way to growl; it requires too much air. Even moving too fast requires too much air right now. Wow, dizzy.

"Uh. Sasuke." Naruto is sitting on a little stool in the opposite corner of the room. He still looks sort of bewildered. "You shouldn't turn around so fast. I mean. I... well. Ne, Kakashi-sensei, if his panties weren't white, maybe they wouldn't be as easy to see."

Sasuke splutters. His face and neck feel hot with anger. His chest, and his legs from the middle of his thighs to his crotch, feel even colder by comparison. It makes him angrier. "WHAT?"

"Well, when you turn fast like that... Uh, well, the skirt flows up. Uh. I guess if I was standing I wouldn't see anything." Naruto is staring at his thighs, more precisely the little space between the top of the stockings and the lacy edges of the underskirt. Sasuke tugs the skirt down. He checked in front of the mirror! His stockings should be high enough to hide it all. Damn it.

"Sasuke, stop glaring. Time to apply the make-up."

He cringes. "You never said anything about make-up."

Kakashi sounds like he's grinning. "I'm saying it now." He puts his hands on Sasuke's waist and lifts him off the floor effortlessly, sitting him down on the dresser beside the mirror. Sasuke's legs dangle from the edge, weighted down by his black, shiny boots, and with the corset and everything, he has a feeling that if he jumped down, he'd be liable to twist his ankle, and that would be ridiculous. He really feels like a doll.

"Come on, don't be a baby. It's just some eye shadow." Kakashi cups his chin and tilts his face up, smiling cheerfully. Sasuke hates him even more than he's ever hated Itachi. The bastard finds it /funny/.

"Close your eyes."

Sasuke obeys, trying not to frown. Kakashi's tone has shifted. It's softer, more serious. He feels weirdly embarrassed now. His teacher angles his face properly, then starts applying something to his eyelids. It's hard to keep from blinking, or turning away. But the hand guiding him is large and warm, keeping him in place with barely a whisper of callused skin against his cheek.

He waits, and waits, until finally, the hand leaves his cheek. It ruffles his hair instead. He opens his eyes, slowly. If he messed it up, Kakashi would have to start again. No way.

"Mmm. Naruto?"

Naruto is standing beside Kakashi-sensei, slightly behind him. He's staring, again. Sasuke is going to be blackmailed about that until he dies of old age. "Uh. Hair. And... That shiny lips stuff, maybe?"

"Lip gloss. Hmm... Yes."


"We're not asking you, Sasuke-chan," Kakashi replies cheerfully, searching inside the bag of girly stuff Sakura let them borrow. "Lip gloss it is."

Sidestepping Sasuke's kick absently, Kakashi checks the clock, and makes a little thoughtful hum. "Naruto, apply the lip gloss. I'm going to brush his hair."

"I can do that," Sasuke protests, but he knows they won't listen.

"Sure you can," Kakashi comments, still as cheerfully. Sasuke wants to stuff that brush in his eye socket. "Now be a good girl and pucker up for Naruto."

Sasuke can feel his cheeks flush in anger. He feels dizzy for a second; he'd forgotten he's not allowed to take deep breaths.

Kakashi's hands close around his waist once again, and move him over to the corner of the dresser. Sasuke's skirt drags behind him, and he hisses slightly; the varnished surface is cold and smooth against the back of his thighs, and his panties are riding up a little. He'll have to fix that later, though -- for now he has Naruto to glare into submission.

The last time someone combed his hair was when he still had a mother. He'd forgotten. Kakashi is running his fingers through his messy hair, fingertips rubbing his scalp skillfully. Despite himself, he relaxes. It feels nice. He opens his eyes -- when did he close them? -- to find Naruto leaning forward. The moron has a look of sadistic glee on his face. Sasuke kicks him, for once glad that his boots are so heavy. Kakashi gives his thigh a tap, tssk-ing.

"No fighting."

Sasuke's skirt is riding up. He pulls it over the garters, wordlessly challenging Naruto to say a word.

Naruto snorts, and reaches out to rub a thumb against Sasuke's lips. Sasuke refrains from biting him with difficulty. The blond looks serious now, concentrated -- the tip of his tongue is sticking out of the corner of his mouth as he uncaps the lip gloss. Sasuke thinks he looks silly, but then he can't say anything; Naruto isn't the one in a dress right now.

The lip gloss feels weird, sticky-wet, sort of like honey. It smells sugary. Naruto applies it conscientiously, not looking away from Sasuke's lips for even one second. It makes Sasuke feel weirdly nervous; though the hands in his hair don't let him tense up that much. Kakashi is being careful; barely a tug here and there. Sasuke wonders what the hell he's doing. Apparently he's trying to flatten the locks that stick out in the back. Well, good luck.

"... Finished." Naruto steps back staring at him, looking faintly bewildered for a second -- and then he grins, though it looks mostly like bravado. "Wow, shit, you're almost prettier than Sakura!"

A glance in the mirror proves that the idiot is right. There's a girl glancing sideway at him, with a serious, almost shy expression. Raven-black wisps of hair frame her face. Her skin is so pale and her eyes so wide, and yet, he can still recognize himself. Sasuke is as disturbed as Naruto seems to be. But he's not about to show it.

Absently, he tastes the lip gloss with the tip of his tongue, careful not to mess it up.

Naruto is watching.

Sasuke does it again, eyelashes lowered to hide his calculating gaze.

"Tastes like strawberry."

He smirks when Naruto's cheeks redden. He'll never let him live it down.

"Mm, yes, you're pretty."

Kakashi's hand is warm on his nape, and so large it circles his neck like a living collar. He shivers.

"Naruto, get that ribbon. Need to hide his Adam's apple."

Sasuke doesn't have much of one yet; he's fairly sure it's not noticeable unless one would be expecting it, but he doesn't object. Success is often in the little details. He doesn't like the idea of wearing a collar, though, not even a silk one.

Kakashi fluffs his hair gently, arranging the locks here and there, then lets his hand rest on Sasuke's shoulder, satisfied. "Here. What do you think?"

Sasuke thinks that he looks like a doll, and feels like a doll, and his hair isn't naturally this silky and wispy; it's got to be ninjutsu of some sort. He shrugs. Kakashi chuckles and steps away, after a last tug at his blouse's ends.

He doesn't have the time to protest the casual touch at the very edge of the corset, though; Naruto is leaning forward, the ribbon in his hands. Sasuke realizes belatedly that his legs have fallen apart, slightly, just enough to let Naruto get between them. Good thing, very good thing that the edge of the dresser keeps him from getting too close. Sasuke's skirt is already bunched up way too high in his lap as it is.

Expressionless, he tilts his head back, letting the idiot circle his neck with the black ribbon. The ends of his sleeves, large falls of lace that cover his hands, always get in his way when he tries to handle things.

Naruto steps back, coughs, glances at Kakashi-sensei who seems to be quite happy taking his time with his weapon pouch.

"Uh. Done."

"Yes, yes, very good."

Naruto gives him a nervous glance, that gets lost on the way to his face and ends up staying on his legs a bit too long before scampering off.

Maybe Naruto has a garters fetish. Sasuke sure doesn't; maybe they're elegant, but they're way too uncomfortable. He doesn't bother pulling his skirts down, this time. They're too short to hide anything when he sits.

Kakashi's eye is gleaming with humor. Sasuke could bet that he knows he needs help to get down. But if that's the way he wants it.

"Naruto. Closer."

"Huh?" Puzzled, the blond obeys. Sasuke puts his hands on his shoulders for support and balance, and lets himself slide off the dresser, back straight. The varnished edge of the dresser pulls the mass of skirts up to his waist, rubs against the back of his thighs and his butt.

Silk panties. Frankly. There's a limit to how far one needs to detail when undercover.

He ends up sandwiched between Naruto and the dresser. He stares down at him -- ha, one thing the boots are good for -- and arches an eyebrow. Naruto is blinking dazedly. Sasuke uses the hands he still has on his shoulders to push him back, and straightens his clothes quickly.

Kakashi is watching, pretty much expressionless. When he catches Sasuke looking back, he grins, carefree. "Well, looks like we're all ready to go."

Sasuke picks up the stupid feather-covered purse and goes to the door -- little steps, he reminds himself, or else he'll fall -- his back ramrod-straight, his expression as blank and empty as he can make it. The target likes young girls that look like porcelain dolls. He's going to play the part.

He's going to extract the information they need. And then he's going to kill that man. And then he'll probably kill his teammate and his teacher. Just a little.

Gracefully, he raises a hand to rest it on the banister, making his sleeve fall so that only his fingertips peek out, and starts to walk down the stairs with small, measured steps. He feels slim, and frail, and hindered in lots of annoying ways, but then it's not his job to fight, today.

Today, he just has to look pretty.


Walking in platform boots is already annoying, even for one with a good sense of balance. But running in them is sheer madness.

It's that or getting gutted by his target's bodyguards though.

Weird how survival instinct can make one surpass his limits... when one doesn't wear a corset that makes one feel dizzy and breathless, that is. Good thing there are so many people running around, so many other girls yelling and crying and trying to find an exit. He rubs his bloody hands on as many dresses as he can, so as not to be the only one splattered with it, and attempts to look as panicked as the rest of them.

The doors burst open finally, and the girls pour out. He stays with them; safety in numbers. It's a stampede of ruffles and lace and cute ribbons, miserably hanging off torn dresses and disheveled hair.

The bodyguards are catching up, though; they didn't stay distracted as long as he'd hoped for. He realizes with deep annoyance --and maybe a touch of horror -- that he can't push chakra in his feet to give his steps more power. It can't reach the earth through the huge soles of his boots. He wouldn't stick, he'd slide as if trying to hurry on ice.

He reaches the wall, searches desperately for a place to climb, with only his arms if necessary. The wall is smooth. The guards close in.

"Your hand!!"

Naruto is there, perched on top of the wall, reaching down toward him. Sasuke jumps, as high as he can -- which is not a lot. Their hands close around each other's wrist.

A guard manages to grab his ankle. Sasuke swings his leg and kicks him in the face, satisfied with the crack of bone under his foot. There are good and bad sides to the things, he supposes.

He's tugged up, then over the wall, head first -- almost lands ass over head, unable to twist in the air to take control of his landing, but Naruto manages somehow to keep a hold of him, breaking his fall.


Sasuke doesn't lose time telling him that it's his own fault. He gets up and starts to run. Men are yelling behind them, and he can hear dogs barking. He has seen these dogs. Kakashi's mastiff is bigger, but not by much.

Naruto bounces up on a roof, the precious handbag in hand. Sasuke snarls at him, and keeps running down in the street. They're not so far from the big avenues; if only he can reach them, at this hour there are probably still passersby.

The dogs are catching up. Fucking dress that whips his thighs with each step, fucking corset that opens in the back, fucking heels -- shit!! The pavement rises up to meet his face.

Naruto's hand closes on his wrist, yanking him up hard enough that he wonders if his arm is still in its socket. It's better than falling; he can't afford that right now.

Naruto pulls him down the street, running full tilt, and Sasuke follows because he has no choice; the blond is not letting go and it's either run with him or let himself be dragged on the pavement.

They weave in and out of the thickening crowd, crossing through dark backstreets and well-lit stores, and finally, the sounds of pursuit disappear. They slow down. Naruto doesn't let go of his wrist. Sasuke would pull free, but by the looks passersby give them... Well. Naruto doesn't seem to notice that everyone thinks they're two kids on a date, and that people give them a much cuter reason to be so flushed. Sasuke's not going to tell him, but it's a cover like any other. He follows demurely, head lowered, discretely forcing Naruto to slow down. He can't breathe anymore.

"Sa -- Saki. We should hurry..."

God, Naruto is so obvious. How did he become a ninja when he's so conspicuous? Good thing no one's watching too closely. Sasuke steps closer, tugging his wrist free to hold his hand instead. Naruto almost pulls away, but Sasuke's hands are not hindered in any way and he squeezes, almost hard enough to make the bones grind.

"I'm tired, Naru-kun," he whispers, pouting cutely -- he saw enough of the other girls do it. He's all but panting like a dog in summer, really. Why doesn't the moron notice?

"... Oh. Uh. Sorry."

Naruto is staring at him with a weird bewildered look on his stupid face, eyes wide, mouth half-open.

"Yes?" Sasuke asks softly, his eyes glaring daggers at the idiot while the rest of his face conveys nothing but shyness.

"Uh. Uhm. S-Saki... Shit!"

With no warning, Naruto pulls him in an alley. He stumbles over a brick and falls on his ass. He's still holding Sasuke's hand. And Sasuke is dizzy and breathless and really, really hates his shoes.

At least Naruto broke his fall.

The blond crawls back in a doorway, pulling Sasuke after him, an arm around his waist. Sasuke can't move anyway, so he doesn't protest. He feels awkward and useless, legs weighted down, chest constricted so much that he would need ages to get back on his feet on his own.

He ends up between Naruto's knees, his cheek pressed against the idiot's chest, gripping his vest with both hands for support. Naruto is tense, and soon enough he understands why, when a stampede of booted bodyguards runs past. Sasuke stays utterly unmoving and lets the darkness of the alley mask them, though he isn't sure how the men managed to miss his white-and-black striped stockings. They are rather obvious.

Then he sees; Naruto is using a low-level genjutsu on them both. So long as they don't move too much, they're nothing more than an old wooden box and a few garbage bags to the men patrolling the streets.

His back is arched rather uncomfortably. He squirms a little, carefully -- and then Naruto's hand closes on his nape, immobilizing him. He tenses, annoyed. Unless Naruto really sucks, the genjutsu isn't going to break for something so minor.

"Don't move," Naruto whispers. His hand is still on Sasuke's nape, keeping Sasuke's cheek against his chest. If Sasuke's back wasn't held straight by the corset, it would probably be breaking by now. As it is, his hips aren't happy with him. Grumbling, he tries to relax and catch his breath. The ground is rough and a bit damp, but at least things can't get much more uncomfortable, right?

A gust of wind whooshes past through the alley, and suddenly Sasuke's butt feels a lot colder.

He wants to reach behind him to pull the stupid skirt back down, but suddenly Naruto is holding his wrist too.

From what he can see from the corner of his eye, Naruto is grimacing, almost desperate. "Don't. Move. I /really/ suck at genjutsu."

Closing his eyes, he makes himself relax again. He can't do anything right now -- besides, what does it matter if Naruto sees? It's just his ass in white silk panties. No biggie. Aurgh.

Naruto's thumb is rubbing against the base of his head, smoothing a lock of hair, then mussing it up again. Sasuke wonders if the idiot even notices that he's petting him like a cat. It tickles. It feels warm and soothing and way too intimate.

"Stop that, idiot," he mumbles, and tries to straighten up

He doesn't feel much through the corset, but his top is rather low-cut. And while he searches for a way to misunderstand that suspicious bulge against his chest, he has trouble finding any other explanation than the painfully obvious.

"... Naruto." he hisses between clenched teeth.

Naruto's fingers stop petting for all of five seconds. Then they start again.

"Yeah, well. Sorry. You make a really pretty girl."

"I'm going to kill you."

"I know," Naruto replies in an almost chipper whisper, "but you'll have to wait until the mission is complete. Until then, you can't move. Because I really, really suck at genjutsu."

"I'm going to dismember you, and stomp you to death with my bitch boots."

Naruto perks up. "Gonna keep 'em? They're wicked cool."

Sasuke swallows a howl of frustration.

"I'm gonna shove them up your /ass/," he snarls. He understands getting aroused without warning or much reason -- he's the same age as Naruto, thirteen only -- but that doesn't mean he enjoys or plans on forgiving being pressed against the idiot's groin while said idiot pervs on his girly clothes.

"Well if you keep squirming on my lap, a boot isn't what's gonna be shoved up /yours/, Saki-chan."

Outraged, Sasuke struggles against Naruto's hold. He almost manages to sit up, but then another guard walks past, and the boys both freeze.

Great, now he's leaning on his side against Naruto's chest, his legs bent uncomfortably under him, one of Naruto's arms around his shoulders. He's slumped, with just Naruto as support. At least he can bite his ear or his nose off or something.

They're nose to nose. He glares. He can't do much more. Where the hell is Kakashi-sensei?

Naruto's frown melts away, replaced by embarrassment. His cheeks are flushed. Sasuke doesn't want to think about the reason why. "... Really sorry, Sasuke. But... Well. Sorry."

The idiot's hand slides from his neck to his jaw, to his cheek. He doesn't make a sound, knowing that Sasuke can read on his lips.

"I know you probably don't want to hear it, but. You're... Very, very pretty."

Sasuke doesn't know what stupid part of him has decided to blush, but there's no way to turn it off. He keeps glaring, and keeps silent, because there's nothing to say.

Besides, Naruto's hold on his waist is a lot stronger than he would have believed possible, and it's far from the ideal moment to fight.

Naruto still tastes like miso.

"Stop that," he whispers against his lips. It's already hard to breathe with the stupid corset, if Naruto squeezes his waist like that on top of it...

The blond is too busy licking his lip gloss off to reply. Sasuke has to bite him.


They eye each other, Sasuke with wariness, Naruto with surprise and curiosity.

Naruto licks his own lips. "Mhh. Strawberry." He seems to register the dark glare aimed at him. "I, uh. Wanted to see if you were saying the truth. About the taste. You could have lied."

Sasuke snorts, sarcastic. "So you only kissed me to check the taste of my lipstick?"

Naruto reddens violently at hearing the k-word. "W-well. Yes."

"You're so lame."

"You're such a fucking cocktease."

Sasuke would glare in outrage, but he's too busy squawking about the sudden presence of a hand on his butt. Naruto is too busy chasing down the last remnants of lip gloss to care.

"Mmph -- I am NOT--"

Naruto pinches his ass, his other hand tightening on his nape. They both freeze as a group of suspicious guards investigate the alley. They don't find anything worthwhile and leave again -- leaving one of them to stand guard at the exit.

The two boys exchange a look that means "ah, shit" from both sides. They barely dare to breathe. The man's close, and while the genjutsu fools his eyes, it's too low-level to fool his ears too.

They keep unmoving for ten minutes -- a small eternity, only exchanging glares -- and then Naruto smirks. And Sasuke tenses.

He's feeling the shape of Sasuke's buttocks through the layers of the skirt. He doesn't squeeze, or press too hard, but he's definitely feeling him up. Sasuke bares his teeth, promising revenge. The idiot only shrugs and mouths back, "you were gonna kill me already anyway."

The hard thing pressed against Sasuke's hip is way too warm to be a kunai.

Gently, Naruto rubs his hands up and down, ruffling the skirts up. His fingertips brush against Sasuke's skin. Sasuke bites his jaw in retaliation. One of Naruto's hands abandons his ass. It lands on his knee instead.

"Really pretty," he breathe in his ear. His hand runs up Sasuke's thigh, which twitches with the urge to kick him good. His feet are about his only efficient weapons right now.

The man kicks a rock lazily and leans against the other wall, watching the passersby in the main street. Sasuke freezes. Naruto doesn't. His fingers caress Sasuke's thigh through the thin material, pause when they reach the edge. They caress the top of his stockings, where the skin is finally bared. They find the garter belt's clasp.

Sasuke feels weird. Powerless. But it feels good, in a way -- but he didn't chose that -- but he can't do anything about it.

Naruto's hands follow the garter up... up... barely brushing the skin, his skirt dragged up -- they find the strap of his panties, over his hip...

Sasuke shivers. Naruto's hands are calloused. For someone so clumsy, he didn't expect him to have such a soft touch. He squirms, squeezing his legs together to protect his groin.

Naruto's hand follows the panty strap to the back, where it gropes at his ass happily. Soon enough, Sasuke's skirt is around his waist and the idiot is caressing the silk underwear with both hands, his palms cupping Sasuke's buttocks, his fingers skimming the bare skin of the inside of his thighs.

Sasuke notices that his forehead is pressed against Naruto's shoulder, but he doesn't quite remember when that happened. When Naruto hauls him up, his hands still cupping his ass, Sasuke follows. He can't make noise after all, with the guard still standing there, his back to them. There's no way to fight.

He ends up sitting on Naruto's thigh, his legs stretched out before him. Naruto nuzzles his neck eagerly, nibbling here and there as if he was some tasty treat. He licks the edge of the silk ribbon. It turns damp under his tongue. Sasuke tilts his head back, to get away from him of course. It only offers more skin to explore to the moron.

The guard, responding to some unseen signal, leaves his post. Sasuke relaxes, breathing deeply, then hits Naruto over the head. "You--"

"Sorry, Saki-chan. You're just so pretty. Prettier than Sakura-chan. Way prettier."

Sasuke scowls, blushing, and tries to turn his face away; Naruto's lips are searching for his, and he really shouldn't allow that. "What are you saying, idiot? I thought you liked her --"

"I do. But I think I like you better, Saki-chan."

Just because he's a prettier girl than Sakura. It should make Sasuke angry to be considered cuter than a real girl, but the only thing he feels is a weird twisty feeling in his belly. His panties are starting to feel a bit tight.

"... you just want to get in my pants..." he mutters, then bites his lip. He's not wearing pants right now.

Naruto snickers. Sasuke elbows him. If he starts to laugh, he'll kill him.

"In your panties, yeah," the idiot comments, rubbing his hands against said panties.

Sasuke is about to hit him for the lame humor when they hear the guard come back. Not alone.

He's with another man, and they have long sticks. They use them to sweep the ground, as if they were blind.

They know their target can use genjutsu.

Sasuke picks up a pebble and throws it at the other end of the street, and during the second they're looking away, Naruto hauls him up, and wedges them both in the doorway. Hopefully their sticks will hit the bottom of the step, not any higher.

Unsteady on his heels, Sasuke is only staying on his feet thanks to Naruto's arms around his waist. He really feels like a girl; powerless, to be protected. It angers him, but at the same time, it's... well, Naruto would defend him.

He just doesn't know who would defend him from Naruto.

The guard is walking by close enough that Sasuke could touch him, if he so wished, and instead of staying put, Naruto is pressing his hips against Sasuke's ass. Sasuke watches the man staring through them, feeling Naruto's hot breath on his nape, in his hair. He doesn't try to pull out of his tight hold; he'll do that later. He waits, heart pounding, for the men to leave.

They decide to smoke a cigarette.

Naruto decides to unzip his pants.

Sasuke closes his eyes briefly, refusing to see the disaster closing in, but he just can't stop staring with morbid curiosity at the way the guards smoke and chat lazily, wasting search time. He's sure he would learn invaluable information if only he could stop concentrating on Naruto's erection nestling between his silk-covered ass cheeks long enough to actually hear the words. As it is, he's rather distracted.

The men chat. Naruto grinds. Sasuke pants, quietly. Naruto is biting his neck, tugging on the ribbon with his teeth. He can't close his eyes, can't stop watching them warily.

Finally, they finish their cigarettes and leave.

Naruto slips a finger under the edge of his panties, and then something hard and hot and slightly wet at the tip slides against his skin, rubbing against him aggressively, making the cloth tug on his own erection. He tries to pull out of Naruto's hold. A hand lands on his mouth, pulling his head back on Naruto's shoulder, baring his neck.

"Saki-chan -- nhh..."

Naruto's erection pushes between his thighs, bumps against his balls, then drags back out to start rubbing against his crack again. Sasuke arches, caught by surprise. Naruto kisses his neck, clumsily, a bit too wetly.

"So pretty..."

Then his arms tighten around him, and there's warm wetness splattering his ass. Naruto is panting, slumped against his back. Sasuke has to lean against the wall.

He can feel a warm liquid drip down his ass, his inner thighs, sticking cloth to his skin. He feels like crying. Or beating the idiot over the head with his boot. Son of a bitch.

Naruto doesn't let go. He's still heavy against his back. His hands slide lower, cupping Sasuke's groin through the skirt.

His panties have been distended by the tent he was trying to ignore. He closes his eyes, finally, rests his forehead against the wall as Naruto rubs him, masturbating him through layer upon layer of silk and lace.

He comes with barely a grunt, biting his lip to keep from attracting more guards. Then he pushes Naruto off him, and cleans up quickly with a handy handkerchief he found in the handbag with the so precious content, and leaves the alley without looking behind. It's time to go; he's got enough of hiding. He's not a doll; he's a ninja.

Naruto follows. He doesn't say anything. Sasuke is not in the mood to listen.

Naruto takes his hand. He doesn't protest. He squeezes it, hard enough to break bones. Saki-chan looks at her boyfriend shyly. Sasuke's eyes tell him that this never happened.

Naruto doesn't attempt to pull his hand free.


Naruto waves goodbye at Sakura-chan and trudges back home, sort of depressed. Since that mission, Sasuke's been standoffish. He hits harder, he's faster and angrier -- it's like he needs to prove he's a man. Naruto knows he's a man. He knows Sasuke doesn't need his protection. He just likes taking care of him. Of his precious people in general, but of the ones who really need it more. It makes him feel like he's worth something.

Sighing, he climbs the staircase. Sakura has learned to tolerate him, but she still faintly despises him, and even if she didn't, he doesn't really want her anymore. Sakura has family, and tons of people who like her. He has a feeling Sasuke doesn't even remember what it is to be cared for. Besides, Sakura-chan is far from being as cute as Saki-chan was.

Not that it matters. He's crushing on the soft side of a guy who seems to be made entirely of hard edges.

He arrives to the last stairs before his apartment and pauses. There's a girl standing there, in front of his door. She's dressed like a porcelain doll, all frail and vulnerable, wisps of black hair framing her face, absently nibbling on her glossy lip. He pauses. He blinks.

Not only because he's getting a good view up her skirt from here.

And then he grins, and bounces up the stairs. "Saki-chan!"

Sasuke frowns at him, forbidding. It would be more impressive if he wasn't blushing.

"... This is just a disguise. It's not real. Your... Your /girlfriend/ is not real."

Naruto nods dumbly. Sasuke looks plenty real for him. But if he wants to pretend that he's just pretending to be with him, he doesn't care. He's always known Sasuke was fucked up.

This time, Sasuke's lips taste of cherries.