Saki-chan Universe

Miko_no_Da: If you don't already know who Saki-chan is, this isn't going to make much sense to you. This ficlet is intended to honour askerian's wildly popular Saki-chan, and even if you're not much of a Sasuke fan I suggest you go check it out. ^_^


It was the transition that was always the hardest part. The moment when she was wearing her clothes, but his hair still stuck up like a wild bird's nest... when he'd strapped his weapons pouch on, but hadn't washed her makeup off yet. The times when he was she, and she was he, and it all sort of blended together into a weird s/he.

After the first few times, she'd learned to apply her makeup last, always, because that way she didn't have to look into the mirror until the transformation was almost complete. If she looked in the mirror while she was still he, sometimes he freaked out. Going the other way wasn't so bad, though once she'd gotten distracted halfway through the process, lost track of what he was supposed to be doing, and wound up as Saki-chan again.

The fact that, given a moment of confusion, his instinct was to become Saki probably said something about him, but he tried not to think about it. He tried not to think about any of it, really.

It had been easier that first time, when all he'd had to do was stand there while Kakashi and the moron gleefully turned his life upside down. Then it hadn't been his choice, just something forced on him because of the mission. If only it could have been like that every time, instead of him having to make a conscious decision.

At least Naruto was aggressive enough not to need any coaxing to take advantage of his pretty girlfriend. She was thankful for that much, even if he did think the blond idiot really needed to think with something other than his dick once in a while.

Honestly, it wasn't like he needed Saki, he thought as he pulled on the delicate stockings. She was just a disguise, like he'd told Naruto. Just... just practice, at pretending to be someone so very different from himself. After all, if he could convincingly be Saki-chan, he could pretend to be anybody, couldn't he?

Stockings were fastened to garters, and now came the skirt. Not short today, though still layered - soft gauzy fabric, all but transparent, but layered in different lengths and shapes so it fell about his legs like a blossoming flower, parting here and there to reveal glimpses of the pale stockings. Where the layers of wispy fabric were thickest, at the top, it was evident they were a blue so deep it was almost black, to match her hair.

It had nothing at all to do with the fact that girls were allowed to have moments of weakness. Not one thing to do with the fact that it wasn't in the least shameful for her to submit to Naruto, to allow him to protect her. Absolutely nothing to do with the way it felt when the idiot wrapped his arms around her, whether he was deep inside her at the time or not.

Certainly nothing to do with the way the skirts felt swishing around her legs, or the admiring looks she got from people passing on the street, or how dizzy she got when the corset wouldn't let her take a full breath while Naruto was pounding into her.

Maybe, just a little bit, it might have had something to do with the satisfying stomping he could do in the heavy bitch boots she preferred. But only a little.

Corset now. Learning to tie this himself had been a pain, but he'd managed. Hell, it was good flexibility training, if nothing else. And she liked the way it forced her waist in, giving her the illusion of hips and even a bit of a chest. He couldn't have fought while wearing it to save his life - but she didn't need to, because she had Naruto to protect her.

Not that he needed protecting. Definitely, definitely not. He could kick the idiot's ass six ways from Sunday without even breaking a sweat.

For that matter, Saki probably could too, if she really put her mind to it. Those boots were lethal weapons all by themselves. But she liked letting Naruto protect her, and only partly because it made him so obviously proud. Not to mention horny.

No, he didn't need her. He could toss the clothes all out, never touch the makeup again, and probably be happier for it. Except then the moron would kick up a fuss about losing his 'girlfriend', and Sasuke could only beat him up so many times in a day before it got boring.

Blouse next, a black silky fabric with threads of a lighter blue shot through the material in random little spangles. There were delicate ruffles at the collar, down the front, and all along the hem. More ruffles at the sleeves covered all but her fingertips, hiding the strong muscles in his arms and the tendons in his hands. Now came the hard part - taming his hair.

Especially when she wouldn't allow herself to look in the mirror to help her do it. No, now was the dangerous time, the transition point. If she looked, she might see his eyes looking back at her. It wouldn't be the first time he chickened out on her, ripping the clothes off and swearing he was never going to be that weak again. He'd ruined her favourite blouse that way, the one Naruto-kun had bought her for their one month anniversary.

Really, he was so difficult sometimes. So stoic and strong and refusing to bend in any way - nothing at all like her Naruto-kun. Naruto was strong, and he didn't bend to anyone either; not to them, and not to their expectations. He'd show emotion or need if he damn well felt like it, and screw anyone who thought less of him for it.

Not Sasuke, though. She supposed he had his uses; he was a very good ninja, after all. But there were times when she wondered if she wouldn't be better off without him, if she'd be happier if she just remained herself.

Naruto-kun would probably fuss about losing his rival, though, and she hated to disappoint him. He might even withhold sex. No, that wouldn't do at all.

Her hair was done, and now it was finally safe to look in the mirror. Her doll-like features were carefully blank as she applied the makeup, showing no expression. She might feel emotions, but that didn't mean she had to advertise them. Naruto-kun understood what she wanted, what she needed, without her having to tell him. And he liked the fact that he could do things to her, naughty things, and nobody would ever be able to tell from her expression.

With a final application of lip gloss, Sasuke was gone. There was no he in the she; there was only Saki-chan now. At least until she came home after her date with Naruto tonight. Smiling faintly, she blew a kiss at the mirror, at her stubborn other half who wouldn't even acknowledge her. Tonight was her time, and she was going to make the most of it.

Yes, the transition was always the hardest part... but it would never stop being worth it.